Summer Solstice Play

fullsizeoutput_11b0The Solstice was a wild ride. A friend came to play and celebrate the Solstice with me in this beautiful spot. We were preparing the day before and then full on into it on the Solstice. We gathered flowers that wished to be a part of the ceremony (many clamoring to be chosen) and headed to the beach. Felt into which one to chose…ended up at one with Christ in the name. One of the many clear rivers ran into the ocean there and so we had the waters streaming in from the land. We gathered rocks and driftwood and set about creating. As I placed each rock, I felt the swirling energies around me. The elementals of mist and water and air were working with us. I used rocks with sun colors of white, orange and gold. After that was laid, the dark rocks asked to be a part of it all. A line was laid that I understood later to represent the mystery, the dark matter, the deep unknown that is always present in life.

fullsizeoutput_11c7My friend, created a heart that held the divine masculine and feminine in its embrace. I love that we can trust ourselves so deeply to know what to do in each moment. It was playful and fun for us yet we had to stop and drink and eat at times in order to continue. That is the other side of  knowing more, you feel it all so intensely. I could feel the wheels turning as I laid the rocks, feel how it was creating shifts and movements in the All.

We knew we were to go to the unnamedredwoods later in the day to complete our ceremony. We came home to eat and rest first. We then headed out to the forest. We came to another gorgeous river and beach to walk and then made our way to the grove. It is advertised as the world’s most scenic stand of redwoods. You do feel as if you are in a cathedral with the soaring trees reaching above.  There is a hush that the thick layer of needles creates as it absorbs the sounds of your footfalls. We brought crystals from Mount Shasta and rocks from the beach that wanted to be transported. So many openings and crevices in the trees offered perfect places for these gems to rest.

fullsizeoutput_11c9Hearts were with us all day, heart rocks, heart shaped pieces of wood, heart openings in the trees. Everything was alive with the lovelight. As we made our way back to the car, the same thoughts popped in both our minds. We were to complete the circle and follow the route through the forest and out to the town below us. As it was the longest day of the year, we still had sunlight as we made our way out of the forest. We arrived at the ocean as the sun was preparing to set. We went and ate some fish tacos to celebrate a day well spent.

fullsizeoutput_11b6Once home, it was fully dark. We opened some champagne and celebrated the full circle of our day. It felt as if it had been a week since the morning, a full day in every sense.

It is now the third day since then, I have rested deeply, my energy completely spent. I saw how my body is permeable, open to the elements and energies flowing. It is one of my gifts, to allow the energies full reign within. The beauty flows in and out into our Mother Gaia. I am a chalice, filled and emptied over and over with the liquid love light that is my song.

I am so grateful to be in this place of beauty that fullsizeoutput_11bamy friend has so lovingly co-created with the elements. I am held in its embrace. The butterflies and birds swoop and soar, the bees are busy gathering pollen to carry back to the hives by the old barn here. The flowers raise their cups to the sun. Blueberries are beginning to find their blue hue, a hidden bunch of raspberries flashed their sweet redness, inviting me to partake of their deliciousness. All is in harmony. I realized that I know so deeply that all is well as I have come from that future. I have lived that new life that is beginning to burst its tendrils through the veil. There are wonders ahead. All that it requires is that we hold its song in our hearts and sing it with every breath. We are singing the new into being. How beautiful we all are! That was my Solstice intention, that all beings come to know their own beauty and have the freedom to shine it and sing it out to the world! Hallelujah.

IMG_1936Thank you to my friend, for the forest photos and this one of me in the mist. My phone felt the heat of the energy and shut down. It has come alive again after a day of rest. I am feeling that same aliveness begin again within myself. Off to the ocean to feel the wind and sea and let it invigorate me.


April Anchors the Love

A lovely bit of artistry left on the riverbank for all to enjoy.

A lovely bit of artistry left on the riverbank for all to enjoy.

We came to this earth to anchor love and after lifetimes of hardship and struggle, we are immersed in the end times of the old and the birthing of the new. Amazing to have a body to express the love through in this NOW. We are remembering that we are love, that we are fluid and grace filled. We are creator beings for whom love is our natural state.

Are you discovering that you cannot remember from one moment to the next? More and more, we are living in the now, knowing it is the place of power. Past and future fade as the richness of the now feeds our soul. Breathing in and out, allowing the inner landscape to provide the place of peace and stillness. As the old departs, its clamors grow noisier and we are wise to tune to the channel within where all of our knowing resides.

Seeing the world through new eyes, the eyes of love.

Seeing the world through new eyes, the eyes of love. (artist unknown to me but thanking her/him for this image found in collaging material).

