Summer Solstice Play

fullsizeoutput_11b0The Solstice was a wild ride. A friend came to play and celebrate the Solstice with me in this beautiful spot. We were preparing the day before and then full on into it on the Solstice. We gathered flowers that wished to be a part of the ceremony (many clamoring to be chosen) and headed to the beach. Felt into which one to chose…ended up at one with Christ in the name. One of the many clear rivers ran into the ocean there and so we had the waters streaming in from the land. We gathered rocks and driftwood and set about creating. As I placed each rock, I felt the swirling energies around me. The elementals of mist and water and air were working with us. I used rocks with sun colors of white, orange and gold. After that was laid, the dark rocks asked to be a part of it all. A line was laid that I understood later to represent the mystery, the dark matter, the deep unknown that is always present in life.

fullsizeoutput_11c7My friend, created a heart that held the divine masculine and feminine in its embrace. I love that we can trust ourselves so deeply to know what to do in each moment. It was playful and fun for us yet we had to stop and drink and eat at times in order to continue. That is the other side of  knowing more, you feel it all so intensely. I could feel the wheels turning as I laid the rocks, feel how it was creating shifts and movements in the All.

We knew we were to go to the unnamedredwoods later in the day to complete our ceremony. We came home to eat and rest first. We then headed out to the forest. We came to another gorgeous river and beach to walk and then made our way to the grove. It is advertised as the world’s most scenic stand of redwoods. You do feel as if you are in a cathedral with the soaring trees reaching above.  There is a hush that the thick layer of needles creates as it absorbs the sounds of your footfalls. We brought crystals from Mount Shasta and rocks from the beach that wanted to be transported. So many openings and crevices in the trees offered perfect places for these gems to rest.

fullsizeoutput_11c9Hearts were with us all day, heart rocks, heart shaped pieces of wood, heart openings in the trees. Everything was alive with the lovelight. As we made our way back to the car, the same thoughts popped in both our minds. We were to complete the circle and follow the route through the forest and out to the town below us. As it was the longest day of the year, we still had sunlight as we made our way out of the forest. We arrived at the ocean as the sun was preparing to set. We went and ate some fish tacos to celebrate a day well spent.

fullsizeoutput_11b6Once home, it was fully dark. We opened some champagne and celebrated the full circle of our day. It felt as if it had been a week since the morning, a full day in every sense.

It is now the third day since then, I have rested deeply, my energy completely spent. I saw how my body is permeable, open to the elements and energies flowing. It is one of my gifts, to allow the energies full reign within. The beauty flows in and out into our Mother Gaia. I am a chalice, filled and emptied over and over with the liquid love light that is my song.

I am so grateful to be in this place of beauty that fullsizeoutput_11bamy friend has so lovingly co-created with the elements. I am held in its embrace. The butterflies and birds swoop and soar, the bees are busy gathering pollen to carry back to the hives by the old barn here. The flowers raise their cups to the sun. Blueberries are beginning to find their blue hue, a hidden bunch of raspberries flashed their sweet redness, inviting me to partake of their deliciousness. All is in harmony. I realized that I know so deeply that all is well as I have come from that future. I have lived that new life that is beginning to burst its tendrils through the veil. There are wonders ahead. All that it requires is that we hold its song in our hearts and sing it with every breath. We are singing the new into being. How beautiful we all are! That was my Solstice intention, that all beings come to know their own beauty and have the freedom to shine it and sing it out to the world! Hallelujah.

IMG_1936Thank you to my friend, for the forest photos and this one of me in the mist. My phone felt the heat of the energy and shut down. It has come alive again after a day of rest. I am feeling that same aliveness begin again within myself. Off to the ocean to feel the wind and sea and let it invigorate me.


Singing Your Note

The glory of the sky!

The glory of the sky!

