Breathe in the New to Expel the Old

IMG_6538Are any of you still standing in these waves of energy? Intense has a new meaning this month. Yesterday I went to an old granite quarry that is now a park with a couple of friends. There was a rock there that had beckoned to one of the women in her dreams and she was delighted when she was led to it in the physical. Leopold, my lapis skull wanted to come along to enjoy the day. The sun was hot and after watching a lizard puff in and out on a rock, I found myself doing the same, feeling that I was melting into the stone. At one point, I found myself moving my arms skyward and chanting an ancient song. The voice that came through felt to be an earth deva that had witnessed man’s abuses. Hers was a long lament, asking to be witnessed by our trinity. One woman kept the rhythm with a stone as the notes sounded and the other grounded deep on the rock that called us there. My sense was that the sadness of the past needed to be witnessed by our love in order to be freed. It was an honor to allow it expression. Butterflies flitted about, beauty in motion, confirming the release.

Leo in his commanding position.

Leo in his commanding position.

Not much sleep last night as the energies kept rolling in. Sitting with an unease in my body to see what it needed from me. I was feeling the layer of muck and mire that Tuesday’s blood moon eclipse offers to release. My body was unsettled as to how it would be able to allow it to move through this system. In a chat with a friend, as I followed her suggestion to move back and see the larger picture, my body let out a deep sigh. Ah, yes, I can enlarge my field to the size of the planet and beyond if I need to. This eclipse is clearing all of the old that we are releasing. I am able for this, to do my part. This body is able. Waves of gratitude streaming to her as I feel this truth. The other piece that came in from my friend and confirmed by my body, is that we are to breathe in the new energies in order to expel the old. We have released so much and done our clearing work. In the past, we have released in order to create space for the new. This last bit is different in that it will dislodge as the new lovelight flows in. The in breath of love dispels in the outbreath, the old. Wonderful!

A vortex of reeds and flowers that was the highlight of this year's flower and art show in San Francisco.

A vortex of reeds and flowers that was the highlight of this year’s flower and art show in San Francisco.

I also was given my first glimpse past the eclipse cycle into the month of May. Oh, the joy! It feels like it holds our deepest desires made manifest. It feels so full of love and connections and beauty. Spring fully in bloom, trailing scented blossoms everywhere. I am drinking that lovelight in as my being feels comatose today. Allowing the scents and birdsong to wrap me in love as I move like a lumbering elephant through these moments. My spirit is dancing in May as I plough my way through April’s clearing gifts. Everything feels like jello, thick and viscous. Some instinct swings my trunk, clearing a path. I close my eyes and allow my heartlight to guide me as my being sleeps. I surrender and trust that this broad back and wide elephant feet are leading me to joys unimaginable.

As Below, So Above

IMGP4576For days I had heard or read the expression, “As above, so below.” When something keeps popping in, I pay attention. We are witnessing this become more of our waking  reality as we clear ourselves and allow the new frequencies of love to pour through us. We are bringing heaven to earth as more of our divinity anchors within our form. Yesterday, this truth went further as a friend turned this expression around to: “As below, so above.” On the skype screen, both of our bodies went into their truth confirming nods and jerks. (Yes, we are a funny pair). We felt the many universes, that have representatives here, watching us take our first conscious steps as creator beings with our beautiful Mother Earth. What a planet! She made the decision to ascend and do the unheard of…..take all of her inhabitants through the ascension portal with her. The immensity of her love for us is difficult to grasp. I can only sense it in shivers of light running through my body. We, in turn, are gifted the opportunity to co-create with her, a world that has never been. Hence, the multitudes of beings surrounding our planet as they desire to witness how we all bring this about. They are taking notes so that they can replicate something similar in their universes. The opportunity which is in our lap, through the grace of our Mother Earth and our Mother/Father God, is gi-normous, as a friend says!

We are not in this alone. The sun, the moon, a multitude of planets, the great central sun,  and even a comet, have come bearing their gifts. From every side, we are being bathed in a steady stream of liquidlovelight. As with all gifts, we must be open to receive them. Just as many of us have felt the need to clear our homes of excess stuff, we need clear an interior space for the lovelight to flow in. The old energies have to be cleared out for the new to flow in. Jesus spoke of this in a parable about not putting new wine into old wineskins. He was speaking to the rulers of his time, saying the old rules no longer applied nor need be adhered to, as the new was present and demanded a new container. His teachings of love could not fit in the existing framework of the times.