The waves of love continue to purge all that is not love. I am witnessing judgment come up for me to see. I am observing myself in this, seeing where I am lacking love that seeks to make myself better than another in order to feel secure. The big step for me is to soften it all, to allow myself forgiveness for judging, to bathe all in love, myself included. Allowing the flow, trusting it is all in motion, not identifying myself negatively  because I judged another yet growing in my observation of this behavior and allowing it to shift into love.

I am ready to be the love I AM. I am ready for newness where all communication is from the heart. I am ready for all of my thoughts to be read by all as they are only of love. I am desiring to live in the grace of love. I feel this yearning and desiring arising from the collective. The desire to embark fully in the journey home to our truth.

This pink dogwood tree in blossom literally stopped me in my tracks on a recent walk in nature. Pink love!

This pink dogwood tree in blossom literally stopped me in my tracks on a recent walk in nature. Pink love!

I feel so much movement this month, we have two eclipses, sun and moon as well as a grand cross in the sky. We have Easter and Passover and are gifted the opportunity to embrace Christ consciousness ourselves, discovering that the second coming is within each of our hearts. We are our own messiahs, we are the Christ returned. It is ours to claim.

We have been trained to look everywhere but within. Taught that another has the answers we seek. Taught to revere ones dressed in orange robes or wearing the garments of renunciation. (I once met a Tibetan monk on a sacred mountain in India who taught me to look beyond the surface as he showed a shadowy energy….deep bow to him for the lesson gifted me). Yet, the Christed ones are amongst us, dressed in everyday gear, in their twenties of fifties or mere infants with eyes blazing wisdom like a laser beam. Every person on this planet has come to be a part of this shift of the ages. Every person bears a gift. All can teach us, all can enlarge us. I wish to stand as transparent as glass, to allow my outer expression to fully reflect the truth of the love that I AM.


The flow of death and rebirth……gratitude to the artist for this image.

Our galactic and inner earth relatives are poised to make contact. Open to the unusual, the surreal becoming real. The elementals are wanting to dance with us. Lean against a tree and open to its wisdom, the breeze carries a message of love as do the flowers and every living being. All the kingdoms of the universe are wanting to dance together. Let us open and allow, like a flower opening its petals so as to be caressed by the sun. As we show up in our loveness,  permission is granted for every other being to join the dance. Seeing my unicorn shimmering and knowing the form will follow. Feeling the flitting wings of the faeries in the garden and humming with them, wearing bells about my wrist to play with them. All I knew as a child in my world of make believe, coming true.

Wonder is everywhere. I open to it today as I breathe lovelight in this now. Peace to all as we reveal our true beauty to one another. I see you and gasp in wonder. Ahhhhhhhh.

Infusion of Beauty

First day's sunset on the ocean. liquidlovelight!

First day’s sunset on the ocean. liquidlovelight!


I am back from a wonderful trip that infused my cells and renewed my heart. My younger son and I drove north to visit a friend on the northern California coast. It was such a delight to travel together as he is the most companionable of companions. As an artist, he shares my sensitivity to beauty in all its forms. My friend lives in an old farmhouse that she and her husband resurrected, decades ago, from condemned status to a sanctuary that sustains them with its gardens and animals. There are a few sheep and chickens, a greenhouse, raised garden beds, bees, flowers,  berry producing vines and bushes, a wonderful dog, a fire pit, and easy access to the deep mysteries of the redwoods and a coastline of beaches and rivers to play in.

One reason for the trip was to take a basketful of crystals to be released into the ocean and rivers for healing of the effects of Fukushima. Friends and I had prayed and done ceremony with the crystals for a couple of months until we were given the signal that it was time for their release. I am grateful for the timing as it allowed us to shift from the idea of healing the waters to offering our love to the waters. It may turn out that the radiation is for our evolution, we do not know the larger implications of what is taking place. I have let go of healing anything or anyone and instead offer a field of love to all. I trust love to know what is best, surrendering to the Creator in all things.

My son tossing a crystal into the sea.

My son tossing a crystal into the sea.

Each day we tossed crystals from cliffs and shorelines, allowing them to do their magic. My friend’s husband, a hunter/fisherman, took some with him on his boat and sent them flying with love. My friend saw them standing upright in the waters, each connecting to the others, radiating out beams of light as they connected to the grid about our earth.

I was also in need of an infusion of beauty. We went to the redwood forests nearby to retrieve a crystal that my friend had been directed to place in a magnificent grandfather tree last July for one of the alignments. It was now time to return to her and her smile was broad when she found it still in the tree. This forest felt more ancient and wild than any of the other redwood forests that I have been to. A few minutes walk in and IMG_5667my heart was so filled with the trees’ presence that I sobbed and sobbed in gratitude for all that they have held for humanity. I knew that I had once stood amongst them,  my roots digging in the damp mossy ground and my branches flung upwards to the sky. The finest of nature’s cathedrals, inspired hushed tones as we walked in reverence and joy. The greens and browns soothed my soul as I leaned against the rough bark and drank deep of the humus bouquet in the air. The sun filtered through, illuminating various scenes as our necks craned upward following trees whose tops were lost to our sight. We were gifted mightily. The trees and elementals whispered their gratitude for our light flowing in and amongst them, an exchange of such mutual delight, a tone of harmony and love. Our trip was to hone this tone, to know it on a cellular level, so as to emanate it with each breath and step we take.