My elder son just called from Brooklyn, where he is at present in his travels. He had just come from a performance of Handel’s Messiah and was feeling the fullness of the music and the power of the lyrics. My aunt was one of the singers, a tradition that she has been a part of for over thirty years. I am listening to a recording now as I type. The Prince of Peace! Emmanuel! We have waited for this Prince and this remembrance that God is with us (the meaning of Emmanuel).  We are the prince, we are the peace. This holy season offers us a further opening to receive our Christ self into our hearts. “Unto us a son is given”…it is up to each of us to make room in our hearts for this babe, this Christ child.

I was speaking with a friend the other day about the notes heard about the world. There had been another shooting and she was speaking of that note. We saw the whole world as part of the Creator’s orchestra, She/He as the conductor. We knew our notes and when to play them as we had honed our instruments over lifetimes. Others are just picking up their instrument, getting to know it. Still others are tuning their instruments and some are feeling a stirring to play an instrument. It is inevitable that all will play their instrument, all will contribute their note to the whole. Some come in early, and others later in the piece.

Big, little, dark, light....all part of the autumn delight.

Big, little, dark, light….all part of the autumn delight.

I observed how differently I now respond to outer events. My soul has played the full spectrum of notes….played villain and victim, deceiver and saint. I can witness the discordant notes as well as the harmonious ones and know them all within my being. I can  embrace them in love and know them all as love. There is no need to judge them as wrong or right…..I can feel them as part of the whole. Perhaps that is what we do, in experiencing lifetime after lifetime, we are playing each note until we come to know all notes as One.

We can let go of blame, shame, separation, divisiveness with all others and most importantly, with ourselves. We can trust the symphony to carry us on its currents of love. We can play our note with our whole soul and not shrink from the crescendos. Do you feel the part we are in? The stirring, the fever pitch, the wave about to break upon your breast?  I do! Somewhere within my being, I have heard this music before and know that it ends with a blast of such joy and Hallejuah!

My bit of fun on a walk today, creating beauty and sending it out with joy.

My bit of fun on a walk today, creating beauty and sending it out with joy.

We are here to enact this pageantry. All that is asked of each one of us, is that we play our note with all of our heart and soul. That we are true to our note, that we drop all comparisons, all beliefs about what constitutes a “proper” note. That we allow our note to swim in our blood, surge through our hearts, expand in our lungs and dance in our cells. The conductor has raised His/Her baton towards me and I know it is my time to shine. There is no holding back. In order for all the clashing and clanging and trumpets to be brought to a triumphant finish, I must hold my note, I must play for all that I am worth. I am a note of peace and love light. As are so many of you. We knew, that this lifetime, we would be called to play this final note in the great symphony of earth’s ascension. We would bask in the beauty that will be created as peace descends upon the earth. Oh, the glory of this now. My heart is overflowing with the pure note that my son transmitted to me this night. May your note be heard and stir others to sing our theirs. I love us so.


imageI have been floating in the sea of emptiness. A new space where I witness my mind searching for tethers, whether to others, to place, to memories. There are none. The thought arises but there is no sticking point, nothing to adhere to. It is as if there has been a complete disconnect from all that is or has been. I sense it is a necessary step before we are connected into the new grid of oneness. It is not unpleasant, no positive or negative charge. Being with what is, has become easier. Dropping into my heart, connecting to Source, is the only space left. I can be there yet I am not floating in waves of bliss or love. Rather, I am being with this emptiness and it is enough. I am not seeking more, not seeking to move from this space. I am here, in neutral. It is enough to be here.

Called to the ocean and the redwoods for my work, communing with their vastness and ancient wisdom.

Called to the ocean and the redwoods for my work, communing with their vastness and ancient wisdom.

