Living Our Divinity

Ice skating rink lit up on a rainy night.

Ice skating rink lit up on a rainy night.

Awake at 4 a.m. with Christmas carols playing in my ear via headphones, lights of the city’s waterfront sparkling outside the wall of windows, chatting to friends on Facebook across the land, warm quilt covering me, baby’s muffled cries coming from his parents’ room…….I am blessed.

I have been here in Montreal for the past two weeks, tending to my daughter and her new little family. It is such an adjustment to motherhood and parenthood. It has been a privilege to play the role of elder, to ease the tension and witness the resiliency of a powerful young woman. We are such amazing beings!

My heart has been so full….music fills my heart to swelling heights. I love Christmas carols and the soaring voices. This city has a Catholic heritage with its devotion to Mother Mary. I am greeted with her image as I stroll the cobblestone streets, feel her heart in the smiles of the fur hooded folks bustling about, see her love in the eyes of my daughter gazing at her infant son. I feel her sorrow as I hear news of a friend’s reoccurring illness, another friend’s sadness at the urge to call a parent who no longer answers on this plane of being.

 I loved this altar in the oldest chapel here.

I loved this altar in the oldest chapel here.

I am so filled with the wonder and mystery of this life. My heart is singing hallelujah for it all. We have chosen to experience the depths and heights, our hearts miraculous instruments that can shatter and heal to shatter once again…..always growing, evolving in our capacity to feel the thrum of the Creator’s love through it all. We wanted to discover if we could experience a sense of separation from the Oneness that is truth. Could we believe ourselves separate, create darkness so deep we knew ourselves drowned and still find the light of love within?



IMG_2234What a game we agreed to! I am reveling in all of this humanness. I am eating my fill of warm croissants in this French city, drinking hot chocolate made with spices from far away lands, kissing and breathing in my grandson’s presence and delighting in bringing forth smiles by making silly sounds and faces. We hold conversations using light language, remembering who we are to one another. The lights on the tiny Christmas tree seem to waft the fresh pine scent about the condo, diapers fresh from the laundry folded in neat piles fill me with satisfaction as does the smile on my daughter’s face as she nurses her babe to sleep. The French language flowing about me like music at the nearby produce market tucked into the old building next door, the courteous family who runs it, assisting me by going out back to bring me a bunch of kale “fresh from the shower” as I requested something more lively than the limp bunch on display.

A few locks shorn

A few locks shorn

I followed my daughter’s suggestion to go to her hairdresser, something I do not have a habit of, instead trimming my bangs when they cover my eyes or having a friend give me an occasional trim of my long locks. This small French woman had 40 years at her trade and wasted no words nor movements with her scissors. She told me she could trim my waist length hair but it would do nothing for me. I asked her what her vision was, she told me that she would liberate my hair by chopping most of it off. But she said, as she directed me to the cloak room for a gown to wear, you are not ready. “You have to be ready for change” , she tossed out as she went back to her other customer. As I changed, I asked my body, ” Shall we do this? Do you want your hair cut?” I received a “Yes!” Ok then. The mistress of hair was pleased with my answer, feeling it her due as the master in this situation. I sat and watched as one snip took years of growth off my head. And away we went from there. She spoke of blowdrying and mousse and that you must put in effort if you want to achieve beauty. All foreign ideas, for the most part to my simple routines. We reached a compromise, I walked out with my new swinging hair, old energy left lying on the floor but no coloring of my silver strands as she desired. Blonde, she insisted would create the sex appeal….oh, the fun worlds we each create! I realized that there was a slight attachment to  the idea of myself as having long hair and it felt freeing to let that go. How easily we attach to things, people, places, routines. How freeing it is to step out of those confines.

Finding my city legs and loving it! Even the black ensemble...

