Feeling the Ease

IMG_0898As I drove the short distance to my former house to be with my love pod, I was flooded with a sense that all is well. I knew that there was nothing to worry about, no goals to strive for, nothing to push against. I knew that all is in perfect order. The only response to this knowing is to savor all that makes up my world at present.

I have not wanted to travel or venture far afield. I am so content in my little nest here. Due to a generous friend, I have a sweet spot to be. I am a few minutes drive from my daughter, my former hubby and our grandson. We all lived together for a few months in peace yet now there is more space for all of us. We spend most days together yet I have a  retreat space to return to, in order to rest and dream. There are lovely gardens to play in at both homes. I am enjoying seeing the fruits of my earlier labor grow as each day we harvest veggies. My daughter is making relishes, pickles, teas. My two year old grandson grazes on cucumbers, string beans, plums, peppers, tomatoes while playing outside. His bamboo tepee is now providing a nice shady spot to play with his trucks as the runner beans have grown so wildly.  That wildness grows inside of me as well. We turn on music and dance together around the living room, the little one delighting in mimicking our movements. We sing silly songs, we eat delicious meals, holding hands and singing our song of thanks after lightning our gratitude candles.

There is a sweetness that brings tears to our eyes frequently. This love! This love!

IMG_0919A walk to the nature area by the river is only ten minutes drive away. Yesterday we watched an osprey eating its lunch, high up in a tree. Turkeys and deer appeared on our path, egrets and ducks roamed the banks of the river. Hawks called out and flew above with the vultures. On a recent kayak outing we were graced with a bald eagle winging his way by. A tiny oak titmouse frequents the bird bath outside my window. The sunlight dapples the pathways as I write. Acorns land on the roof from the huge oak tree that shelters this cottage. I laugh as I hear them rattling their way down to the ground.

I am awake and alert, ready for whatever comes. There is an excitement, a feeling that in one moment, my world will expand and all will be new. The larger love pod surrounding me, the air sweeter, the elementals even more alive to my knowing. A sense that I will land in this new landscape in a “blink of an eye” with a huge grin on my face.

Cloud play

Cloud play

Savoring all, the feeling of a sudden shift imminent, the grounded sense of place in this now. We are moving, yet we are so fully here. One not canceling out the other. Both making up this love! This expansive joyous love.

Now to move to engaging with the old energies around health care and insurance. We continue to do what we must in this society to stay afloat as we allow our hearts to know more freedom. May all beings be free, may all beings know that they are loved and that they are love. May all beings come to know their own beauty, just as the trees and flowers do. I so love us all.


Kali Breathes Her Fire

IMG_0717Ah, calm is returning to my soul. I have been in the grips of Kali’s fiery energy the past few days. Sleepless nights as I tossed and turned with my mind spinning in webs of confusion. One dear to my heart, has stepped out of the old victim, playing small energy that I had lived for many years of my life. Witnessing the unfolding brought echoes of the old pain to the surface. Seeing one holding the stance of power over, with all its many guises, brought that energy into sharp focus. The gaslighting, the manipulation, the shaming, the guilt, the lies…..all presented in technicolor for me to view.

It was exhausting to be in such energies without allowing Kali’s fire to burn it all down. I felt that I was a match ready to ignite all in a fiery conflagration. I felt the impact of the imprisonment that we have lived lifetimes under on this planet. I felt rage at the forces that feed off of humanity’s misery. My personal world was reflecting the macrocasm and my inner being was on fire as the microcosm. I am amazed that my physical form still stands!

The ocean crashes against the rocks, creating something new in its wake.

The ocean crashes against the rocks, creating something new in its wake.

At one point, a small voice said, ” You are not being spiritual.” Then a deep laugh followed by a roar from Kali. Ha! Spiritual! She quickly extinguished that voice and every cell in my being knew that this anger was truth. I had to forgo saying goodby to one who was here highlighting this energy for me, as I knew that I could burn him to cinders with a look. I sent regrets to a family gathering as the anger needed my full attention and it was not to be diluted with any niceties. Truly, it felt that I was breathing fire. One night, I ate two half pints of gelato in an attempt to cool my being down. I felt scorched from the inside out. The outside temperatures mirrored this as it seemed that all are in the fire as the intensity ramps up. It will not lessen soon but continue until there is no longer a need.

Stones balanced on a bit of sand as the tide flows out. We are called to our own balancing act as our former foundations crumble beneath us.

