Magic on Mount Shasta

The sundial bridge aligning us with the solar energy to come.

The sundial bridge aligning us with the solar energy to come.

About a month ago, I was shown a vision of myself with two friends during the Thanksgiving holidays.  One lives close by and the other lives in Colorado. I shared the vision and the one in Colorado had a knowing she would be journeying for Thanksgiving but not knowing where. It all came together and a few hours after picking my Colorado friend up from the airport, we were all on our way up to Mount Shasta, where she had never been. We stopped at the beautiful sundial bridge in Redding for a walk and then traveled into the hills where glimpses of Mount Shasta surprise you around bends and turns in the road. Oh, she is a beautiful mountain.


Mount Shasta through the trees.

Mount Shasta through the trees.

We all began to feel a physical sensation, my knees were like electrical conduits, another’s thighs and another’s shoulders. Then Adama, the high priest of Telos’ fame, came into me and spoke. I knew of him but had never had any direct or conscious experiences. He is the leader of the city of Telos, which is under Mount Shasta.  He greeted us and told me that he was the one who put the vision in my mind as the three of us had an appointment to work together at this time. He thanked us for heeding the call. He spoke of continuing earth changes and our roles as pillars of peace and comfort to others. He spoke of the ascension and the rising of people’s consciousness and the new energies that were being gifted to the earth at this time. All the realms were assisting humanity with gifts of love. Our trinity was needed to anchor these new frequencies deep within the mountain.  Divine timing is critical as one thing builds upon another. He spoke of the throne room and pointed out our chairs.  One of my friends questioned him about this room and he laughed and reminded her of her familiarity with this room. His energy was expansive and loving.

A chlld's chalk drawing on the sundial bridge that spoke of hearts with wings.

A chlld’s chalk drawing on the sundial bridge that spoke of hearts with wings.

The divine mothers then came in, one by one, and wove their tapestries of light into my heart. Each had its own color and tone which I absorbed as they were woven into my heartspace. Mother Mary, Lady Nada, Isis, Kuan Yin, White Tara, Kali and Mother Sekhmet and others I was not familiar with.  Ribbons, extending from the weavings, were connected to every man, woman and child on the planet. I had had this experience with Mother Mary, this past summer, as she entrained my heart with her own. This had allowed me to feel the heartbeat of humanity and hear their cries for peace. This was that experience magnified a thousand fold by all the other divine feminine beings. I felt my body being “screwed” into the center of the earth. It looked like I was wearing a parachute, with all the ribbons descending with me and then the fabric of the chute following like a billowing cloud. I heard appreciation from them as they were in need of a physical anchor to set their frequencies deep in our mother earth’s crystalline core. This new energy is now available to be accessed by humanity as our vibrations have risen to accept this frequency of love. Each ribbon, a heart connected to Mother Earth’s heart, beating in unison. Oh, how she loves each of us!

The sentinels at ascension rock.

The sentinels at ascension rock.

As we drove into town, it became clear that we were to head straight up the mountain. The road was only open to Bunny Flats which turned out to be a blessing as from the back seat, I witnessed one friend doze off and put my hands on the shoulders of the driver to keep her awake. We could not have gone any further. We pulled into the parking lot, reclined the seats and were immediately carried off by sleep. It was surreal, like being in the poppy fields in the Wizard of Oz.  I felt us enter an elevator, heard the whoosh as it descended in a nauseating rush, saw the doors open to a greeting committee and then I was asleep. We all awoke together, with heavy limbs and tongues unable to speak. Eventually, the sun lured us out to sit on the snow in the trees. Our bodies needed the sunlight to fully awaken back to this reality. We took our three crystal skull friends out with us and enjoyed a bit of gentle snowball play. Our limbs were still heavy and physical activity was limited. We went into town, bought some crystals and headed to our motel. We created an altar in our room, lit candles, drank a glass of wine in celebration and rested. We were taken into the throne room and felt a new jewel being added to our crowns. Emerald, ruby and diamond…….dazzling in their light. Later we were able to drive a half mile down the road for some pizza. Often after high energy work, my body grounds through eating dense food. It was delicious.

Leo in his sling, cedar jewels in my hair.

Leo in his sling, cedar jewels in my hair

The next morning we awoke to clear sunny skies. I was dealing with some discomfort from my dragon wings and was stretching and flexing them. I looked out the window in that moment and a dragon cloud was riding over the mountain! We were given continual confirmation of what we were feeling. We had breakfast in town and visited the peace garden before heading up the mountain once again. We were guided to go to ascension rock. As we walked to the rock, a piece of wood lit up in front of me. I picked it up in wonder as it felt familiar, like a ceremonial knife, in my hand. I set it in a tree nook to check on our way back, not sure as yet if I was to take it. We hiked up to the huge pile of boulders. I had my skull, Leopold III, in a sling on my body, like a baby. As I was climbing, I bent over and he tumbled from the sling. He did a flip and landed face up, in a crevice a few feet deep. I scrambled to retrieve him and was glad that he had only a minor scratch on his bottom. He enjoyed the tumble! We allowed the energies to guide us as to where to sit and commune. My friends felt themselves go within the rock, but I did not. I asked about this and was told that I was a gatekeeper and was in my position, guarding the entrance. I could feel the truth of this. IMG_5164

The knife as I found it.

The knife as I found it.

