Riding the Waves….up and down

This guy is riding buildings in this Wellington wind. It is whistling all about today.

I am observing how my energies change with the wind, moving hither and yon in a short space of time.  Here is how I felt yesterday morning:

I feel that I have become my own master, guides, others have dropped away like training wheels to allow me my solo ride. I told Spirit to take all my memories, there is nothing that I need or want to hang on to as I KNOW that all that i need, will be given to me. For me, it is trusting that by surrendering everything (yes everything) all will be restored in ways that I cannot even begin to imagine. So……I am floating on those currents. Feeling more in my body than ever before, enjoying the physical senses to a new degree and thinking of no thing. Being in pure appreciation and joy. I find this to be a wondrous time. I am allowing the energies to enliven me. Today the wind and sea are storming and I feel giddy like a little child. I love the elements and feel more elemental every day!!

And here is what I wrote yesterday evening:

Time for me to get still and listen which these bright structures seem to be doing.

Feeling so sleepy and dreamy, move through the days and doing lots with my daughter but left to my own, would not do much. The energy streaming in has felt pretty strong at times this past week. For the most part, I feel so at peace, then I realize I have been here almost 2 weeks and need to move soon. My daughter and her partner are so sweet and accommodating and I do not want to overstay my welcome. Yet no tourist self is emerging…..I guess i will fly south and stay somewhere for a few days….

it all feels like a muddle to plan, and i have to plan about changing my return ticket. Took the first step, now to go online and follow all the prompts as I did get the password sent to me. Then I can see the cost of changing the ticket and how long I have to book a new one. Of course, have no idea about a date for that!

Brooding sky over the harbor.

Ok, LInda, move towards joy. Which direction feels lighter in all this? Should I fly over to Australia and visit a couple of friends on the east coast? Sounds easy in theory but the movement feels too big right now. I can kind of see myself there but not the getting there part. A friend up north I want to take time to see before leaving. All these bits and pieces to put into the pie and me sitting here listening to the wind howl about the place, watching the waves toss their foamy heads and content to snuggle under the blanket and drift. I can monitor the tiny tug guiding the huge ship into port and see the cranes busy unloading cargo. I love harbors! So much action, No kayakers, sailboarders or sailboats out today. Yesterday morning we went out for an intro sail and had a blast. I love being on the water and feeling the power of the wind and waves.

I love their use of sails!

I have loved being more physical with my daughter’s encouragement,  i love the wildness,,,today the whitecaps on the water and the wind crazy strong……you sure feel alive! But then I want only to rest and look out at it……..in silence. Drifting in and out of my self. So….. a lovely place with a view is what i need to find. Driving a car on the wrong side of the road seems daunting though I have done it before…..back in my twenties. I feel so dreamy that to concentrate like that feels hard. Tonight i have that “where do I park my body?” feeling…….again. It has come up plenty of times in the past few months. The desire to do much of anything gone. Yet full appreciation of all the beauty abounding, present.  I ask myself, “What am I doing?”

One of the sculptures created and consumed on the day of the winter carnival.

As you can see, I am observing myself flow in every direction, like a wind vane on this blustery day. I went to bed and read James Redfield’s, The 12th Insight, (he wrote The Celestine Prophecy and The Secret of Shambhala). When I finished the book, I slept and dreamt of being with a group of people and teaching them how to use all the insights. It was very powerful and I awoke knowing I need to be doing this now! That the group of people that would hold that frequency with me, would soon appear. I know many scattered about the globe. For now it seems most of us are doing our thing solo though as I read this book, I felt all of us drawing closer together. Somehow it will happen like magic and we will be in the same physical space, co-creating together. I know we are doing it on the etheric level already yet there will be a new layer of joy added when we are embracing one another in the physical. I think that it will feel a bit like the conclusion of the winter festival we went to. Standing on the beach with the crowds, ahhing and ouuing with delight at all the sights while the wind chilled us and the fire warmed us. So much at once, hard to discern what you feel only you know you are alive! 

Sculpture blazing, fireworks dancing, wind blowing scattered raindrops.....quite a sensory delight!