Organic vegies lighting up our cells.

Organic vegies lighting up our cells.

The same is true for the times that we are in, as the new frequencies of love and unity consciousness, demand a new container. Our mental bodies must be cleared of the old programming that kept us enslaved. The matrix has been identified and it is up to each of us to unhook from its limiting belief system. The brave and courageous whistle blowers have torn asunder the veil that hid the truth, with more being exposed each passing day. Our physical bodies are speaking out, asking to be remade into the new wineskins. Notice the popularity of green juicing, fasting, and cleansing diets. We are following an inner prompting to prepare our body temples for the “new wine”. Physical illness and pains are on the rise as the old energies we stored in the past, come to the surface for release. Our emotional bodies are asking for cleansing as well. The love frequency comes in like a laser, targeting all that is not love within. We are witnessing an unleashing of anger, fear, guilt, shame as all is rising to be bathed in the cleansing waters of the liquidlovelight. It is time to love every thought and feeling we have had. To embrace our inner child and all the weird and wonderful ways that we sought to protect ourselves. We can let go of regret or shame as we thank who we were, for experiencing life with the tools we had at our disposal at the time. Now we have new tools and a new way has opened for us all.

 Our gratitude in the receiving, amplifies and expands the gifts. How blessed are we to be here at this momentous time. We are the actors who scored these roles, ones that we have waited lifetimes to play. We are in the greatest play that ever was. Let us speak our lines with courage and confidence, knowing ourselves as stars. The curtain is going up……..deep breath… we go!


Emotional Release Leaves Me Limp and Grateful


This guy showed up on the arm of my chair, to teach me how to view life from a new angle.

The past few days lined up in my world as an oracle/astrologer predicted. Oraclereport.comI like her take on the planets, giving them personalities in a way that feels very relatable to me. It has been a time of emotional purging as the planets lined up to assist us in our clearing.  I am grateful as I desire for my cells to be full of lovelight and that can only happen if they are not carrying anything else.

Betrayal….I have been shown how it has been a part of every significant love relationship that I have had in this life. This thread has been the warp and woof of my life. I created it for a reason. Now that I have done so much weaving, I can observe the pattern it has made and learn from it.  I have been immersed in its energy and pain as I felt it all like a white hot poker in my heart. It is amazing how the feelings can arise with such ferocity. It is not as if this were the first time I had allowed them release. My mind wants to jump in with that information but I will not play that game any longer. Yes, I have felt these feelings before. Yet here they are again so there is another layer to experience. As they came flooding out, I felt almost overcome with a searing rage and sorrow.


So many painting projects! Each color holding a world of memory for me to walk through.

I love how my dear, Sophia, my I AM presence, sets me up for growth. My younger son wanted to clear out the tool shed and configure it into a more useful space for his art framing. It had been accumulating stuff for over 20 years and was a mess. I decided to assist him in this, wanting him to have this space. This put me back into the old track of powering through to a goal. It took three days to empty everything, clean it and patch the holes in the walls where rodents had found entrance. It was hard physical work as well as emotional as old projects and objects where unearthed.

There was the set up: building containing the past, high degree of physical labor called for, days worth of a project, former partner absent yet directing from the phone while I labor in the field. All leading me to use my energy in my former way of cutting through with my will, pushing myself from task to task like an automaton. Amazing how I fell back into that way of moving that has become foreign in the past few years. Yet it was a perfect formula as physical exhaustion led to emotional fraying led to Cinderella complex surfacing with her victim mindset. Some part of me is aware of all of this and feels gratitude while the rest of me ends up yelling, crying and stomping about. A tear storm that sweeps me along as the heated emotions find release. It is interesting how the physical clearing out mirrors the inner clearing that we are doing. No wonder so many of us have felt the compulsion to clear our closets and spaces, opening up more interior landscapes.