Finding my city legs and loving it! Even the black ensemble…

I followed this, days later,  by an afternoon of window shopping by myself as the family enjoyed some together time. I went into a tiny shop with natural fiber clothing sustainably produced here in Quebec. The owner and I had a great time, finding me a few new flowing outfits to match my flowing locks. I love the feel of loose soft clothing. Shopping in regular stores is not my thing, but this experience was fun and full of ease. She made a comment that struck me as we were talking about the mild winter that the East coast is experiencing. She asserted that she loved the lack of snow and warmer temperatures after last year’s brutal winter but felt concerned as she knew it wasn’t good for the planet. I found that so interesting, to enjoy something but pair it with a lashing that this can’t be good. Why not savor the warmth? Feel and express gratitude for the sun this day or whatever is appearing, trusting that the planet knows what she is about. Yes, there is climate change, yes, there are man made practices that have harmed our beautiful planet. Feeling bad does not help, rather it hinders a positive outcome. Focus on that which you desire. Do we know what is right for this earth? Perhaps the whole earth will become temperate and we will be able to eat from the bounty of the warmed earth. I do not know and so I live in appreciation of what is present and allow my love to warm my mother earth as she warms me…or cools me, or rains upon me. All a blessing.

Fun grafetti

Fun grafetti

We have been trained to feel bad about something, anything. It has been hammered into us, day and night, guilt, shame, the old bogey men out to get us. Where is the training in appreciation, in wonder, in delight? It is flooding this planet at present if we open to it. We are divine beings granted the privilege of walking a planet back to the Creator’s heart of love. How can the wonder of that be lost? Love flooding each cell of my being and all of life. I loved witnessing my daughter talking to their tiny Christmas tree as she gently released its branches, strung it with lights, placed the wooden star she made with her dad last year, on top and gave it a drink of lukewarm water. She honored its essence and it returned the favor by honoring this home with its radiance.

Notre Dame angels lighting it up.

Notre Dame angels lighting it up.

All day, in everything, we are given the opportunity to know grace, to feel wonder tingle through our body, to sigh with delight. In the midst of the darkest space, there is an opening to our own light. Our divinity sits in attendance, awaiting our glance. All of life does the same. Love it all! Enliven ourselves, enliven our neighbor, our food, our trees, our skyscrapers, our littered streets, our starry skies, our hungry hearts. Feed it all our love and  witness transformation all around. Love, can we sing it, feel it, express it with our bodies, dance it with our toes? I AM divine, as are you. Christ is not a person to follow, it is a presence to embody. Our Christ consciousness awaits, will you open to it this day? It is the lightest of garments to wear……goes with the new hair!



imageThis holy days’ season, I gifted myself with my daughter’s presence. We had six glorious days together. Her dad and I took a further step together in creating that crucible of love that every child looks to from the ones who birthed them. Harmony and joy came on the heels of challenge. All part of the mix. Finding our way in the moments, allowing the stumbling as well as the grace. As a family, we are fortunate to have not made a tradition of gifts and shopping, rather good food, board games, cookies, music, movies and the lying around time that offers comfort and rest.

Next week, I am gifting myself with my youngest son’s presence for Christmas week. His new love is flying in to join us. My elder son and his love will be here. We have the tree, lit and decorated and wafting its fragrance in the air. My daughter and I have filled the freezer with the traditional anise seed cut-out Christmas cookies. My elder son joined in the decorating and took it to a new level with his artistry.

Circles of love, one of my son, Gabriel's earlier paintings that graces the living room.

Circles of love, one of my son, Gabriel’s earlier paintings that graces the living room.

My favorite time of day is in the wee hours of the morning…the four a.m. wake-up. The house is slumbering, I add a log to the banked fire, plug in the tree lights and allow the silence to wrap itself about me. I witness the first streaks of light as dawn breaks. My heart fills with the gift of this life. Thought arises how all my children and former hubby are partnered. I am here with myself. I see the growth both ways provide. I did not envision this time of aloneness yet I know how necessary it has been for me. I cherish my time alone, am able to sink in with gratitude to the rich landscape inside. Silence and stillness are comfortable friends that nourish. In their depths, I sense a partner appearing for this next phase, in or out of form. Not attached yet it feels like the next step in my evolution to create a greater chalice to offer to this lovelight. Trusting to it all. Not attached to any outcome. Not knowing where/who/how I will be in this time unfolding. Feeling fully and allowing the flow.

