Nights of Little Sleep as the Energies Flow

Red poppies and a white picket fence....joyful combo.

Red poppies and a white picket fence….joyful combo.

Yesterday was the new moon and the energies ran through me like a waterfall. Days like that mean chugging water and peeing dozens of time. Awake till the wee hours….the mind asking what is the cause. The body simply being in that suspended awake state which has no antidote. I realized that I still revert to the “what have I done wrong?” train of thought. It was eye opening to me how programmed we are to look first and foremost to ourselves to assign blame. I went through a list….last meal at 5 pm so not that; no chocolate that day so not that; no caffeine that day either so not that; long walk and back exercises done so not that… Ok, I was simply awake through no particular reason that I could pinpoint. It was the energy flowing in and that was it.

Love reflected all around us.

Love reflected all around us.

I was grateful for this night’s example as it allowed me to let myself completely off the hook no matter if I had eaten chocolate or toast at midnight or laid on the couch all day. None of it makes a difference when I am kept awake. It simply is. Ah….I thought I was past the blame self game yet there it was in all of its stern mind loops.

I have days when it is easy to do my intermittent fasting, eat loads of greens, exercise followed by days where none of that is reachable. I am simply carried on a current that allows no structure of my mind to exist. Willpower, which used to be my tool to get through my days, gritted teeth and all, fled a decade or so ago. The best of me drives the show in this body and my only job is to trust it. Trust so completely in the unfolding of life around me. Embrace it all with an open heart and a backseat view. Knowing deep in my heart, that I am so loved by me, so cherished for the love light that I am, that everything conspires to move me closer to that flame of love.

There is a huge wave of awakening sweeping the planet. So many are facing health crisis, relationship crisis, crippling depression and anxiety. The light forces the shadow out to be seen and felt. Our bodies are showing us lifetimes of pain and suffering. It is such a trust walk in the world today. To allow all to surface and to welcome it all. The good, bad and ugly are all there to be seen, to be felt, to be experienced and to be let go. Surrender and trust the bywords for this time. 

My grandson's carrot friend that he added clove eyes too.

My grandson’s carrot friend that he added clove eyes too.

The flip side is the amazing joy and sense of excitement that you can feel rising from our mother earth. Oh! It can be giddy to feel it swirling about you. Dancing joy! I am so fortunate to have time with my three year old grandson most days. He expresses these energies so purely, it is humbling to witness. Yesterday as we sat by the pool eating our snacks he said, ” Nana, we have a good life!” Yes, we do. He named the birds singing in the yard, our gorgeous garden giving us big juicy strawberries and salad greens and beets and carrots and all kinds of flowers and herbs. The crystal clear salt water pool, his swing in the tree, the hot tub for cool evening soaks, his bike to race around…so much abundance. He dances about singing, “I am happy! I am so happy!”

The bees love to dive in to our saucer sized purple poppies.

The bees love to dive in to our saucer sized purple poppies.

He shows me a new way of thinking that is beyond duality. He expresses appreciation for all things. I was pushing him on the swing and he thanked me along with the tree with its strong branch to support the swing, his grandpa for putting it up, his mom for buying it for him. He sees the interconnectedness of all things. When he saw his grandpa set a rat trap in the shed that caught and killed a rat, he played that he was a rat for a time afterwards. He gives the rat new ways to escape, offers alternative endings and got books out of the library to understand rats and their place in the world. He loves them as well as understands that everything has a place to be.  He expresses his sadness with quick tears  and finding a lap for comfort. Tears and laughter flow with equal ease…all part of the whole of this journey.

We are moving into something so expansive and new, it feels like champagne bubbles in my cells. Other times, there is only the flatness of a day old bottle with its fizz gone. Yet the memory of the bubbly feeling does not depart. We are so ready to live it all, to embrace new ways of connecting and sharing. I am so grateful to be here right now and have a seat at this grand turning of the age. How blessed we are.

All Warriors of the Heart Called Up


Some animal scat formed into a heart…Illustrating that everything can be returned to love!

Wow, here we are in 2019! This year has opened with a fatigue that flattened me. The energies streaming in have shut down my mind in a new way. We are being recalibrated, upgraded, rejuvenated. I know….it feels like anything but that. Yet my heart holds the knowing in a flame of trust that burns ever bright.

My mind will not process much beyond this moment. If two things, or more, present themselves, my mind turns into a fuzzy screen, like a tv not yet tuned into a channel. All I can do then, is breathe and stay present where I am. Those around me, have to adjust to the fact that I cannot even reach from morning to afternoon, no less plans for the next day!  I trust my higher self to register all and alert me when needed. I have done this for years now and it has worked well for me. She keeps dates and notices for me and pings me with an alert at the right time. Thank goodness!

The other thing that is so prevalent during these end times, is the feeling of being beyond tired of the antics playing out around us. A desire to smote individuals, organizations, governments, structures rises up with a fierceness. I allow that energy to burn through me with its wild destructiveness, and then turn to another flame.  The knowingness is there that recognizes this is the old way of the warriors we have been for eons of time. We have played this out, over and over on this earth. Fighting fire with fire only ends up with everything burnt to the ground.


Seeing the beauty beyond the shadows.

