Landing In

Beautiful coastline of Oregon

For years, I have had a vision of landing in a small town on the coast that would become my home. I am close! Yes, after three years of traveling about, it feels that I may have honed in on the area that has been calling me. I have a vision of a house on a cliff, looking out over the ocean. I am in the process of searching for that place. I cannot tell you the excitement and joy that I feel as I feel into the air and water.

A better view of our creation!

I had heard of an etheric city of light that resides off shore here. Some call it the Crystal Palace, others the City of Gold. It is made up of pink crystals (yes, I am such a lover of pink as I work on the pink rose line and carry one in my heart). Yesterday, a dear friend took me to the beach that has the closest access to the rocks that mark the entrance to this city. They are off shore aways. We sat and toned our love out to the city. It felt wonderful as the sea wind whipped our hair about and sent our voices flying. I called another friend on the east coast to join in and create a trinity of sound. Later we danced on the shore and splashed in the freezing water. As sleep took me down on the sand, I asked to be allowed inside the city. I was blessed with a vision of it. I was taken underwater by a dolphin and came up inside a huge crystal cavern. There were steps carved out of the pink rock that I walked up. I was handed a towel and dressed in a beautiful gossomar pink gown. I made my way to a huge hall upstairs. I glanced over to the left and saw my beloved sitting there at a table. He came forward and took my hand. I was stunned and could hardly speak. He asked if I wanted a tour and I was so surprised to discover that parts of it were like the home I have visualized so often. He told me that was because it was my home. He reminded me that we were married. He asked if I had forgotten our wedding. I said, no but I have not seen you since. He assured me that he has not left me. My mind was struggling with all of this information, not able to make heads nor tails of it. He said, “Let go of the mind, feel it with your heart.” Deep breath. OK, I can do that.

Both of our end pieces of wood had holes in them that acted as portals for the energy to flow.

I awoke on the beach with a deep sob. Oh, it is not easy to go between these dimensions at times. My heart has to expand and then let go of any wanting the experience to remain. Deep breath to return to gratitude for the gift that I had just received. I am thankful! My friend and I gathered rocks, shells and driftwood to create an altar of love to send our energy of appreciation out to the city, It was so fun to build it. This is how it will feel in the new….like child’s play, simple. Yet so powerful as the energy transmitted through our arrangement was very powerful, flowing out to the city and back again and then out to the earth. We truly are so powerful!

Now to see the place my angels find for me. LIfe is becoming more magical and I am so glad!