Co-creating in the New Fields of Light

We were sitting in this state of repose shown by this Buddha. My sword, in her new box created by my son, enjoying the sunlight.

We mirrored the state of repose of this Buddha. My sword, in her new box created by my son, enjoying the sunlight before her work commenced.

The energy has shifted as evidenced at a gathering of a few sisters last week. We sat in the sunshine by a softly flowing water feature and each held different crystals and rocks which took us on our own journeys. There was some quiet conversation as we sporadically shared yet for the most part, we were engrossed in our own world. Hours passed and we knew that much had flowed through our fields as we opened to be conduits for the energy.

As I wrote in my last post, I had been in deep stillness for the day or two before our gathering. The morning of the event, I awoke and knew that I was not yet released from the stillness. Some knowing held me in bed, listening to the household awake and move about. I surrendered and lay communing with the tree outside my window. At some point, it was as if a weight had been lifted, and I was free to get up and engage the day.

The tree's shadow on the billboard caught my attention, its KA body visible!

The tree’s shadow on the billboard caught my attention, its KA body visible!

As I hopped in the car with my friend to drive together to our gathering, she related that after her morning meditation and clearing her chakras, she found herself knocking on my front door. The realization came that she was in her KA body, so no need to knock. (KA: the second body, the energy body which becomes the light body. It is the same shape and size as your physical body, and being an energy field, it permeates every space of your physical body. It is also known as the etheric double or spiritual twin. From Tom Kenyon.)  She came in the door, feeling a bit awkward having walked in unannounced but sensing all was well. She went into my room, stood at the foot of my bed where I was lying. She realized that she was to anchor me to the center of the earth, so she put her hands around my ankles and immediately felt the energy that I had been gathering, flowing through her down to the center of the Earth. The energy then expanded and shot back up through a large torus portal breaking the surface of the earth and flowing out into the atmosphere. Our KA bodies were huge, expanding with the up-swelling of the energy. We faced one another, touching foreheads, giggling with the joy of it all as our hands formed the prayer position in front of our chests. We were honoring one another for our part, well played.

It seems that I was lying there, awaiting her presence to assist in releasing the energy that had built from the day before. It was such a confirmation of how we are co-creating, each bringing our skills and abilities to the fore for the highest good of all. It was not necessary to know my friend was present, only to listen and follow my guidance that advised the continued stillness. My friend followed her guidance, even when she felt uncomfortable entering my house unannounced. It is the trusting and surrendering to the inner knowing, that brings forth the gifts.  I felt so blessed to be a part of it.

A new painting of my son's that shows the rocks and water and trees in a new light. Formless yet  you feel the landscape.

A new painting of my son’s that shows the rocks and water and trees in a new light. Formless yet you feel the landscape.

I am excited to begin experiencing more with our KA bodies. Tom Kenyon has some good exercises to assist in tuning into our KA bodies on his website. My friend that I recently visited on the coast, has reported that I now show up in her kitchen or greenhouse to chat. I sometimes give her messages to pass along to myself. Our I AM presence will bring  messages through others as a means to communicate as we come more in resonance with ourselves. As she understood, we are beginning to access one another without the need to be physically present. Telepathy, teleportation and bi-location are at our doorstep! All coming on line to remind us of the powerful creator beings that we are. We are not interested in using these abilities as parlor tricks, rather we know we are given these gifts to change this world into one of peace, joy, harmony, abundance, freedom and love. As we co-create together for the highest good of all, much will be given to us. As we step up to shoulder the responsibility that comes with our gifts, we become powerful creators. What a year awaits us!

Infusion of Beauty

First day's sunset on the ocean. liquidlovelight!

First day’s sunset on the ocean. liquidlovelight!


I am back from a wonderful trip that infused my cells and renewed my heart. My younger son and I drove north to visit a friend on the northern California coast. It was such a delight to travel together as he is the most companionable of companions. As an artist, he shares my sensitivity to beauty in all its forms. My friend lives in an old farmhouse that she and her husband resurrected, decades ago, from condemned status to a sanctuary that sustains them with its gardens and animals. There are a few sheep and chickens, a greenhouse, raised garden beds, bees, flowers,  berry producing vines and bushes, a wonderful dog, a fire pit, and easy access to the deep mysteries of the redwoods and a coastline of beaches and rivers to play in.