Stones balanced on a bit of sand as the tide flows out. We are called to our own balancing act as our former foundations crumble beneath us.

Being around the unconsciousness that is rampant on the planet, is so much more tiring than in days past. I am so grateful to have been gifted a sanctuary space to rest in. I sit here in this beautiful cottage, a tiny bird dipping its beak into a birdbath outside my window, my heart being fed by its presence. The trees all stand with me, offering their shade and strength . All of nature and the elements conspire to assist us in this evolutionary change. All is being changed. All are being given wake up calls. There is so much fear and anxiety running in the collective. Nature is a wonderful antidote. We think of her as being peace, offering peace. This is true and yet there is more.

I have known that I am a pillar of peace on this planet. Yet, here I have been, deeply engaged in anger on a personal and impersonal level. One does not negate the other. Kali has shown me the place of anger.  Peace is not without anger. Peace comes through being with all of it, without resistance. Feeling all of it. Riding the waves as they crest and smash against the rocks. Nature shows us eruptions, fires running out of control, lava spewing forth, waters rising, winds whirling. It is all part of the picture. All to bring that stability, that new firmament upon which we can begin to build the new.

Much of the new age thinking has touted a lie. Encouraging peace when fire was raging below the surface. Telling folks to think positive and all would be well. Shaming folks for their anger, their pain. A lie. Another way to harness folks’ energy while appearing in the guise of “spiritual”. It continued the work of organized religion with its oppression and guilt.

Today I feel depleted, emptied of the fire. The settling as my breath cools. I am so grateful to this body elemental that withstands such energies flowing. I am grateful to be a part of this dance.

We stand in our beauty and strength to bless all.

We stand in our beauty and strength to bless all.

I witnessed a squirrel sounding an alarm yesterday. A louder than car alarm noise, that came unbelievably from a squirrel. He stood stock still on a branch and rang his alarm for all that he was worth. No idea what it meant but it sounded like a wake up call to humanity. Wake up! Let go! Surrender and allow. It is time, past time to make a new choice. To let go of narcissism, let go of holding onto material forms of security, to ride the waves and flow with the energies which are landing in. He was brilliant at his work.

May we all live what is true and trust that it will all turn out in ways beyond our wildest dreams. This I know, all is well. It is done. We have anchored the light as we allow ourselves to be true to what is seeking expression. This is the path to peace. Hawaii is showing us this now as her eruptions destroy as well as create. New landmass is being born as what no longer serves is burnt away. Nature is a teacher if we choose to learn from her.

A Dream of Freedom

fullsizeoutput_17ecIn my dream, I was driving a flower delivery van. It was not mine but belonged to friends. I was sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. I felt pressure building inside of me, frustrated, tired. I have felt this exact energy in traffic at times, though I live my life so as to not be in commuting or heavy traffic for the most part. Yet even waiting for a red light to change on a hot day can put me in that space.

I had had enough. I turned off the engine, got out of the van and walked away. I left it sitting in traffic, not caring if it blocked others or what would become of it. I was done. So done.

Later I found myself with the friends whose van it was as well as the man who had been in the car behind me. He said that he maneuvered his car to the side of the road, then went back to the van and did the same with it. I asked why he did that and thanked him. He said no thanks were needed. He did what was in front of him, I owed him nothing.

My friends agreed. They said, ” We understand. You were done.”

fullsizeoutput_17eeThere was no blame or judgment of my action. All simply accepted that I was done and so accepted that I did what I did. I was so surprised. I had been feeling the shadow of the guilt and shame energies. I have noticed of late that these feelings can come over me but they hold no real energy…more a shadow energy of what they once were. They attempt to attach to my emotional body, but there is no longer a landing place, rather a fleeting touch down spot and then they move off.

We are becoming free! I felt such immense freedom to have no judgment placed on my actions. I saw that everyone did what they felt to do and it was all accepted. No victims, no blame. Rather each accepting what they created in their world. Amazing! I felt giddy from it all.

fullsizeoutput_17eaThis world of form is getting more interesting to be in. There are the ups and downs, the fatigue, the energy spikes and yet a calmness under it all. We are inhabiting more of our truth in each moment. Freedom….we have not breathed that air since we came to this planet. My being is hungry for it. May it expand as we let go of all that we have known and take deep breaths of this new frequency. May freedom for all manifest.


Disconnection From Those Closest To Our Hearts

The contrast of the beauty against the rough is alive in me.

The contrast of the beauty against the rough is alive in me.

