A New Landscape

IMG_7179A new home, a new environment, a drive from the West coast to the East coast and my spirit is thriving. The writing may begin anew as after a three month wait, we have an internet connection as well as a landline phone. There is limited cell reception in this part of the world so we are going old school by releasing our iphones with their addictive scrolling tendencies. It feels freeing as we now plug in to use the internet in an intentional way as well as go out and about without a phone in hand. It felt strange at first as I realized how I had adapted so fully to having a phone on me at all times. I am grateful for this opportunity to adapt to a lifestyle of greater presence.

IMG_6631I am living in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Yes, that really is its name! I feel the presence of the elementals so clearly here, in this kingdom of their reign.  It is the time for our family template of a five pointed star to be anchored in the earth. It has been a long and arduous journey and I am so grateful to see the hardship chapter closing. We are now on the cusp of living in my long dreamt of, love pod.

My sons have been in Vermont for a few years with their loves, who grew up here. My daughter, grandson and I recently moved to join them. The move also allowed my grandson to be closer to his father and grandparents in Quebec. My former hubby and dear friend, has just retired and sold the family home to come and join us all in this beautiful kingdom. So the original five member family will be together with wonderful loves added in. Our dream is to all live on one property with dwellings for each family.

IMG_7314I just returned from helping to pack up the house in California. I had felt complete with all that was held in that chapter of my life……25 years of marriage and raising of the three children. Now, fourteen years after leaving the home, and many visits and stays in between, I was sorting through a lifetime of journals, possessions, memories. My former hubby and I found ourselves in tears many times as emotions arose of past pains and joys. Some of the waves of pain overwhelmed me at times. We witnessed the flow and allowed the release. We hugged with tears in our eyes throughout the packing days, coming back each time to immense gratitude to find ourselves present in love and friendship. There were so many opportunities for it all to fracture, indeed our relationship did fracture time and time again. Yet the love kept calling us back. It is for this time that we are called to live the new in harmony and peace. Our family holds a strength and unity that uplifts. We have all shared a vision for this new world for decades. It is amazing to realize that the living of it begins now! A new grandbaby will arrive this winter to bring sunshine to the coming winter clime. What joy that we all will all be living close at hand to share in the delight of a new being bringing her/his lovelight to this planet.  This soul came to me months ago, telling me who she was. Oh my, there are amazing beings coming to help lift us all into the magical realms of the world that we have all dreamt of. We will be blessed by this little one’s presence and all the babies eager to arrive and offer their gifts. I work as an anchor for many who come to me for assistance, to land in safely.

IMG_7056We are renting a farmhouse on a hillside. Our landlords are a wonderful couple who have become dear friends. Folks are friendly and helpful and kindness flows freely. I can live a dream of walking out my back door into the woods and bathe in ferns and mosses and trees. My sons live close by, so dinners and get togethers and support are easy. The house reminds me of my grandparents’ house on a smaller scale. Walking on the wide plank wooden floors, touching the plaster walls, looking out the old small paned windows, cutting bouquets from the garden beds, watching the horse weather vane on the barn across the street for wind direction, lying in bed as the dawn fills my windows with pink light, signaling me that it is time to move outside to sit on the front porch to witness the sun rise over the barn, watching the sunset stream its colors from the back lawn, swimming under small waterfalls, all these fill some deep reservoir of beauty in my soul. Time floats and carries me along in a dreamscape. I am home.



Beyond Faith, Beyond Form

IMG_7687In a conversation with a friend, it came to light that faith is a belief and form is a structure. We are being invited to go beyond the confines of both. The freedom that is on offer is expansive and unknown. We are being asked to leap into a way of living that is freshly minted from the celestial realms. For all the techie souls, who love to be up with the latest product, this is it! Computers and the internet have assisted us to make great leaps in communication and connection around the world. We have moved towards a global society. This new liquidlovelight is moving us further on that path towards unity and harmony with all life. Telepathy, teleportation, communing with nature spirits, animals, galactic and inner earth beings, angels and devas will become the norm. The fairy tales of our childhood will come alive in brilliant color as we develop our senses, beyond the five we have been limited to. Oh, happy day!

I am rereading The Twelfth Insight by James Redfield, the author of The Celestine Prophecy fame. It is nourishing to read and imprint my psyche with the steps of alignment. To awake with the intention to be alert to synchronicities, to call forth all the assistance that is available to align me with my divine plan and that of our Mother Earth. To open to the flow of life, allowing my inner guidance to steer me effortlessly through my days.

The different frequencies presenting themselves.

The different frequencies presenting themselves.