IMG_5745The ocean with its jutting rocks and craggy shores, leapt in joy and surprising warmth. I went barefoot for part of each day to soak the salt and fresh water, the rocks and dirt, leaves and needles, into my being. Icy rivers ran into dancing ocean waves, seagulls playing in the vortex created as they flowed into oneness. Sunsets streamed their colors, searing my heart anew each day while the full moon rose to offer its cool brilliance to the night sky. A handful of days, offering all of nature’s bounty to us in love. We opened to receive this gift through all of our senses, stepping into the newness of the amplified energies of this year.

We ate fresh food from the garden and fish and meat offered from the water and land. We drank water from Mount Shasta’s headwaters, energized with her pristine light. Everything was alive and speaking to us with such love. We felt encapsulated in a bubble of harmony, four passengers on the ship, New Earth, sailing merrily along.

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta bathed us in love as we picnicked on her slopes as part of our journey south. The peace we felt rendered us mute as we lay against our rock backrest. The love is gaining substance, you can almost scoop it up like the handful of snow I tossed at my son on the mountain. It is permeating our beings, we can drink liquidlovelight, eat love, breathe in love, be caressed by love. It is showering down upon us with the sun’s every ray, splintering our fields into the rainbow light that we are.

Rocks and ocean behind=happy woman

I had a dream while away where an aspect of myself came and told me I had 6% and indicating that more of me was ready to flow in. What? Am I embodying only 6% of who I truly am? I pondered this until it came clear through a conversation with a friend. We so need one another to illuminate our truth! She asked if it referred to the 6% that remained to be cleared in my field. Yes, that was it, said my body, with huge nods of confirmation. As I used my Mother Sekhmet gifted sword of truth on us both, and felt the shattering of more that no longer serves, we heard that it was now 4% remaining. All is to be cleared before the end of this month as February represents flying into our freedom! Woohoo! It is not the numbers that matter, it is the note that can ring clear and true from our hearts. We are all tuning our instruments, anticipating the conductor’s lift of the baton. Oh, the music we are about to make! The angels are taking their seats in anticipation of the glory. We are master musicians, one and all. Find your seat, we are about to begin!

Dark Lord Dissolves in All of Us

Mount Shasta reflected.

Mount Shasta reflected.

The magic of Mount Shasta continued over the Thanksgiving holiday. After our feast, we pulled cards and I received, Wonder. That has been my word of late as I witness it unfold all about me. The next morning, we went to see a dear friend. For a couple of weeks, I had had the sense that my friend and I were to help her reclaim a part of her essence. It took the third member of our trinity to bring it about as well as the magic knife that I was gifted. As I used the knife to cut away an old energy that felt sticky and sludge like, I received a download of information. What was coming off of her, was also coming off of the planet herself and so many on her. It was a shell that held physical pain and limitation. Mother Sekhmet and her knife, shattered it. I knew suddenly that a part of my friend’s soul had been captured by a dark lord and hidden in another dimension. The knife was able to retrieve this for her. We are in the time of retrieving all of our soul aspects that have been hidden. We have to let go of the old programming to make room for more of our beauty and truth to land in. As the old energy released, it sought to attach to any of us there. We used the charcoal/platinum crystal bowl to clear our fields as well as the knife to cut away all falseness that any of us held. We cautioned our friend to treat herself as a newborn baby, with great gentleness as it would take a few days for this aspect to anchor in. This meant that she had to say no to some guests who were planning on coming as well as events she was to participate in. We are called to honor ourselves when we are deep in transformation, and not dilute it. In this way, we open a field that steps outside of time and allows gifts to be brought to the fore. We honor our I AM presence by being present with it as she/he descends more fully into our physical forms.

This felt like the interdimensional aspect of the knife cutting through.

This felt like the interdimensional aspect of the knife cutting through.

