Wonder Amping Up

fullsizeoutput_1a5fThis morning as I sat drinking my coffee and eating my peanut butter coated toast, I was reading Rob Brezny’s weekly astrology. I love all the quotes and beauty provoking ideas that he shares. This one spoke to me and reminded me of why I like to write. It helps me to delve deeper into my experiences in life. It allows the wonder to wash over my soul and free me to be more of who I really am.

Here is what spoke this morning:

“Poet Mary Oliver provides us with this excellent guidance:

Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

Here is my “tell about it” offering. Yesterday morning I was startled out of my dreams by a six a.m. call from my sister. I had recently woken to a strong knowing that I was to book a ticket to visit her for the first time in years. Has it been years since we have seen each other? Yes, a number of years. I depart on the 5th of September yet it seems my visit has already begun. She called excitedly to share that I had just been with her. I came as she was sitting in her open garage, looking out at her woods and meadows. There was a shaft of sunlight that I flew into as a black and gold moth. She knew that it was me. She witnessed me turning in the sunlight, showing off my burnished gold gossamer nature. She was enthralled and exclaimed over my beauty. The experience lasted about ten minutes before the moth flew off. She wanted to get her camera to take a photo but knew she had to take it in while it was happening, recording it on her heart.

The misty mornings that I recently enjoyed on the CA coast brought ancient memories alive.

The misty mornings that I recently enjoyed on the CA coast brought ancient memories alive.

Oh my! Yes, one of my desires is the return of bilocation and shape shifting skills. Here it is!  How wonderful to hear this reminder of the magic that is afoot. To claim our own beauty as we show more of our true nature to one another. This makes me so glad to still have a body to play in this field with.

I had a playdate yesterday with a group of three other women, There are seven of us who have been working together as representatives of the grandmothers. We are able to bring through the lineages of all traditions within our group and work in harmony with these ancestors. Four of us live in this area, one in northern Scotland, one on the California/Oregon coastline, and one in Boulder, Colorado. The latest project that came up was working with the sexual predator energy. One dear to my heart had called for some assistance as he has been gathering this energy with his sword of light for the past year and a half. He was struggling with the weight of it and all the darkness that he collects in his role as a representative of Archangel Michael on the planet, or as he says, as a garbage collector. He knew that the time had come for this energy to leave the planet. He said, “I cannot love this energy.” I knew in that moment who could. It was the grandmothers’ work. His was to hold the sword of light  which magnetized the dark energy. It has taken a mighty effort on this soul’s part, at times threatening to annihilate him. He has held on and now we could offer our assistance as the  frequencies supported this action.

The power of unity where you cannot tell where one starfish begins or ends.

The power of unity where you cannot tell where one starfish begins or ends.

It was a three day project. We, as the grandmothers, offered our love, surrounding this dear one, as we assisted in collecting the remnants of this energy and encapsulating it for release back to the Creator. The archangels were at the ready. This was a huge energy of all that preyed upon innocence throughout time. I felt physically ill and gagged as I worked with it. The Vatican held a large piece of it as did many other areas on the earth. It had so invaded our cells, the remnants had to be traced and chased down. It knew its time was over but needed the flame of our love to allow it release.

Here is the beauty of the singular form which like us, seeks union.

Here is the beauty of the singular form which like us, seeks union.

I felt so proud to be in the company of these grandmothers as we all brought our skills to the fore and it happened in a joyful way. At first I saw some harshness needed but that quickly dissolved with the old ways, and it was a frequency of joy and love that lifted it free. The full moon and astrological configurations of the 26th assisted mightily. The 27th felt like a new beginning for all of us.

I felt this dear one freed to be and live his innocence and joy. It was all part of the preparation that is ongoing for the beloveds coming together. It is all about union at this time. We are changing and morphing daily and it is a joy to witness in myself and those around me. I felt the relief that so many will experience a lightening and easing of their burdens. Innocence will have a space to thrive in as the need for protection dissolves.

The love can be found everywhere!

The love can be found everywhere!

Hallelujah!  So much is completing now. Know that old emotions are surfacing to be felt for the last time. It is a grand clearing as we prepare to allow more of our divinity to land in our physical bodies and truly bring heaven to earth.

May the innocence within us all be freed, may we open to love freely and fully, may joy once again be heralded about the earth. I love us all.


Beyond Faith, Beyond Form

IMG_7687In a conversation with a friend, it came to light that faith is a belief and form is a structure. We are being invited to go beyond the confines of both. The freedom that is on offer is expansive and unknown. We are being asked to leap into a way of living that is freshly minted from the celestial realms. For all the techie souls, who love to be up with the latest product, this is it! Computers and the internet have assisted us to make great leaps in communication and connection around the world. We have moved towards a global society. This new liquidlovelight is moving us further on that path towards unity and harmony with all life. Telepathy, teleportation, communing with nature spirits, animals, galactic and inner earth beings, angels and devas will become the norm. The fairy tales of our childhood will come alive in brilliant color as we develop our senses, beyond the five we have been limited to. Oh, happy day!