It is now, the time of the warrior of the heart. This requires that breath, dropping deep in my heart’s core. This is where love resides and burns so bright. This is the flame that we reach for in these now times. The flame of love that quenches all in its path. I drink of it and know that I am a pillar of love on this planet. This is the time that I came for. We are here to hold the torch of lovelight so bright that all comes into the harmony and union which is truth.

A friend had a wonderful example of this play out. She was sitting in a healing circle, receiving energy from another. She saw a dark hooded being standing in the center of the circle. She did not feel fear, instead, she tipped her hands up and allowed the healing lovelight to flow to this being. She saw the dark cape crumble from the figure. He stood there in a gown of light. He then turned from her and stepped back until he was sitting on her lap. She allowed this. He then merged with her and shot out through her crown in a blaze of light. She knew that he represented an aspect of herself, coming home into the truth of love. We have all played the dark roles, worn the black hooded cape of separation. It is time to bring it all home.

This is playing out on a global scale. Our energies are working overtime to flow the lovelight to all of humanity and the earth, herself. We are charged with remembering that this is who we are and why we came. We are the warriors of the heart. We have all the tools that we need, in that inner flame. Our humanness may instinctively respond with the raised sword and desire to smote all opposing energies yet our true I AM presence, knows that that time has passed. We are in anchoring in a new age, the Golden Age of Peace, long prophesied. We know the truth of Oneness and walk it, with all that we are.

We come in all guises. Some little beings my grandson and I created.

We come in all guises. Some little beings my grandson and I created.

It takes huge amounts of energy. I see myself like a battery, filled with lovelight that can suddenly be drained when the need arises for an infusion in the field. I honor my body, who so graciously accommodates these surges and gives her all. I support myself with time alone, time resting and drifting as the battery recharges. Nature helps, my three year old grandson’s playfulness helps, connecting to other lovelight pillars helps. It is time to stand fully in our hearts and allow all to return to the truth of love. I love and honor each of you so.


Choice Points: Facing Fears to Embrace the New

These clouds made me dizzy as they kept vibrating.

These clouds made me dizzy as they kept vibrating.

I am witnessing many coming to clarity as they face their fears and step out of situations that are no longer tenable for them. It is so exciting to witness! I see how new pathways open as the clarity comes in and the courage to face what is presenting as possible, flows in. There are paths of further hardship and suffering…filled with guilt, shame and care taking roles. Right alongside, are pathways of freedom and ease and joy presenting. Fears arise as to the possibility of the suffering continuing or even getting worse.

Hearts appearing everywhere. We are so loved.

Hearts appearing everywhere. We are so loved.

Yet, if the individual can gather their strength, vision and inner knowing of the path that matches their heart’s desire, a doorway will open that leads to it. There is much noise and confusion, distractions and weight placed around the situations, often obscuring the truth underneath. It takes vision to see one’s own path, clear of the entanglements of others and their needs. Many wish for us to stay small and controllable. Our families are often now thrilled when we begin to speak truth, to stand up for what we know in our hearts is a better way. When consciousness is brought in, it can be too bright a light for the shadow aspects of ourselves. We have to be willing to do the work, to face it all and love it all back to truth.

I am flooding my lovelight out to the field, as encouragement for each one to take that bold step, to leap into the unknown, trusting that they will be met. That life is full of so much richness and opportunities for happiness.

The last of the summer garden blooming.

The last of the summer garden blooming.

This is a critical choice point as the earth is making her move. She desires expansion and ascension. We are privileged to ride along with her but our paths are honored, whatever choice we make. It amazes me how starkly the choices are being presented at this time. It is as if they are illuminated by a spot light. Transformations are available in record time. Nothing remains stagnant. It all moves forward now.

We will witness many moving locations, jobs, relationships that have become too confining. Many carrying the old frequencies will depart to make way for this next wave of love beings that are arriving to help us all over this last hurdle before full ascension. There is a whole group of beings of my generation who have completed their mission. We are given the choice to leave with acknowledgement of a job well done or stay to witness the birth of the new.

Last bouquet of sunflowers from the garden.

Last bouquet of sunflowers from the garden.

All choices are honored. We keep in mind that each one’s path is holy and trust their walking of it. Whether it looks like an evolutionary walk or not, each is guided by their I AM presence to experience what they will. There are no wrong pathways, some simply offer more of a shortcut to our own truth. Yet at times, we are not interested in a shortcut, but desire the fullness of an experience before choosing another.

We now are switching from hardship and suffering, letting go of the erroneous notion of its nobility. Grace and ease, joy and harmony are pathways opening wide for all to enter now. These frequencies have landed, the grids are alive with this knowing. Our hearts are on fire with the lovelight that streams in so steadily.

Wishing clarity and courage to all as we make this leap. We signed up for this. We were chosen to be here as we had the “right stuff”. Trust in this and move through the last fears, knowing there is nothing that can stand against the heat of our love.


Living in the New With the Little Ones

The incredible colors of the waters of Lake Tahoe. My grandson kept marveling at the beauty.

The incredible colors of the waters of Lake Tahoe. My grandson kept marveling at the beauty.