On the drive back home, I felt the dark lord. I knew that he and I had been battling for eons of time, playing our roles of light and dark. I saw how his energy had worked through many in my life, at times attempting to end my life. I looked at him in his fierce guise and invited him into my heart. I stated my intention out loud and my “elder sister ” of a friend, felt a “No” rise up in her. She then heard, “It is ok, she can handle this.” All of the mothers who had graced me with their frequencies of love, opened in my heart and drew him in. It was the most exquisite feeling, melting all the dark into the liquidlovelight. Oh my! Laughter and tears as I knew him for the white knight that he is. His brilliance lit my heart like a floodlight that burned layers deep. He presented to my mind’s eye, all the ghastly images that he had used in the past, to frighten me. We laughed together as I now knew them to be masks which he hid his light behind. I saw the reverberations of his removing his mask and letting go of that role. He is off a stature that is other dimensional, I felt archangel and yet, beyond that. Certainly, all of earth, felt his change. So much shadow was released into the light of the sun. The earth felt the lightening as did many on her. I could see his former energy released from those who had worn his mask for me. I saw the quaking as their beings felt the release and the subsequent void it created.

My friend's Tibetan temple guardian statue, named Wee-To. He is aligning the knife with his truth.

My friend’s Tibetan temple guardian statue, named Wee-To. He is aligning the knife with his truth.

I have spent the last few days, dancing with this being. Oh, the love we have for one another! I honor him for his strength and courage to play the dark role, leaving me to the easier one of light. To stand in the truth of the light we are, is a gift beyond measure. I have held a protective mother’s comforting arm about all who are feeling this shadow aspect depart. It can be very unsettling and scary. Knowing that all of nature abhors a vacuum and seeks to fill it, I set my intention, with the Mothers, to hold a shield in place until each soul can call in their own beauty and I AM presence to fill the void. I am privileged to play this role along with so many others on the planet as we act as midwives or birthers of the new frequencies. I am grateful for my sister beings who I work with, as we open ourselves in full trust of one another, to act our parts. I am grateful for my dark lord, white knight……beautiful being who now dances with my soul. The illusion is crumbling, we are on shaky ground as what we believed to be true, shatters to allow in the new light.

Remember that home is in our hearts, there is nothing in the outer world to support us. Surrender and let go, knowing that we are held always in the Creator’s arms. Our mothers are here, singing a lullaby. Allow yourself to be carried on the wings of their song to the ocean of your own truth. May all beings awaken to their own beauty, may all beings know peace. (my heart’s perpetual song.)

The elemental with his O mouth mirroring my wonder.

The elemental with his O mouth mirroring my wonder.

Over skype, I showed a soul sister in Scotland, the gifted knife. She saw the elemental face peeking out with his own sense of wonder. I love this new world that takes all of us, the elemental, angelic, galactic kingdoms; combining and co-creating our fields of light, to see the fullness of the beauty that is there. I love how we hid the jewels of truth so well, intending that it would take three here, four there and a pair here, to unlock the codes, to turn the keys. We wrote this play and have reached consensus that it will indeed be a fairy tale with a happy ever after ending. I have always believed in them and now I know this one to be true. To the wonder of it all.



Observing with a Sense of Wonder

A figure from a sculpting class I took years ago. He sits and observes with a sense of wonder.

A figure from a sculpting class I took years ago. He sits and observes with a sense of wonder.

I am so comfortable on the couch. My body, whose temperature dances high and low, is for the moment, content. Cool air streams in through the partially opened window next to the couch, a fire is blazing its warmth before me as rain falls in a gentle, steady stream outside. The overcast sky outside the windows is lit up as the last of this full moon blazes powerfully from behind. I feel wonder at this. Rain and light in the night, releasing the smell of earth which mingles with the wood fragrance burning bright.  I feel elemental…. in my element. Bliss. It has been such a lovely night of love. It is so incredible how it seems to expand with each new day, each moment. Three of us here, bellies full of a root vegie casserole, each sipping  a small glass of wine as soft conversation flows amongst us. Spaces of rich silence, interspersed with soft guitar notes played by my son. The love is palpable in the room, its contours engulf and support our hearts with strength and richness.

My son points out a newness to the evening as I am sharing a glass of wine. This is a new aspect of me that is delighting in this taste and the inner warmth it brings. So strange as I have never liked the taste of alcohol in any form, not even as a flavoring in baked goods. Yet, here I am enjoying it! Such interesiting times as I discover new aspects of myself that seem to be entering daily.

A recent painting by my youngest son. Dark and wild, it leads you in.‎

A recent painting by my youngest son. Dark and wild, it leads you in.

Yesterday a set of dragon wings unfurled. So wild as I could feel their leathery texture on my skin and it hurt quite a bit as they came out. My whole upper back felt like it was rippling with discomfort all day as the wings adjusted themselves to my body . Red-gold and skeletal, not gorgeous like my pink-gold angel wings, yet beautiful. A fiery essence that is still adjusting, the fire in the hearth has helped them to dry tonight. I do not know what they portend or how to use them. I just know that they are here and the purpose will be revealed in due time.