I am also so grateful for the support of friends, for the sharing that brings new insights as we blend our hearts’ light. I sense that is how the new is coming into form, through the co-creation of many hearts with our Mother Earth’ heart as well as the cooperation of her kingdoms. Think of building a home…….no longer simply deciding to place it somewhere from a mental idea but rather walking the land, allowing it to speak, to guide as how it wants to participate in the building. Inviting in the elementals and the forces of nature to assist you rather than imposing our will on them. The feeling once built, would be nurturing, allowing all beings to flow and grow. We are being invited to enter this flow with all of life. No more separation, no more divisions and boundaries. Our hearts flying free in the lovelight.

With this comes the end of using our will, our efforting, our trying to make things happen. Our beingness is what lights up our world. We know ourselves as the light of the world. We enter into the Christ consciousness and the idea of moving mountains no longer seems out of reach. We do not have to look for sacred sites, we become the sacred site. Within, without…..no division. Inner and outer life coming into alignment. Oh, that sends a deep sigh through my being!

Just off the phone where I was spinning with a friend in Scotland. We are locked in an extractor that uses centrifugal force to spin our beings. All the old is being released from our cells, just as every drop of honey is extracted from the honeycomb when placed in this machine. We received that our cells are being truly emptied so as to receive every drop of the liquidlovelight that the eclipse is offering to us. We are being made anew.


I loved this heart rock, bruised, scarred, dulled yet holding its form.

I loved this heart rock, bruised, scarred, dulled yet  intact. 

I have not felt such a splitting as I do this day. The tears have flowed as I have felt the door to all that has been closing as I walk down this passage way. Ahead, to be opened tomorrow with the eclipse energy being the key, is a huge double door. I sense that beyond it lies the life of my dreams. The frequencies of home come to earth. The magic and miracles of my dreams, the happy ending of my visions, the dancing light of my heart. The tears are for those who have chosen not to fly but rather walk. Some have refused to do that, instead lying down on the earth to rest. On a soul level there are no tears as I know that each is following their own plan as they know it. Some are here to walk between the worlds, bridging the energies. Some have decided to depart, to take up a life once again, further down the road when they can come in as a babe, fresh to this life. Some walk in neutrality, holding that space on this plane.

I am a pioneer, one who is here to bring through new frequencies, one who is meant to take wing and fly. When I was a child and studying the pioneer movement in grade school, I knew I had lived that life of Western expansion here in the USA and was here living it once again. Expanding into the frontier of inner consciousness, no less a tiring and treacherous path, blazing a trail through the wilderness that will soon become a superhighway for more souls to follow. I am so grateful to have traversed this landscape, for all the support and love shown to me that allowed me to come to this point. My body elemental has been amazing, so strong and enduring a partner on this journey. I bow to her grace and love. I thank the elementals of earth, fire, water, air and ether for their support which provided direction and navigational skills. I thank the nature kingdoms, the trees and mountains and streams that have fed my soul when I was parched with thirst and weary to the bone. I bow to those pioneers who walked before me, hacking away at the density to forge a trail of light that I could follow. I have walked in your footsteps with a grateful heart.  I am grateful to all who have entered my sphere through friendship, whether for a day or a year or many, to keep me company on my path. I bow to the light that you are. I am grateful for those who are choosing to fly with me as we bring through our gifts with a soaring hearts. I am grateful to Linda Marie, my personality self, for her focus and dedication to her/our inner knowing. I am grateful to Mother Mary for my name which she told me, means “beautiful Mary”. She claimed me as one of her own as her devotees in that lifetime were called the “Marys”. To be given that name was the result of initiations into a path of love.  She has overlighted my path and guided me unerringly to my truth. I am grateful to Sophia, my higher self, my I AM presence, whose love and support has allowed me to come ever closer to communion with her essence. I am grateful to El Morya, the master of God’s will, who has walked by my side, steering me and teaching me to walk that path in my life. I am grateful to the angels and archangels, especially Archangel Michael who has been my shield and buckler throughout this lifetime and all others. He is my brother in every sense of the word. Gratitude for all the masters who have gifted me, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, Kuan Yin, Buddha, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. There are no words, only heartlight to express my love and appreciation. I am grateful for the teachers among my fellows, who offered a light to guide me. I am grateful for every heart on this planet, for offering me an opportunity to know myself anew and to recognize God in each one.

IMG_7656May we all blossom into the beauty that we are. May we waft our fragrance in the air and breathe deep of the love flame. I stand at this eclipse portal with a heart aflame. Blessings upon us all this eve. May we walk with the Creator, knowing ourselves as a part of Her/His flame.