It seems that more and more of the time, I am floating. I drop into the bubble of love with my three year old grandson and time and all else disappears. I have the luxury of my alone space provided by a dear friend in the form of a cottage as well as the love pod space at my former home with my dear former hubby, my daughter and my grandson. There is such respect, harmony and peace amongst us, days flow by with barely a ripple. We all enter into the world of the little one whose imagination never stops. We enjoy the beauty of the garden, harvesting the last of the summer produce. We work on projects about the house, finishing up a kitchen remodel from months ago. The little one loves to put on his ear protectors and safety googles and help his grandpa in whatever he is about for the day. He is great at handing over tools, knowing the names and uses for each and delights in his time using the tools under watchful eyes. He is amazingly skillful. He reminds us that there is no need for “toy tools” as he can use many of the real ones safely.

These little ones are showing us a new world. He and his grandpa were working on a project of replacing the staves on a wheelbarrow. After working for an hour or so, he said, “Let’s sit and be still.” They took a break, sitting and listening to the wind rustle the leaves, the wind chimes tolling their notes, the birds singing along. Grandpa felt the grace of the moments. The pause that allows the heart to swell and fill.

My grandson likes to leave flowers for Kuan Yin and Buddha. This day he threaded a necklace of marigolds for his friend to wear.

My grandson likes to leave flowers for Kuan Yin and Buddha. This day he threaded a necklace of marigolds for his friend to wear.

This dear heart is so active, can keep an imaginary world going for hours as he races here and there. Yet, he can drop into stillness in a moment, nuzzle your face, breathe with you, forehead to forehead. He can give vent to a torrent of tears and then jump for joy. He acts out his feelings quickly and completely. Emptying fears and frustrations through his whole body, and returning to his balanced set point of curiosity and fun. Love is his signature.

Our generation came in to pave pathways through density, we intended to clear our lineages, to allow the family patterns and storylines to be rewritten. Our children lived through our unconsciousness but did not experience the heavy violence and darkness that formed our worlds. They were free to ask questions, to push back and chart a new course.  We came from a generation where children did not voice their opinion.

Now this generation of love beings has arrived. They have not come to experience trauma. They are not wired for confrontation or conflict. They came to embody and emanate love to raise the whole of this planet. It is such a blessing to be with them. Many of them recognize the sages of old, Buddha, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Jesus. My grandson used to say, “Bubba, there is Bubba” before he could pronounce d’s. I see my little grand nephews doing the same.

Hearts showing the water droplets on the tile floor as I stepped out of the shower.

Hearts showing up…here the water droplets on the tile floor as I stepped out of the shower.

They are more sensitive, many requiring new ways of parenting. They demand more presence on the part of their caregivers. My daughter has found wonderful resources; Janet Lansbury with her practical suggestions on parenting, and Shefali Tsabary with her Conscious Parenting books and so many others. The internet is a wonderful tool that offers so much support to young parents. A different world from me at the local library looking up in the card catalog searching for anything on conscious parenting.

There are more angels coming in and they will need the support of all of us. I see many conscious grandmothers (and some grandfathers) assisting in anchoring and supporting the truth of love that these children bring. May we assist in co-creating a world of harmony, peace, abundance and joy with these dear hearts. I am so grateful that they have come!


The Frequency of Divine Love Anchors This Day

On tribal land 10-10-2010

On tribal land 10-10-2010

In the dawn light, I awoke from a powerful dream. I was with Joseph, a Native American man that I had a profound relationship with eight years ago. We had been called together and spent a few weeks in the woods of Iowa, sharing lifetimes of memories and love. We were called to anchor divine love on 10-10-2010 on a Lakota reservation in South Dakota. It was the wedding day of a chief and his bride. It was a celebration of such love and joy. The next day, all that was not love rose up in Joseph as his dark shadow self. We returned to Iowa and he told me that I must leave or he might harm me. My higher self concurred and I departed in a storm of tears. It was an intense shattering of my heart. I had never experienced anything like our union and could not make sense of it ending. It took so long to recover from as I could not find any understanding.

Two years later, on the Venus transit of 2012, I was to meet Joseph once again with the instruction to anchor divine love on Mount Shasta. I had had no contact with him except one phone call in 2011 to release myself from our blood covenant that we had made in the hollow of a huge redwood tree in 2010. I had heard through the Chief that Joseph was now living with another woman. I felt such betrayal as I was at that time, still holding an open door for him to return to our union and commitment. I wanted to formally release myself from that bond in an honorable way. He responded with a death energy directed my way that made me very ill and filled with a desire to go into the desert and die. Fortunately a sister who knew me well, was able to trace the energy to him and to counter it within my being, freeing me from its intent.

IMG_1191We did indeed, meet on the Venus transit and there was a flood of tears and apologies for the energy he had sent to me. He said that he was not as strong as I, and could not live without human companionship. He was afraid of what we were asked to do, but finally, with help from others, he was able to offer me his heart in trust, knowing I would not harm him. A simple look, a gesture at the time and it was anchored and done. We parted with a child like kiss on the lips. The love anchored was like a nuclear explosion. I had been shown I might not survive it. Yet we both did and once again, parted.