New day and new clarity. The dragon wings bring a deeper tone of love to me. It is not the butterflies and faery love, rather dragons and dwarves and dark caves underground. It is a fierce and true love, a wholeness that emits a full tone. We have been conditioned to back away from the undertones, fearing their power but in truth, we are ready for love to shine forth in her full glory. A love that accepts blowbacks of anger and hate as it allows the density to surface to be embraced in its arms. It stands firm in its adherence to truth. Love contains the full spectrum which is why so many of us are journeying deep into our own shadowlands to excavate and embrace all that we buried along this journey. To receive and anchor the new tones of love, we must transmute our own black coal into diamonds blazing bright. My dragon self is here to ensure that the job gets done. His deep red, adding to my pink hues, so that I can hold the spectrum true.

My first love, Laurie.  A self portrait with green eye.

My first love, Laurie. A self portrait with green eye.

As I am mirroring my inner process with the clearing of the house and sheds, I unearthed a self portrait done by my first love. He held so much of the beloved energy for me yet he was not to be the father of the children that I knew were to come. Indeed, he has never had children as all of his passion and energy has gone into his pursuit of beauty. As a poet and artist, there has been a fierceness required, a distillation of life.  I feel this shifting as the outer world begins to reflect the fuller tones of love. Art, beauty and truth, all striking the chord of love. A renaissance of beauty is at hand as we come into our maturity as creator gods.

I am deeply grateful and again find myself in a state of wonder as I observe all that moves through me, around and about me.  We are living in the magic times. All things are possible, all is made new.

November Enters So Peacefully

Liquidlovelight showering through the leaves on my walk yesterday afternoon.

Liquidlovelight showering through the leaves on my walk yesterday afternoon.

I am appreciating the stillness this first day of November is offering me. My housemates have gone and I breathe in the expansion as my energy fills the space. I assisted both mates with small tasks, ironing a jacket here, gathering overnight bags there, as they made their departure. In the beauty of our flow, I received a green smoothie from one and a bacon grease fried egg with sauteed kale from the other. He is having a love affair with bacon at present and I am enjoying its punch of flavor. For good measure, I threw in a mini packet of M&Ms, leftover from last night’s trick or treaters. Tummy full, I pulled out my sage,  cleared myself and the house, setting the tone for the new month’s energy to enter in.

My sage and sweetgrass, always willing to bless me with their sweet fragrance.

My sage and sweetgrass, always willing to bless me with their sweet fragrance.

Still in my robe, I took a wander around the yard, giving some water here, pulling a weed there, contemplating a number of tasks that I might do. It is a perfect autumn day, unbroken blue sky, soft air that offers a deep breath, not a leaf in motion. I could rake and level the new garden bed, pull the weeds and mulch to discourage others from popping up. I ask my body if that feels good. Perhaps, she says. I move back into the house, wash up the morning dishes, respond to texts from a couple of friends, download yesterday’s pictures to my computer. I feel into a couple of art projects that I would like to begin. Is that today, I ask my body? Perhaps, she answers. I think of doing a load of laundry, to take advantage of the warmth in the air but decline as I do not wish this stillness broken by the sound of the washing machine.

Bacon grease flavoring the eggs and kale, yum.

Bacon grease flavoring the eggs and kale, yum.

I see that the morning has passed and I am lying on the couch, marveling at the play of light upon the trees outside. Russet oak, red tinged golden-green maple, deep green oleanders sporting a remaining summer blossom or two. The quality of the sunlight speaks a nuanced language to my heart. A breeze washes through, sending a few leaves spinning to the ground. Squirrels are chattering as they busy themselves gathering the nuts dropping from the Papa tree in the yard. A jay screeches his news of the day and my body has come to its truth. It wants only to lie here, to feel this beauty, absorb it and broadcast it through my heartspace. Tasks and projects are for another day. I have been a busy beaver, clearing and cleaning and removing loads of stuff, externally and internally. Today is a day to savor, its wide expanse open to for me to take flight in.

This is my truth. In unity with my couch, and yes, a second packet of M&M’s unearthed, if the desire arises…..sweet bliss.  Drowsiness heralding a nap, here in my robe, on the couch. This is all that I need to know, opening to receive more of myself flowing in while I dream the day away. Happy November everyone. May you take time to savor the gift that you are, feeling your own beauty soaring.

Energies Are Pouring In Like a Waterfall

I love waterfalls and I am turning my perspective this morning from pressure into the giddiness I have felt standing under the force of one.

I love waterfalls and I am turning my perspective this morning from pressure into the giddiness I have felt standing under the force of one.

Today is the second day where I awoke feeling as though I am standing under a waterfall. The pressure on my head is intense and it takes all that I am to stand in this flow. We are being gifted with so much liquid lovelight, our old world is being melted all around us well as within us as the love pours in and the density is purged, up and out. There is only the allowing, the letting go of any attachments, and the standing grounded on this beautiful jewel of our mother earth.

