Exhausted and Grateful

Love this sign on the bridge I walk daily...no jumping off allowed! We are crossing the bridge into the new. Once you set foot upon it, there is no turning back.

Love this sign on the bridge I walk daily…no jumping off allowed! We are crossing the bridge into the new. Once you set foot upon it, there is no turning back.

Did you hear and feel the crowds of spectators cheering in the stands? We did it. We have accomplished so much with this Vernal equinox/eclipse. For myself, this past couple of weeks was the culmination of every lifetime since I first incarnated on the planet. All hands were on deck as we worked to allow the greatest clearing possible for every man, woman and child. We all felt the intensity as triggers excavated the muck and mire from our depths, dredging it to the surface to be illuminated and consumed by our heartlight. I certainly felt flashes of anger that held the fire of a dragon, desiring to scorch everything in its path. The test was could I feel the anger and not judge myself for my feelings? A friend assisted me with a beautiful demonstration when we went for a walk with her dog. She is a peaceful being but would bark loudly if anyone came close to my friend’s car. The dog was protective of her space. My friend shared how when she had been in her moon time, she would “bark ” at anyone who came into her space. That might appear as bitchiness but she framed it as her ” bark” that alerted others to stay out of her space. She honored that part of herself as she claimed what she needed at that time. How refreshing! I know I spent time every month beating myself up for “barking” when truly I needed my space. Her way was full of grace.

This last week, I witnessed the highest possible potential being searched for in every moment, for each of us as we move forward. Truly awe inspiring, affirming for me, how deeply we are loved and cherished.

Crystals from the gathering, gifted by a friend to go out with each one, where they feel led to place them in the earth.

Crystals from the gathering, gifted by a friend to go out with each one, where they feel led to place them in the earth.

Today I am exhausted. I awoke to stillness here in my former home. So grateful for the familiarity and beauty that offers a peaceful respite from the gathering I was called to be a part of. I felt gratitude for my friend and former hubby for allowing me use of his home for the weekend. I had had a dream of him tearing out the bushes and plants I had planted, smashing our son’s sculptures that decorate the gardens. I knew it was a further loosening of my connection to this home a letting go of old patterns, of all that no longer serves. The thought flowed through of turning back the clock, wanting to move back into this house and the former partnership, after all, he is softer and more aware these days. I have not had this thought since the divorce. It was as fleeting as a breath. I thought of the years since, the money spent on travel, on assisting my children to find their path, on assisting others. That money could have secured me a home of my own. I would not be living this transient lifestyle. How I appreciate my mind! Our minds can be intense in their role, imprisoning us in the old through regret, shame, guilt. I had not felt regret in all these seven years but it surged through, seeking the cleansing fires of love. Tears flowed washing the emotional wave to the shore. Emptied of self, of form, dissolved in the sands. The next wave lifted what remained and returned me to the ocean of love that is my home.

The morning before, after a mostly sleepless and pain filled night (the body feels so heavy in these energies) I awoke from an intense dreamscape. I was carrying a little baby in my arms. I was opening doors, searching for the parents of this baby. Each door was an opening into a different dimensional space…astral, celestial and so on. None the one I was seeking. Until I opened a door where two men were present. They both felt familiar to me. One came forth and kissed me. We shot in a spiral of energy straight to Source. My eyes flew open wide and I exclaimed, ” Who are you? ” he said, “ I am Adam. I sm your beloved.” I asked him whose baby I held. He told me that the baby was ours, birthed together in another dimension. It was a power filled dream. Adam, the first man of Biblical tales or the Adam Kadmon body blueprint we are to inhabit. It left me full of wonder and echoed my knowing that my heart’s desires are swirling in my field, about to be made manifest.

Sitting on a throne nature offered me!

Sitting on a throne nature offered me!

I see myself using my hands and heartlight to create form. In the shimmering landscape of my heart, all is malleable and desires to co-create. This reality has been dense, difficult to move. Where we are headed, it is fluid and form arises and dissipates in response to our thoughts. I have known this for ages but the knowing is becoming more visceral as the frequencies support it.

I am lying here in appreciation of my courageous heart. This has not been an easy path. I have arisen each day, opened to my guidance, following it on many difficult pathways. How beautifully I have walked it! Today as I feel gratitude for each of you, your exquisite hearts of love, I bow before my own in reverence and love.