Now, all these years later, he shows up in my dream. We are at his place in the woods. There are two other women with him. One is intent on having a baby with him, the other has some need of him which I did not discern. He and I were telepathic. The women were upset that I was there, though one assisted in the healing of a toe that is inflamed in this present time. I thanked her and she asked me what I was there for. I smiled and said, “to bring in the frequency of divine love.”

IMG_0158Joseph came to me, I was on a swing on his porch. We walked up a hill together and sat and watched the sun. (A memory came after the dream of us sitting like this, facing the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. He had asked, “What are we to one another?” The sun had shot two rays into his palm. Chief had told us we were twin rays….that had been Joseph’s confirmation.)

In the dream we now sat immersed in a field of divine love. It was so freeing, so expansive, It made me laugh to think of the other two women and their need of him. I saw that love held no need, no conditions. It was a field of freedom and joy. We laughed as we saw how we had needed something from one another all those years ago. We had been blinded, able to only see through a conditioned lens as to how a relationship would play out. We thought through labels to identity this love. This is beyond twin flames or rays or any labels. This is a love that we can tap into with anything on this earth. Imagine walking and exchanging love with the trees, the water, the ground! All in love and harmony, singing our notes of joy.

I was shown that I was now anchoring this love, this frequency on the planet for all to access. I saw today, October 1st, as a gateway into the new land. All will be made new. I understood the irritation, the fatigue, the weight of the last week, all that had arisen to be cleared. We were dumping the last of our baggage, finally claiming ourselves as sovereign beings. I had been toiling at my former house, assisting my former hubby and daughter with yard and house repair and clean up. In the late afternoon, I had taken a moment by the pool to sit with my feet in the water and the sun on my face. I felt a wave of peace flow through. I heard that we would not work this way again. The hardship, the toil and sweat required to exist here on earth, would no longer be necessary. I saw how we would create with our intention and heart flame, form following and remaining while our loving attention was on it. Form dissolving once that attention was removed. Manifesting and disintegrating, a cycle with no end. We would no longer need to spend our energy to keep form from its demise. Oh, how we have labored on this earth!

This dragon breathing sunlight showed up on my drive back from the grinding rocks.

This dragon breathing sunlight showed up on my drive back from the grinding rocks.

Freedom is here. Love that dances and moves and holds us in its heart. Love free from demands or constraints of any kind. I am so grateful for all that brought me to this moment. Yesterday it was the call of two guardians who had come through the week before to a dear heart and me while doing a stargate card reading. These two guardians called us to a place on the river, where the Native Americans of this region had ground their acorns into flour. It was a large grinding rock, slanted and partially submerged in the river. We felt all the women who had gathered in this spot over decades. The guardians came in and revealed themselves as aspects of ourselves. I felt myself attune my antenna to their new and slightly uncomfortable frequency. We were guided to put our feet in the water and to anoint one another in certain ways. We were telepathic during this time, all flowing from their guidance into our being as they stepped fully into our physical vehicles. Again, I heard that we were being prepared to hold higher frequencies. We were rewired. I awoke from my dream with soreness in my neck and upper back where they worked on us. I saw the seamless way the past weeks had played out to enable me to have this dream and allow the divine love to fill my body.

I saw myself anchoring it and sending it out on the grid lines. All the elementals were assisting to put it into the physical atmosphere. Ah…..I had previously told friends and family that today I needed a day to myself. Now I see why. It is a day to honor myself and all beings. To rest and allow the further integration. To fully feel the joy of this frequency being available to the collective. Not all will choose it, but it is freely given to all from the Creator. We are so gifted and blessed.

Hearts of love show up for me most days, this one a coffee stain on the counter.

Hearts of love show up for me most days, this one a coffee stain on the counter.

I know that a partner is coming to me in the physical, to further anchor this divine love. My body is preparing as is my heart. I send such love to Joseph for his continuing part in my story of love. I honor all that he was able to do with me and appreciate that in our higher aspects, we saw our love come to such fruition as to play out the balance of the male and female in the dreamtime. That familiar landscape from which he channeled his poetry, in this incarnation as a bard. A role he reprised lifetime after lifetime. What joy we shared together in the dream!

Oh, the tapestry of our lives, the weaving of our light, the orchestration that we set in place to bring us all home. I am full. So full of divine love this day. May it shower all of us with its gentleness and truth.


Trusting in the Beauty of It All

IMG_1152Glorious cool mornings following hot days here in Northern California. Wearing my robe and slippers and sipping my coffee in a state of peace. I have a bouquet of sunflowers beside me, reminding me to radiate my inner sun. I am just settling back into my cottage space after a couple of weeks away. I went to Michigan to visit my sister. I so enjoyed the wide open vista of her property in the countryside. She had lovely woods on either side and meadows of orange cosmos that she had planted in waving drifts across her property.  So much beauty, she excels at creating beauty.

I was hit with the flu the night before I departed. I knew I was to be flying on 9-11 but had no idea of the endurance required. I was feverish and chilled, and had about a 12 hour odyssey ahead. I was able to connect to the pain so many live with, the harshness of this reality and the endurance and courage it takes to keep going. I felt such love for humanity, for our heart light that blazes forth despite the tight boxes we have had to exist in. I felt the depth of the lies that permeate every facet of our society, including the 9-11 experience, the truth of which has yet to be fully revealed. I was locked in my bubble of illness, breathing and praying my way, moment to moment, hours of sitting with my little throw up bag, grasped tightly to my chest in readiness if my stomach gave in to its urges.

