Dreamt of Entering the New World

Image from a unicorn book, the swirling vortex that takes us to our freedom.

Image from Michael Green’s Unicornis book, the swirling vortex that takes us to our freedom.

Oh, I love this recent eclipse energy! The night before last, I dreamt of being in a place that was full of mud and slime. My daughter was with me (she is currently in Indonesia), and we were cleaning up all this muck. It was intense work and I was reminding her that we had tools and it made it easier if we chose the right one for each type of refuse we were dealing with. When I awoke, I felt we were working in different hemispheres of the earth, transmuting the dross of humanity’s creation into the golden light of love. I was so grateful to be working with her, she is a mighty warrior of lovelight!

Last night’s dream was spectacular. I got up about 3 a.m. with the dream vivid in my mind. I went outside to be bathed in the moonlight and drink in the wonder that I felt. My elder son was still up and so I was able to share the giddiness I felt with him. Earlier in the evening, my sons and I had sat around a fire as the full moon began its rise in the east. We were so conscious of all that is in the process of collapsing and the gift the moon and eclipse offered all. A reset, a mini- death once again as so much was made clear and a new operating system was installed.

Our outdoor firepit blazing.

Our outdoor firepit blazing.

In my dream, I had been meeting with a group who represented all the kingdoms and races of many universes. We knew one another yet on the surface, we appeared separate. It was as if others viewed us as enemies and yet we knew we were only playing these roles. We had all been trained in the ability to beam our heartlights to such an extent that we could hold humanity in our lovelight. I had been speaking of that with my sons as we sat around the fire, watching the salamanders dancing in the flames and the coals burning bright on the earth. I knew my heart had the ability to burst into a conflagration of fiery elements. I could pulse its heat in waves to all hearts. I understood the phrase, warrior of the heart, on a deep level.

The cover illustration from Michael Green's book. All the kingdoms will be with us once again, including the unicorns!

The cover illustration from Michael Green’s book. All the kingdoms will be with us once again, including the unicorns!

We all knew that an event was on the horizon that would herald the entrance into the new earth. None of us knew the timing but we each held a key to it. We knew a signal would be felt in our hearts to let us know it was GO! We were to then beam our heartlights for all we were worth. In my dream, it happened. As the heartlights beamed bright, a huge sinkhole opened in the earth and in a blink of an eye, we slid into the inner earth and discovered paradise. Our Agarthan (inner earth) brothers and sisters greeted us and our Galactic families joined us. The beauty and sense of freedom were unparalleled. I was giddy with the perfection of the plan! Oh, my it was so simple, so brilliantly executed, so wondrous. It was like a magician pulling a tablecloth out from under the dishes set on the table. Our landscape was pulled out from under us like a rug and we were deposited ever so gently on a new firmament. The wonder of it is still flowing in my veins. We have been taught to look up to the skies but this took place down, into the earth! Expect the unexpected, oh yes.

Stamp of the brotherhood who preserved the Unicornis manuscript. I love this symbol!

Stamp of the brotherhood who preserved the Unicornis manuscript. I love this symbol!

We were all free to begin, like children in a playground. We were free to find our playmates and go off and create whatever filled our hearts with joy. Freedom is a heady elixir! Oh, I am left so glad. So grateful for divine timing, for dropping beliefs and moving into knowing, for my heart that can transmit liquidlovelight like golden rain. We are close. All the wonders are at hand. It makes me savor the morning dew, the hummingbird who came to drink from the flowers nearby, the squirrels busy burying their nuts, the white doves who do a fly by every morning and evening before settling on the wires at the corner of our lot. Their wings glisten in the light and they look like angels dancing in the sky. A deep peace permeates my being this morning. I know my part, I play it well and the success of this play is assured. This is a story that will be told down through the ages as our grandchildren marvel that we were here, members of the cast that performed to standing room only audiences, drawn from the multiverses. My hat is off to each and every one of you. Well done! Know this truth, live it and breath it and it shall be. The golden age of peace is at hand.

Seeing Beyond the Chaos

I pulled over on a narrow road, held an umbrella above my camera to get this shot. I love this message on the side of an old building. Keep on keeping on is the smaller message. Powerful!

Oh, the gifts of these present moments in time. We are being asked to let go of a world view of duality and lack, to embrace a world of oneness and abundance. It is as simple as stating our intentions and allowing the new view to come through. Here is a simple example: “I intend to see the world through the  eyes of love. I release all limiting programs of lack, pain, separation or suffering. I release the energy of any vows taken in other lifetimes that limit my ability to have abundance in every area of my life. I ask this in the name of my Creator and accept it as done. And so it is. ”

The soft colors of sea and sky on the California coast.

I have been amazed at the way the earth and elementals respond when I seek to see, feel, move, hear, only with the eyes of love. The clouds put on a pink show at sunset that affirms that the earth is being blanketed in the softest essence of love. Gentle deer appear on my path in the park to gaze at me with eyes of love. The air caresses my cheek with its soft whispers of love. Whatever we focus on, we magnify. We have a choice in every moment to create the world we wish to live in.