Holy days…Solstice with its promise of the return of life giving, light. Christmas, Dewali, Hanukkah….all celebrating the light. The Christ consciousness returning to the planet as we open our hearts to receive this aspect of ourselves. To see the Christ child in each one, to share the love that makes us all family. The colored lights, the uplifting music proclaiming joy to the world, the quiet times of togetherness, the gathering about the table rich with food….all there to spark our remembering. We are the Christ child, we are the holy ones. We have come to lift a planet and ourselves back to the realms of love.

Preparing Our Hearts for the Christ Light of Love

My son's copy of a Matisse painting.

My son’s copy of a Matisse painting. There is a feeling here that lifts my heart.

I truly love this universe of ours! I was chatting with a friend in Scotland this morning, from my place in California (isn’t this amazing?!) and we were comparing notes on how we were feeling. We work together in other realms and it is a comfort to know that we are sharing sensations. I was describing to her my sense that I am in a tunnel of sorts with this bright light of Christmas at the end. Felt closed off from the outside world, not able to plan or move from the now moment, yet feeling this brilliant joy filled light ahead. Floating in this now, knowing I am fully engaged in other realms and there is only to keep my body comfortable while this occurs. I then opened an email and saw this message:

Oakbridge University – Jeshua Online
Message of the Day
Beloved one, the light at the end of the tunnel is your own light, and you expand into that light. There is nothing to fear.


I love the magic of finding this women, bent to the task on her lap, within the above painting. We are all deeply engaged in our task, adding to the tapestry of beauty being woven on this earth.

I love the magic of finding this women, bent to the task on her lap, within the above painting. We are all deeply engaged in our task, adding to the tapestry of beauty being woven on this earth. It takes looking up and about us to notice our strands glimmering in the sunlight.

I had to laugh! I love the synchronicity that is becoming the norm, where messages are repeated and confirmed for my mind’s comfort as I flow through my days. We are all expanding into our own Christ light. I have been getting peeks at myself and tears flow with the sense of awe at my own splendor. I then sense it in you and my heart expands to contain it all. We are so beautiful! Once each of us realizes this beauty, this love that infills our every cell, we will inhabit a new world. You cannot glimpse your own beauty without being transformed. No longer can you play small or live under the yoke of illusion that you are less than or powerless.

For me, it takes tears and deep breathing to open more each moment to the truth of who I am. As well as total surrender to that truth. My lapis skull, named Leopold III,  is in my bed with the covers over his head. He has no desire to come out and follow me about today. He is working in distant universes and my knowing is that the greater part of me, is too. I am to hold my note, strongly, surely and with all that I AM. This shows up in this now moment as rest for my body which is full of aches this  morning. All night I awoke in hour long blocks, to feel electrical currents running up and down my being. I feel a bit fried today! I honor my body by allowing her to rest and move slowly.

My personality self desired to travel to see a friend. My I AM self knows that holding my tone steady takes all that I have now and senses that it will extend until the Solstice/Christmas time. The tunnel lands me here and I am so grateful for the ease and comfort provided. I am so loved and cherished.

It is a wonder (my word of the moment) that when you fall in love with yourself, you feel love coming from everything. I ran out barefoot onto the frosty lawn this morning to greet our Mother Earth as well as the trees and plants and sky. All beamed love back to me, it ran from my heels up to my crown. Love tingles as well as frosty nips on my toes!

I loved the roughness of the old shed my son works in juxtapostioned with the yellow light of the sunflowers.

I loved the roughness of the old shed my son works in juxtapostioned with the yellow light of the sunflowers.