The clouds and sunsets have been so magical of late. They nourish me!

The clouds and sunsets have been so magical of late. They nourish me!

Fortunately for me, it was one day of misery whereas for many, it does not end. I knew and could feel the pineal expansion taking place. I feel our organs and digestive systems are being over hauled. I sense we will soon be able to exist and be nourished by sunlight, food being a pleasure we can indulge in but no longer a necessity for our bodies to function. I felt my torso elongate and more light flow within. Fatigue is once again back, needing afternoons and evenings of stillness and quiet to integrate all the lovelight flowing in. Our bodies can go into anxiety as truly we are dying while living. The physical ascension time is here. Our light bodies are coming online more and more. All strange, new and at times, disconcerting. Dream time is becoming more vivid as this reality begins to shift and feel to be the illusion.

Sun dappled road, breathing in the trees' gift.

Sun dappled road, breathing in the trees’ gift.

It is a time to reach out to one another, to offer reassurance and receive it. It can be a wobbly experience with highs and lows. I felt positively pregnant the other day. Smells were assaulting me, nausea present, irritability and fatigue levels were high. I have not felt so fragile in a long time. Sunshine and warmth outside yet I wanted to stay curled up inside, cocooned in a smaller space. The desire for solitude, rest, quiet, peace is overwhelming. Yet there is chaos abounding. Intensity in the body, the psyche, the emotions. Many at their breaking point and beyond. I know that I am here as a pillar of peace in these times. I can feel the low thrum of my inner being, sending out the “all is well” tone while the surface churns and rumbles.

I trust this process despite feeling stretched wide and thin. We did not know exactly how this transformation into the new era of peace would transpire, but we did know that we would be a part of it. It is a time of massive completions for our souls. We are finishing all the loose ends of our lifetimes on this planet. Wrapping it up, seeking closure with one and all. For me, this is my final lifetime here and I know that I am staying to participate in co-creating the new love pods and systems. I desire to experience the joy of freedom, on what has been a prison planet for so long, and carry that experience forward into new worlds and universes.

Magnificent rainbow that we watched form on the 9-9 gateway. We are being invited to enter in.

Magnificent rainbow that we watched form on the 9-9 gateway. We are being invited to enter in.

I trust that this is happening as I can feel and sense its completion. It is done. We did it! Now to live each day in the knowing, breathing that into the collective to uplift all as we move through the dismantling and chaos that change brings. Trust yourself, trust in the love. Know that we are always moving to more, not less. More joy, more heartfelt connections with soul family and our mother earth, more radiant health, more freedom, more knowing and truth. Embrace the changes, even in the moments of extreme discomfort as all heralds the new. It is time, We are becoming our true selves.

Be gentle, oh so gentle with yourself. We are birthing ourselves, our I Am presences descending into form. Our bodies are offering themselves as bridges to bring heaven to earth. Honor them. Honor their needs.

A deep bow to each of us for showing up and keeping on. I love us so.



Wonder Amping Up

fullsizeoutput_1a5fThis morning as I sat drinking my coffee and eating my peanut butter coated toast, I was reading Rob Brezny’s weekly astrology. I love all the quotes and beauty provoking ideas that he shares. This one spoke to me and reminded me of why I like to write. It helps me to delve deeper into my experiences in life. It allows the wonder to wash over my soul and free me to be more of who I really am.

Here is what spoke this morning:

“Poet Mary Oliver provides us with this excellent guidance:

Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

Here is my “tell about it” offering. Yesterday morning I was startled out of my dreams by a six a.m. call from my sister. I had recently woken to a strong knowing that I was to book a ticket to visit her for the first time in years. Has it been years since we have seen each other? Yes, a number of years. I depart on the 5th of September yet it seems my visit has already begun. She called excitedly to share that I had just been with her. I came as she was sitting in her open garage, looking out at her woods and meadows. There was a shaft of sunlight that I flew into as a black and gold moth. She knew that it was me. She witnessed me turning in the sunlight, showing off my burnished gold gossamer nature. She was enthralled and exclaimed over my beauty. The experience lasted about ten minutes before the moth flew off. She wanted to get her camera to take a photo but knew she had to take it in while it was happening, recording it on her heart.

The misty mornings that I recently enjoyed on the CA coast brought ancient memories alive.

The misty mornings that I recently enjoyed on the CA coast brought ancient memories alive.

Oh my! Yes, one of my desires is the return of bilocation and shape shifting skills. Here it is!  How wonderful to hear this reminder of the magic that is afoot. To claim our own beauty as we show more of our true nature to one another. This makes me so glad to still have a body to play in this field with.