For a few days I had felt the energy running in streams. It seemed that my fingertips were literally dripping light as the energy moved through. There are so many emotions on the move, the collective has decided it is time, we are ready to co-create this new earth. All the shame, the anger, the self judgment, the pain, the sadness of our life and lifetimes, is moving. Our cells are responding to the lovelight by purging the old dense energies that no longer fit in the world we are birthing. It may not look pretty nor feel comfortable as it is happening, but it is a time for rejoicing! Our world is changing in every way imaginable.

We are harmonizing our inner beings in order to harmonize with the whole. Be grateful for the aches and pains, the deep fatigue, the wild emotions as they are all physical confirmations of what is taking place. There are so many layers to this process and we are aware of only a small part of the beauty that is being created. Our soul is taking over the reins and we can surrender to our greater knowing, trusting that we are being guided to more of who we are. It is so freeing and exhilarating when I visualize myself standing under this waterfall of liquidlovelight!

I love the way the artist allowed the folds to flow in harmony. This is what we are doing so beautifully!

I love the way the artist allowed the folds to flow in harmony. This is what we are doing so beautifully!

Our victories come in small, everyday ways. A friend shared that the other morning, she decided to try on a dress that had been too small. As she began to pull it up, she felt a burst of happiness as it slid over her hips and she knew it would fit. She then had only to zip it up. The zipper got stuck part way up. She realized that for the first time in ages, she was living alone. She had no partner to assist her with the zipper. (Why would we create clothing that we need assistance to get into and out of? ) She really felt her aloneness and choose to feel the freedom of it, rather than the pain of the lack of a partner.  Next, the time constraint that she was under, kicked in and she felt her old pattern arise of frustration and anger. Her usual pathway would have been to pull the dress off, throw it inside out on the floor as she cursed it. Instead, she found herself standing in the moment, feeling all of these sensations, and breathing. She chose not to engage, she stood her ground. She relaxed into it and succeeded in unsticking the zipper and moving into her day, dressed like the queen she had just shown herself to be.

These are the victories. Each moment that we choose a new response that is gentler, kinder, softer, stronger. Those moments in her closet could have been the start of a battle. She refused to be drawn into the old ways. She stood for peace. This is how we are creating peace on earth. We are standing our ground in new ways. We are speaking and thinking gently to ourselves. We are honoring ourselves, one another and this beautiful planet of ours. We are acknowledging the blessings in each moment that arises. Well done! I am so proud of us all. Let the lovelight fill your being today and know the beauty that you are.


Connecting to a New Landscape…Happy April!

St. Mary's Lake in its winter splendor

Happy April! I know that time is an illusion yet while we still play in its fields on some levels, I find a new month offering new opportunities. March was an exhausting month as the energies pretty much flattened us. We were integrating like mad all the new codes that came streaming in from our dear sun and releasing and clearing all that was stagnant and stuck in our inner beings. April rushes in like a breath of spring, ready to move us into a new inner landscape of freedom and love. I am delighted to find myself in a new outer landscape of snow and mist and rain. My Avalon self is happy! The freshness of the air coming off the mountains is so intoxicating. It is my form of getting high, no side effects other than getting a little giddy! I am sitting here looking out at a clear sky this morning which allows the mountains to come into view for the first time since I arrived. Oh, my heart is being fed!

Straw bale building to house the generator. It will be plastered in adobe when weather permits.

Last night I went to a potluck gathering with my friend. We went out to St. Mary’s lake where a community of folks are building their dream. My friend will begin building on her parcel of land this summer. It was great to see the mix of ages, young and old, all so full of an adventurous spirit, so appreciative of the beauty that they have chosen to live in. It is a slice of heaven. As I sat and watched a woodpecker visit the pine cone stuffed with peanut butter on the deck, the shifting clouds filling and then emptying the valley laid out in front of me, the dear hearts sharing food around the table, little ones making their way through the maze of adult legs with their trucks and toys, tears coursed down my cheeks. My heart’s desire so beautifully expressed. I drank it all in, feeding that place that is so ready to be in community with my pod of peeps.

Can you see the solar panel positioned against the rocks to catch the sun which is abundant here?

Trusting in divine timing, in the ability of my heart to create form from the formless. Knowing that this is coming for me and to me. Appreciating the joy of these folks as they are in the thick of it. Living in basements as they build the ground floor of their homes, one couple with a circular house with views all about, beautiful functional woodwork and design in the home we were at…..sensing the hard work and determination of each family to create with the land. There were solar panels and straw bale buildings in evidence, the valley has an east west lie which allows a longer growing season explained one man who told me he was still eating potatoes that they had grown last season. The land and the people radiated such joy!