My Prayer Flags Speak to Me

IMG_6002As I lay in the hot tub yesterday, my prayer flags brought me a message. I so love how everything seeks to converse with us and work with us to bring forth greater love. I was watching how the breeze was stirring them up, twisting and spinning them about. I had previously gotten up on a ladder to straighten and untangle them. The flags laughed and showed me how some that were twisted around the day before, were now hanging straight, and others were now tumbled. They surrender to the elements, allowing the rain and wind and sun to have their way. Here is their message:

IMG_5999“Dear one, you no longer need to use your mind to attempt to bring things to “right”. The elementals and the pink flame of your heart bring all that is needed in each moment. Twisted, upside down, tumbled…..allow all to be. The wind comes in to unwind, to move, to shift and your part is the allowance. There are moments of perfect stillness where one hangs in the void of emptiness. There are moments of gentle movement as if one is caressed by the All that is. At other times, fierce winds threaten to untether you, yet you are held firmly by your I AM presence, the cord connecting you to the Creator who ever has you in hand. Fear not the fraying, your threads flying off, scattering about. The birds pick them up and use them to build nests for their babies…new life out of the old. Thread by thread you are asked to let go. Know that what is true and strong remains, as you offer yourself as a vehicle for movement, a living prayer flying high. Rejoice in this!”

I embrace myself as a living prayer this day, open to the winds of change, the nourishing rain, the growth and weathering by the sun. I drink all in, savoring each moment. I AM a pink prayer flag of love. Today I am working on making bright orange flags to play with the pink, bringing my creative fires to dance with the flame of love.



IMG_2481After my recent experience of discovering my at onement with all life, I came across this video of an animal communicator. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvwHHMEDdT0

It echoes the connection to the other kingdoms that I have been feeling more and more. We are one being. We have the capacity to heal the earth and all her kingdoms, ourselves included when we begin to hear one another. All wants to be seen, to be appreciated. Where there is seeing of one another, there is honoring. We will know what to do to make each other comfortable and happy just as the woman was able to communicate Spirit’s desires to her caretakers and they then acted upon that understanding.

IMG_5377I work with the element of air. I recently was inspired to make prayer flags to put over the spa in the backyard. The air comes in and tells me that she carries my prayers around the world with her breath. It delights me to co-create with her in this way.

I also work with the rocks. They, as all of us, love to be seen, to be shown in new light as I balance them atop one another or in trees. The trees love to be laid against, upon, to be stroked. Everything responds with love when it is touched with an open heart. I am off to the nature park to practice my communion with the deer, the birds and the flowing river. Think of greeting everything in your field, with love. Think of the energy of love, being returned to you! This is the world we are now co-creating with all of the earth’s kingdoms and with our mother, herself. She is the queen of love and giving.

The dragon's egg that was gifted to me by the earth. I have been sleeping with my feet on her and now it feels she is to become a part of my friend's labyrinth.

The dragon’s egg that was gifted to me by the earth. I have been sleeping with my feet on her and now it feels she is to become a part of my friend’s labyrinth.

I will carry my lapis skull, Leopold III, who fills me with such love. He wants to greet the outdoors with me and shine his special light upon all that he sees. A couple of my crystals want to go too. We are all such children, wanting to play and be in joy together. I have spent lifetimes in serious, somber devotional paths. I sense the playfulness and joy that this year is opening to us all. I have shed my garments of the old heaviness and reach out for the bubbles of joy that are forming in my heart. They wish an outlet, asking to be birthed in this new landscape. My heart tells me that I came for this time, right now. My being is coming into flower with all of the planet. Let us open to commune with all the realms and kingdoms that desire only to serve the One in unity and love.

May your days be filled with golden bubbles of joy. Breathe in your own beauty and let it shine. I love you.


Opening to Our Wildness

Pink blossoms that I could sleep in, what a dreamy bed!

Pink blossoms that I could sleep in, what a dreamy bed!

Spring is in the air; new buds about to burst all about me, lovely shots of color in the blossoming trees, birds singing gaily in the gentle breeze, the sun rising higher in the sky, allowing my clothesline to receive its warmth and dry my sheets once again. It is a magical time as I savor the ground warming beneath my toes and the tiny violets poking their velvety heads above their green leaves. My spirit is responding by opening to the energies of newness, to the quickening of sap rising in my veins, mimicking the trees. I am ready to burst forth in radiant bloom. I am a rose woman, love the fragrance, the enfolding, unfurling petals, the rich colors. It is my protection, a gift from the Creator some years ago, a pink rose. Its perfume is associated with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, and being a Mary, I resonate deeply with it. My idea of heaven in my thirties and forties involved living in a rose garden surrounded by faeries and angels. I tended a rose garden of old fashioned fragrant blooms for years.

