Dreamy, Sleepy Space

The river and sky, melting into one today on my walk.

I walked and yawned my way besides the river today. I have been in a dreamy, very sleepy space for the past couple of days. As if I am viewing life from underwater, moving in that slow way also. I had intense dreams of water, riding waves, crashing and tumbled about, some exhilarating, some a bit terrifying yet finding in the moments that I knew it would all be ok, All is well has been a big theme in my dreams. I seem so far removed from this life, venturing out as friends call to pick me up for an event but not moving under my own steam into the world. I am happy to be in the stillness of my own being and this house I am in. Realized that my time here is fleeting and I want to truly savor my solitude. I need to be conscious of this as I know that I am being gifted with this time with myself to move through the threshold that I have felt I am standing before. It is happening in increments as all ideas of who I am are loosened and shook free.

Krishna playing his flute among the grasses.

Yesterday, a friend mentioned a garden that I should check out. I did not think much of it but today with another friend, we drove right by the place. We decided to stop and enjoy its shrines and trees. I laughed at how quick a turn around that was from idea to manifestation. I am taking note of these things as they happen as by paying attention, we create more of these synchronistic events in our lives. I get a kick out of them. It is the magic beginning to show up!

The shrines had sayings from the various masters posted next to them. There was a lovely mix of Eastern and Western saints and sages. This one resonated as I do know of lifetimes spent singing the praises of God. Tonight as I look out at the full moon attempting to break through the cloud cover, I feel the presence of God. Nature is such a direct route to His/Her heart. As enduring as a tree…..I think that we are all pretty remarkable in this regard. We have come to bring this planet back to the embrace of our Father and in doing so, have played in this dense reality that took all of our endurance capabilities. We are so strong as we root into the earth and gaze heavenward with our hearts. I listened to a practice tonight to help our bodies during these intense solar flares. They are so beautiful as our sun is helping to awaken us with its enlightened energy but our bodies are having some issues adapting to the increased light that we are asked to hold. Judi Satori (website: sound of light. This is taken from the February full moon recording) suggests standing barefoot on the earth and saying: “With the power of God that I AM, I ask the great earth mother to pull all discordant energy from my physical body and energy fields and transmute it all into love.”  (you can state anything that you wish to let go of) then….. Then she went to a tree and hugged the tree and asked for its grounded energy to flow into her being. The words and ritual do not matter as much as your intention. When we set our intention to connect with the earth, we do. We can ask her and the trees and plants and water to help us feel their flow and stability. I have my favorite redwood tree that I camped by once that I call to most days as well as a big rock (Shiprock) out in the 4 corners area of the country that helps me keep my balance.


First blooms of the quince that I have seen

Flowers are my dearest companions on this earth walk. This coral quince was just beginning to break out of its buds. I feel in sync with it, feeling the pressure releasing as the casing begins to fall and the color begins to show itself in the unfurling petals. I do not know what kind of flower that I am in the process of becoming but I do know that I will have a fragrance that is sweet. We are all budding, opening our petals to the light of this unity consciousness that is streaming in. The love is so sweet and your colors so brilliant. I love you all so.