I had a playdate yesterday with a group of three other women, There are seven of us who have been working together as representatives of the grandmothers. We are able to bring through the lineages of all traditions within our group and work in harmony with these ancestors. Four of us live in this area, one in northern Scotland, one on the California/Oregon coastline, and one in Boulder, Colorado. The latest project that came up was working with the sexual predator energy. One dear to my heart had called for some assistance as he has been gathering this energy with his sword of light for the past year and a half. He was struggling with the weight of it and all the darkness that he collects in his role as a representative of Archangel Michael on the planet, or as he says, as a garbage collector. He knew that the time had come for this energy to leave the planet. He said, “I cannot love this energy.” I knew in that moment who could. It was the grandmothers’ work. His was to hold the sword of light  which magnetized the dark energy. It has taken a mighty effort on this soul’s part, at times threatening to annihilate him. He has held on and now we could offer our assistance as the  frequencies supported this action.

The power of unity where you cannot tell where one starfish begins or ends.

The power of unity where you cannot tell where one starfish begins or ends.

It was a three day project. We, as the grandmothers, offered our love, surrounding this dear one, as we assisted in collecting the remnants of this energy and encapsulating it for release back to the Creator. The archangels were at the ready. This was a huge energy of all that preyed upon innocence throughout time. I felt physically ill and gagged as I worked with it. The Vatican held a large piece of it as did many other areas on the earth. It had so invaded our cells, the remnants had to be traced and chased down. It knew its time was over but needed the flame of our love to allow it release.

Here is the beauty of the singular form which like us, seeks union.

Here is the beauty of the singular form which like us, seeks union.

I felt so proud to be in the company of these grandmothers as we all brought our skills to the fore and it happened in a joyful way. At first I saw some harshness needed but that quickly dissolved with the old ways, and it was a frequency of joy and love that lifted it free. The full moon and astrological configurations of the 26th assisted mightily. The 27th felt like a new beginning for all of us.

I felt this dear one freed to be and live his innocence and joy. It was all part of the preparation that is ongoing for the beloveds coming together. It is all about union at this time. We are changing and morphing daily and it is a joy to witness in myself and those around me. I felt the relief that so many will experience a lightening and easing of their burdens. Innocence will have a space to thrive in as the need for protection dissolves.

The love can be found everywhere!

The love can be found everywhere!

Hallelujah!  So much is completing now. Know that old emotions are surfacing to be felt for the last time. It is a grand clearing as we prepare to allow more of our divinity to land in our physical bodies and truly bring heaven to earth.

May the innocence within us all be freed, may we open to love freely and fully, may joy once again be heralded about the earth. I love us all.


Embodying More of Ourselves

IMG_0857What a summer this has been. One more eclipse to go for our triple adventure to complete. Three has always been my number and I have been working with two other friends in a trinity formation to bring through and anchor the energies of the eclipses and yesterday’s Lion Gate.

The Lion’s Gate portal opened for us at the last eclipse as we sat in meditation. Two male lions presented themselves, one on either side of the gateway. One was the lion of the past, one of the future. We had to look both in the eyes. To pass through the past, we had to be free of all anger, resentments, non-forgiveness and attachment. Once allowed passage by him, I stood in front of the one holding the future and allowed my being to show its fearlessness about the future, knowing that I could create anything that I needed from here on out. A deep voice boomed out, ” She has gone through.” I heard it repeated three times as each of us walked through the gateway.

IMG_0970As we gathered for the actual 8-8 date, we set up altars, two of the three having been set up days before to hold the energies streaming in. We had seven crystal singing bowls, all different materials, platinum/charcoal, smoky quartz, moldavite, amethyst, apophyllite, topaz and aqua gold. We played the bowls, sat in a triangle formation and then dropped into meditation. We each had a vision come.

I saw the two male lions in front of me. They each roared and I felt its intensity flow through me. I laughed at this tactic and that laughter released them to come to me. They nuzzled me and I petted and played with them. I looked up to see a female lioness above me, lying across the top of the gateway. I had the fleeting thought, why are there not two, one for each male? She sent me the message, “I AM.” Her look penetrated my being in a way that made me feel that I was about to disintegrate. I was being called to embody all of me. I took some deep breaths, calling in more of myself with each one. I strived to stand in the force of her gaze. She then morphed into Mother Sekmet, the lion headed being of Egyptian times. She and I had worked together years ago when she called me to hold a more universal love. She had taught me the fierceness of the mother’s love that held truth above all. I was allowed to walk through the gateway and it later became clear that I was that feminine lion, her energy was my own.

I felt a circle of joy as so many beings joined hands as we danced freedom and love around the planet. There was a deep peace permeating our circles as the love flowed freely. It felt like the beginning of a new epoch for the earth and all upon her.

IMG_0977One of my friend’s vision was of our trinity which was overlayed with another set of three friends holding their trinity formation to create a six pointed star that spun. Another friend held the energy above the spinning star as a beam of light shot through the middle from the center of the cosmos deep into the earth and all of her beings. She also saw a male beloved sitting next to me, made up of starry substance. On my other side, sat his twin, only he was more etheric in form.

The amazing thing was that our visions were affirmations of our true nature. One saw me as a dandelion form, exploding stars like a dandelion releases its seeds. She saw the chemical formulas for salt and carbohydrates around me as building blocks I took in to create the starry substance. This confirmed a vision of years ago when I was told that I was a Johnny Appleseed character, seeding light on the planet and beyond. Also my recent diet of salt and sweet, chips and ice cream made more sense.

