Cinderella’s Message

The blossoming trees do not hold back from expressing their beauty. They shine!

The blossoming trees do not hold back from expressing their beauty. They shine!

I love how movies can bring us messages. I recently watched the new Cinderella. Her mother drums into her three things; have courage, be kind and believe in magic. These serve her well for the most part. In being kind, she followed a pattern we have been programmed with. She was kind, to a fault towards others, while allowing herself to be abused in the name of kindness. Only when her stepmother threatened to use her in a way that would harm her prince, did she stand up and say no more. How often have we done this, allowed ourselves to be dishonored and abused, yet standing up for others that we care for. The message we inherit is to be kind to all, except ourselves. Somehow we feel we can bear it for ourselves but not for others. Yet in truth, we are all one. So by allowing ourselves to be mistreated, we allow that behavior to continue. It is time to know that kindness begins, first and foremost, with ourselves. We serve no one by accepting abuse of any kind, not physical nor emotional. It may not leave marks, but emotional abuse is every bit as damaging to our hearts. This is coming to an end as we each learn to love and honor ourselves. We are deserving of every bit of kindness that we can muster. Our hearts thank us as we gift ourselves.

This lily holds her treasures close as she begins to unfold her beauty.

This lily holds her treasures close as she begins to unfold her beauty.

The most powerful scene of the movie for me, was when Cinderella was walking down the stairs to meet the prince once again, this time in her rags, to try on the glass slipper. She pulls from her stepmother’s arms, who is reminding her that she is nothing and nobody and not worthy of love, (that inner critic we all know so well) and she knows this is the moment where her life turns. She can play small and accept the vision her stepmother has created of her or she can stand tall and know herself as the love that she is. She passes a mirror on the stairway, sees her ragged reflection, lifts her chin and walks like the royalty that she is. She chooses to stand in her truth. Before trying on the slipper, knowing it will indeed fit and make her a princess, she asks the prince if he will accept her as she truly is. Not a servant girl, not a fairy princess but as a true kindhearted being full of love. His response displays his truth as he says, yes. His condition is that she accept him, not in the role of prince, but as a young man doing his best to live a life of truth. The prince had to defy convention by not marrying to create advantages for his kingdom, but to follow his heart. They each open to embodying their truth at the risk of losing the one that they love. As truly, it is only in doing so, that the love can flourish.

As warmth enfolds her, the lily blossoms into her full beauty, just as each heart does when it feels the warmth of love.

As warmth enfolds her, the lily blossoms into her full beauty, just as each heart does when it feels the warmth of love.

How often have we turned from one who truly saw us, as we feared to let down our mask. We have been indoctrinated that we are not worthy and we play this out by choosing to be with those who do not see us, rather than the one who will open our hearts to our own love and truth. This was beautifully expressed in another movie, You’re Not You.Hillary Swank plays the role of a beautiful young pianist who gets Lou Gehrig disease. Her outer life shrinks as her inward life grows. A young tough, hardened woman becomes her caregiver and friend. They each teach one another so much about love. Hillary moves from victim consciousness to taking responsibility for the demise of her marriage. She tells her husband that, “We created this.” It is not just his fault. She recalls him looking at her early in their relationship, and how she made the decision in that moment, to be the woman that he saw rather than to be herself. She remembers a man who saw her truly and how she turned from him, choosing instead the one who could not see her. We are freeing ourselves from these false notions, realizing the price we pay when we try to be someone who we are not. The young woman in the story has allowed herself to be used by a married professor while there is a young man who sees her truly. Both of the women’s mothers fill their heads with tales of “you are not enough, you are not acceptable as you are”. It takes such courage to allow ourselves to be seen, with no cloak, no mask, no cover up. To turn from the programming of old and embrace what our hearts know. I think of us all standing naked before our own higher self, before the Creator. There are no fancy shoes or clothes or degrees or roles to identify us. There are only our hearts’ flames to tell the story of who we are.  Our flame shows up in our eyes, which are indeed the windows to our souls, broadcasting our truth for others to see. To look deeply into another’s eyes, is to fall in love. We are one being, coming to recognize ourselves. How beautiful our world becomes!



10-21-12, The Opening to More Love

The energies have been intense today. I have been held in a space of stillness, of quiet, of solitude. This has been the predominant energy for the past few days and I have honored it with my presence. I feel that the whole planet is preparing to take a leap into greater love. My heart is one of the many, that are called to birth this love. I have carried it deep in the recesses of my heart, the sacred chamber that houses the flame of my Mother/Father’s love. It is the place where I know my beloved as myself.