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article talking about a purging that was happening. It stated that we would find ourselves having to disconnect from those closest to us…mates, children, parents, siblings or friends. The article stated that we had to disconnect from all the old ways of relating in order to free ourselves to move on in our sovereign state. It mentioned that we would likely reconnect in a new frequency in June.


The old and new present as we weave ourselves into our divinity.

The old and new present as we weave ourselves into our divinity.

I had noticed some of this in my life but now I am experiencing it on a whole new level. A couple of sleepless nights have happened as I process all that has come up. Transparency is the order of the day. I am being shown where I have been in judgment of others, where I have carried a protective energy for others, where I have held space and where I have given too much as well as desired to control others. Whew!

The wondrous thing about it all is how none of it has floored me as might have been the case in the past. I could look at each relationship and sift through the layers as to where my actions came from. It was enlightening. There was grief lining the pockets of much of it. A huge letting go and surrendering to trust once again. Allowing what needs to fall away and open to what will come.

IMG_0693There were moments when all I could think of was getting in my car and driving far, far away from anyone that I knew. To be in total solitude in the peaceful arms of nature. Those moments were offset by ones where I felt such immense gratitude for my life and the richness present. I ping ponged between these two states for a time.

Now I sense that I have emerged from the tunnel of confusion. I have cut all cords to those dearest to my heart. I have taken an energetic step back and breathed out a deep sigh. I have let go of any expectations of how it might look in the future. I dissolved my long held dream of community and love pod into a mist. Let it all reform. Let the new emerge in an organic way.

On my walk, I came around a corner and almost collided with this deer. We both paused in a moment of connection.

On my walk, I came around a corner and almost collided with this deer. We both paused in a moment of connection.

I am showing up yet with a new stance. I am present with a looseness that is spacious and freeing, for myself and all others who dance within my sphere. I am feeling that ability to love everything that touches my life with a fulsome heart. I had thought that I was there yet this recent disconnection illuminated for me the many strands that I was continuing to hold in place.

Ah…how dear we are as we let go of so many programs and ways of interacting with one another, with ourselves. We are the tenderest of beings, so desirous of doing good, of being of assistance. We have been programmed in a million ways that kept us limited. How grateful I am to take a breath in this new space, knowing that each shift finds more oxygenated air to breathe, wider arenas to play in. Invoking grace for us all as we make this movement.

Spring is Singing Its Joy

A rope swing in the redwoods, awaiting summer swims.

A rope swing in the redwoods, awaiting summer swims.

It has been months since I felt inspired to write. Long dark days spent in a land of ice and snow, keeping a flame alive within. Now I have returned to California which truly lives up to the reputation of my childhood dreams. I grew up in the Northeast where seasons were to be taken seriously, in all their harshness as well as their shimmering beauty. In high school, California held a dream that many aspired to. I always felt that it would be dreamed up, so it was not on my radar as a goal. Yet, I landed here decades ago and return like a bird to its nesting place. Indeed it is where I raised my three children and now I am back with my eldest and her wee one, savoring the Spring freshness and beauty. She and her child were born here and have returned to dig deep into the land.

My spiritual home is a place in West Australia, a vast land of eucalyptus and red soil, wild coastlines and a humming song that comes singing out of the land. I have not been back in more than a decade. Its beat continues to inform my heart and its song plays inside my being. One day, the timing will be right and I will land in with both feet. For now, I sing the songs of the earth as she makes her great evolutionary leap into newness. There are new notes of joy bursting forth that carry such harmonies of love.

A bamboo teepee planted with pole beans for our little one to enjoy.

A bamboo teepee planted with pole beans for our little one to enjoy.

We are witnessing the notes become physical as our bodies grow in lovelight. It has been a rough and wild ride these past months as the physical increases in density and movement is felt as if quicksand is sucking at our ankles with each step. Whew. The worst of it is behind us as we step lighter in the frequencies that flow to free us. We are moving into the ever present moment as old ways die out. A thought will arise….”Tomorrow I will get up early and exercise”….and just as quickly it sinks down into a well, not to be heard of again. It seems so much is a shadow of old thinking, old patterning that is falling away, an echo of former ways of moving in this world. There is no longer personal will power, it has been turned over to our higher aspects who view all from a broader perspective. I find myself flowing in the present, a sea of now and now and again, now. There is this scent of jasmine, the colors of green outside, the earth I dig in as I weed and plant our garden, the giggles of my toddler grandson as he brings his imaginary world to light. We swim in the saltwater pool, tumble on the grass and crawl along like earwigs as he chases me to pinch me. My daughter loves to cook nourishing meals, I love to create flower bouquets for all the rooms in the house. It feels like a dream that I move in, slow and sweet. We nap, we snack, we play, we sing, we read. Then we do it all again, each day, each moment new and fresh like his open face looking up at me with such expectation of love. He knows only a world of love and lives it, teaching us all what truly matters.

