Full Moon Waves of Energy

My son and I went to do our laundry this morning. The treat for me was having time to linger at the flower shop next door.I love flowers! One of these beautiful bouquets came home with me today as well as one for our neighbors as a happy Spring wish. There is also a coffee shop and internet available in the front of the laundry mat so it is as pleasant an experience as one could want. We had driven to our favorite bakery for the almond croissants that melt in your mouth so were well armed with our coffee, croissants and internet to pass the time.

Almost time for bed, 11:11 as I begin this post. Numbers are speaking to me frequently this week. What a weekend! The energies continue to stream in in mighty waves. I feel
humbled, awed by what is transpiring within us and without. Today I have ridden waves of joy, waves of grief, waves of bliss, waves of intense electrical energy. The power just blinked out and back again. Thunder, lightening and rain pounding outside. No full moon viewing tonight. Glad to have my candles lit, glad for the fragrance of the flowers that I bought today, filling the room. Glad to have acted on my inner prompting of the past couple of days to get some supplies in