There is this lightness of joy, surging through my being as well as this weight sitting squarely on my shoulders. Not oppressive, yet solidly there. As I turn my heartlight on to high beam, I can feel the shattering and collapsing of old patterns and beliefs across the land. I sense in my body, swirling currents that feel chaotic. I breathe deep into my mother’s crystalline heart to access the beat of “all is well.” Holding all of that in oneness. We have lived in such limitation, believing we could access only one emotion at a time. We can feel all at once, no more either or, this or that……it is this and this. Our hearts’ capacity has expanded. We are multidimensional beings, capable of being present in many places at once. Today I am sitting in council off planet while I am lying here allowing the morning sunlight to warm my bones.

Another beautiful example of synchronicity came in this message from Aluna Joy, who leads sacred site tours. She wrote of visiting Mother Sekhmet’s temple in Egypt. The message she brought through from Mother Sekhmet fit with the one which came to me. (I wrote of my experiences in my last two posts.) Another proof to me of how interconnected we all are as we access the same bank of universal knowledge. The masters are reaching out, (and they are us) our higher selves are wanting us to bring through more of who we are. It is time for Mother Sekhmet’s energy to be anchored here on this earth plane and she looks for those open to receive it. It behooves us to open our hearts to receive all that is available and to anchor it in the way we are guided. This sharing is part of the anchoring for me.

A last share is Anrita Melchezadek’s latest youtube video. I cried in remembrance of my time with Sanat Kumara and drank in the words and images as nourishment for my soul. You may desire to do likewise.

Blessings to us all as we move ever closer to anchoring the Christ light in our hearts. This is the second coming spoken of. He is come…within your heart and mine. Prepare your temples for this flame. Feel the hush as He enters. Rest in His peace. There is only this love.




The Age of Aquarius Dawns, Time to Open Your Treasure Chest

My morning table welcoming in the new age.

Being an Aquarian, it is doubly exciting to me, to welcome in this age. My age!! The time when I fully blossom into my truth, my mastery.  We begin a new cycle of time on the earth and in our universe. All takes a leap upward and forward. We are given the opportunity to leap into a version of ourselves that we have held deep in the recesses of our heart. It is our treasure, buried long ago. This Christmas season, it is the one gift we want to be sure to open!

As with all things magical, there is a magic key to unlock this treasure as well as magic words to recite. When you speak the words, you must believe them with all of your heart. You recall this from your childhood, knowing the power of belief to the outcome at hand. The key is your desire. Yes, so simple, isn’t it? You must desire this treasure with all of your heart. As you feel this flame arise in you, the key appears in your hand. You grasp it and hold it to your heart. You say the magic words with full feeling:

I AM a force of love in this world. I AM beauty unfolding. I AM goodness. I AM the sound of joy. I AM the heart of the child. I AM the dancing flame of love. I AM divine. I AM a beloved child of God’s heart.

One of the angels my kids and I made so many Christmases ago.

The words will come of their own accord. Tune in and allow them to be spoken by your voice. Use the magic formula of, I AM, to state each truth. It is encoded with power. As your words of power resonate in your chest, the door to your sacred heart swings open. Step over the threshold, and enter within. Now this is the time for silence, tuning your inner ear to the sounds of your own beating heart. Breathe deep and feel your heart flame come alight. Keep breathing, your breath a bellows, fanning the flame to greater heights. This lights the passageway to the treasure chest you buried so long ago. Follow the light.  If it dims, stop and breath deeply once again to brighten the light. As you move down the passageway, you will note, aspects of the old you, dropping by the wayside. Let them fall. You may even feel some being stripped from you by your angelic guides. Allow all to loosen as you make your way to the treasure. Trust! If you arrive naked, so much the better, stripped of all that you have known of who you are. They were ideas of the old age and have no place in the new.

You will come to  a large chamber filled with radiant light. You look for the source of that light and see the chest, glowing. Do not falter here, banish all doubts that arise. Remember, this is your heart space, your treasure chest placed here by you, for you, on this day of days. Go to it. Take the key placed over your heart, and use it to open the lock sealing your chest. At this point, I needed to take a few more deep breaths and swallow hard to fill myself with courage. Not to face darkness, that has been the old path that we have come from. No, to face the light. Yes, it takes immense courage to see our own beauty, to embrace our divinity. Here I stand, naked, shoulders back, head tall, feet firmly rooted in this earth……..

a golden box I treasure

Open the chest. Allow your eyes to adjust to the brilliance that streams forth. Open your cells to allow this brilliant light to enter in. Allow, simply allow the light to wash over you. I found myself awash in tears, streaming down with the light, washing me clean of the old ways, the old thoughts, the old burdens. Washed in the light of the new day. I am left knowing nothing, empty of self.