A recent trip to the coast to swim in its beauty.

A recent trip to the coast to swim in its beauty.

I am grateful for this dream time, for the play and laughter. There were so many years of harshness, doing my work, struggling alone. Now we are at a time where we will begin to create with our hearts. Where all that we desire, can come with ease. The weariness drops from my shoulders as I rest in the knowing that all is well. Our efforts are paying off…..the rewards are on their way, many already here as our perspective shifts and we see with new eyes. Inspiration flows in on waves as does rest and stillness. The flow carries notes that uplift. As I listen to my grandson converse with the trees and plants, the wind and water, the table and car, I know that he came knowing the truth of our oneness with all life.

The forest and sunlight creating spotlights of beauty.

The forest and sunlight creating spotlights of beauty.

We are basking in that knowing, just like the lizards we imitate as we lie in the sunshine after a cold plunge in the pool. Let us savor this in between time, the space that exists as we cross over into our new lives. Each note of joy creates a landing place for our feet as we flow forward into the golden age of lovelight. We are singing our way home.



My foamed milk and cinnamon gave me a message of love this morning!

My foamed milk and cinnamon gave me a message of love this morning!

Stepping gingerly into a scalding bath, first the legs, slowly lowering my buttocks to sit on the bottom. Easing back to rest on the lovely slope of the tub with a deep sigh. I breath deeply into the warmth and silence. Once comfortable in the heat, I stand up and open the window that is at chest level. It is minus eleven degrees outside and the window ledge has a few inches of snow built up against it. I can touch its whiteness. I sit back down, lying back to the bliss that awaits. The frigid air streams in, flowing like a river of steam as it wafts over the top of the tub and makes its way over the edge into the room. I take gulps of it, clean and fresh like a mountain stream. There is a hill behind the condo over which the air streams, coming down from one of the summits of Mont Royal, the peak that Montreal is built around. After the closed in feel of forced air that is necessary and comforting that heats this place, the coolness is a balm to my being. To lie in heat with the crispness touching my face, caressing my neck……thIs. Yes, this is a moment of beauty. I savor it.

This is life. Moments.

fullsizeoutput_163eMy daughter called early, though for her she had been in her day for a couple of hours already , living by a toddler’s early rise. I could feel the tug of her wanting. She was facing another snowbound day with her little one and she was weary. She is a sunshine gal, most at home with water and surf and heat. I can understand wanting to hitch your being to someone’s else’s energy for a time. Wanting that pull up the hill, a way to survive the monotony of whiteness that is a sea surrounding her in this winter landscape. I love time with my grandson. I miss him on the days that I do not see him. Yet, I must refuel my stores. I must source my own energy. I have been locked in two speeds for so long. Movement and energy for the family, for my daughter, for a project…..and then total collapse where the couch and netflix and ice cream and chocolate and salty crackers are my whole world. I seek a new life. I intend this year to be my year of coming back to the land of the living. I have been present and showed up when needed in many ways. Now I want to show up in a more connected way with more people and more life.

Misty morning

Misty morning

I desire to be a part of a writer’s group. I desire to have friends that I see regularly in the physical!  I desire a home of my own after twelve years of nomadic living. I desire to feel grounded to place, to the earth. I desire a lover, a beloved to share the moments. I desire an art studio to create in. I desire a community where co- creation is the norm. I desire to wake up like my grandson, with such joy that the day has dawned once again and it is no longer “dodo” time, which is sleep time for him in his French vocabulary.

All of this awaits us as we traverse the fields of unconsciousness and penetrate all with our lovelight. It is happening. We are here and we will not give up. All will be brought back to love. All will come to fruition. The sleepless nights, the fatigue, the hot and cold waves, the itching, the isolation, the scarcity of resources, the living out of time and out of step with this reality……all of it is being transformed.

Hence, savoring the moments as they arise.