As we began our walk back, I was guided to collect the wooden knife. As I held it in my hand, Mother Sekhmet came in and addressed us. She assured me that the knife was mine, a gift from her and the elemental kingdom. She asked us to stand in a wide triangle shape, and she brought her energy through. Oh, she is mighty! I held the knife up to the sky and then brought the energies down to the earth. We all held our positions as the energy connected sky and earth. My friend cautioned me in the pointing of it as she felt it cut through dimensions and that it could easily send someone spinning into another plane of existence. We were to discover more of its power in the following days. Thanksgiving gratitude flowed freely as we journeyed down the mountain to celebrate with family and friends. How blessed we are!



10-10 Portal of Love is Here!

We are here! We are in the portal of love. Can you feel it streaming through or rushing like a swollen river, eager to reach the ocean of God’s love? I am that river rushing as well as the silent pool holding that love flame deep within my depths. Oh, the shivers of love coursing through me! I am on fire, breathing the red hot heat of divine love from the dragon deep in my belly. All wants expression, can you see it in everything around you today? I am seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing with the eyes, hands, tongue, ears and heart of love this day. All responds to this vibration, this tone that is harmonizing our world. I have been listening for this tone, feeling it coming closer and closer to resonance, to that perfect pitch of love. This morning I awoke to the sound reverberating within my being. Tears flow as I take in this truth…….we are here! Love is the predominant energy signature of planet Earth. Your mind might reject this as you listen to the news that continues to beat the drum of all that is not love but your heart, ah the heart. What a discerning instrument she is! Yes, she knows the truth. Tune into her channel, let go of the other broadcasts that propagate the fear agenda. The love channel is streaming loud and clear, you have only to turn the dial of your attention. Love 2012…….hear the songs that your soul knows from Home. The song of oneness, unity, harmony, peace, abundance, joy, laughter, communion. That song plays on, as it has since we were first birthed into form. Why would you choose to listen to anything else? There is only the love.

Even the rock kingdom wants to play the love song!

As the love flows in, it acts as an agent of cleansing, pushing all that is of a heavier, denser vibration to the surface. Anxiety, fear, frustration, confusion, anger, pain, victim-hood, self judgment, sadness, guilt, criticism, shame…..all that is anti-love comes floating up. The trick is to observe it. To not identify with it. It is not you. You can feel it, embrace it……yes it is possible to embrace any of these emotions as you can feel the fear behind them all, the fear of not being enough, not being worthy, not being good enough…….all fear of not being lovable. Embrace them and thank them for the role they played in keeping you safe in the old paradigm. Then let them go! This is where you practice your mastery. You watch these feelings surface with joy in your heart as it is proof that the love is infilling your being. Let the anti-love feelings depart with your blessings. Call upon your mighty I AM presence to fill the vacuum created with your own light and love. Call upon your Mother/Father God to fill your heart with their love. Do this dance, emptying the dross, infilling with the elixir of love. Open your cells to hold more love. It is your intention that makes it so.

Love can bloom in the hardest of hearts, rocks crack open through the force of love.

Know that all that comes to you that triggers these feelings, is an agent of love. It is love undercover, looking to you to reveal its true identity. Take off the cloak, expose the true color of the love that is there. When someone comes to you with anger, return a smile filled with love. It allows the person time to check their script as your response of love is not what they saw written. There is a pause, during which they can choose a new line, a new response to your love. They are asking you to see the love that they are. See beneath the disguise and know that all is love waiting to be birthed. We are the midwives attending this birth in every moment. We are the superheroes, using our new superpowers to change the world back to the reality of love that it is. Claim that power today, declare your intention to turn all back to love. When you hear gossip, stop and state that does not interest you, you wish to hold all in love. When you think of someone in a way from the past…..she is grumpy, she is unkind…….catch yourself and move into the new space of love that allows others the opportunity to change, to be the love that they are. After all, would you like to be held to being who you have been in moments of the past? I surely trust that others who have experienced the Linda that did not know she was loved; that has been judgmental, harsh and unkind, would allow me the grace of being who I am in this moment. Let us drop old prejudices, old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us or another. You will be amazed at the freedom that can be yours! Think how much of our lives are lived within the confining walls of out-dated belief systems. My mother did not love me, he is cruel, I do not like those sorts of people…….yikes, it is a wonder that we survived such self limiting confines! Take the shackles off of your heart and know that you are powerful enough to turn anything to love. Yes, you can love George Bush and anyone that you perceive to have limited others freedom. As you now understand that by matching their energy of deceit, of manipulation with your stance of anger or judgment, you are perpetuating their role in this earth. As you feel only the love, all that plays the parts of non-love, no longer has a role. So they must bow out of the play, as there is no script for them to read. You free them to play a new role. Win-win……the new paradigm of love.

Love is pouring through my heart like the water in this fountain, gushing love!

Do you feel the power of this?! Love is the greatest power in the universe. All must melt in its embrace. Be an ambassador of love. State your intention today to turn all that comes to you, through your thoughts, your feelings, the people you encounter…..all of it……turn all of it to love by beaming it so purely from your heart. Let me know what you discover. I promise you, once you begin to taste the freedom that love allows, you will never go back. Love is intoxicating, the greatest elixir of all. How funny that we have spent so long avoiding it, putting up walls against it, guarding ourselves from it. Oh, the backwards things we have been taught.

Today, 10-10, tune your dial to love and sing its notes and feel the change in the air about you. My heart is singing your love song and mine. Can you hear it?