IMG_4879My son and I went out to a movie and dinner last night to celebrate the new space within the shed and within my heart. This morning after getting up to view the stars, I fell back asleep and dreamt of the defining betrayal in my life. It was raw and harsh, pulling me out of sleep in order to take a breath. Now, after getting up for the day, I sit here with my coffee and slice of peanut buttered toast and feel peace. My heart feels light, emptied. I can take a deep breath and feel the golden light moving in and around. My body feels like I have been through a boxing match. I am moving slowly. I will be tender and caring and alert to what my body asks of me today.

I am sending gratitude to Sophia, to the planets and the sun for their assistance. I am grateful to my son for witnessing me and holding me in love. I am beaming love to all those who played out the betrayal for me so that I could arrive at this place of no longer betraying myself. Today I am diving in the truth of the love that I am and allowing it to caress me. The chair in the sun is calling me outside, perhaps that is as far as I will journey today as I savor this shore I have landed upon.

Clearing the Way for Love

Muerte is a potent journey of power into the shamanic death realms.

Muerte is a potent journey of power into the shamanic death realms.

Life wishes to flow through us in the grandest of ways, when we allow it. The other day, I went for a play-date with a couple of friends and Marie, my new crystal skull friend. We started off listening to Tom Kenyon’s latest shamanic journey through the underworld. He produced it to assist folks in the transitions that are taking place. Some transitioning from this life, others of us dying to former aspects of ourselves or relationships. It took me deep and I did not become aware until he brought us up through the celestial realms. There I found myself on a balcony, gazing out in wonder at a Maxwell Parrish landscape of soft blues, golds, and magentas. Everything was infused with this surreal light that was made of love. Ahhh, I can still feel it when I stop to breathe it in.

This set the stage for what came next. Some talk ensued and our attention was brought to one of the women’s friend who was hosting an ancient entity that was consuming her. The power was intense of this huge reptilian form with powerful claws.I have lived in close quarters with many of these energies in this lifetime. My body started vibrating with the enormity of it and what I sensed we were being asked to do. We took a snack break to fuel our physical forms to be fully grounded. We were directed to go outside to the labyrinth to do our work. One of my friend’s dogs, who is a guardian, stood watch with us.

The toys we love.

The toys we love.

I invoked Archangel Michael and his legions of protector angels as well as angels oftruthand love. I felt my voice booming out commands in thunderous tones…..amazing what comes through us as we open to be channels for the light! My friends worked their magic with the crystal bowls as Marie, the skull directed the energy. Later, my friend, who is her guardian, shared that was her main purpose, to clear darkness of any kind. I discovered that she is a master! Timing is off such importance, things line up and a window opens that allows movement. I could feel these ancient entities across the globe that have fed on the light. There was a loosening in that moment and in one fell swoop, the angels gathered these energies up, taking them to their next evolutionary spot. The entities themselves were ready for this, having waited to be embraced by the love, as all of life desires. Oh, my. The relief collapsed my knees as I felt the lightening of energies. I could feel the hearts of so many who have been held captive by these energies. They, too were feeling that weakness as what had become a part of them, was removed.

Our donkey helpers. Thank you!

Our donkey helpers. Thank you!

We then called in the love flame to infill the vacancy left in the hosts’ energy fields. All according to God’s holy will and for the highest good of all. The lightening on the planet was palpable. I was suddenly exhausted, my body weak from the power that had just run through it. We thanked Marie, the crystal bowls, the rocks of the labyrinth, the earth, the angels, Archangel Michael with his mighty blue sword, our guardian dog. The two donkeys in the adjacent field let us know that they had participated also and so we petted and thanked them also.

Our angel blessing

Our angel blessing with a rainbow on top.

As we went out to our car to depart, we were greeted by a beautiful angel in the clouds.The sun was beginning its descent and the sky thanked us for our work. When you call in the forces of light, all will respond with love.  Always, life is cooperating for the highest good of all. Each day, in every way, I am shown how this planet is returning to love. Everything is crying out for the love. I could feel compassion and love for these entities where once I felt fear and suffered under their weight. I was shown how love is the mightiest of forces.

