December’s Sacred Days of Love

Feel the love dawning ever brighter each day.

As a little girl attending Catholic church. I loved the weeks of advent. Each Sunday, a new candle would be lit on the altar, signifying our journey to Christmas and the birth of Christ. Four candles with the last being the white of the Christ light. This year, I feel this pageantry anew in my body, as I progress through the days with a sense of sacredness. Each day takes me more firmly into the space of love.

Flames in waiting!

Yesterday I had a cord of wood delivered so that I can have warmth and the joy of a fire in┬áthe hearth. As I stacked the wood with the help of a friend and my son, I felt such a sense of wealth. Here was tangible proof of abundance as I felt the joy to come from the flame of this wood. I thought of the flame of the Creator’s love that is so alive in my heart these days. How comforted and warmed I am by the loving energies which continue to rain upon us. Each day, the shower increases until I feel that I am standing under a cascading waterfall of love.

Trust that the Christ light is near, even if you feel a veil obscuring it for a moment,

There is no thing for us to do in these holy days. We are being gifted on every level of our being to turn to this flame of love, To allow it to permeate our thoughts, our actions, our emotions. Much continues to come up as it seeks the flame of love. I am grateful for every old emotion, every new one that comes, seeking shelter in the flame. I see them as cold and in need of the warmth in my heart. Come here, I say, come in and warm yourself by the fire. Let us sit and stare into its flames and be transfigured into the one love.

My guidance tells me that the ascension is assured, all are moving to love and unity. I rest in this knowing. I savor the quiet victory that dances in my cells. I am so appreciative of this body elemental that has weathered such storms in this life and still performs so well for me. She asks for stillness and peace, good food and chocolate, naps and slowness.

The Christ child come, this picture was in the "baby room" of my in-law's house. We bought one for ourselves and hung it in the children's room. It is with us still, gracing us with the Christ presence, so sweet.

I am savoring everything in my world. I am so grateful to be on the planet, one of the fortunate ones to be given a body to fully experience this shift of the ages. This movement into love and peace on earth. I feel a Christmas like no other is waiting for us all. It has nothing to do with stores and shopping, stress and mad preparations. in my family, we have left that behind long ago. We focus on time together, good food, music with angelic choirs rejoicing. This year, we shall truly hear the angels sing!

We are in the wonder days. This year, Christ will be born in each of our hearts. Yes, we will each become the Christ, carrying that consciousness in our every cell. Open yourself to this with the wonder of a child. It is the gift we have waited all our incarnations for and we stand at the threshold. Open your heart and bid Him enter, for truly, He is here.