I am rereading The Twelfth Insight by James Redfield, the author of The Celestine Prophecy fame. It is nourishing to read and imprint my psyche with the steps of alignment. To awake with the intention to be alert to synchronicities, to call forth all the assistance that is available to align me with my divine plan and that of our Mother Earth. To open to the flow of life, allowing my inner guidance to steer me effortlessly through my days.

The different frequencies presenting themselves.

The different frequencies presenting themselves.

I am also so grateful for the support of friends, for the sharing that brings new insights as we blend our hearts’ light. I sense that is how the new is coming into form, through the co-creation of many hearts with our Mother Earth’ heart as well as the cooperation of her kingdoms. Think of building a home…….no longer simply deciding to place it somewhere from a mental idea but rather walking the land, allowing it to speak, to guide as how it wants to participate in the building. Inviting in the elementals and the forces of nature to assist you rather than imposing our will on them. The feeling once built, would be nurturing, allowing all beings to flow and grow. We are being invited to enter this flow with all of life. No more separation, no more divisions and boundaries. Our hearts flying free in the lovelight.

With this comes the end of using our will, our efforting, our trying to make things happen. Our beingness is what lights up our world. We know ourselves as the light of the world. We enter into the Christ consciousness and the idea of moving mountains no longer seems out of reach. We do not have to look for sacred sites, we become the sacred site. Within, without…..no division. Inner and outer life coming into alignment. Oh, that sends a deep sigh through my being!

Just off the phone where I was spinning with a friend in Scotland. We are locked in an extractor that uses centrifugal force to spin our beings. All the old is being released from our cells, just as every drop of honey is extracted from the honeycomb when placed in this machine. We received that our cells are being truly emptied so as to receive every drop of the liquidlovelight that the eclipse is offering to us. We are being made anew.


I loved this heart rock, bruised, scarred, dulled yet holding its form.

I loved this heart rock, bruised, scarred, dulled yet  intact. 

I have not felt such a splitting as I do this day. The tears have flowed as I have felt the door to all that has been closing as I walk down this passage way. Ahead, to be opened tomorrow with the eclipse energy being the key, is a huge double door. I sense that beyond it lies the life of my dreams. The frequencies of home come to earth. The magic and miracles of my dreams, the happy ending of my visions, the dancing light of my heart. The tears are for those who have chosen not to fly but rather walk. Some have refused to do that, instead lying down on the earth to rest. On a soul level there are no tears as I know that each is following their own plan as they know it. Some are here to walk between the worlds, bridging the energies. Some have decided to depart, to take up a life once again, further down the road when they can come in as a babe, fresh to this life. Some walk in neutrality, holding that space on this plane.

I am a pioneer, one who is here to bring through new frequencies, one who is meant to take wing and fly. When I was a child and studying the pioneer movement in grade school, I knew I had lived that life of Western expansion here in the USA and was here living it once again. Expanding into the frontier of inner consciousness, no less a tiring and treacherous path, blazing a trail through the wilderness that will soon become a superhighway for more souls to follow. I am so grateful to have traversed this landscape, for all the support and love shown to me that allowed me to come to this point. My body elemental has been amazing, so strong and enduring a partner on this journey. I bow to her grace and love. I thank the elementals of earth, fire, water, air and ether for their support which provided direction and navigational skills. I thank the nature kingdoms, the trees and mountains and streams that have fed my soul when I was parched with thirst and weary to the bone. I bow to those pioneers who walked before me, hacking away at the density to forge a trail of light that I could follow. I have walked in your footsteps with a grateful heart.  I am grateful to all who have entered my sphere through friendship, whether for a day or a year or many, to keep me company on my path. I bow to the light that you are. I am grateful for those who are choosing to fly with me as we bring through our gifts with a soaring hearts. I am grateful to Linda Marie, my personality self, for her focus and dedication to her/our inner knowing. I am grateful to Mother Mary for my name which she told me, means “beautiful Mary”. She claimed me as one of her own as her devotees in that lifetime were called the “Marys”. To be given that name was the result of initiations into a path of love.  She has overlighted my path and guided me unerringly to my truth. I am grateful to Sophia, my higher self, my I AM presence, whose love and support has allowed me to come ever closer to communion with her essence. I am grateful to El Morya, the master of God’s will, who has walked by my side, steering me and teaching me to walk that path in my life. I am grateful to the angels and archangels, especially Archangel Michael who has been my shield and buckler throughout this lifetime and all others. He is my brother in every sense of the word. Gratitude for all the masters who have gifted me, Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, Kuan Yin, Buddha, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. There are no words, only heartlight to express my love and appreciation. I am grateful for the teachers among my fellows, who offered a light to guide me. I am grateful for every heart on this planet, for offering me an opportunity to know myself anew and to recognize God in each one.