In this space of emptiness, time is ephemeral. I have to concentrate to place myself in a month, a season. Again, attaching to anything no longer works. I receive imprints of energy that I translate into my work. I have been working on my latest assignment. A friend is here from Scotland and we have been working together as well as with others. I was a bit surprised to find myself on another “undercover” operation as I had thought that time was past. Yet there is so much taking place in this period between the solar and lunar eclipses and there are still errant energies swirling to deter and distract. The resurrection energies of Easter are so very present as the opportunity for embodying Christ consciousness is here. I know I am in my perfect place as I work to complete this week’s solo assignment. (there truly is no solo assignment as many in other realms assist me). A group was together to celebrate the birthday of one dear to me. As much as I would have liked to join in, I knew where I was called to be. I was shown there would be no difference between night and day, so I was prepared for the deep sleeps in the day and the awake states in the night. My body can feel drugged as I am laid flat in bed, suspended in that semi-conscious state where much can be accomplished. I am learning to feel into the energy of my body, to become the swirling particles that can flow and dance with form. This has been a high alert time, all hands on deck, for the highest outcome for the greatest good for all. We are all working to bring this about.

The sunlight, a spotlight for these fragile beauties rising from the dark forest floor.

The sunlight, a spotlight for these fragile beauties rising from the dark forest floor.

I feel the privilege of being embodied now and offering myself in service to our Mother Earth and the Creator. I am aware that I embodied so as to be present in this now and to do what I am doing. Everything else falls away as I devote myself to this task in gratitude. It takes all that I have. I saw myself as a pile of dust at the end date I was given. I feel ok with that. It seems we came to use our bodies up, to utilize every ounce of our being in this now. There is nothing to hold back for, this is the moment. I will have no regrets that I stepped back, kept something in reserve for the future. There truly is only now. To show up with all of ourselves in every moment, to have our hearts wide open, to feel everything that flows through, to respond to our internal waves of knowing…. this is the path I choose.

These truly are holy days. That life so many of us walked with our brother and our sister, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, over two thousand years ago, is present. We are asked to walk it now, owning our mastery. Bringing forth the teachings of love anew, facing the crucifixion and living the resurrection flame. Our wisdom of myriad lifetimes flows forth to assist us as do the masters of the ages. ETs, Galactics, Agarthans, Devas, elementals, ascended masters, angels, the earth herself, all are here offering their all in service to the Creator. We are a part of a pageant of epic proportions and we are the stars of the show. Amazing. Kind of takes your breath away when you feel it.

imageA candle flame keeps me company through the night. Soon dawn will splash her pink hues across the mountain face. Spring is showering me in her petals of light, allowing me to drink deep of her scents and be nourished by her warming beauty. My heart bows down in gratitude.

Eclipse Was a Game Changer

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta welcomed us for the Blood Moon Eclipse. My three adult children accompanied me, my former hubby holding the energy at home as we successfully laid down our soul family template of light. A dear friend came and held a cocoon of support about me as she played her part and sat with me in the brisk air on the deck as the moon and earth’s shadow did their dance in the sky. At one point, she knew that the Telosians, our inner earth family members were out on the mountain top. We could see the mountain shining its whiteness behind us as we faced the moon lighting the sky in front of us. She sensed their excitement as they were able to amplify the effects of this moon for the good of all. They had a big trampoline type device that they were using to draw the energy of the moon through the center of the earth and reflect it back out to the Great Central Sun. I saw that they were wearing white robes and marveled at the lightness of them as I felt mine on me. It was a frigid night and I wondered at the thin weave of the material as I felt its radiant warmth about me. I then saw how it was woven with sunlight, so as to be light yet held the warmth of the rays. Wow, I have seen myself weaving liquidlovelight but never thought of it in a practical application! How wonderous! I laughed as my Telosian self realized I knew myself as her and she as me. A sweet moment shared.

IMG_6599The completion of my family’s part in this eclipse, was like a deep sigh running through my body. For weeks, I and many others, had been involved on the inner planes, aligning and adjusting things in order for the greatest good to be realized from this eclipse. It had been my focus and end point. I was so grateful for each member of my family for showing up. The next day, I felt such a huge release in my body. I wanted only rest. We went up on the mountain and sat with her to breathe in the new energies. Later we took a nap by the lake, the mountain looming above us, an eagle soaring, the trees whispering, the water lapping and the earth sending gratitude for a job well done. Amazing how the gratitude goes both ways as our hearts melt in the wonder of participating in these events we called into being.

