Galloping into the Year of the Horse

My son, Gabriel's painting in celebration of the Year of the Horse.

My son, Gabriel’s painting in celebration of the Year of the Horse.

As the year of the horse propels us towards February’s fire and movement, we are being lifted into a new field of love and expansion. I realized that for the past few weeks, I have been dreaming of riding a horse on beaches, through forests and over misty moors. It seems my horse awaits, offering to take me on a journey into realms unknown.

I was chatting with a friend on facebook, sending one another hugs and love when suddenly my eyes filled with tears as I felt him hugging me. It was as if he were physically next to me. We then spoke of horses, with the year of the horse upon us, and he recalled a white stallion that he rode into battles of light and dark, many a time. Suddenly, I find myself astride my own horse, wearing chain mail whose weight I can feel on my body, sword in hand, riding with a company, my friend at my side. We are of elven origin, can feel the fey nature of our beings. It feels like a scene out of the Lord of the Rings! He then types my name, Nooryana, and my body goes into an extreme head nodding confirmation. I feel her enter my being and experience a sense of awe at her beauty and strength. My friend expressed his knowing that we were there when the veils were pulled down and the wonder of being here now, as the veils are being lifted. My body, once again, confirmed this for me.

Our entrance table celebrating this new year.

Our entrance table celebrating this new year.

Everything is blending, time and space shifting. Our hearts are uniting us so that we truly do feel one another across oceans, continents, time and dimensions. Our connection to other aspects of ourselves is strengthening as we open our hearts and bodies to welcome them in. I love Nooryana and today I am going to do some art with a friend, playing with big sheets of newsprint, chalks and crayons to see if the image I saw of her, will emerge on paper. I sense something will appear to deepen the connection.

As we are being asked to enlarge our sense of who we are, I have watched my emotional body react in shuddering waves to a message that came through a dear friend. We were driving in the car, and she was sharing her practice of praying out loud with others, a part of her role as prayer chaplain at her church. I spoke a prayer of gratitude for the gift of her presence in my life and she said she wanted to do the same. What came out was in a different voice, a low tone speaking,  “Linda receives her robe and crown and scepter and will now step into her role as a leader of men and women.” We were both astonished as the words were not what her mind had intended.  I felt and observed my emotional body go into a tailspin. How could this be about me? How am I to be a leader? Me, who lives such a small, quiet life? The part of myself that seeks to contain, lit up all the roadblocks to this being possible. Yet, I have known for a time, that soon I would be called out into the world. I have heard, “Rest now for the time will come when all will be in motion.” I have sat with this message for three days, allowing it to percolate through my system. I knew I was to share it, not as a form of self-aggrandizement (which my ego self says, oh, yes it is!) but to open the doorway for us all to step more fully into the truth of who we are. In the days following, I was given similar messages from other friends, reinforcing the truth of this.

Truth Trigger resting in her box made by my son.

Truth Trigger resting in her box made by my son.

I believe we are all being called to express our gifts more fully. We are asked to enlarge upon our idea of who we are, breaking free from the conditioning to play small and safe. Hence, there is a need to clear anything that blocks our gifts from coming through. I am being guided to begin offering clearing sessions with the sword, Truth Trigger  and Mother Sekhmet. I am a conduit through which she works to clear and shatter limitations. The sword appeared at this time, as she is needed to remove the remnants that block our knowing of the truth of why we are here, now, at this shift of the age.  Mother Sekhmet has called me to this work and assured me that those who have need of this work, will be drawn.

Elephants have been showing up for me for weeks. This one appeared in the midst of the redwoods. I love her!

Elephants have been showing up for me for weeks. This one appeared in the midst of the redwoods. I love her!