Dreamt of Entering the New World

Image from a unicorn book, the swirling vortex that takes us to our freedom.

Image from Michael Green’s Unicornis book, the swirling vortex that takes us to our freedom.

Oh, I love this recent eclipse energy! The night before last, I dreamt of being in a place that was full of mud and slime. My daughter was with me (she is currently in Indonesia), and we were cleaning up all this muck. It was intense work and I was reminding her that we had tools and it made it easier if we chose the right one for each type of refuse we were dealing with. When I awoke, I felt we were working in different hemispheres of the earth, transmuting the dross of humanity’s creation into the golden light of love. I was so grateful to be working with her, she is a mighty warrior of lovelight!

Last night’s dream was spectacular. I got up about 3 a.m. with the dream vivid in my mind. I went outside to be bathed in the moonlight and drink in the wonder that I felt. My elder son was still up and so I was able to share the giddiness I felt with him. Earlier in the evening, my sons and I had sat around a fire as the full moon began its rise in the east. We were so conscious of all that is in the process of collapsing and the gift the moon and eclipse offered all. A reset, a mini- death once again as so much was made clear and a new operating system was installed.

Our outdoor firepit blazing.

Our outdoor firepit blazing.

In my dream, I had been meeting with a group who represented all the kingdoms and races of many universes. We knew one another yet on the surface, we appeared separate. It was as if others viewed us as enemies and yet we knew we were only playing these roles. We had all been trained in the ability to beam our heartlights to such an extent that we could hold humanity in our lovelight. I had been speaking of that with my sons as we sat around the fire, watching the salamanders dancing in the flames and the coals burning bright on the earth. I knew my heart had the ability to burst into a conflagration of fiery elements. I could pulse its heat in waves to all hearts. I understood the phrase, warrior of the heart, on a deep level.

The cover illustration from Michael Green's book. All the kingdoms will be with us once again, including the unicorns!

The cover illustration from Michael Green’s book. All the kingdoms will be with us once again, including the unicorns!

We all knew that an event was on the horizon that would herald the entrance into the new earth. None of us knew the timing but we each held a key to it. We knew a signal would be felt in our hearts to let us know it was GO! We were to then beam our heartlights for all we were worth. In my dream, it happened. As the heartlights beamed bright, a huge sinkhole opened in the earth and in a blink of an eye, we slid into the inner earth and discovered paradise. Our Agarthan (inner earth) brothers and sisters greeted us and our Galactic families joined us. The beauty and sense of freedom were unparalleled. I was giddy with the perfection of the plan! Oh, my it was so simple, so brilliantly executed, so wondrous. It was like a magician pulling a tablecloth out from under the dishes set on the table. Our landscape was pulled out from under us like a rug and we were deposited ever so gently on a new firmament. The wonder of it is still flowing in my veins. We have been taught to look up to the skies but this took place down, into the earth! Expect the unexpected, oh yes.

Stamp of the brotherhood who preserved the Unicornis manuscript. I love this symbol!

Stamp of the brotherhood who preserved the Unicornis manuscript. I love this symbol!

We were all free to begin, like children in a playground. We were free to find our playmates and go off and create whatever filled our hearts with joy. Freedom is a heady elixir! Oh, I am left so glad. So grateful for divine timing, for dropping beliefs and moving into knowing, for my heart that can transmit liquidlovelight like golden rain. We are close. All the wonders are at hand. It makes me savor the morning dew, the hummingbird who came to drink from the flowers nearby, the squirrels busy burying their nuts, the white doves who do a fly by every morning and evening before settling on the wires at the corner of our lot. Their wings glisten in the light and they look like angels dancing in the sky. A deep peace permeates my being this morning. I know my part, I play it well and the success of this play is assured. This is a story that will be told down through the ages as our grandchildren marvel that we were here, members of the cast that performed to standing room only audiences, drawn from the multiverses. My hat is off to each and every one of you. Well done! Know this truth, live it and breath it and it shall be. The golden age of peace is at hand.

Standing on the New Firmament in JOY!