Today I am desiring to burst forth like a poppy, translucent petals, flowing like a gossamer gown, the sun’s rays clearly shining through. Exuberant is the word I feel when I look at them, dancing with the breeze, responsive to every lift and puff. The blossoms only last a short while, yet they are so alive in that time! I want to open myself to that wildness, that level of play with the elements. I am ready for the bees to burrow into my center and gather my scent to trail out into the world. I am tired of being tame and controlled. It is time for us to burst out of our old ways and let our instinctive nature take over. I want to live each now moment fully and suck the juice out of it. If it is a moment of anger, I want to feel its fire in my veins, scorching if need be.  If of joy, I want to sing it out in notes so colorful that the birds look up to discover the source. I want to breathe in the sylphs of the air and play with them as variations of the in and out breath arise. The undines of the water caress my body in the shower, cleansing me each day of the old and renewing me with their touch. All can be more sensual, more intoxicating as I open to it. I run out barefoot on the ground and my feet feel delight in connecting fully to my mother earth. I twirl about until dizziness spins me flat on her surface to feel her heartbeat, to attune my own.

I watched a fat bubble bee dive into this center with an intensity that was sensual in its wholeheartedness.

I watched a fat bubble bee dive into this center with an intensity that was sensual in its wholeheartedness.

The elementals are asking me to play with them, allow them a richer connection. Through this connection, I am able to delve deep into myself with love, discovering pools of it inside. In so doing,  I become more fully my truth. I want to swim in the seas of love for myself, be on the lookout for more aspects of myself arising to claim themselves as love. I am allowing the force of love I am to flow through my heart into whatever my hands touch, my breath moves, my body dances, my eyes land upon.  My desire is to so be love that it is radiated for miles from my being. To be shining in form, to have golden sparkles on my skin and the scent of roses arising from my body. Truly, the outer forms are not the goal, rather playthings to envision and delight in.

As humans, we are gifted the ability to express emotions, one of the delightful aspects of our beings. We have been taught that many of our feelings were unacceptable, that they were to be tamped down or hidden away. By suppressing them, we created a shadow self. We were taught to keep that hidden at all costs or we would be exiled from the group. We concluded that we were unacceptable, unworthy of love. Our bodies have become toxic dumping grounds that have served to keep us tethered to what we cannot own, holding self love in abeyance. How can I claim myself as a being of love when all this darkness is hidden inside? What would happen if my shadow self was revealed?

I want to dance the colors, sounds, scents out into the earth with all that I am.

I want to dance the colors, sounds, scents out into the earth with all that I am.

We were not taught the freedom of feeling everything deeply. We were taught to fear what in truth is our path to freedom. We throw up walls to the low notes and the high, prefering to live in the “safety” of a middle tone. We have given up our wildness, our fiery hearts to live in the confines of a single tone. The repetition, the isolation of that one note, became soul numbing. Isn’t that what makes us depressed, the sameness of the routines we have been locked into? The 9-5 routine that forces part of ourselves underground, as it would be a disruptive force to that lifestyle based on productivity at all costs. We give up parts of our soul as we are programmed to believe that our value comes from the work that we do. When we meet someone, one of the first questions is what do you do? Your value is constructed by your position in society and the amount of money that you make.  All contrived structures that keep us from a natural rhythm. When we see expressions of wildness, we sedate them, lock them away, idolize them, or damn them. In doing so, we separate ourselves from our own wildness that desires to be lived.

Every blossom a bell to be rung, my heart is in each one.

Every blossom a bell to be rung, my heart is in each one.

Spring is asking my wildness to come out to play. She is encouraging me to re-imagine my idea of heaven and to trust that I can bring that vision to life. I am breathing that in as I see myself in the spider web glittering in the sunlight by my door, as I feel myself dancing in the diamond sparkles skittering across the pool’s water, as I inhale the fragrance of the pink hyacinth that asked to come home with me from the store, as I feel myself in the center of the heart rock that I finger in my bathrobe pocket. All are nudging me into the inner planes where I know myself as a tone that can hold the deep notes in love and yet burst forth in trills that spark hearts alight. All of nature is calling me home to the knowing of myself as a magical being, in oneness with the all that is. We are being asked to come out and play in the fullness that we are. How delightful! Bring your wild heart to the fore. Let us become little children once more, romping through the wonder land that this earth truly is.