The chest is so full, gleaming with jewels of every color and hue. Now you see why you were stripped naked, for within lies garments of such rich textures and embellishments, waiting to be worn. Angel guides appear to dress you in your new clothing. Allow yourself this pleasure as you feel the silks and brocades slide over your shoulders. The fairies come in to make adjustments with the ribbons and gossamer threads. As you adjust to the feeling of your new clothing, you notice that it makes you feel divine! You feel like a princess or a prince……glass slippers and all. You take a few steps, twirl about to see the swirl of your skirt, the way the fabrics reflect the light and set it spinning. Gleaming gold catches your eye. You see a crown resting in the chest. Your angels take it out for you and place it upon your head. It is encrusted with jewels and you hear the story of how you earned each one. Your heart expands a hundredfold to hold all of this wonder.

Another of our angels

The slate has been wiped clean, you are reborn in the image that you choose. Today is the reset button for humanity. We are entering the Golden Age of Peace, long prophesied. We are given the privilege of co-creating it with our Mother/Father God. It begins in your heart and mine. In each moment, do we chose love or fear? It is that simple. Does this choice, this thought, this action,  uplift me and work for the good of all or does it diminish me or others? If we take the time to breathe in the now moment, we afford ourselves the pause to come from our newness, our Christed selves. Let us open to this profound gift of living our truth so that all may live theirs. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Our ancestors come again, through us, to right the wrongs and bring all back to the truth of love. May you allow this love to carry you into this Golden Age of Peace.

December’s Sacred Days of Love

Feel the love dawning ever brighter each day.

As a little girl attending Catholic church. I loved the weeks of advent. Each Sunday, a new candle would be lit on the altar, signifying our journey to Christmas and the birth of Christ. Four candles with the last being the white of the Christ light. This year, I feel this pageantry anew in my body, as I progress through the days with a sense of sacredness. Each day takes me more firmly into the space of love.

Flames in waiting!

Yesterday I had a cord of wood delivered so that I can have warmth and the joy of a fire in the hearth. As I stacked the wood with the help of a friend and my son, I felt such a sense of wealth. Here was tangible proof of abundance as I felt the joy to come from the flame of this wood. I thought of the flame of the Creator’s love that is so alive in my heart these days. How comforted and warmed I am by the loving energies which continue to rain upon us. Each day, the shower increases until I feel that I am standing under a cascading waterfall of love.

Trust that the Christ light is near, even if you feel a veil obscuring it for a moment,

There is no thing for us to do in these holy days. We are being gifted on every level of our being to turn to this flame of love, To allow it to permeate our thoughts, our actions, our emotions. Much continues to come up as it seeks the flame of love. I am grateful for every old emotion, every new one that comes, seeking shelter in the flame. I see them as cold and in need of the warmth in my heart. Come here, I say, come in and warm yourself by the fire. Let us sit and stare into its flames and be transfigured into the one love.

My guidance tells me that the ascension is assured, all are moving to love and unity. I rest in this knowing. I savor the quiet victory that dances in my cells. I am so appreciative of this body elemental that has weathered such storms in this life and still performs so well for me. She asks for stillness and peace, good food and chocolate, naps and slowness.

The Christ child come, this picture was in the "baby room" of my in-law's house. We bought one for ourselves and hung it in the children's room. It is with us still, gracing us with the Christ presence, so sweet.

I am savoring everything in my world. I am so grateful to be on the planet, one of the fortunate ones to be given a body to fully experience this shift of the ages. This movement into love and peace on earth. I feel a Christmas like no other is waiting for us all. It has nothing to do with stores and shopping, stress and mad preparations. in my family, we have left that behind long ago. We focus on time together, good food, music with angelic choirs rejoicing. This year, we shall truly hear the angels sing!