Mist drifting across the lake

I had a conversation with the founder of this whole enterprise, a German who had traveled here with his wife to discover his own Shangra-li. He said he could see that I had wisdom to share and wondered how I was doing that in the world. I told him that I wrote a blog. His comment alerted me that the time is coming to move out into the world more to share my heartlight. He commented on my balance and strength but then said, “You are too soft, too open. You need protection.” A lovely sentiment from the masculine whose role is to protect and defend. I told him that I had plenty of practice in swinging my sword but that now my heart’s softness and light is all the protection that is needed in these new energies. Indeed, a facebook friend of mine, Nicky Hamid, expressed it so beautifully this morning: “We no longer need to protect our heart and so it is the dissolving of shields and the embracing of all that we are. Moving from isolation to integration.”

Another view from the deck.

My heart is flying free this morning in the clearness of the light and views. The fresh air is gently wafting in from the open window into my room, hot cup of tea at hand. Time to make breakfast and watch the day unfurl. A person last night commented, “Who needs a tv out here, we have an ever changing view of sky and mountains and water.” I concurred. I could feel the bliss of lying by the huge windows and gazing out at the majesty of the scene with such appreciation and gratitude. As we feel that, wherever we happen to find ourselves, we do indeed create heaven on earth. I know that I can hold that vibration of appreciation anywhere but here it is effortless as the beauty spills out before me. I am soaking it in for all of you and streaming it out through my heart ribbons. Can you feel it? I love you all with each breath.

March Brings the Winds of Change

The red branches of this Japanese maple and its new green leaves have fed me today. Beauty!

A rainy day which allows me the chance to run about  barefoot through the wet grass in the yard and soak in the beauty of the blossoming trees. I am so loving this spring and this month of transformation! Feet dried,now sitting by the fire, feeling the energies dancing on my crown chakra. That lovely feeling of being so loved by my higher self and guides and angels as they rewire this body of mine. Head is stuffed, energy clearing and so happy to be quiet with the day. Tears of gratitude for all my blessings. I feel an enormous weight is being blown from the planet. So many layers of suffering and pain are being blown away with the winds. The love is streaming in with the continued solar flares and as we anchor it into our mother, she is sending it back to our hearts. Oh, to be a part of this cycle of love! I feel awe, gratitude, joy, blessed.

This beautiful pink blossom reminded me of a ballerina with its fluffy tutu!

So much is softening. Our hearts can no longer hold to the old dense energies and are singing a song of freedom. Freedom to love as that is the song that our hearts have always wanted to sing. Every shadow that has been locked deep in the heart, is now coming out into the light of day. And it is not so scary anymore. We can look at it, we can even embrace it. Yes, we can even love it.  Shame, guilt, self criticism and judgment are fleeting emotions that no longer hold. A huge issue recently came out into the light of day in my life through my dream space. I felt such enormous gratitude that all blocks are being cleared and that I am in such a place of love for myself that this issue could now come to the fore. The old pattern of projection and judgment was simply gone. In its place, there was enormous compassion and love for all involved. Oh, all the density we came in to clear and transmute back to the reality of love! What courageous dear hearts we are!! I am loving my heart as it clears all its shadow aspects and shines its pink, magenta love light. As we each clear our closets of all skeletons and shadows, the winds of March come to carry it all away. We are being swept clean to stand in our truth as beings of love and light. Nothing more to fear, we are safe in the arms of our mother.

One of my son, Gabriel's paintings that is feeding my hunger for orange. Having art and flowers about me makes me feel rich.

Last night I did a distance healing on a friend with a friend. Healer is not a word that I identify with, teacher yes, that resonates. But this energy came up in a conversation and the knowing that there was something that the two of us could facilitate for this other. I found it all so interesting. My friend is a gifted healer, used to playing in this field that was so new to me. I trusted whatever came through me and let it flow. The energies are so fluid now, allowing stuck areas to give easily. The one receiving had done his work as it all released with ease. I love the elegant design of the universe, how what we need appears when we need it. I trust more deeply in divine timing as I see how beautifully things happen. When the timing is right, there is ease and grace. Light language poured from me as did sounds and hand movements that were all new to me. My friend and I were in sync as we have done this together in other lifetimes. It was like a dance between us and we knew the steps. Very empowering for me.

The trust in my own higher self and the whole is creating new pathways for me. I so surrender to divine timing and will. I was listening to an Abraham-Hicks youtube video (don’t you love the Internet!) in which she was talking about a woman being pregnant and her

the last bit of glory of my orangey red tulips!

feelings of joy. How she had tried for years to get pregnant and now was. Abraham pointed out how she still did not have the baby yet was filled with joy as the knowing of it growing inside her was there. I have adopted this approach in my life. I am pregnant with the knowing that my beloved is waiting for me, that my community, my pod is waiting for me to join them, that the world of peace is a heart beat away. How could it be otherwise? We are evolving, we are in the midst of the great shift of the ages to the age of peace and love. What was began in the sixties, has come to fruition and we are to reap the benefits. What possibilities, what heart desires are you pregnant with? Hold them with the joy and love that you would as an expectant parent. Cherish them, savor each day that you are alive and walking towards holding your heart’s desire come true. We will never live in the same density again. Duality will be a thing of the past. Every thought for ourselves will include the consciousness of all…….we are one. Unity consciousness will flood the land. Life is beautiful!