I had a dream that night where I was being harassed by a number of women from a tribe that I have been associated with. My former beloved, who is of that tribe,  was there. I unzipped my body suit and stood in my full 20 foot light energy and declared, I AM LOVE. The women melted in their fear and the man fell back. I released him to his own process, knowing the dark entity he had carried for ages, had been lifted from him. Now it was for him to walk his way back to the light and love. I blessed him and turned inward to bathe in the lovelight that is truth.

Marie, the powerhouse of love, entraining crystals while she worked her magic.

Marie, the powerhouse of love, with her new pal, the panther. I am discovering that beings come in all forms and this cat is a new one for me. Wow, she does wear that crown with power and is telling me at this moment, that she was assisting in our work. Everything wants to bring in the love!

Play-dates can be wonder filled. When we surrender our will to that of the Creator and asked to be a channel for love, we will be used. I never know the hows or whens but open to the mystery of it all. I feel such gratitude for hearts newly freed to walk their way to love. I am revealing in the lighter energies of our mother. She sings her gratitude as I sing my love to her.  We weave our notes in a tapestry of light. We are in the time of magic.


Anxiety on the Rise

Beautiful bridge as I drove into Vancouver. Like two ships sailing the waters.

As our planet is being blessed with energies pouring in from our sun as well as other star systems and planetary bodies, the levels of anxiety are rising. We are being gifted with energies that speed up our vibrations, which will eventually allow us greater ease and movement in all of our bodies; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is an amazing gift. But right now, it may feel like anything but!

LIke this photo, the mast head could be likened to our crown chakras where the light streams in . It then is filtered down through our bodies’ circuitry to enliven all of our cells. I am a transducer, along with many others, allowing the current to be stepped down through my body so as to be more accessible for the  masses. So on a high energy day like yesterday, I was in reclining mode as all my being was fully engaged in this process.

I love how the clouds move and change throughout the day. It is time to allow that fluidity into all aspects of our lives.

As the light floods in, the debris rises to the surface to be sloughed off. It is a cleansing process. This is where the anxiety kicks in. The ego self feels that it is about to lose its job and it is fighting to stay in control. Our higher selves are moving in to bring us to unity consciousness while the ego strives to maintain its separation. The ego cannot win as we are coded to evolve and move into oneness. You can help your ego out of its anxiety by having a conversation with it. I never understood the notion of eliminating the ego. It has served me well when it was in charge and I have expressed my gratitude. I then let Henry (yes that is my name for him) know that he had reached retirement age. I gave him the gold watch for a job well done and introduced him to Sophia, my higher self, who now runs the show. For the most part, Henry has been gracious in his retirement though occasionally he throws out some advice which I thank him for, reminding him that he is free to drift along now, not concerning himself with the workings of my days. He has grown to be fond of Sophia and admits that she is skilled in running my show.

There is a clearing that is taking place to allow room for the new aspects of ourselves to enter in. We are in the process of bringing our entire soul group into this body. We can invite in all the highest vibrational aspects from all of our many lives and make use of our myriad gifts garnered throughout time and space. How fun is that!!! The anxiety arises in the letting go. The fear that we are losing something instead of the joy of all that is to be gained. This is being outpictured through the loss of jobs, relationships, homes, security. The outer structures of society are crumbling, forcing us to go inside for some connection. This is all part of the plan to move us from an outer directed world to an inner directed one where we know our connection to Source.  All of our security is internal. We were taught to look outside to social security, an insurance policy, dollars in the bank, a corporation as the means of survival in this world. Now the pendulum has swung and we must face ourselves in a new way.

Two insects mating, i moved them outside and they did not register my interference at all. They were so fully in their moment that the outer disturbance held no import for them.

To let go, we must trust that there is something better coming our way. We let go of old angers and find the freedom as love flows. We let go of focusing on the ills of the world and discover the peace of the space around us. We let go of possessions and discover the lightness that brings. We let go of trying to control other people’s lives and discover that we have work to do in our own. We let go of seeking answers outside of ourselves and  discover the wisdom within. Everything that we seek, can be found within our own being.