I saw one of the women as the heartbeat in the blackness of the cosmos. She shared that she was given the same image in 2012 and had hidden it in her heart all these years. Now it is time to live the knowing, to walk as that heartbeat in the world.

fullsizeoutput_12afAnother was shown a vision with her husband.  He is going through a very dark time as he faces changes which have unraveled who he thought he was. In the vision, he wanted to quit, and she told him of her promise to lead him through this part of the journey. She was holding a flame aloft in a narrow and dark cave, as she led him out to an opening. Their paths then diverged, his was a clear path up a mountainside. There were beings on both sides of the path, waiting to embrace and support him on his journey. She was led to a lake where she dove in and became the African water goddess, Yemaya. She swam in the waters of the world, ending in Hawaii swimming with the dolphins. This is in fact something she does each year and loves. The vision gave her courage for the opening to more of herself that had been presenting to her. Knowing she was to support her husband in this now time yet that she was also being called to embody more. It helped her open to non- attachment as to what that means for their relationship, trusting and honoring each of their paths.

My prince awaiting form.

My prince awaiting form.

A large crystal had been placed in a chair. As I past by the chair throughout the afternoon, I kept having this feeling of wanting to put my arms around a being that I felt there. When we were dismantling some of the altars and wrapping up the crystals, I voiced my feelings about this being.  One saw him as a huge being, beyond the masters we were familiar with. When the chair was empty, I was encouraged to sit in it. I dissolved into sobs that went on and on. This being was a dear brother from my home universe. Years ago, I had been told that I was the sole representative sent from my universe to the earth. At a particularly difficult time on my path, I was gifted a journey home to see my beloved family and be renewed by their support. The fact that the frequencies are such that this beautiful being could come through to support me, was an astounding gift. The love is of a frequency that I had never experienced on this earth. I melted in his embrace. He told me that he would be with me from now on, whenever I felt the need. He was preparing me to meet my beloved. I have known that I am to be in union with a man, felt he would come from the stars when the timing was right. Over the years, there have been preparations for this sacred marriage. It is now coming closer and this dear brother being and my beloved lapis skull, Leopold 111, are assisting me to be able to embody this love. I know that I am to form a union that will be a chalice of lovelight from which future creations will arise. A pillar of divine love, along with many more sacred unions that are about to come into fruition in order to assist the transition we are all in.

Who knew the work and effort it would take to hold more lovelight in our cells. I have dedicated myself to this path for years upon years. Now it is almost upon me. I feel strong, ready, enlivened. My body has spasms of anxiety as the light stretches her. After my friends left yesterday, I was pulled into sleep. Awakening, I felt the energies. I returned to the chair where my brother was sitting. I went and got myself a bowl of ice cream and a novel and told him, I now need some “normal time” in order to exist and allow the integration. It is difficult to hold the frequency for long periods as my body is still adjusting to the massive influx of light.

fullsizeoutput_17a3I sense that this summer eclipse season and Lion’s Gate hold so much new for each of us. I saw codes showering down upon us all, each one activating the matching codes that we came imprinted with. Such a shower of lovelight, sparkling joy! Magic blooms upon the earth once again as we step into our truth more fully. I am so grateful to my body for all that she has done to hold and process the energies all of these years. It has taken a toll. I am weary. Yet the renewal and rejuvenation is at hand. Hang on….it is about to become a more joy filled ride on this earth. Sending each one the blessings of this time, knowing this is why we came, to return all to love.

Feeling the Ease

IMG_0898As I drove the short distance to my former house to be with my love pod, I was flooded with a sense that all is well. I knew that there was nothing to worry about, no goals to strive for, nothing to push against. I knew that all is in perfect order. The only response to this knowing is to savor all that makes up my world at present.

I have not wanted to travel or venture far afield. I am so content in my little nest here. Due to a generous friend, I have a sweet spot to be. I am a few minutes drive from my daughter, my former hubby and our grandson. We all lived together for a few months in peace yet now there is more space for all of us. We spend most days together yet I have a  retreat space to return to, in order to rest and dream. There are lovely gardens to play in at both homes. I am enjoying seeing the fruits of my earlier labor grow as each day we harvest veggies. My daughter is making relishes, pickles, teas. My two year old grandson grazes on cucumbers, string beans, plums, peppers, tomatoes while playing outside. His bamboo tepee is now providing a nice shady spot to play with his trucks as the runner beans have grown so wildly.  That wildness grows inside of me as well. We turn on music and dance together around the living room, the little one delighting in mimicking our movements. We sing silly songs, we eat delicious meals, holding hands and singing our song of thanks after lightning our gratitude candles.

There is a sweetness that brings tears to our eyes frequently. This love! This love!

IMG_0919A walk to the nature area by the river is only ten minutes drive away. Yesterday we watched an osprey eating its lunch, high up in a tree. Turkeys and deer appeared on our path, egrets and ducks roamed the banks of the river. Hawks called out and flew above with the vultures. On a recent kayak outing we were graced with a bald eagle winging his way by. A tiny oak titmouse frequents the bird bath outside my window. The sunlight dapples the pathways as I write. Acorns land on the roof from the huge oak tree that shelters this cottage. I laugh as I hear them rattling their way down to the ground.