Finding My Perch

Oh, I love hot water bottles! Just hopped into bed to write this before sleep; clean sheets and duvet cover,  a gardenia wafting its fragrance from my nightstand, my feet warmed by my “bottle”. Ahhhh….heaven on earth is with me in this moment. I discovered tonight that when I am alone I sing to myself more. I sing my songs that amaze me as they come out…sometimes very silly and sometimes flowing with poetic rhyme. I have a few days of solitude once again. Spirit is gifting me this time to go within and be. I can feel that a gift is being offered and  that there is something for me to discover in this time. 

I went out for a walk to my hill of rocks in search of a spot of sunshine. I did not make it to the top of the hill as this tree called to me as I walked past. I pass him each day on my walk but had not stopped to connect to him. As I came closer I discovered that a branch had been sawn off many moons ago. It jutted out like a perfect seat. I tentatively tried it out. I had to reach up a bit to land my fanny on it, but once there, I discovered that it was a perfect fit for me. I pulled up my legs and crossed them, took off my  hat, closed my eyes and simply basked in the sun’s warmth. After a bit, I leaned back only to feel the delightful support of the tree branch. Truly, this was my giving tree (remember that story of the tree

who gave himself for the boy?). I sat for an hour or so in 
utter delight, drifting with the sun’s rays lighting up my closed eyelids with beautiful patterns and colors. Oh, I am made for this, I thought. Peace….deep peace given freely. It had been a few days since this feeling had been with me. I have been going through the emotional releasing process of this eclipse cycle which culminates with the approaching full moon/ lunar eclipse as Saturday dawns. Lots of sadness, lots of tears. Nothing personal that I could point to rather an impersonal emotion that needed an outlet. We are past the time of needing to understand the whys of how we feel. It is time to feel fully, giving expression to what is there and  to observe it as it makes its way on through. 

Let it all go. I am surrendering it all. I do not know what is next, I know we are moving at the end of the month. Perhaps my son with me for a time, perhaps each off to our own journeys. I know not. I am so appreciative of this tree and the peace that he granted me today. He helped me to find home again. To find that place of knowing inside that lets all else fall away. As a society, we are losing homes, jobs, relationships, health. All that we set up before we came into this life to help us find our way back home. As we lose the outer security, as we feel overwhelmed by the circumstances and conditions of our lives or those around us……we finally lay our heads down and surrender. We may howl a bit before laying down but at some point, we are too tired to fight or resist. We let it go. We can no longer figure it out with our minds. It is our hearts shining moment as we must turn inward to our hearts and let them lead. It is time for our hearts to show us the way. to lead us out of confusion and despair. 

This beautiful tree reminded me of a story that I had read to my kids when they were children. There was a farm wife who worked hard from sunup to sundown each day. her husband’s work on the farm was what got noticed and was where all the money went for labor saving devices. Her work in creating a home and all that entails, was unnoticed. She had no labor saving devices in the house. A young orphan boy comes to visit and he does not see only the barn and the male side of the farm but he sees her and takes note of  how hard she works. He asks her what is her greatest desire. She points out a tree up on the hill that she has longed to walk to, to sit under and watch the sunrise. For 15 years she has had that wish each morning yet has never been freed from chores to do so. She feels that if she can just get to that tree, she will breathe easier and life will be better. This sweet boy offers to do some of her chores so that she can take that walk. I am crying just from recalling this sweet story! It is Michael O’Halloran by Gene Stratton-Porter. She was my grandma’s favorite author as well as mine. She wrote many delightful children’s books that were filled with the love of nature as well as hearts. 

I think that it is time for all of us to take that walk to watch the sunrise. I am visualizing it for everyone on this planet. The freedom to live their dream, to know the peace that I found sitting in my tree. To have the time to notice the beauty that abounds. Look at this tree bursting forth its blooms that waved to me as I made my way back home. Purple and pink delight! Yesterday in my sadness, I noticed the litter on the street, the dog poop that assailed my nostrils and the sirens that went screaming by. I was the deciding factor in what was brought to my attention. I can create heaven or hell by what I chose to focus on. So, remember this quote that someone posted on facebook. It made me laugh as it is so true! Our thoughts can be quite fearsome, tormenting, ridiculous or glorious and uplifting.  I am choosing to listen to my heart, whether it is weeping or singing, it is one to me. It is life on this beautiful planet of ours. Hear me, oh universe….I AM grateful!