So as the anxiety rises up in your being, greet it with a smile. Thank it for alerting you that things are different. That much is falling away, that much is crumbling. Rejoice in this news and surrender to the dismantling of the old way of living. Allow the new to flow through you and see where it takes you. Stay in the moments, feeling each emotion fully and then releasing once again. The in breath and out breath. We are being newly born. Treat yourself  with the upmost tenderness and care. We are birthing our divinity. What a sight we are!

March Brings the Winds of Change

The red branches of this Japanese maple and its new green leaves have fed me today. Beauty!

A rainy day which allows me the chance to run about  barefoot through the wet grass in the yard and soak in the beauty of the blossoming trees. I am so loving this spring and this month of transformation! Feet dried,now sitting by the fire, feeling the energies dancing on my crown chakra. That lovely feeling of being so loved by my higher self and guides and angels as they rewire this body of mine. Head is stuffed, energy clearing and so happy to be quiet with the day. Tears of gratitude for all my blessings. I feel an enormous weight is being blown from the planet. So many layers of suffering and pain are being blown away with the winds. The love is streaming in with the continued solar flares and as we anchor it into our mother, she is sending it back to our hearts. Oh, to be a part of this cycle of love! I feel awe, gratitude, joy, blessed.

This beautiful pink blossom reminded me of a ballerina with its fluffy tutu!

So much is softening. Our hearts can no longer hold to the old dense energies and are singing a song of freedom. Freedom to love as that is the song that our hearts have always wanted to sing. Every shadow that has been locked deep in the heart, is now coming out into the light of day. And it is not so scary anymore. We can look at it, we can even embrace it. Yes, we can even love it.  Shame, guilt, self criticism and judgment are fleeting emotions that no longer hold. A huge issue recently came out into the light of day in my life through my dream space. I felt such enormous gratitude that all blocks are being cleared and that I am in such a place of love for myself that this issue could now come to the fore. The old pattern of projection and judgment was simply gone. In its place, there was enormous compassion and love for all involved. Oh, all the density we came in to clear and transmute back to the reality of love! What courageous dear hearts we are!! I am loving my heart as it clears all its shadow aspects and shines its pink, magenta love light. As we each clear our closets of all skeletons and shadows, the winds of March come to carry it all away. We are being swept clean to stand in our truth as beings of love and light. Nothing more to fear, we are safe in the arms of our mother.

One of my son, Gabriel's paintings that is feeding my hunger for orange. Having art and flowers about me makes me feel rich.

Last night I did a distance healing on a friend with a friend. Healer is not a word that I identify with, teacher yes, that resonates. But this energy came up in a conversation and the knowing that there was something that the two of us could facilitate for this other. I found it all so interesting. My friend is a gifted healer, used to playing in this field that was so new to me. I trusted whatever came through me and let it flow. The energies are so fluid now, allowing stuck areas to give easily. The one receiving had done his work as it all released with ease. I love the elegant design of the universe, how what we need appears when we need it. I trust more deeply in divine timing as I see how beautifully things happen. When the timing is right, there is ease and grace. Light language poured from me as did sounds and hand movements that were all new to me. My friend and I were in sync as we have done this together in other lifetimes. It was like a dance between us and we knew the steps. Very empowering for me.

The trust in my own higher self and the whole is creating new pathways for me. I so surrender to divine timing and will. I was listening to an Abraham-Hicks youtube video (don’t you love the Internet!) in which she was talking about a woman being pregnant and her

the last bit of glory of my orangey red tulips!

feelings of joy. How she had tried for years to get pregnant and now was. Abraham pointed out how she still did not have the baby yet was filled with joy as the knowing of it growing inside her was there. I have adopted this approach in my life. I am pregnant with the knowing that my beloved is waiting for me, that my community, my pod is waiting for me to join them, that the world of peace is a heart beat away. How could it be otherwise? We are evolving, we are in the midst of the great shift of the ages to the age of peace and love. What was began in the sixties, has come to fruition and we are to reap the benefits. What possibilities, what heart desires are you pregnant with? Hold them with the joy and love that you would as an expectant parent. Cherish them, savor each day that you are alive and walking towards holding your heart’s desire come true. We will never live in the same density again. Duality will be a thing of the past. Every thought for ourselves will include the consciousness of all…….we are one. Unity consciousness will flood the land. Life is beautiful!