Dreaming the New into Being

I am still in this very dreamy space observing as so many strange symptoms and energies move through. Tonight I got cold and could not get warm for hours it seemed. I am in bed with long underwear on, the baseboard heater going, window closed (I always like it open a bit) and my down comforter on..oh yeah. I have added a wool shawl around my shoulders and was just now able to discard the cashmere cardigan. Yes, I had it on over the long underwear! No, it is not freezing here, I am in the Pacific Northwest in

My perch for my morning tea.....bliss

summer, in a house, not sleeping on the ground in the mountains! At 11:11pm  I awoke after an hour or so of sleep. Needed a nibble of food in my belly.  A handful of almonds did the trick. Returned to bed, not to sleep and read for a time. Bladder call so to the bathroom and see it is 1:11am. (the double and triple numbers are so common nowadays whenever I look at a clock, it makes me laugh). Now I take an orange back to bed as I am finally heating up and that cool juice sounds good. Reading glasses found as my eyesight is in its out of order phase. It is perfect at times and blurry at others. I know it is all part of this marvelous metamorphis that we are all going through.

I spent last night with a friend in her one night acting as the caretaker of a lighthouse. The job involved opening and closing the gate to the park each morning and night. It was situated in a lovely spot on the beach. She told me Mount Rainier was right across the water but due to the overcast skies, we would not see it. I called to the spirit of the mountain and asked him to please show himself in the morning.  I awoke today to my friend calling for me to come and see the mountain. He was indeed showing himself and in my gratitude, I promised him a picture on my blog so here he is! He appears to be floating in a sea of clouds.

I sat on a swing looking out at the sea and felt so sated with the salt air, the wind caressing my face, the wild roses in my braid,  the golden and white poppies on the ground, rocking motion to soothe me, my warm jacket to snuggle in, the passing tugs pulling their barges, the picturesque sailboats skimming along and loaded freighters carrying their brightly colored cargo. So much beauty and I sent it all out in a stream of appreciation and love to humanity and the earth. This is my work, my cells were singing. I am taking it all in and then sending it out like a beacon of love for all to see. After all, I am at a lighthouse!

Looking up from my rocking chair I spied this nest of mud and twigs.

Beaming my liquid lovelight so bright that the tears fall. My heart at times expands so that it physically aches. My voice rising in tones of love. Wanting all to have their needs for food and shelter met. Wanting all to know this freedom to be and dance with the elements. Wanting all to have freedom of thought, to step out of the old lives and embrace the new that is in the offing. Wanting all to remember their power to create the lives that they dream of.

interesting bit of driftwood

Later I laid on the sand further along the beach and fell into a deep sleep. I was asking to be a conduit for the love and beauty abounding to move through me into the core of my mother. I was taken down and into a crystal city there of white domes and shining towers. I saw myself as a star, streaming rays of light and love. I saw that we are all stars, shining in ways we have not dreamed of. I connected with others and felt I was in heaven. Oh, this is what I came for, to bring this knowing to us all. To help raise the vibration on this planet so that we can all live in these new frequencies of love and unity.

It was difficult to find my way back as I was so immersed in the love. By spending my days drifting in it, I am helping to bring it closer for us all. Think of that when you have the opportunity to gaze at a tree, watch the sky turn pink, listen to the song of a bird. Savor it all and beam it to our mother and to one another with such joy! So simple and so powerful. We are creating this new world together every moment where we step out of fear and the numbing routine of swirling the past and future to embrace the small miracles that surround us in the moments. Nature is an easy gateway as are linen curtains blowing in the breeze, oil lamps lined up on someone’s private shore dining space, complete with fire pits, flowers, tables, hammocks and chairs (really!) Rocks that fit in your hand just so, a toddler tumbling along on chubby legs, the taste of salmon and asparagus roasted over a bed of driftwood eaten from your lemony fingers, laughter bursting forth between friends. All of it is grist for the mill of the new. Every one of us wants others to acknowledge the gifts that we

Fine linen curtain found in the bathroom.

bring. We begin with acknowledging those of one another as well as all that our mother gifts us with. Everything is energy and appreciates being noticed.

Yes, these linen curtains sang in response to my noticing as did this tree. All is alive. Sing to it and it will sing to you! Time to open the window and turn down the heat…..3;33am, time for sleep.