A Day of Dissolving

I loved this creative way of repairing a crack.

I loved this creative way of repairing a crack.

There are those days when the energy streams in with such intensity that I feel myself dissolving. I feel raw, tears brimming at the surface, field so wide open, no boundaries. Nothing wrong. Nothing to do but feel it. Allow the fatigue, the tears, the permeability. The only voices that soothe are those of my children. We seem to experience these waves together. I am grateful for the strength their voices transmit, the heart light that flows so free. The love light that weaves its magic amongst us.

As my elder son stated, ” As the external feels harsh, it is a call to go internal and allow the gifts to come.” Always, there are gifts awaiting within my heart. I notice myself retreating to my room, not wanting to speak or interact with others. Even being in the communal kitchen, too vulnerable a place. I cannot have anyone pulling on my energy field when I am without a skin. It takes all I have to exist. To breathe and allow the liquidlovelight to anchor as it streams through this form.

IMG_0357I took a walk through the woods, sat on the path and watched the diamond light dance across the water below. I love viewing water from a height. The light flashed from silver to violet and flared up through the trunks of the trees. I drank it in. Felt fortified. Walked by the creek absorbing the rush of the small waterfalls along its path. Nature…always present to nourish and support me.

I lie here, my snack on the bedside table, the mountain looming outside the window, the evening light casting shadows across her back. Birds singing and this gentle breeze carrying the creek’s voice in through the window over my bed. A movie awaits to allow my being the freedom to drift as my mind is kept engaged.

IMG_0199I am blessed. My heart is beating a song of gratitude for this moment.