We are in the wonder days. This year, Christ will be born in each of our hearts. Yes, we will each become the Christ, carrying that consciousness in our every cell. Open yourself to this with the wonder of a child. It is the gift we have waited all our incarnations for and we stand at the threshold. Open your heart and bid Him enter, for truly, He is here.

Love Fog

I have been moving in a love fog. That is the expression that has come to me these past days as I move ever so slowly in world of quiet joy. It seems that so much of me is occupied on other planes, leaving this expression of me to be all heart. I truly am seeing through the eyes of love, hearing with the ears of love, feeling with a heart of love, tasting with a palate of love, touching with the mother’s love. Love. It is a pink blanket keeping me warm at night, flowing about me in the day as the most exquisite cape of magenta love. I am bathed in love.

A moment of focusing the elements on my walk to acknowledge the four directions.

The planning mind, the part that used to wonder, the one that felt concern on any level……all gone. Busy elsewhere and I am left with the task of caring for this physical body, which feels like a full time job. Drinking enough, preparing and eating copious amounts of food, napping, peeing, and keeping the environment clear and peaceful. That takes all of my available energy. To even give voice to my desires for mankind, the earth…..takes full concentration and effort. The words no longer matter as I feel that I am my own prayer. Each step, each movement is a call to the angelic kingdom, to the elementals, to the fairies, to our inner earth family and our galactic family, to assist us in birthing this new earth. I manage my call to the Creator to entrain my heart to Hers/His, to allow me to  be love in action, in expression, in stillness. Yes, mostly stillness. I know now that I am a beacon, a frequency place holder, sending my ribbons of liquidlovelight, across the lands. There is no doing involved, other than maintaining this vessel. The being takes everything that I have.

The new earth is being created as I type these words. My visions pull me there for peek previews of what is to come. My knowing grows with each glimpse of the beauty and the joy felt. We have lived so long with our hungry hearts, it is almost beyond belief that they are about to be fed true nourishment. Imagine deep contact with everyone about you. Imagine waking up to a clean slate, a full palate of colors with which to express yourself. Feel the joy of having your dearest hearts all about you to share meals and creation with. Imagine scooping up a little one running by and hearing her/his giggles and laughter. Imagine being rocked to sleep by the beloved, whose heart is a match to your own. Freedom is the overall sense, expansive and filled with pure delight. Love colors everything as it is all love.

Drinking in the lovelight from my nature walk by the river.

I am so grateful to be in a safe and quiet place where I can dream and drift to my heart’s content. I am grateful for this huge tree outside my bedroom window that has yet retained most of its brilliant yellow leaves. I lie here and watch them drift lazily to the ground, and I know myself as them. In late afternoon, if I time my nap just right, it is lit up by the sun’s descent with a brilliance that takes my breath away. Yesterday, as I sat reading in the late autumn sunshine that held enough heat to pull my shirt up to expose my belly roll and have a hat tipped over my eyes, a leaf gently landed on my lap with the softest of sighs. Ahhhhh, a blessing from my dear friend, the maple tree that we planted when we first moved into this house. I accepted the gift with joy and felt myself as the leaf in another dimension, twirling down to land so softly in my mother earth’s heart. Our father sun’s rays are so encoded with love these days that they make me swoon. We are being blasted with lovelight at every turn. Is it any wonder that I walk about in this love fog, this seemingly drunken state of peace and heart heat.

There is no desire pushing me as the knowing of what is almost upon us all, has me in a tupor. I close my eyes and breathe in the lovelight and feel it spread throughout my limbs. There is only this. All is well. Peace is assured. Love will be all we know. I rest in this knowing and radiate it out. All personal desires have dropped away from my field of consciousness in the knowing that I am cared for as the birds in their flights, the flowers in their meadows, the fish in the streams. I am moving in my body with full trust in the myriad ways that I am loved. Knowing that it will be evident in this reality for all to see in a blink of an eye.