I just read a story of elephants being tethered by rope. Someone inquired as to why the elephants remain when it was apparent that they could snap the rope on their legs with one movement. The trainer explained that the rope had been enough to restrain them when they were infants and once that was internalized, the belief remained, despite it no longer being true. This is such a beautiful illustration of the conditioning that we have accepted as truth about ourselves, often from something we were told as a child. We are adults now, free to break those ropes and be who we choose to be. The sword works to shatter these limiting beliefs and allow ourselves entrance into an expanded knowing of who we are. Of course, we have no need of a sword or anyone to do this. Yet, those comments can lodge in our beings, appearing as huge and frightening beings. In honoring our inner child, we can take someone’s hand as we stand to face these beings. We can let her/him know that they do not have to face it alone, that we have called in help. Our higher selves will orchestrate the right person, sign or situation that we need in order to take the next step on our journey to wholeness. I so appreciate Mother Sekhment’s fierce mother’s love showing up in my life!

I am grateful to be here now. I am ready to expand into more of myself, embracing Nooryana and all others who I open to receive. I calm my ego self and surrender to the Creator’s will for my life. To serve the One is the all. If She/He believes in me, who am I to question that? I will play the part I came to play with all that I am, however large or small that appears to the outside world. In truth, I am shown there is no large or small part……all parts are necessary for the whole. What is necessary, is to fully embody our own roles. Leader of men and women…..bring it on! I have no idea what that looks like or entails,  I only have to take the next step in full trust that I am guided and loved. Thank you for daring to take your next step in faith and trust that you are more than you ever dreamed you could be. I love your light and the beauty that we are co-creating on this lovely jewel of the Earth. She is taking her step into stardom and asks us to follow her.

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Conduit Not Container

IMG_2490Those words came through while I was in a conversation and have been echoing within, awaiting me to type them out. I witnessed some information I read, come in and light me up with a surge of energy and deep feelings. It melted beliefs that had been in place for decades in a moment. My mind then began to read more from this source, wondering if I was to meet this woman. I saw she was giving a talk in Mount Shasta, saw that I could make it to the event if it was important for me. I spent about an hour, reading more, listening to part of her radio show, speaking with a friend…..swirling in it. Just as suddenly as this wave hit me, it departed. I then knew that the woman had no further information for me.  What was of value, I had received. As the truth meter in my body lit up and I felt the sensations, it provided a mirror for me to see more of myself revealed. I could attach to the story therein and follow it further (distraction) or I could let go and allow the next moment to arise in its fullness.

I laughed at the whole experience which so clearly illustrated the concept: conduit not container. We are to let all flow through us, resisting nor holding to none of it. We have been conditioned to be containers, storing experiences, feelings, emotions and information. We have categorized them, stuck labels on them, shoved them in dark corners until we had no room left to be present with the now moment.

IMG_3134We know that this no longer works as we have spent the past few years digging through it all, in order to finally be free of it. We have learned to embrace our shadowy dark sides and bring all of it to love. We have opened to experiencing each moment without doing a search for a match within the memory banks in order to compare, contrast or label it.

My mind had reverted to the old patterning of wanting to create a container for the information that came in. It was scrabbling around in overdrive while my heart patiently waited for me to get with the new flow. When I did, I could only giggle. The information lit me up and I felt it. Old beliefs melted to be replaced by knowing. Done!

There was no more asked of me. If an action was needed, I would be inspired to take it. I saw that my heart expanded in its knowing and that any further pieces were to come from within me. This information had served its purpose by opening me to a greater understanding of a past life and who I am in this life. Gently, oh so gently, we are being guided to the truth of who we are. Our I Am presences are the wisest of mentors, holding our hands as we grow in our knowing.

We are starlight dancing on the water, no need for solid footing as we dance along.

We are starlight dancing on the water, no need for solid footing as we dance along.

In this new year. we are being gifted with energy surges like never before. We are asked to allow all of it to flow through. To be the conduit that offers no resistance, that allows the waterfall of liquidlovelight to cascade over us. We are continually washed clean as all flows, allowing the dance of interconnection as we weave in and out with one another and all beings.

Open, receive, let go……and the knowing grows. I love this dance.