IMG_7656May we all blossom into the beauty that we are. May we waft our fragrance in the air and breathe deep of the love flame. I stand at this eclipse portal with a heart aflame. Blessings upon us all this eve. May we walk with the Creator, knowing ourselves as a part of Her/His flame.


Traveling Up The Silver Cord

A friend said that she saw me lying on a bed of pink rose petals. I could smell them about me.

A friend said that she saw me lying on a bed of pink rose petals. I could smell them about me.

Here I am in wonder at the newness all around. Yesterday I awoke after twelve hours in bed and went for a walk at the park. I returned to bed, spoke with a friend who described an experience that started the tears. Memory gone but the essence of her experience echoed within me.  I had been feeling weepy and fragile, not anchored in any way. In bed, I found myself disappearing. I felt my energy being drawn up and out through my silver cord. I felt the word, dissolution. I could not speak, only witness. After a time, I had to get up to use the toilet and made eye contact with my daughter and son. They brought water and sat with me. I could see them in their shining forms, so beautiful. I asked for my shimmering purple sari to be laid on top of me. I felt myself leaving and was at peace. I knew all whom I love, would be fine. Could feel some fear in a couple of the family, asked internally about this happening in front of them in such a dramatic way. I received the answer that this was part of their expansion.

I traveled up and up until I was with Source. No words, only love. Mother Mary came and pulled me into her lap and rocked me like the small child that I was. Archangel Michael and El Morya were with me. I felt no fear. Thy will is my will…….my internal mantra. There was an assessment, my body temple so fatigued….could it go on? Every cell was depleted, empty. New form needed. El Morya spoke of our work together and the plane from which it would begin anew. I saw aspects of myself, like diamond lights shimmering, coalescing in various planes. Dimensions are different than what we think, our vocabulary so linear and confining when the truth is so much more. I observed myself, heard that there would be a trade, my old self dying, disintegrating here and going back to Source for renewal and regeneration. New aspects came into light form, millions of diamonds, gathering and traveling down the silver cord. So much more of me descending than the aspect ascending.

Wonderful shapes floating by, all saying hello.

Wonderful shapes floating by, all saying hello.

Peace and surrender, unattached to anything, anyone, any outcome. Knowing I was in the hands of my Creator. Holding Leopold, my lapis skull in my hands, as he was a steady presence throughout the experience, our love so deep. Felt each heart who loves me and felt my love for them. Drifted in and out. Had my son call a dear friend who journeys with me. She reassured him, told him I was a golden tree, like in Avatar, with light filaments at the ends of my branches. I was bringing through a new frequency…..love might be the word yet unlike the love we have known. She set to work, anchoring the golden threads into Gaia and my son assisted. I saw how this frequency was so pure, so golden……so necessary for our next step. All were to be bathed in it. It was important that it be completed by today as the new moon tomorrow, begins a new era for earth.

A recent grid of crystals and a Georgia O'Keefe print from the flower/art show we visited.

A recent grid of crystals and a Georgia O’Keefe print from the flower/art show we visited.

I gave permission for my form to be used to see how this frequency would affect others. My body almost did not withstand it, yet it did with the new aspects flowing in to anchor this beautiful light. I have known myself to be one who brings in new frequencies, test driving them, so to speak, before they are released for all. At these times, I am very much alone on the human plane and held so lovingly on the etheric planes. I am grateful for my surrender and trust which carries me so fluidly upon its back. It was not always this way. Often fear would arise, a sense of deep isolation at the unknown. The peace throughout this experience was palpable. At some point I encouraged my family to go out to dinner as we had planned, allowing me to bring more of myself in, in stillness.

I was able to speak with the dear hearts who support me through this, all being co-creative endeavors at this point. They anchor and hold me as I take the strands of light and do what is mine to do.

When I was in Colorado recently, I had a precursor to this event. I was lying in a meadow, under a lone tree, looking at the mountains, sky, snow and sun. I saw myself as a crane, flying in a spiral upwards. I flew into the sun, bursting into flame, welcoming the fire with all of my being. I watched myself come out, carrying flaming flares in my mouth. I dove to earth and wove the flames about her, over and over, sun to earth, earth to sun and back again. I was weaving burning ribbons of light into and around her, in a grid of light.

Now, I have anchored a flame of love that will bursts hearts asunder like a roaring fire. All is set, all in place for this new era to begin. I feel completion on every level. Our family template of love was set as the five of us slept under the same roof for the first time in years as my daughter returned. Our harmony and love, an imprint of the new, set in place.  A work of thirty some years complete for me.

Today this body asks for rest. Much is still integrating within. I look in the mirror and welcome all that I am into this temple who has served me so well. The imprints of trauma have been scourged with the flames, I feel hollowed out and yet, filled.

I know nothing except wonder at the love. We are so loved. We are so cherished. Breathe that in today. I love you all.