Kuan Yin beams her compassionate heartlight to all on this earth. I light the candles to join her in this.

We are in a sacred time, moving to the 12-12-12 portal of light and the 12-21-12 solstice beyond. The Creator asks of us: “What do you want?” Move towards that with every fiber of your being. Let go of anything that is not love. Forgive all and everything. We are asked to drop our stories of who we have thought ourselves to be. I can become the story of love as I view my life through the lens of love. I know everything to have been my own creation to help me reach this moment of knowing myself as love. I bless it all. No past to hold me hostage, to filter my experience of the now. Let go, surrender to the flow of the now moment. Know yourself as enough, more than enough for this moment. That is all there is.

If you knew that within the next two to three week period, your life as  you know it would end, what would you do differently? Do that. Make the phone calls that your heart has been wanting to make, say the words that your highest expression knows as truth, smile at everyone and find your peace with yourself and all others. If they are not in embodiment, no matter. Hold them wrapped in a pink ovoid of light and beam your love to them. They will feel it wherever they are as we are all connected. There are some who have chosen to move from my world, not able to see my heartlight, those I bathe in this pink flame of love and know that their souls receive it. This frees me as I stand sovereign in my own space, filled with love, ribbons of heartlght streaming across the lands. I need no return expression of love from any other to beam my love. We have so misunderstood love, believing it to be a commodity that had a rate of exchange. It is so much more, it simply is. I AM LOVE. No one can change that or lessen that but me. The freedom in this knowing is a heady brew! For one who does not imbibe of alcohol, I am quite a drinker of the liquid love! And I do indeed get drunk on it at times when I open myself fully to my Mother/Father’s love. We are so loved. In every moment, in every way. Everything that comes into our world comes to take us higher in the world of love. Slow down, savor these few precious weeks. Notice everything! See the gift it is and express gratitude. If you cannot see the gift, trust that it is there and ask to be shown. Ask and we do receive. Ask for the world that you wish to live in and begin to live as if it were here. In doing so, we draw it ever closer. As my heart fills with peace, I create peace on earth. As your heart opens in love, love is possible for everyone.

This salmon with its eggs pouring out, gave her all. It matters not where she ended up, it matters that she gave her life to bring her eggs to this spot on the river. We not asked to be perfect, to reach a goal, rather to be love in everything we are.

We live in a win-win universe. All that you do for others, you do for self. All that you do for self, you do for others. We have gotten good at the first and are lagging in the second. If I had a wish for these next weeks, I would wish that each of you cared so tenderly for yourself. That you saw yourself as the Christ child about to be born. That you prepared your heart to receive you. The gift of you!! Cherish your heart as I do. Nurture yourself in any way you can. Indulge yourself with every little treat and joy you can give. Eat the best chocolate that you can buy, lather on a sweet smelling lotion, gift yourself with an afternoon in nature, do only what brings you joy. I can’t you say, I have responsibilities. And yes, you may have. But you can delete all that is not absolutely necessary. Be responsible to your own joy! Truly, you have but a handful of days to live in this old 3D way, savor them. Take the very best that this world has to offer and give it to yourself. Do not wait for another time when it might be more convenient. Seize this time as they are the holy days and will not come our way again. We are being celebrated in all the other realms for our courage, for our strength, for our determination to come into this dense reality and lift it up. Celebrate you!! Walk with your shoulders back knowing a crown is on your head, a robe fastened at your neck, stars circling your wrists and fairies lighting your path. Call in the highest expressions of yourself and sit in wonder at your beauty and light. I see you shining. Please deactivate the voice in your head that says that you are anything but wonderful. Allow only loving thoughts to come to you from you. Please. This is how we birth a new world, one heart at a time. Every dissonance voice you allow time in your head, is a strike for violence. Yes, those harsh words we speak to ourselves about how my belly is too fat, my mind too slow, my personality not pleasing enough……….all contribute to the violence in our world. Speak to yourself as to a lover, a child. Tenderly, with the softest of words and the greatest delight. I promise you, your world will shift in mighty ways and we will together, birth this new golden age of peace. It is the Christmas gifts of all gifts and it is in your hand and mine to make it so. I love you dearly.

