As Below, So Above

IMGP4576For days I had heard or read the expression, “As above, so below.” When something keeps popping in, I pay attention. We are witnessing this become more of our waking  reality as we clear ourselves and allow the new frequencies of love to pour through us. We are bringing heaven to earth as more of our divinity anchors within our form. Yesterday, this truth went further as a friend turned this expression around to: “As below, so above.” On the skype screen, both of our bodies went into their truth confirming nods and jerks. (Yes, we are a funny pair). We felt the many universes, that have representatives here, watching us take our first conscious steps as creator beings with our beautiful Mother Earth. What a planet! She made the decision to ascend and do the unheard of…..take all of her inhabitants through the ascension portal with her. The immensity of her love for us is difficult to grasp. I can only sense it in shivers of light running through my body. We, in turn, are gifted the opportunity to co-create with her, a world that has never been. Hence, the multitudes of beings surrounding our planet as they desire to witness how we all bring this about. They are taking notes so that they can replicate something similar in their universes. The opportunity which is in our lap, through the grace of our Mother Earth and our Mother/Father God, is gi-normous, as a friend says!

We are not in this alone. The sun, the moon, a multitude of planets, the great central sun,  and even a comet, have come bearing their gifts. From every side, we are being bathed in a steady stream of liquidlovelight. As with all gifts, we must be open to receive them. Just as many of us have felt the need to clear our homes of excess stuff, we need clear an interior space for the lovelight to flow in. The old energies have to be cleared out for the new to flow in. Jesus spoke of this in a parable about not putting new wine into old wineskins. He was speaking to the rulers of his time, saying the old rules no longer applied nor need be adhered to, as the new was present and demanded a new container. His teachings of love could not fit in the existing framework of the times.

Organic vegies lighting up our cells.

Organic vegies lighting up our cells.

The same is true for the times that we are in, as the new frequencies of love and unity consciousness, demand a new container. Our mental bodies must be cleared of the old programming that kept us enslaved. The matrix has been identified and it is up to each of us to unhook from its limiting belief system. The brave and courageous whistle blowers have torn asunder the veil that hid the truth, with more being exposed each passing day. Our physical bodies are speaking out, asking to be remade into the new wineskins. Notice the popularity of green juicing, fasting, and cleansing diets. We are following an inner prompting to prepare our body temples for the “new wine”. Physical illness and pains are on the rise as the old energies we stored in the past, come to the surface for release. Our emotional bodies are asking for cleansing as well. The love frequency comes in like a laser, targeting all that is not love within. We are witnessing an unleashing of anger, fear, guilt, shame as all is rising to be bathed in the cleansing waters of the liquidlovelight. It is time to love every thought and feeling we have had. To embrace our inner child and all the weird and wonderful ways that we sought to protect ourselves. We can let go of regret or shame as we thank who we were, for experiencing life with the tools we had at our disposal at the time. Now we have new tools and a new way has opened for us all.

 Our gratitude in the receiving, amplifies and expands the gifts. How blessed are we to be here at this momentous time. We are the actors who scored these roles, ones that we have waited lifetimes to play. We are in the greatest play that ever was. Let us speak our lines with courage and confidence, knowing ourselves as stars. The curtain is going up……..deep breath… we go!


The Flu or an Upgrade?

A rock being someone created, looking pretty happy with his body!

Many around me have had the flu which brought the whole idea of illness front and center in my thoughts. I realized that my perspective has undergone a shift as I no longer resonate with the words illness, sickness, disease. I looked up illness and found this definition:  illness n

1. a disease or indisposition; sickness
2. a state of ill health
3. Obsolete wickedness

I found the obsolete definition interesting. Wickedness……is our body wicked for calling our attention to something?  I no longer choose to see through this particular lens. Everything is energy which is open to our interpretation. How we view it, makes a difference in how we experience it. If I feel ill and see it as something someone gave to me or I caught or as an expression of bad luck, I add the dense energy of victimhood to the experience. If I feel symptoms but see them as my body being upgraded to a lighter frequency or clearing out of old stagnant energies (the flu does this so well), then I am adding a positive feel to my experience. I see it as my body taking care of me, helping me to move with more ease in my life. I bless her rather than berate her. This may seem subtle, but truly this shift in attitude changes the entire experience. We all know people who have had serious illnesses, who later viewed them as their greatest blessings. What if we had that attitude from the beginning?

What if an illness was viewed as a time of checking in, rather than a time of checking out of your normal life? Whether you have a cold or throat cancer, your body is calling to you to check in. It wants you to remember what you know, it is asking you to discover if your outer life still fits. What needs tweaking? What is asking for attention? What needs to change? Often it is a signal to slow down and rest. In our fast paced world, it is an accepted way to get off the treadmill. In fact, it is often the only way to take a time out. I can recall a period in my life when I was working and raising teenagers when I fantasized about being a lady of prior times who had to go away due to a case of the “nerves”. In the novels I read, they went to beautiful sanatoriums where you were wheeled out onto verandahs with lovely vistas over the gentle hills to take the air each day. And you were waited on and cared for in the tenderest of ways. Oh, yes! I just knew that was what my spirit was calling for, a time out from the pressures of my world. Instead of this, I trudged on until my body collapsed with exhaustion and the tears were the only language that I could speak.

Water helps wash our bodies clean with tears, clearing our old stored emotions.

As I have learned to honor the wisdom of my body, I have come to see through her lens. She is the most amazing being, maintaining all the physical operations to keep me breathing and operating in this dimension. She also is a storehouse for all my past lives and holds information of my origins. The more I tune in to her, the more I discover that she knows all! Our bodies do not lie. They are an accurate reader and recorder of our energies. Science is beginning to make the link between illness and our emotions. We have used our bodies as storehouses for emotions that we did not feel safe to express. We stuffed them inside and eventually our bodies are forced to clean house of this old energy in order to keep us functioning. This is why I can burst into tears in a yoga class or when getting a massage as some cellular memory has been touched and is coming to the surface to be released. I do not have to know the details of the memory but rather allow the emotions to flow out from my body.

My body craves color, beets add a lovely note to my juice.

We are in new times and they call for new vocabulary to express what we are experiencing.  We are ascending our physical bodies into higher dimensional energies and they are being asked to do an extraordinary thing. They are transforming from a carbon base to a crystalline one. Imagine that! I love feeling that I am becoming so beautiful and multifaceted within. There are many symptoms which we now simply label: ascension symptoms. Many of us state that we received a download of information and we are now integrating it. We accept the physical changes that brings. By viewing my bodily changes as part of my shift into higher awareness, I feel differently about the symptoms. I give them no negative thought, rather I thank my body for working so hard to assist me in this process. I ask her what she needs to be more comfortable and I give it to her. Naps have become essential at all times of the day and night. I am up typing at 2am after sleeping for a couple of hours. I follow her rhythms and no longer concern myself with what is “normal”. My body is unique to me and I am the expert on what she needs. I do not have to label myself as anything in particular or follow a prescribed pathway. I do have to take the time to listen to her throughout the day to see what she needs. As I care for her, she cares for me. We have one another’s highest good in mind and move in harmony. I am so grateful that she has carried me through all the dark times and has blessed me with good health. We are focusing on radiant health these days and it feels great. Give your body a hug and speak to her with the utmost tenderness. She/he deserves it!