Trying to Catch Up with Myself

The energies have been flying for me. I found myself wanting to remain at every place that I had a little hit of these past couple of weeks. Why am I moving so quickly? My emotional and physical bodies are not wanting this speed but my soul is prompting me onward. What is up with the energies??

Look at this beautiful river. I swam across it (not very far) and felt so embraced by its clearness, its coolness. I wanted to spend days looking for rocks in its crystalline depths. It was surrounded by huge redwood trees. I laid on the rocks and went out……a deep sleep that seemed to pull me into the center of my mother. Bliss. I enjoyed two nights on a beautiful piece of property that is a sanctuary for the earth. My new friends tend it with such love. They have planted trees, trucked in loads of rocks, hauled in silt and organic matter that the plants desire, move their chicken coop about so that there is fresh grass for the chickens. The woman speaks with the plants and her beloved worms. They tell her what they want. She hears their
excitement when she is prepping veggies from her garden in the kitchen. She has about six bins filled with compost and worms. They let her know which bin gets that day’s worth of

veggie matter and they wriggle with delight as she stirs it in. The soil that they produce for her is dark and rich. It looks like
you could eat it! I wanted to sit at her feet and absorb her wisdom. I went out to pick blueberries ( I gorged myself on them) and then blackberries. As I was attempting to pick, the berries told me to hold up the colander and the ripest ones would simply hop in. And they did! I almost dropped the strainer as I was so surprised to hear them speak. It was like being in an enchanted land. Everything worked together to create harmony. My friend explained that everything wants to give to us. They plant and harvest eucalyptus
trees for firewood. She told me she felt sad when it came time to cut them down. The trees told her that from the moment that she had planted them, they knew the moment of their demise. They were happy to be of use as firewood. They told her that it is the same with us, when we are born, we know the timing of our death. So interesting how nature wants to be of service to us. We can play our part and join in the cycle of service and love. I was touched deeply by this land and know that I will be a part of this cycle of the land soon.

Fleeting images and sensations: eating gluten free coffee cake fresh from the oven to celebrate a friend’s 60th birthday, sitting on a bed with two other women, rubbing essential oils into one another’s feet and anointing our third eyes like the priestesses we are, walking on the ocean shore gathering rocks that felt like treasures, later spilling our finds and exclaiming over the beauty as we made the difficult decisions as to which ones could travel with us, (how many pounds of rocks can Maxie carry!) returning to a small hotel in Ashland run by a sweet Indian family and being given a room with a view of their veggie garden out back and the rolling hillsides (wore earplugs for the highway sounds as the view was worth it), eating steamed greens at the colorful coop in town, having a clear view of Mount Shasta once again as I cruised south and hearing his gentle laugh with me, stopping at the headwaters to fill my water bottles with its sweet elixir, laying on a blanket staring up at my son’s favorite tree and hearing his hawk cry above us, seeing my friend’s beauty as a shawl that called out to me for her, enfolded her when she needed it as she had come from days of caring for an ill friend, connecting and clearing energies with a crystal bowl and a dear friend, speaking with my daughter and hearing her strength and joy. So many moments, each so perfect and full.

And me on the highway again. Feeling the pull back to explore each one more fully yet knowing that there is only forward motion. Hearing that these are my seeds, the vibrations of each fill my heart and I carry them onward to plant in new soils/souls. Sighing deeply as I hear to savor this time. Savor the days of travel as soon there will be a landing spot. Savor the world as duality is ending and unity is the all. I feel a peace seeping into the land wherever I lay. Each day, I find a place to connect and go in. Mother wants me deep now. My friend asked me to anchor her as she went into meditation. I saw a tree root like a rope bind her and me and take us down to the core of our mother. We both fell instantly asleep and when I awoke, I could not move my limbs. The sense of peace is filling my cells so that they want to flow downward and spread like liquid gold on the land. I am feeling how the seeds of peace are spreading. How we have become peace, we are the new cities of light, we are the streams that flow. My heart rejoices that we have arrived. That we are living in the new and these currents are reaching up to slow folks down, to let their hands loosen on the bundle of their lives. We can watch and allow the relaxation with wonder. We are seeing how beingness moves the energies without our efforting. It is a time of wonder. Off to dreamland, to flow in that river of peace.