Time to Close the Door

What a time the past 24 hours has been! Huge ahas. I am so grateful how all of life conspires for my growth and expansion. I have been working with the issue of honoring myself. June saw me addressing folks in my life where dishonoring was a part of the pattern. Some doors opened in a new way once the dishonoring had been acknowledged, whereas others presented themselves to be closed. This last one was very powerful as once again I found myself outplaying a sacred drama from the time of Jesus. It involved the sisters, Mary and Martha.  As my understanding goes, Martha was not kind to Mary, and there were instances of betrayals and dishonoring. When Jesus came to visit, Mary prepared herself through meditation to receive him whereas Martha busied herself cleaning the house. Martha was angry at Mary for not taking a more active role. Jesus spoke to Martha and told her that Mary had chosen the better path as she recognized and honored the light with her inner presence rather than busying herself with the outer forms.

The archetype was brought up by the person I was with which was so wonderful as on some level, it was presented to both of us to allow the healing.  I was able to feel all the pain of Mary and let it move through me. It was not easy nor an instant process, indeed I spent many sleepless hours trying to make sense of the pain I felt. Finally, I accepted that I could choose to honor myself and be done with this energy once and for all. I saw how this one event allowed me to clear this energy from not only this lifetime, but from all other lifetimes. I can choose to close the door on people and situations that do not feel honoring to who I am. I have done this many times in my life, quite fearlessly, and yet this one was a turning point. I held the hand of all my soul aspects that have suffered this feeling and let them know that time is past. I am here and will see to it that does not happen again.

Freedom at hand as I fully open the door to my own beauty and light.

Whew, freedom flew in and I saw this as being the keystone in the bridge to my ascension. It is time to close the doors to all the places where we are giving our energy away or allowing it to be leaked. I saw that I had spent much of this life, absorbing negative emotions from others and because I was “strong”, I could keep the door open for them to awaken and move towards their own light. I now see that as an arrogant attitude. What was I thinking?? It is not my job to hold anything for anyone. That energy breeds resentment from others which is a rightful reaction. We are such freedom loving beings and we want to do it our way, by ourselves! Everyone’s higher self is on the job, making sure that their life constantly presents the opportunities for expansion. I had been taking on God’s job and in that, not tending to my own garden of growth. That time is over as I need every ounce of my energy, for my inner growth. I pulled out my sword and drew a line in the sand, stating to the universe that I would no longer allow any distraction in my life that takes me for even a moment from this path of ascension. I have no time to waste.

I searched my energy field to see if there were any others that I was still holding an opening for. I found one remaining. I lovingly and gently called my energy back. I cut all ties and cords and called back every bit of my energy that I had left in anyone, thing,  or place throughout all time, space and dimensions. Come home! I need all of me to once again out picture the master that I am.

When we allow any of our energy to be open to another, we allow a pathway for chaos to enter. The energy on the planet that is not interested in my ascension and return to power, will work through the unconscious aspect of a person to create drama, confusion and discord. It is not personal to the person but rather they are being used to transmit this discordant energy. Right now, there is so much chaotic energy and fear floating around, it is a hey day for it. I have to be mindful as it is truly my own unconsciousness that allows anything to enter to harm me in any way. I have to be aware of the energy that I allow in my field and what it is doing as well as what I am doing. The time of being asleep to any aspect of ourselves is departing. As our power returns, we must be conscious in its use to create for our highest good and the highest good of all.

The inner path is one we must traverse alone.

We are taught to care for others in a backwards way. In truth, we must care for ourselves, first and foremost. The highest gift that we can offer another is that of our own joy. We must tend our own inner garden and stop playing in that of others. It is time to close the door on energies that drain us, whether that be our child, a friend, a relative. It is time to set our boundaries, close the garden gate and go within to that peace and joy that awaits our attention. God is within, quietly waiting for us to notice. Society has created rules of the game to keep us from our truth, from finding our source of power. We are raised to be outer directed, to be the good daughter, good friend, good employee and to neglect ourselves. It is time to expose that lie for what it is. To take back our power, to listen to our own song and dance to its beat. Ascension is a path taken alone. No one can do it for you, no one can travel with you. It is my walk with God, and no other.

I feel called to the starting gate. Places everyone! I feel this call like a clap of thunder and want to shake everyone with its import. Ascension is at hand and the changes begin in earnest now. Do not wait or hesitate but close the doors on all that distracts and open the door to your heart. It is the gateway true, as it takes us home. We are being called.