Solitude and Community

fullsizeoutput_144bI am sitting with a warm drink, looking out at the snow covered hill behind this condo. I feel so grateful for my solitude which has a new flavor these days. Are you sensing the greater connection that is happening? It is the knowing that those whom I love, are residing within the same field of lovelight as I am. There is no separation. I can savor being in my own energy field here and at the same time, feel the heart connection streaming and weaving between and amongst my dear ones. These threads of liquidlovelight are growing in their capacity to weave tapestries of immense beauty and form. Our imaginings are about to become physical as we bring heaven to earth.

Moss wreath from my daughter-in-love's hands.

Moss wreath from my daughter-in-love’s hands.

We are preparing to live in the love pods as we each step into our sovereignty. This will allow us to live in community in a way that nourishes and expands our lovelight. I sense that December is the deep cleaning phase of our emotional bodies as we release all that has been a part of our journey to this now moment. It is time to let go of sadness, of the traumas, of the pain, of any feelings of being unloved or rejected. Now we step into our mastery, knowing how loved and cherished we truly are. All is sourced from the One Source, within our hearts. We no longer need to look to another to validate or direct us. We open to our own internal GPS system and allow it to move us. We surrender in deep relief to the knowing that our higher self, our I AM presence has it all in hand. Everything that enters our world is there for our own growth and enhancement. Yes, even the parts that do not feel good in the moment. If we allow and trust it all, the gift will show itself.

Winterberries collected from their swampy homes in Vermont by my daughter-in-love. Now gracing my windowsill with their cheery red.

Winterberries collected from their swampy homes in Vermont by my daughter-in-love. Now gracing my windowsill with their cheery red.

Yesterday afternoon, I lie in bed as a pool of sunshine drew me in. I had opened the window to feel the cool breeze flow down the snowy hillside from the forest of trees above.  I snuggled deep in the duvet, as the sylphs flowing in that air, sent a wild stirring to my blood. Something huge is about to burst forth. December is the time of the waning light as we move to the Solstice. Candles and starlight feed us as we go deep within to find the flame of our own heart light. Many are feeling this drawing in, this time of reflection. We are gazing in the pool of our own being and choosing who we desire to be in this new landscape. We can drop the heavy burden of the past and flow freely into the present. What a gift! We can let go of the crown of thorns we have worn with such fortitude. It is time to hold our heads high to receive our crown of Christ light. Oh the joy!

Wreath making in  Vermont

Wreath making in

This wild stirring of my blood was enhanced on my recent trip to Vermont to see my sons and their loves. I felt the edges of the dream come alive in my being. The beautiful farmhouses and open landscape filled my heart. The gently rolling hills soothed some deep part of me as I met and listened to folks who are dug deep into the rhythms of the earth with its seasons of change. I could feel my love pod shimmering just out of sight. It draws closer as our hearts weave their lovelight. As each one reaches for more joy, more spaciousness, more is created for the All. As we honor our own needs and desires, we honor that in one another. We let go of duty and old programming that insists we adhere to the old ways of relationship. We move where our joy takes us and trust all will find their way. Clearing and walking our path of joy, offers a wider pathway for those following.

fullsizeoutput_142cMay our dreaming see all beings with enough food and shelter and the absolute knowing that they are loved and cherished. May we cherish one another as we warm ourselves at the fire of each one’s heart light.

What Matters

IMG_5979The other night I watched a lovely film on Netflix called, ” What We Did On Our Holiday”. I so love when a film is able to reveal a truth. There is a grandad who is able to listen to his troubled, serious-minded granddaughter. At one point, he directs her to steer the truck, which terrifies her as it is so outside of her experience as well as the “rules” for a child. He says:

You need to live more and think less.”

Great advice to all of us on this journey. Our minds have to take a backseat to our hearts as we allow our heart light to lead us into this new landscape, of which we know so little.

The granddaughter tells her grandad that she is so fed up with her parents, who are in the midst of a separation. She is tired of the lies and so angry with them. Her grandad tells her:

” I used to feel that way with my lot too till I suddenly realized that there was no point in being angry with people that I loved for being what they are….

The truth is every human being on this planet is ridiculous in their own way. So we shouldn’t judge and we shouldn’t fight because in the end…..in the end, none of it matters. None of this stuff. ” 

An invitation by the rocks to come deeper into myself.

An invitation by the rocks to come deeper into myself.

The grandad spoke so clearly and truthfully and allowed his granddaughter a way out of her mind’s confusion. She could take the road of love rather than trying to make sense of a situation that made no sense in her world. How does it make sense for people who loved one another to no longer feel love? This is changing as we come to know the truth that none of the personality stuff matters, that the essence of who we are is love. That love never dies once experienced. We can allow the old grudges, hurts and pains to fade away. We can rewrite the past in a way that allows our hearts to know the truth of love.