Hurricane Sandy has been such a choice. My heart flows compassion and love to all those affected. My heart also swells with rejoicing that so much stagnant energy of the old paradigm has been cleared, with a minimal loss of life. Our earth needs cleansing and the elementals assist as they can. We can assist by holding the intention that the storm work for the highest good of all. That the changes come with the most ease and grace possible. A friend told me that she watched an interview where someone stated, “We will never be able to rebuild it the way it was.” My friend felt such joy inside as she knew that we do not wish to rebuild any of our creations the way they were. That way has not worked. It is time for the new!

The mighty redwoods taught me of stillness as I drove.

These next few weeks will see plenty of magic afoot, as our mother prepares for her ascension, despite what the outer world reflects. It makes me think of the cleaning that I have been doing here at my former home. It has not been tended in this way since I left 6 years ago……and that last year or so, I was so busy and exhausted, it did not get much. But now I am creating dust storms and piles of mess as I transform it back to its beauty. You know how it looks when you take everything out of the cupboards to clean them……it appears that you are going backwards, creating more mess than you began with. Yet once you sort and clear and put the things you do use, back in the cupboards, there is a sense of order, cleanliness, space and peace.

That is what our mother is doing…..a bit of deep housekeeping. Watch out while she is in the midst of it, she may sweep you up! But trust that all her activity has a purpose and hold the vision of the newly cleaned space within. Soon you will be sitting in it, looking about with joy and greater peace.

This rock showed me two in profile, in the act of kissing, becoming the one.

I participated with a small group yesterday in Tom Kenyon’s worldwide meditation. It is in effect for 24 hours so continues today. This is his intention: “The goal of the World Meditation is to add a vibrational quality to the emotional atmosphere of your planet. You have an inherent right to do so because you are embodied in time and space, and because you are living temporarily upon this Earth. As a resident of this planet, you have a right to encourage benevolent outcomes. The specific purpose of this World Meditation is to accelerate the collective human recognition of interconnectedness and a passage from the miasmas and delusions of humanity’s collective history into a new constellation of cultural beliefs that will serve to unfold humanity’s higher destiny. This will be done through the agency of your imagination—the power of your will and intention—joined with the creative potentials that reside in non-dual states of consciousness.”

We each had different experiences but all felt the wave of love that it generated around the world. We are such powerful creators. It came home to me how we are quickly unlocking the last codes we put away for safekeeping until this moment in time. As I sat with two others, Mary Magdalene came in to show me the triple crowns above our heads and the river of information that now flowed freely as our trinity sat with joined hands and hearts. A Lemurian master and an inner earth member came to speak to me through one of the women. I was thanked for my work traveling about on the grid lines, moving energy here and there. I was told that it was now time for stillness. (As I was driving on a windy road in the rain last week to unlock codes with two others, I soothed my body by stating that when we returned, we would have a month of stillness).  It would be the way for me to find my home. Not through my mind, rather through a deep connection with my heart. They guided me to visualize myself by a stream, rocks and a tree. All appeared and my breathing slowed as they took me deeper into my heartspace. I was shocked to find myself sitting in the middle of the earth. Oh my, I have a home there! I have a love for our inner earth brethren, the Agarthans but had not realized how closely aligned I was with them. They monitored my feeling state and once I was there, they asked me to remember that feeling so as to be able to return to it at will. I will go there each day and be bathed by the sun of the inner world and know the heart of my mother.

A window display that reminds me that my home is being prepared.

Savor these days as our world prepares for her changes. Release anything that keeps you tethered to this 3D world and allow yourself to flow with our mother. That means doing a thorough housecleaning of your heart space. This month, all that is hidden in those old cupboards, is showing up. Be grateful to all those who make you aware of these things by triggering an emotional reaction in you. Pay attention to everything in your life as anything can be used to wake us up to what is coming to be loved. Feel all your feelings completely and deeply. Do not judge them as good or bad, they are simply feelings needing expression. Yes, a part of you may berate you for feeling something: “You shouldn’t be feeling abandoned, look at all the friends you have.” or whatever line it comes up with but you are feeling abandoned. You need to allow it wash over you and bring that little one in and love him/her. One of the most powerful things that I ever did was make a vow to never abandon myself again……not for anything or anyone. No one was as important as me to me. I needed to stand by myself with a fierce love that brooked no interference. We are each our own beloved. Treat yourself with the tenderest of care today. Send out streams of love for all those on the planet that are suffering, wrapping that pink blanket of peace and love about them. Of course, you do this while wrapped up in your own pink blanket of the deepest love. When you come across something that jars you out of the love, remember the mantra that my mother tells me, All is well. I know this to be the truth. We are so loved. We are cherished. I cherish you this day.



The Sweetness of Life

branches plucked from a backyard tree, stuck in a glass jar, set on a checked table cloth, soft with the colors of spring......sweetness!

I am lost in wonder at how the days fly past and I have moved through so many landscapes. The past three days have seen me very close to the earth, literally, pulled there. Lying on her or the couch, or lounging on the front stoop where it is sheltered from the chilly breeze and warmed by the sun. No walks to speak of and the exercise routine that was happening, is not any longer. Though, yesterday my youngest son and I had many laughs watching each other take turns with a weighted hula hoop. Pretty funny! We both got the hang of it but had entirely different body motions to keep it from falling at our feet. Most laughing that I have done in awhile and it felt great! I prefered the swaying hip movement and he did the back and forth pump. Oh, how silly as we tried to keep it aloft when it began the descent down the legs!