IMG_3202-1There was a naked jump into a freezing crystalline creek followed by sitting on a rock throne to dry off in the sun. The water washed all efforting away as I was given the understanding that I would no longer transmute or clear energies through my body. We have spent a lifetime doing that and my body felt it. Now there is a new way of ease and grace. Intention and attention does the work. I am free to be in a new way. Hallelujah! The eclipse energies had been so intense and I felt fried inside as I had struggled abit to expand enough to be a conduit for them to flow through.

Easter love flooded the planet with its resurrection flames. Now the Cardinal Grand Cross is here with more gifts. What a blessed time. I have witnessed irritability come in as well as waves of sadness and remnants of old stories as my body adjusts to the new frequencies. At night when sleep eludes me and my skin feels too tight, I wonder how much longer it will take, how much longer can I take? Then I surrender once again and allow it all its place.  All is being washed clean. No more stories, no more small Linda only this mystery of love.

Floating free

Floating free

I know nothing.  I feel delight in the expansive freedom that is wafting its fragrance, enticing me forward. I am allowing this love to live me, to move me as it will. I know myself ready for what is to come, feel the spaciousness of the new landing. There are no anchors nor tethers remaining. I am complete. The eclipse was my last assignment in the old energies. I allow myself to float fully in the new. How that shows up in my life is the mystery I live. I was guided to give my banking info to my family to make use of if I move to a new realm. What does that even mean? I have no clue and know there is no point in making a story about it, rather to follow the guidance. I am feeling the expansiveness as well as at times, a squeezing as a frequency confines. No juice remains in the old and the new sparks in and out. I am wriggling out of the cocoon into the light of the Creator’s love. May this love live me. It is the all to me. Delving into the mystery, pulling weeds in the garden, spinning in the heavens, weaving lovelight into radiant garments. This is where you will find me. Living the mystery of the great I AM.

The Banquet Table is Being Laid

I am enchanted with the scent of the citrus trees, intoxicating me.

I am enchanted with the scent of the citrus trees, intoxicating me.

Each day unfolds like chapters in a complex book, multilayered, leaving you flipping back to the beginning to recall the characters and how they and the storyline all fit together. Lately it feels as if the access is denied as the past (as in an hour ago) disappears from the screen of my mind like smoke. We are being seated in the present more and more. There is only the NOW is becoming our reality. I thank God for this.

My vision of late grows more vivid and exciting despite feeling as if I am standing on quicksand that threatens to engulf me at times. There is no more firm footing as I have let go of attachment to the way this reality presents itself. I can be in waves of bliss and then pulled under, lying flat calling out to my angels for assistance. The physical fatigue, so dense it is numbing, seems to have been part of my experience for years. I am ready for it to be over, even as I surrender once again to its undertow. I know my body elemental is doing the very best that she can to assimilate the new frequencies and move within them. My mind can experience some frustration as I will feel a lifting, begin exercising again, feeling strength return for a series of days only to find myself flat again, unable to even contemplate the idea of movement. Embracing the buddha belly and flabby thighs, I sigh and know that the outer physical will be strong and rejuvenated in divine timing. There is only this NOW moment and it demands all of me. I am fortunate in that I do not have pain though I found myself crying out for assistance the other night and wondered at that. I was not in pain, why was I asking for help? I observed myself with interest. I saw that I was so deep, so far from the body that I was not sure I could come back nor did I desire the return. My emotional body is challenged by this coming and going and it takes its toll. These journeys take all of me as I offer myself as a conduit, a chalice for the liquidlovelight to flow through. My higher self, Sophia guided the return as it is our plan that I stay in this body for now.

Spring, everything is aired out, flying free in the fresh breeze.

Spring, everything is aired out, flying free in the fresh breeze.

