March Magic


My favorite rock being at the temple.

March continues to unfold in new ways as I surrender to the currents that are flowing. I recently spent an afternoon with a few friends and the crystal skull, Marie. We had the sense that she wanted to be bathed in the river, a bit of an undertaking as she weighs almost 40 pounds and one must walk a ways on a gravel path to reach the river’s edge. All was accomplished and Marie seemed to luxuriate in the cold waters flowing over her. A laughing buddha carved from petrified wood accompanied her and sent his laughter spilling out in waves. We played the crystal bowls and drums we brought but mostly chatted and enjoyed the sounds about us. One of the group brought through her vision of beings of light, come to form a circle about Marie, in an act of honoring. Marie embued all with a new note which reverberated throughout space. Wave upon wave of sound was released. The waters carried the sound to all the waters of the earth, being such a potent conductor of energies. We each took turns pouring the water over Marie’s head as she sat in state. She is such a being of love. The divine feminine and Mary energies were very present.  As the sun began to descend, a chill came over me and I knew it was time to leave.  By the time I reached home, I felt like I was in shock, in need of wool sweaters, warm drink and food. It is amazing how powerful the energies can be though it seemed we were not “doing” much of anything. My body knew otherwise as I rested and recovered in the evening.

Marie and friends in the river.

Marie and friends in the river.

The next morning, I could sense an expansion in myself. I sat toning in the yard and felt that I would lie on the ground, and tone with another, “weaving lattices of light”. Those were the words that I heard. I texted my elder son, thinking it was with him as we had done just that the day before. It turned out to be with one of the women from the day before. The energies of Marie accompanied us as we took a walk in nature. There is a place where folks have stacked rocks called the temple, that she suggested we go. As we walked, we stopped to eat miner’s lettuce that was growing along the path. It is a spring green with a tiny white flower rising from its lilypad looking base. I knew that our bodies were being calibrated by ingesting this plant. I could feel an expansion and opening within me. We played in the temple area for a time, stacking rocks and enjoying sitting amongst them. I felt an urge to  move into the open field of sunlight beyond the temple area,  lie on the ground and tone. Indeed, my friend joined me and I knew she was the one I was to weave lattices of light with. She lay down with her head touching mine, in a straight line. We began to tone and felt others come to join us. My friend saw beings come out of the hillside to our left.

The buddha delighting in his bath. He sent such joy flowing!

The buddha delighting in his bath. He sent such joy flowing!

They laid down with their feet pointing towards us. I was guided to hold a rock in each hand. The rocks tied me to earth in a deep way, and I felt faeries tethering me with their gossamer threads. Two of the beings placed their feet in my friend’s hand as she giggled. We laughed, gasped, panted, cried, toned, as colors swirled and our bodies experienced movement, things being pulled out, added to, opened. I felt a stone being placed in my belly. It dropped down as if to the bottom of a lake and I felt the waters rippling out from it. My friend felt the ripples hit her. I was the lake and the stone….the earth I lie upon and the breeze that touched my brow. I was all things. Time did not exist as we were fully in the experience. Worlds opened and spun with us. To our right, there was a small hill with an enormous oak tree with spreading branches, touching the ground in many places. It is a tree that feels sacred. I sensed and my friend saw, faeries on every branch, joining in the energies at play. The beings who joined us were Agarthans, our brothers and sisters from the inner earth realms. They were toning and used our bodies to send their notes out into the world. I was told that this was a continuation of our Shasta Christ consciousness experience. Our bodies were a chalice that could now be used to seed the Christ energy into the earthplane. We felt the honor of being used thusly. At one point, I knew to reach up and hold my friend’s head as she reached for mine. She is a cranial sacral practioner and knew we were adjusting one another as guided. So much took place yet it felt like a dream. Marie, the skull, was present with us as well as many masters and angels. As it felt complete, we heard a round of clapping and we joined in. It felt so celebratory and I knew so much had happened that was beyond my scope of understanding. I felt immense gratitude.

One of my successful balancing acts.

One of my successful balancing acts.

We took off our shoes for the walk back to our car, as I knew we needed grounding. Also, it anchored the energies more firmly in the earth with each step. We both received the idea of ice cream, as we were to celebrate what had taken place. We stopped and bought some and sat on the porch and savored each bite. I later spoke with the friend who had been with us in Shasta and whose presence I felt as we lie on the ground. She said we were doing a ceremony to complete the cycle of the last moon and welcome the new moon’s energies in. She also related a wonderful dreamscape that resonated with me as truth. She found herself on a ramp that was a treadmill. She was struggling to keep a forward momentum to move up the incline. She looked to her left and saw me gliding up an escalator with a big smile. As I drew near to her, I reached over and touched her across her shoulders and told her, “Simply stand still. ” As she did so, her treadmill became an escalator and she too, was effortlessly moved along. I smiled at her and we both knew this was the new way. The time of struggle and hardship has ended. Neither are the way to move forward. It is simply allowing ourselves to be carried by our higher selves into the light that we are. Surrender, opening, trust are all a part of it. This weekend’s experiences all built upon another, each piece following as I tuned in, listened and acted as guided. As we do this, we align with others and our energies co-create new fields of light. It is magic and marvelous, humbling and heart opening. We are becoming little children, playing in the fields of life. My gratitude abounds!