Our physical symptoms are so diverse as we go through this ascension process, For me, great gulps of rest these days as well as great quantities of food to keep me warm. Pants are getting tight, I have put on weight which I am trusting is just what my body needs as it morphs into more and more light. I spend half the day drinking gallons of water and the other half peeing. Truly, it takes heaps of my day! Heavy vise grip on my head on and off for the past few days. Various ares of my body buzzing, aching, vibrating. All is well! When I feel my angels at work, I tell them to go at it. Get me ready for what is ahead. I feel tremendous gratitude that I have the freedom to rest when I need to. I know that I am doing exactly what I planned for myself. I have let go of judgment about how others seem to do so much as I lay here. This is my piece of the puzzle, this is my path and it takes all that I have to give each day, to be it.

A friend called today to say that her angels had responded to her request for an upgrade on her knee that had been troublesome for years. She asks daily to have her body prepared with ease and grace, as do I. Today she was walking in her garden, felt her knee give way, as if her leg had disappeared, when she saw three angelic beings whose gaze was focused on her knee. Instantly, she knew that her knee was being replaced. She thanked them and has felt a newness in the area just above and below her knee as she adjusts to this replacement. How magical is that?! Ask and you shall receive. If symptoms become too much for me, I ask my angels to ease off and they do. As I am right now in a space where I can simply be, I ask them to take full advantage and go for it! The more light I can comfortably hold in my body, the greater service I can offer my mother earth. I can anchor the incoming energies and allow them to move through her with ease. This helps her ascension process as she reciprocates in grounding me to aid me in mine. It is a beautiful system where as we help another, we are helped. As we feel joy, we open the earth for more joy. Magic, I tell you it is magic!

Purple cauliflower, how beautiful! I love eating all the colors!

The sweetness has been growing with my sons. We are creating a resonance, a frequency of such love, it is a tone almost. It feels peaceful, open, and so deeply heart connected. We share things we read and cry with the beauty of the expression of some aspect of life. We go to the farmer’s market and marvel at the colors and variety presented for us to chose from. We cook together and savor the tastes of fresh vegies and fruits. We each spend time alone and treasure the times we come together, lying on a blanket on the ground, feeling the peace of the other in the house somewhere, warm hugs and stillness.  I know that this is the energy of the new communities, the pods to come. I play with the air that tells me it is taking this frequency that we are sharing and it is spreading it out into the ethers. There it is being woven into a tapestry of the new life we are co-creating with our thoughts and feelings. Feeling the peace and bliss is so important! I cannot describe exactly what the new looks like but I am feeling the edges of it more each day. And the sweetness of it, takes my breath away! This is how we will live! The love we will feel for each other is a memory of home from deep in my soul. This is truth, there is only love!

A bench on my river walk where I can sit and watch the water flow past.

There is great change afoot. I see March as the month of magic. There will be announcements of arrests of folks who have been in control of this whole game here on earth. We have been enslaved on so many levels and the truth of the ways and means of it all, is coming to light. Know this to be the step towards our freedom. There will be more ufo sightings as our galactic brothers and sisters make themselves known to us. They are here to help us restore our planet. The inner earth beings, the Agarthans, more of our family, are ready to join us on the surface of our earth, once again. If this sounds like science fiction to you, be open to the wonder of it all! We have come from stars across the galaxy and many of us from other universes to be part of the ascension of the earth  to the fifth dimension, the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age of Peace. It is such an honor to be here, to add our light to this mission. It is time to greet our relatives from our home planets, to hug our families and friends that we left so long ago to incarnate here on earth. What a celebration awaits us all!

We are in the midst of the evolution of our species. We are becoming new humans as we return to more of our galactic and angelic natures. Day by day, the memories are being restored as we begin to honor the light that we are. I see the softening of hearts, the yearning to let go and live in peace and harmony with nature and one another. The nature kingdom is helping all it can, loving to interact with us, to play in the fields of possibilities. No one knows what we will create, how it will look as we are all bringing our puzzle pieces to the table. I only feel the vibration of it and hear the tone……oh, the beauty!! Know how important you are, how unique and beautiful is the gift of you. Please love yourself, know that you are so deeply loved for choosing to be here and play your part. Open to the beauty that is all around you. Take deep drinks of nature in any way you can each day. Today I laid my sheets out on chairs to dry in the sun, no clothesline available. I love the thought of my daughter coming to stay in a day or two and feeling her delight as she heads to bed and slips into the smell of sun-kissed sheets. It was one of the little treats that I loved to gift my kids with. Soak it up; the smile returned by the person you pass on the street, the hug of a friend, the sharing on the phone with a dear heart, the bird singing outside the window, the hot water hitting your face in the shower, the water that is plentiful from the tap to quench thirst, the smell of spring rising from the earth. Gratitude and love fill my heart tonight.