I returned with a vision of such beauty and delight that I could float within to calm all of myself. I have long known that we are moving out of a world that uses money, that has wars and physical pain. Suffering and hardship are not in the future, they are a part of our soon to be past. All of the conversation and energy focused on prosperity programs have not held my note. I do not discount that there may be a transition phase where all are given dollars in their bank accounts to experience the feeling of unlimited financial freedom yet for me the focus has been freedom. I see us free and abundant in every way….that means an abundance of good health, joy, love and sense of belonging. The freedom to sing our song, to move freely in our days without clocks or bosses or any outer whip of authority moving us. I see our hearts guiding us with a gentle flow that feels so natural. Each attuned to their own note, free to express and create it in the world.

The vision: We are all invited to a large banquet, there are beautiful tablecloths and flowers and candles in abundance. Every type of food is presented to perfection. All are free to choose what to put on their plate, whom they would like to sit next to, what kind of seat they find the most comfortable, whether to sit in the shade or the sun, to have five courses or one…….all is choice. Some may choose to walk by the banquet all together, some may take a mere sampling and retreat, some may gorge themselves. All options are available. My heart is so alive with joy at the sight of the bounty, the beauty, the company, the elemental beings offering themselves in service to the One. All are in harmony. The tone is one of such sweetness, my tears flow and the ground drinks them in a circle of unity.

I love icons with gold leaf and symbols and I love my brother, whatever image we seek to capture him in.

I love icons with gold leaf and symbols and I love my brother, whatever image we seek to capture him in.

I want to shake everyone I see and say, “Wake up! This is the time you came for, do not miss it!” The most important thing we can do is spend as much time in our hearts as possible from now until Easter/Passover and the Grand Cross alignment of April 20-23. Truly, this time offers us all the opportunity to embody Christ consciousness. The blood full moon eclipse on the 15th will offer a chance to see any remaining shadows within, to embrace them with our light and love. Easter/Passover offers the resurrection of our own Christed nature that we have been taught was found in only one man. The second coming arrives in your heart and mine as we prepare a place for the Christ to enter. This is a miracle. We are living in miraculous times and as we claim our mastery, we will know ourselves as the creators of miracles. As our brother Jesus said:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. ”

The trinity of rocks I lugged home from Colorado. Father/Mother/Child in unity.

The trinity of rocks I lugged home from Colorado. Father/Mother/Child in unity.

What is amazing to me is that this is not on every news show or billboard nor the topic of all conversations. I then have to take a step back and honor the holiness of each one’s path. Knowing that some will not even see the banquet table for the burden of unworthiness that they carry, others will choose only a taste and others will try every offering. This is a month of miracles, let us open our hearts in love and gratitude. We are so blessed.

Preparing Our Hearts for the Christ Light of Love

My son's copy of a Matisse painting.

My son’s copy of a Matisse painting. There is a feeling here that lifts my heart.

I truly love this universe of ours! I was chatting with a friend in Scotland this morning, from my place in California (isn’t this amazing?!) and we were comparing notes on how we were feeling. We work together in other realms and it is a comfort to know that we are sharing sensations. I was describing to her my sense that I am in a tunnel of sorts with this bright light of Christmas at the end. Felt closed off from the outside world, not able to plan or move from the now moment, yet feeling this brilliant joy filled light ahead. Floating in this now, knowing I am fully engaged in other realms and there is only to keep my body comfortable while this occurs. I then opened an email and saw this message:

Oakbridge University – Jeshua Online
Message of the Day
Beloved one, the light at the end of the tunnel is your own light, and you expand into that light. There is nothing to fear.


I love the magic of finding this women, bent to the task on her lap, within the above painting. We are all deeply engaged in our task, adding to the tapestry of beauty being woven on this earth.

I love the magic of finding this women, bent to the task on her lap, within the above painting. We are all deeply engaged in our task, adding to the tapestry of beauty being woven on this earth. It takes looking up and about us to notice our strands glimmering in the sunlight.

