Entering The Holy of Holies

The sun broke through on a walk, lighting my heart's flame.

The sun broke through on a walk, lighting my heart’s flame.

The weather has been mirroring my mood of late. A blanket of clouds, like a gentle weight has covered my world, muffling sensations. I have been called to stillness in my body as my being traveled and worked beyond the deep white layer. There, all is in motion as so much must be aligned for the upcoming equinox/eclipse cycle. There are certain people whom I must be with physically to swirl our codes, it can be a matter of moments, yet crucial they are. New soul family members have appeared and a high heart portal was opened. My job was to tend it with my heart, feeding it as one would a fire. When I went out for a walk to the lake, I was shown the grid to set that would allow the energies to continue to circulate. After a 24 hour period, it was anchored.


The high heart grid, turquoise and pink.

The high heart grid, turquoise and pink.

My work has been, for the most part, solitary. I enjoy people but on a more intimate scale of two or three rather than a group. At times though, it is necessary to partake of group activities. I attended an evening gathering with Leopold, the lapis skull, who is my companion, at his request. He desired to anchor the divine masculine presence. He was called to return for the next day’s event but I was not. I left him with a new soul sister. I have spent the day lying in bed, head pressure on and off, resting the body while I worked in other realms. He was fully present in his arena and I in mine. Balancing one another as the weaving continues.

This space of time is holy to me. Often, these weeks leading up to Easter have seen my soul calling me in deep. This year, this time, feels new. There is a great blossoming, an anchoring of the Christ consciousness that is possible as never before. The feminine Christ has returned in recent years to bring her flame through Mary Magdalene.  She has softened hearts, opened the intuitive channels in us all, shown us the blessings of her love. The divine masculine has opened to acknowledge, accept and honor her. We are coming to wholeness within, as each claims their own divine masculine and divine feminine natures. Divinity, our birthright, our truth.

Daffodils, harbingers of spring's renewal.

Daffodils, harbingers of spring’s renewal.

We are being gifted as never before. There is nothing to do other than to surrender to the love and open to its gifts. Allowing ourselves to flow with all that comes in these holy days leading up to Easter and our own resurrection. This is the second coming. We are the Christ, if we accept this consciousness. There is great responsibility that comes with it as all thoughts are formed from the perspective of the good of the whole rather than from a personal perspective. As we walk our truth, we come to see that if we are aligned, our choices are for our greatest benefit as well as all others. All choices must include the good of our Mother Earth’s well being along with our own. We know oneness on a cellular level and it informs all. Love is the answer in everything. Be love, live love, breathe love.

On the past Solstice, I was told of my departure. Yet, I remained. Now I know why. We are  living in the times I came for. There is magic afoot, beyond what I have known on this earthly plane. I almost have to pinch myself with the realization that it is now! There have been so many delays, so much hardship. The sense of battle weariness has pervaded every cell in my being. I am celebrating myself and each one of you for still standing, still holding the love light on high, still trusting that this earth can ascend into the realms of love.

The peace that is offered to us.

The peace that is offered to us.

This eclipse cycle holds a magic key. Look for it, open to it, use it! Ask for assistance from the angelic realms, the galactic realms, our sun, the devic and elemental kingdoms and so many others as they stand by our sides, ready to catch us, support us, cradle us. All hands are on deck. We approach the moment when all is in readiness. I have always felt that it would be “a blink of an eye” when this reality shifts on the physical plane.  When I feel into the future, it shimmers. I sense a new firmament that dances and flows in response to our heart light. Weaving strands of liquidlovelight, we will create beauty unheard of. We are so ready to live in love and peace. To experience freedom on a scale we have not imagined.

To pass from this plane to the next, we need drop our old beliefs and stories at the door.  They are worn out and will not serve in this shimmering land of love. Our bodies, our minds, our spirits are ready to live a new story. We get to write the script together! Hallelujah! My heart soars. God bless this earth and all upon her.