One reason for the trip was to take a basketful of crystals to be released into the ocean and rivers for healing of the effects of Fukushima. Friends and I had prayed and done ceremony with the crystals for a couple of months until we were given the signal that it was time for their release. I am grateful for the timing as it allowed us to shift from the idea of healing the waters to offering our love to the waters. It may turn out that the radiation is for our evolution, we do not know the larger implications of what is taking place. I have let go of healing anything or anyone and instead offer a field of love to all. I trust love to know what is best, surrendering to the Creator in all things.

My son tossing a crystal into the sea.

My son tossing a crystal into the sea.

Each day we tossed crystals from cliffs and shorelines, allowing them to do their magic. My friend’s husband, a hunter/fisherman, took some with him on his boat and sent them flying with love. My friend saw them standing upright in the waters, each connecting to the others, radiating out beams of light as they connected to the grid about our earth.

I was also in need of an infusion of beauty. We went to the redwood forests nearby to retrieve a crystal that my friend had been directed to place in a magnificent grandfather tree last July for one of the alignments. It was now time to return to her and her smile was broad when she found it still in the tree. This forest felt more ancient and wild than any of the other redwood forests that I have been to. A few minutes walk in and IMG_5667my heart was so filled with the trees’ presence that I sobbed and sobbed in gratitude for all that they have held for humanity. I knew that I had once stood amongst them,  my roots digging in the damp mossy ground and my branches flung upwards to the sky. The finest of nature’s cathedrals, inspired hushed tones as we walked in reverence and joy. The greens and browns soothed my soul as I leaned against the rough bark and drank deep of the humus bouquet in the air. The sun filtered through, illuminating various scenes as our necks craned upward following trees whose tops were lost to our sight. We were gifted mightily. The trees and elementals whispered their gratitude for our light flowing in and amongst them, an exchange of such mutual delight, a tone of harmony and love. Our trip was to hone this tone, to know it on a cellular level, so as to emanate it with each breath and step we take.

IMG_5745The ocean with its jutting rocks and craggy shores, leapt in joy and surprising warmth. I went barefoot for part of each day to soak the salt and fresh water, the rocks and dirt, leaves and needles, into my being. Icy rivers ran into dancing ocean waves, seagulls playing in the vortex created as they flowed into oneness. Sunsets streamed their colors, searing my heart anew each day while the full moon rose to offer its cool brilliance to the night sky. A handful of days, offering all of nature’s bounty to us in love. We opened to receive this gift through all of our senses, stepping into the newness of the amplified energies of this year.

We ate fresh food from the garden and fish and meat offered from the water and land. We drank water from Mount Shasta’s headwaters, energized with her pristine light. Everything was alive and speaking to us with such love. We felt encapsulated in a bubble of harmony, four passengers on the ship, New Earth, sailing merrily along.

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta bathed us in love as we picnicked on her slopes as part of our journey south. The peace we felt rendered us mute as we lay against our rock backrest. The love is gaining substance, you can almost scoop it up like the handful of snow I tossed at my son on the mountain. It is permeating our beings, we can drink liquidlovelight, eat love, breathe in love, be caressed by love. It is showering down upon us with the sun’s every ray, splintering our fields into the rainbow light that we are.

Rocks and ocean behind=happy woman

I had a dream while away where an aspect of myself came and told me I had 6% and indicating that more of me was ready to flow in. What? Am I embodying only 6% of who I truly am? I pondered this until it came clear through a conversation with a friend. We so need one another to illuminate our truth! She asked if it referred to the 6% that remained to be cleared in my field. Yes, that was it, said my body, with huge nods of confirmation. As I used my Mother Sekhmet gifted sword of truth on us both, and felt the shattering of more that no longer serves, we heard that it was now 4% remaining. All is to be cleared before the end of this month as February represents flying into our freedom! Woohoo! It is not the numbers that matter, it is the note that can ring clear and true from our hearts. We are all tuning our instruments, anticipating the conductor’s lift of the baton. Oh, the music we are about to make! The angels are taking their seats in anticipation of the glory. We are master musicians, one and all. Find your seat, we are about to begin!