I had to laugh! I love the synchronicity that is becoming the norm, where messages are repeated and confirmed for my mind’s comfort as I flow through my days. We are all expanding into our own Christ light. I have been getting peeks at myself and tears flow with the sense of awe at my own splendor. I then sense it in you and my heart expands to contain it all. We are so beautiful! Once each of us realizes this beauty, this love that infills our every cell, we will inhabit a new world. You cannot glimpse your own beauty without being transformed. No longer can you play small or live under the yoke of illusion that you are less than or powerless.

For me, it takes tears and deep breathing to open more each moment to the truth of who I am. As well as total surrender to that truth. My lapis skull, named Leopold III,  is in my bed with the covers over his head. He has no desire to come out and follow me about today. He is working in distant universes and my knowing is that the greater part of me, is too. I am to hold my note, strongly, surely and with all that I AM. This shows up in this now moment as rest for my body which is full of aches this  morning. All night I awoke in hour long blocks, to feel electrical currents running up and down my being. I feel a bit fried today! I honor my body by allowing her to rest and move slowly.

My personality self desired to travel to see a friend. My I AM self knows that holding my tone steady takes all that I have now and senses that it will extend until the Solstice/Christmas time. The tunnel lands me here and I am so grateful for the ease and comfort provided. I am so loved and cherished.

It is a wonder (my word of the moment) that when you fall in love with yourself, you feel love coming from everything. I ran out barefoot onto the frosty lawn this morning to greet our Mother Earth as well as the trees and plants and sky. All beamed love back to me, it ran from my heels up to my crown. Love tingles as well as frosty nips on my toes!

I loved the roughness of the old shed my son works in juxtapostioned with the yellow light of the sunflowers.

I loved the roughness of the old shed my son works in juxtapostioned with the yellow light of the sunflowers.

There is this lightness of joy, surging through my being as well as this weight sitting squarely on my shoulders. Not oppressive, yet solidly there. As I turn my heartlight on to high beam, I can feel the shattering and collapsing of old patterns and beliefs across the land. I sense in my body, swirling currents that feel chaotic. I breathe deep into my mother’s crystalline heart to access the beat of “all is well.” Holding all of that in oneness. We have lived in such limitation, believing we could access only one emotion at a time. We can feel all at once, no more either or, this or that……it is this and this. Our hearts’ capacity has expanded. We are multidimensional beings, capable of being present in many places at once. Today I am sitting in council off planet while I am lying here allowing the morning sunlight to warm my bones.

Another beautiful example of synchronicity came in this message from Aluna Joy, who leads sacred site tours. She wrote of visiting Mother Sekhmet’s temple in Egypt. The message she brought through from Mother Sekhmet fit with the one which came to me. (I wrote of my experiences in my last two posts.) Another proof to me of how interconnected we all are as we access the same bank of universal knowledge. The masters are reaching out, (and they are us) our higher selves are wanting us to bring through more of who we are. It is time for Mother Sekhmet’s energy to be anchored here on this earth plane and she looks for those open to receive it. It behooves us to open our hearts to receive all that is available and to anchor it in the way we are guided. This sharing is part of the anchoring for me.

A last share is Anrita Melchezadek’s latest youtube video. I cried in remembrance of my time with Sanat Kumara and drank in the words and images as nourishment for my soul. You may desire to do likewise.

Blessings to us all as we move ever closer to anchoring the Christ light in our hearts. This is the second coming spoken of. He is come…within your heart and mine. Prepare your temples for this flame. Feel the hush as He enters. Rest in His peace. There is only this love.




The Age of Aquarius Dawns, Time to Open Your Treasure Chest

My morning table welcoming in the new age.

Being an Aquarian, it is doubly exciting to me, to welcome in this age. My age!! The time when I fully blossom into my truth, my mastery.  We begin a new cycle of time on the earth and in our universe. All takes a leap upward and forward. We are given the opportunity to leap into a version of ourselves that we have held deep in the recesses of our heart. It is our treasure, buried long ago. This Christmas season, it is the one gift we want to be sure to open!