I am awake and alert, ready for whatever comes. There is an excitement, a feeling that in one moment, my world will expand and all will be new. The larger love pod surrounding me, the air sweeter, the elementals even more alive to my knowing. A sense that I will land in this new landscape in a “blink of an eye” with a huge grin on my face.

Cloud play

Cloud play

Savoring all, the feeling of a sudden shift imminent, the grounded sense of place in this now. We are moving, yet we are so fully here. One not canceling out the other. Both making up this love! This expansive joyous love.

Now to move to engaging with the old energies around health care and insurance. We continue to do what we must in this society to stay afloat as we allow our hearts to know more freedom. May all beings be free, may all beings know that they are loved and that they are love. May all beings come to know their own beauty, just as the trees and flowers do. I so love us all.


Kali Breathes Her Fire

IMG_0717Ah, calm is returning to my soul. I have been in the grips of Kali’s fiery energy the past few days. Sleepless nights as I tossed and turned with my mind spinning in webs of confusion. One dear to my heart, has stepped out of the old victim, playing small energy that I had lived for many years of my life. Witnessing the unfolding brought echoes of the old pain to the surface. Seeing one holding the stance of power over, with all its many guises, brought that energy into sharp focus. The gaslighting, the manipulation, the shaming, the guilt, the lies…..all presented in technicolor for me to view.

It was exhausting to be in such energies without allowing Kali’s fire to burn it all down. I felt that I was a match ready to ignite all in a fiery conflagration. I felt the impact of the imprisonment that we have lived lifetimes under on this planet. I felt rage at the forces that feed off of humanity’s misery. My personal world was reflecting the macrocasm and my inner being was on fire as the microcosm. I am amazed that my physical form still stands!

The ocean crashes against the rocks, creating something new in its wake.

The ocean crashes against the rocks, creating something new in its wake.

At one point, a small voice said, ” You are not being spiritual.” Then a deep laugh followed by a roar from Kali. Ha! Spiritual! She quickly extinguished that voice and every cell in my being knew that this anger was truth. I had to forgo saying goodby to one who was here highlighting this energy for me, as I knew that I could burn him to cinders with a look. I sent regrets to a family gathering as the anger needed my full attention and it was not to be diluted with any niceties. Truly, it felt that I was breathing fire. One night, I ate two half pints of gelato in an attempt to cool my being down. I felt scorched from the inside out. The outside temperatures mirrored this as it seemed that all are in the fire as the intensity ramps up. It will not lessen soon but continue until there is no longer a need.

Stones balanced on a bit of sand as the tide flows out. We are called to our own balancing act as our former foundations crumble beneath us.

Stones balanced on a bit of sand as the tide flows out. We are called to our own balancing act as our former foundations crumble beneath us.

Being around the unconsciousness that is rampant on the planet, is so much more tiring than in days past. I am so grateful to have been gifted a sanctuary space to rest in. I sit here in this beautiful cottage, a tiny bird dipping its beak into a birdbath outside my window, my heart being fed by its presence. The trees all stand with me, offering their shade and strength . All of nature and the elements conspire to assist us in this evolutionary change. All is being changed. All are being given wake up calls. There is so much fear and anxiety running in the collective. Nature is a wonderful antidote. We think of her as being peace, offering peace. This is true and yet there is more.

I have known that I am a pillar of peace on this planet. Yet, here I have been, deeply engaged in anger on a personal and impersonal level. One does not negate the other. Kali has shown me the place of anger.  Peace is not without anger. Peace comes through being with all of it, without resistance. Feeling all of it. Riding the waves as they crest and smash against the rocks. Nature shows us eruptions, fires running out of control, lava spewing forth, waters rising, winds whirling. It is all part of the picture. All to bring that stability, that new firmament upon which we can begin to build the new.

Much of the new age thinking has touted a lie. Encouraging peace when fire was raging below the surface. Telling folks to think positive and all would be well. Shaming folks for their anger, their pain. A lie. Another way to harness folks’ energy while appearing in the guise of “spiritual”. It continued the work of organized religion with its oppression and guilt.

Today I feel depleted, emptied of the fire. The settling as my breath cools. I am so grateful to this body elemental that withstands such energies flowing. I am grateful to be a part of this dance.

We stand in our beauty and strength to bless all.

We stand in our beauty and strength to bless all.

I witnessed a squirrel sounding an alarm yesterday. A louder than car alarm noise, that came unbelievably from a squirrel. He stood stock still on a branch and rang his alarm for all that he was worth. No idea what it meant but it sounded like a wake up call to humanity. Wake up! Let go! Surrender and allow. It is time, past time to make a new choice. To let go of narcissism, let go of holding onto material forms of security, to ride the waves and flow with the energies which are landing in. He was brilliant at his work.

May we all live what is true and trust that it will all turn out in ways beyond our wildest dreams. This I know, all is well. It is done. We have anchored the light as we allow ourselves to be true to what is seeking expression. This is the path to peace. Hawaii is showing us this now as her eruptions destroy as well as create. New landmass is being born as what no longer serves is burnt away. Nature is a teacher if we choose to learn from her.