A branch of the oak tree that I walked out upon.

A branch of the oak tree that I walked out upon. She told me that I am supported always. All of nature wishes to play with us, for the good of all. Hallejuah!



What a week we are in the midst of! 11-11-11 is days away, some are calling it the most auspicious day ever on this planet of ours. I awoke early to move my car before the street cleaning crew came by. My son joined me for an early morning drive across the city to Crissy Field. It is so lovely to walk along the beach with a view of the city silhouetted behind me and the Golden Gate bridge looming up ahead. Glorious! I feel so blessed to be here, especially when I get myself up and out of the small, dark apartment and enjoy the natural environments that abound in this city. There are many if one has time and energy to look for them. I was greeted with so many smiles today! I am a smiler by nature and today it seemed that folks were more open than usual to returning my smile. I believe that it is a result of all the divine love pouring into our planet from the Great Central Sun and coming from our dear mother Earth herself. I am feeling it hugely as joy vibrates my being and tears of gratitude, wonder and love flow. I am awash in this light and love, the lovelight. Yes, we are being bathed in lovelight. A beautiful pink orange magenta light flowing down like the softest rain. Can you feel it? Open your mouth to catch a taste of the drops. They are the sweetest nectar.

I like the way the sun cast the shadow of the bridge on the hillside. What a beautiful structure, painted so boldly and throwing its cables across this bay. What a concept! Imagine being the one who saw the potential and had the know how to make it happen. I feel that we are being asked to do this now. Visualize the new potentials, hold the picture clearly and allow the pieces to come together to bring it into manifestation. We are to co-create this new earth of ours. Friday is a wonderful time to do this as we all join our hearts together to meditate for world peace, abundance for all, freedom and joy as each person recognizes their own beauty and their unique gifts. Whatever constitutes your idea of the world that you would like to live in……..hold that vision and send it out into the universe as a prayer, a meditation, a dance, a song, a tone, any way you feel drawn to. Google 11-11-11 events and find one that resonates with you. I will be joining my friend, Meredith at 11am for hers as well as my friend, Tiara’s at 8:11 pm (oh these are Pacific standard time so be sure to convert to your time zone).

We have done so much healing and releasing to come to this time of joining with our I AM Presence. I love that we no longer have to dig through our past or understand what our feelings are about. We can simply be the conduit to let them flow and let them go. Let go……on every level of your being. You may be releasing your old stuff from a painful childhood or from a past life or you may be transmuting it for the collective. It matters not. What is of importance when you are in the midst of emotional turmoil, is to take a breath, pull yourself back to that eagle’s eye view, and remember to let the emotion be fully felt and present. Sit with it, observe it, express it (not by yelling at someone rather through writing, pounding

bread dough, watching a sad movie to allow deep sobs of sadness to come up, be creative!). And then sit back and watch it move out of your space. Do not hold on to it

in your thoughts by allowing it to play in the hamster wheel of your brain. Toss it out the angels and the violet flame (you simply ask the violet flame angels to transmute it…I ask them to mulch it into light for mother earth (best composting around!! Composting old outworn thoughts!) Let go of the “shoulds” in your life and choose “likes” as in I like to shop for yummy food, I like to do my laundry at the laundromat where the attendant remembered my name from last winter when I was here in the city. (How we like to be known!) Since I like that, I like to remember the names of the folks at shops and cafes that I frequent. Makes our world nicer. It is all perspective….some of our shoulds are holdovers from old programming that says that you must spend time with certain folks because of blood ties rather than joy ties or you can solve a problem by running it through your brain a thousand times over and worrying over it. It is time to truly honor ourselves by choosing new pathways, new ways of thinking and being. Time to know, truly KNOW that we are enough. Our being here on the planet is enough. There is no doing that is necessary except that which brings you joy. Move towards that joy flame in all that you do and your life will be transformed. Open your heart to this Friday’s energy and know that our transformation is at hand. We are gods and it is time to claim this. I so love you all!!! I so love me and everything about me. We were the ones chosen to be here for the shift of the ages. Hold your heads high, square your shoulders and look in the mirror and smile! You are here, I am here! We are the strongest of the strong and we came to rise from duality into the light of unity consciousness as we remember that we are one.

This is a painting I did titled, Releasing. I laid down layer after layer of paint, a bit like my life story, layer after layer of events, people, emotions. I then took a scraper and began to scrap away all that no longer served me. I stopped when I had uncovered my truth….the radiance that I am. See that blue glitter shining through? The purple patches? All me. Some parts rough, some smooth. All me. I feel joy when I look at this and reach for my canvas and paints to create more of my beauty, more of my song. This life is a gift that I am savoring!