My fire on chilly nights reminding me to fan the flame of my heart so that it burns ever bright.

The Middle East and the Integration of the Divine Masculine

Nature offers us such an easy doorway to peace. Take it!

Three is my favorite number. When things come to my awareness three times, I know to pay attention. The present situation in the Middle East has come to me three times, my younger son asked me about it, my older son told me that is where his spirit is now 24/7 and I received a call for love for that area through an email. I shared this awareness with a friend yesterday on our walk. It is not her area as she works on an area from California to Nepal to New Zealand. I do not see countries or areas but rather blanket the earth as a whole in the softest pink blanket of love. So neither of us has our vision trained on this area. As we felt into it, we went our spirits over that land. We felt the despair as souls are trapped into the old paradigm of right and wrong, death and destruction, hatred and loss. To choose a side, is to keep the flame of war alive. We are called to hold all involved in this ancient conflict in love. We saw our love rain down as manna from heaven, offering each soul a container of love to exist in. Our galactic brothers and sisters are there in great numbers, their ships beaming love as are the archangels, angels and our inner earth brethern. We can use our free will to call legions of angels to the area to offer love and stability. We can send our love on a beam of light.

I have been conscious of allowing my divine feminine to flow with ease, held firmly and securely by the banks of my divine masculine. This has felt so freeing to me!

Our brothers and sisters in the Middle East are offering us each an opportunity to heal ourselves. The divine feminine has come once again to the fore on this planet. We have been integrating her as we turn to our intuition and feeling natures to guide us. She is showing us the need now to integrate the divine masculine within our beings. It has ruled this planet for eons and it is now time for true integration and balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of our natures. The feminine is asking us to embrace the wounded masculine that is hanging on to war and dominance and struggle. He is so tired. So ready to let go of this old way. The battle scarred warrior is asking to come home to the heart of oneness. How to do this? , he asks. He fears shame and sees no path of honor ahead. This is where each of us must open our feminine hearts of oneness and love and embrace our own masculine. We must demonstrate that there is no shame in laying down the sword. That the path of honor is walked within, that the true warrior is one of the heart, where all battles come to an end. All is held in the mother’s embrace of love.

It is time to now be Peace

We are standing on the cusp of the ascension of our planet and ourselves. The Middle East is our gateway. Choose wisely at this time as your choices affect our world. Each heart is the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm of this world we all love. We create peace on earth. We do this by understanding and embracing wholeness within. The divine feminine did not return to lord it over the masculine, to ask it to pay a price for its dominion in the past age. The time of the matriarchy and the patriarchy is at an end. Neither is to rule over the other. We have come to the time of integration, of wholeness, of oneness, of forgiveness. Feel this within your body. It matters not the gender you are wearing in this life, this balancing must be done by each of us, in order to create peace on earth. This Christmas season, peace is a reality we can choose. Peace on earth, goodwill towards men……. a refrain that can be trumpeted from the angels on high. Open your hearts to this as any thought against anyone, any judgment of another……all are stones thrown at ourselves. We are Palestine, we are Israel, we are the wounded warriors. We are so weary of the battle and so ready to come home. Welcome each warrior into your heart, soothe your own inner warriors and offer them respite and care. Blanket the Middle East with  your love, seeing no sides, feeding no divisions with your thoughts, holding all in your heartlight. We are big enough for this task. We are called to be the human angels we are. Peace on Earth can be here in 2012, we can live in a world of peace. it is up to you and to me. I choose peace and vow to let nothing move me from that peace. Whether a driver cutting me off in traffic, a person cutting ahead in a line, a friend casting you out, whatever has been your trigger or mine……let it all go. Remember that each situation comes to us asking us for love. Choose love, and in so doing, honor all aspects of yourself. I believe all hearts yearn for peace and love. It begins with my heart making that choice in each moment. Join me in this great work.