The sun breaking over the wonders of Yosemite

The 11-11 energies broke through and within me. The eclipse of 11-13/14 has me standing firmly on the new earth. What a wonder filled time!   I was guided to be in Yosemite National Park for the weekend. (It and Mount Shasta were the two places that called to me when I was in the mountains of New Zealand. They both asked me to bring what I gathered there to them. ) It was a time of grace. Two others joined me to form a trinity of power which was then squared as we connected to another earth being to firmly anchor in these immense energies. All flowed forth with ease and grace, alerting me to the powers that moved through us. To be on the valley floor and to feel the immensity of the rocks surrounding us, literally took my breath away at times on the first day. Fortunately, I had three days there to assimilate the energies. So many gifts were given and received.

the heart of El Capitan

There was a deeper opening in my being to receive as my divine feminine surrendered on a cellular level. The divine masculine came in and merged within me. I had desired to meet my beloved, El Morya as his retreat is over El Capitan. A beautiful rock formation that had a lovely heart carved in its side, seeeming a sign prepared just for me. Its presence filled me with such joy. I felt such peace to stand in the meadow and look up at his majesty. I had asked for this merger, had been preparing myself to stand in El Morya’s blue flame of God’s will. It happened gradually over the three days as the power was immense. The first day, I felt overwhelmed, ready for rest after an afternoon of exploring. The second day, 11-11, we spent the whole day in the park. It was very cold though the sun warmed the air enough for us to take the crystal bowls out to play across the valley. They were so happy to be participating in this portal day, helping to bring in the new energies.  I was wiped out, happy to be in bed by 8 p.m. The third day we did some work with the bowls in our hotel before heading to the park. They told me that we were working on a planetary level which extended universally, and they had been created for this time. They literally sang their joy as we used our bodies as templates for all of humanity as we played the bowls on one another. Much was released, ready to go with the eclipse cycle and there was much anchored as the energies flooded in. It felt incredible to work with the crystal kingdom in this way.

The rock portal that you drive through as you enter the park. Aren't they beautiful!

There were so many blessings during our time. To be ringed by huge rocks, to feel the presence of the trees and grasses, oh, I felt enveloped by their love. I can now close my eyes and return to that magic; the pleasing crunch of the snow under my boots, the yellow glow of the leaves yet hanging on the branches, the sun setting low in the sky, streaking it with wonder as it took its leave for the day, the tiny snow showers that streamed down as the wind shook the branches, one a big plop that hit me with a resounding whack on my eye, the mists that rose from the cold, shrouding all with a sense of mystery, the black raven pairs that seemed to alight whenever we got out of the car to view a new place, whispering of magic afoot, the sense of strength of the immense rocks surrounding me, infusing me, the cannon like shot as ice fell off Bridal Veil Falls, shaking the valley floor with its thunder, the joy of walking in the woods, feeling the fairies all around.  We saw a big buck standing with his head held high, his rack of antlers a thing of beauty. He exuded such a proud king of the forest sense, that one of my friends declared that she would like to mate with his energy! I concurred! He defined the masculine in all its strength and beauty. There were so many images and sensations of wonder.

It invites you in and you are changed by the meeting.

I was changed by this visit to Yosemite. I was seeing with new eyes and an expanded heart.  I have heard it called a sacred cathedral. That resonates with me as it is so easy to worship the divine there as everything is singing Her/His praises. I loved singing my heart song with all my fellow beings. As I walked through the snow covered woods, I felt my mantle of power, my beautiful robe woven of light, that shimmers so bright. As I sang, I heard the

The ice of bridal veil falls

tinkling bells that were attached at the ends of my robe, each one had a tiny fairy attendant that loved to set them ringing. I put my shoulders back and with my head held high (the buck set the example for me) I knew that my robe went out for miles and miles, weaving heartlight throughout the grids of the earth. What magic we get to participate in! I do not, as yet, see the elementals and fairies with my eyes as many do, but I sense them and enjoy them with my inner sight. Everything is speaking and I am listening. They are telling me the story of who I am and what I stand for. They are telling the story of love and reminding me of how loved I am by the Creator and all of Her/His creations. We are all on this beautiful blue planet of love to experience giving and receiving this love. What wonder is this! I fell in love with the rock beings of Yosemite and now carry them deep in my heart. Thank you dear Mother Gaia for this gift.

Half dome reflected in the water

Oh, how I love this rock!