The Divine Feminine Flows Powerfully This Mother’s Day

Look at these varieties of daffodils!

Look at these varieties of daffodils!

There is a lightening that is happening on this planet as the divine feminine flows in more freely. Yesterday, I had a wonderful Mother’s Day as for the first time in years, I was surrounded by my three adult children and two grandchildren. A blessing for sure. My daughter-in-love experienced her first Mother’s Day and it has been a joy to witness her blossoming into a magnificent mother.

Beyond the personal, for which I am so grateful, I could feel the planet being bathed in that mother ray…..aquamarine, pinks and golds. All flowing, all glowing. I felt the loosening in each heart of the old stories of pain and suffering. All is being released as we are able to allow it through our loving it, blessing it and feeling the truth behind the pain.

IMG_9087I did not see nor speak with my mother for decades before she passed. Her choice through disowning me and yet mine too, to set a boundary around my own family of children, to stop the cycle of abuse. My healing and freedom came on the inner planes in meditation many years ago. I was shown the love that she and my father held for me, that allowed me to incarnate. They agreed to play dark roles for all six children. Not all six, survived the experience. I did and grew into myself as I had to claim my truth over the version shown to me. I saw the 22 birthdate that I shared with both parents and the triangle of love it created. They gave of themselves so that I could be here to shine my lovelight in this transformational time. What a gift!

It is not necessary for the other person to be present, to do healing work. Whether incarnate or not, we can intend for a letting go of any blame, knowing that our soul has created every experience at our own direction, all for growth, all for love. The energies now, as the mother flame beams so bright, areĀ  to assist us to give it all to that flame of love. Let it purify our memories, easing pain, burning away all the untruth we are taught to be victims. We never were, we are not victims. We co-create all of this play, to learn, to grow in lovelight. We ask our dearest ones to play the darker roles, for who else, would choose to honor us in every way that we need and desire.

Gorgeous color after the white palette of winter is so energizing.

Gorgeous color after the white palette of winter is so energizing.

May this Mother’s Day, ease old heartaches in all of us, men or women. We all carry the divine feminine and masculine flames and seek balance in all ways. Call to Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Isis, Mother Sekhmet, your angels or your own inner being to assist you when the letting go feels hard. There is the most wondrous freedom when we move from a world of blame and shame into the light of love. It takes courage, it takes honoring our own light and protecting it when need be. We stand in our truth and allow it to inform others of their truth. Whether they accept it or not, we do our part and know that it reverberates down the generations, freeing grandchildren and all life to come. May the blessings of this mother ray fill all of our hearts to overflowing so the earth is bathed heart to heart with liquidlovelight.

A Dream of Freedom

fullsizeoutput_17ecIn my dream, I was driving a flower delivery van. It was not mine but belonged to friends. I was sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. I felt pressure building inside of me, frustrated, tired. I have felt this exact energy in traffic at times, though I live my life so as to not be in commuting or heavy traffic for the most part. Yet even waiting for a red light to change on a hot day can put me in that space.

I had had enough. I turned off the engine, got out of the van and walked away. I left it sitting in traffic, not caring if it blocked others or what would become of it. I was done. So done.

Later I found myself with the friends whose van it was as well as the man who had been in the car behind me. He said that he maneuvered his car to the side of the road, then went back to the van and did the same with it. I asked why he did that and thanked him. He said no thanks were needed. He did what was in front of him, I owed him nothing.

My friends agreed. They said, ” We understand. You were done.”

fullsizeoutput_17eeThere was no blame or judgment of my action. All simply accepted that I was done and so accepted that I did what I did. I was so surprised. I had been feeling the shadow of the guilt and shame energies. I have noticed of late that these feelings can come over me but they hold no real energy…more a shadow energy of what they once were. They attempt to attach to my emotional body, but there is no longer a landing place, rather a fleeting touch down spot and then they move off.

We are becoming free! I felt such immense freedom to have no judgment placed on my actions. I saw that everyone did what they felt to do and it was all accepted. No victims, no blame. Rather each accepting what they created in their world. Amazing! I felt giddy from it all.

fullsizeoutput_17eaThis world of form is getting more interesting to be in. There are the ups and downs, the fatigue, the energy spikes and yet a calmness under it all. We are inhabiting more of our truth in each moment. Freedom….we have not breathed that air since we came to this planet. My being is hungry for it. May it expand as we let go of all that we have known and take deep breaths of this new frequency. May freedom for all manifest.