As with all things magical, there is a magic key to unlock this treasure as well as magic words to recite. When you speak the words, you must believe them with all of your heart. You recall this from your childhood, knowing the power of belief to the outcome at hand. The key is your desire. Yes, so simple, isn’t it? You must desire this treasure with all of your heart. As you feel this flame arise in you, the key appears in your hand. You grasp it and hold it to your heart. You say the magic words with full feeling:

I AM a force of love in this world. I AM beauty unfolding. I AM goodness. I AM the sound of joy. I AM the heart of the child. I AM the dancing flame of love. I AM divine. I AM a beloved child of God’s heart.

One of the angels my kids and I made so many Christmases ago.

The words will come of their own accord. Tune in and allow them to be spoken by your voice. Use the magic formula of, I AM, to state each truth. It is encoded with power. As your words of power resonate in your chest, the door to your sacred heart swings open. Step over the threshold, and enter within. Now this is the time for silence, tuning your inner ear to the sounds of your own beating heart. Breathe deep and feel your heart flame come alight. Keep breathing, your breath a bellows, fanning the flame to greater heights. This lights the passageway to the treasure chest you buried so long ago. Follow the light.  If it dims, stop and breath deeply once again to brighten the light. As you move down the passageway, you will note, aspects of the old you, dropping by the wayside. Let them fall. You may even feel some being stripped from you by your angelic guides. Allow all to loosen as you make your way to the treasure. Trust! If you arrive naked, so much the better, stripped of all that you have known of who you are. They were ideas of the old age and have no place in the new.

You will come to  a large chamber filled with radiant light. You look for the source of that light and see the chest, glowing. Do not falter here, banish all doubts that arise. Remember, this is your heart space, your treasure chest placed here by you, for you, on this day of days. Go to it. Take the key placed over your heart, and use it to open the lock sealing your chest. At this point, I needed to take a few more deep breaths and swallow hard to fill myself with courage. Not to face darkness, that has been the old path that we have come from. No, to face the light. Yes, it takes immense courage to see our own beauty, to embrace our divinity. Here I stand, naked, shoulders back, head tall, feet firmly rooted in this earth……..

a golden box I treasure

Open the chest. Allow your eyes to adjust to the brilliance that streams forth. Open your cells to allow this brilliant light to enter in. Allow, simply allow the light to wash over you. I found myself awash in tears, streaming down with the light, washing me clean of the old ways, the old thoughts, the old burdens. Washed in the light of the new day. I am left knowing nothing, empty of self.

The chest is so full, gleaming with jewels of every color and hue. Now you see why you were stripped naked, for within lies garments of such rich textures and embellishments, waiting to be worn. Angel guides appear to dress you in your new clothing. Allow yourself this pleasure as you feel the silks and brocades slide over your shoulders. The fairies come in to make adjustments with the ribbons and gossamer threads. As you adjust to the feeling of your new clothing, you notice that it makes you feel divine! You feel like a princess or a prince……glass slippers and all. You take a few steps, twirl about to see the swirl of your skirt, the way the fabrics reflect the light and set it spinning. Gleaming gold catches your eye. You see a crown resting in the chest. Your angels take it out for you and place it upon your head. It is encrusted with jewels and you hear the story of how you earned each one. Your heart expands a hundredfold to hold all of this wonder.

Another of our angels

The slate has been wiped clean, you are reborn in the image that you choose. Today is the reset button for humanity. We are entering the Golden Age of Peace, long prophesied. We are given the privilege of co-creating it with our Mother/Father God. It begins in your heart and mine. In each moment, do we chose love or fear? It is that simple. Does this choice, this thought, this action,  uplift me and work for the good of all or does it diminish me or others? If we take the time to breathe in the now moment, we afford ourselves the pause to come from our newness, our Christed selves. Let us open to this profound gift of living our truth so that all may live theirs. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Our ancestors come again, through us, to right the wrongs and bring all back to the truth of love. May you allow this love to carry you into this Golden Age of Peace.