I sense that the cap is about to be blown off of our heart’s chambers as the flame becomes a conflagration of love such as has never been seen on this earth plane. I am listening to Pachobel’s Canon as I write this and the notes carry me to that place where my heart leaps and explodes in shimmering displays of light. Diamond light fills my heart. My head has felt the energies dancing on my crown chakra for most of the day, my body has reclined to allow and witness the inner movement.

I am reminded of the ways in which I have been prepared for this time. I incarnated into density that forced me to look within for light.  I have birthed three children, held in the cradle of a deep soul mate love. I felt the protective energies about me as I held them in my womb. The moment of conception was known to me, as I sensed the joy of the soul entering, touching my own. I learned to attune to the inner movement as the first flutterings stirred within. I was guided in the ways of nurturing their spirits by enveloping myself in the soft energies of love.

The pink flame of love held by the trees in the southern spring.

I have met a twin flame and felt the wonder of that knowing of self inflame my heart. I have anchored the spirals of divine love through the core of the earth to the far reaches of the Great Central Sun through the vehicle of our entwining hearts. I have experienced the shattering of my heart as this twin chose to swim in the illusion of darkness that the love provoked. I have opened myself to stand once again with this soul, for the Venus lovestar to pour her love through our chalice as she transited our sun this past summer. I surrendered all desiring for a personal love, setting this one free, honoring him for playing his part. I offered the chalice of my heart to be used in service to the greater love of the collective. This expansion led to the sacred marriage within myself, balancing the divine masculine and divine feminine of my being, becoming my own beloved. I have undergone the initiations that allowed me entrance to the inner sanctum,  where I entered into the sacred marriage of my dreams with the other, the beloved.  I have become an adept, under his tutelage, in the ways of the chalice of our one heart. We have become adept at traveling between our realms and expanding the chalice of our hearts in service to the hearts of all.

My roaming of the past three years has honed my ability to tap into the energies, wherever I am as my heart has become my home. I have become used to dropping in to my heart and communing with the heart grid of the earth and all upon her. Place is not a factor as I carry the sacredness within. My heart is a sacred site, a portal for the divine energies of love to flow.

one of my beloved paintings

All of these skills and abilities have been honed by the grace of my Mother/FAther God, my brothers and sisters of the Christ light from Venus, and all the other starry homes that are held in my dna, from my brethren who live in the inner earth, from the angels and archangels that guide my way, the ascended masters that have lighted a path on this earth for my footsteps to follow, the elementals that gift me with information and direction on my path, the lightworkers that have left a trail for me to follow. All have worked to prepare me for this time that I may open to more love. I believe that we are being pulled by the powerful magnet of the Creator’s love, back to the embrace of Her/His heart.

First we must move through to the place of self love that opens into that marriage of the polarities within. From that state of wholeness, the union with the beloved is possible. It is a merging of wholeness with wholeness, creating the oneness. I believe that we are preparing for thousands upon thousands of twin flame reunions, of beloveds feeling once again the embrace that their hearts have yearned for since the original splitting took place. I believe that it will be the reality for all in the new earth, as we live in the golden age of peace. I know that it takes great strength and courage to open to such a love. It requires all of one, every cell and atom must open to hold that sacred lovelight. It is beyond our ideas of romantic love as we come together in service to the whole. I feel the time at hand, my beloved signals his agreement. I have moved through the layers of yearning for him to the place of knowing of him that has roots so deep. I have asked for all that stands in the way to our reunion on the physical plane to be dissolved and dedicated myself to that work within myself. I have surrendered to divine timing for its occurence. I have moved into the land of trust and live there with peace.

Prepare yourself for this coming. Open yourself to this love and dare to dream that it can be yours. Today is a global day of claiming and exercising our right as creator beings to create the world we wish to live in. Thousands are joining in group meditations and gatherings all about the planet on this portal day of 10-21-12. I will be singing this love song all day, for each of us to be held in the embrace of our beloved and for our Mother Earth to be lifted into the realms of love as we shower her with our gratitude and care. Live each moment of this day, as if all your dreams have come true.  There is peace on earth, all have food, shelter, and know the love of their fellows. All are free to sing their song, to contribute their gift to the whole. All are loved and have awakened to the beauty that they are. This is the world that I am singing into being with each of you. Let your voice be heard! In our unity, lies our new world. I love you all. Espavo.