The leaves don’t resent the frost for causing their fall from the branch. They accept it all as part of the cycle of life moving them onward to their next experience. All that comes into our world, is a gift for us.  A means to move us towards more growth, more capacity to love.

The leaves letting go of their vibrant colors to become the duff of the forest floor.

The leaves letting go of their vibrant colors to become the duff of the forest floor.

At present, the waves of lovelight streaming into our planet are extraordinary. They are forcing all that is not love, all that truly is ridiculous, as the granddad said, to surface to be loved and allowed to move off. One of the characters is caught on video having a violent breakdown in a local shop. Her rage is off the charts as she throws boxes of things at another woman. Once brought to light, she is freed from the stigma of depression and taking medication as her husband and community support her. You sense, that in finally being seen, she will find her world view lightened.

We are called to this now, to take off our masks, to bring all of ourselves to light. To have the courage to allow others to see us and to see all others through the lens of love. As we remove the sting of fear, we bring in the balm of love. This is how we create the new world.  Heart by heart, we are singing a new song. Let us all add our note as it takes each one of us, to create the harmony we seek.

Identity Continues to Expand and Dissolve

Glowing in the shadows, nature instructing me once again.

Glowing in the shadows, nature instructing me once again.

We are living the contradictions more and more as the old duality crumbles. The opposites merge into something new. How can we expand and dissolve? Yet we are. I am in Montreal, Canada for the next few months, called on personal and planetary levels. I recently dealt with the phone company to end my service as it was too much money for too little service here. I can use Skype and FaceTime for almost free so it made no sense to pay more. They could hold my phone number for me for a fee. I decided to let it go. Strangely, it felt like a part of my identity went with that decision. I have had that phone number for years. Now it is gone. Folks can no longer call me unless they have FaceTime and I am near wifi. It felt like another anchor in this reality, pulled up.

More and more, I find myself floating, not able to recall something from a moment before. The days fly by in a dreamlike space. When I am with my two year old grandson, I am very present. Our time together is full of joy. We march, and hop and play in an imaginary world with abandon. I feel like a two year old, delighting in my senses and discovering anew the world around me.

fullsizeoutput_1426The rest of the time I am lying on the couch watching netflix, if I can find something that has the vibration I seek or simply drifting. My sense of self is floating and loosening. Nothing is held which is abit strange and freeing. I have rented an airbnb condo for this time. I felt disoriented when I first arrived as it is bare and sparse. Blank white walls, empty surfaces, a black and white world. My artistic nature loves color and texture. The windows face a hillside of stone and trees. I am now sinking into this empty palette and finding it expansive. The view from the windows is adornment of the best kind. I can lie and watch the leaves floating down, the colors swirling. Soon it will be a white world out there as the snow comes. No fireplace, which I so love in the winter, so I have stocked up on candles to create a hearth.

This swan gliding along  in her beauty and grace.

This swan gliding along in her beauty and grace.

We are in this transition time and I found myself wobbling. I was missing the little things, my warm bathrobe for evenings and mornings, my comfy wool cardigan, paintings of my son’s on the walls, my down jacket, my morning coffee mug. I felt the weight of the years of not having a home of my own, over a decade now. I am grateful for all the places I have lived, all the living I have done. Yet the desire for a home runs deep. I am so ready for the love pods, for our communities of light to come into being. To have what I desire in the moment with ease. I know it is all coming. Yet the weight of the years pressed in.

A week in the new place, and I am settling in. Enjoying the blank slate, appreciating what is here. Knowing thrift stores hold a new mug, a new sweater, a sweet little pitcher for flowers. Small touches that make me feel landed. Once again filled with appreciation for the blessings that fill my life rather than noticing lack in any regard.

Love the 3's, my address has 33 in it.

Love the 3’s, my address has 33 in it.

The woods are a few minutes walk away which is a nourishment I need.  I am learning to use the bus and metro system here and finding joy in hearing French spoken around me and sharing smiles with the beautiful hearts that abound everywhere. My grandson ensures that laughter is a part of my life and I have time with my daughter too. My sons are a couple hours away in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont so I am blessed to spend time there also. Croissants are a daily part of life here …sweetness abounds!


My entrance into the Summit Woods.

As we untether more and more, there is room for the new to flow in. We are ready for so much more magic and miracles and love. I am ready to receive a life beyond any I could dream of. I am ready to live in a world where all beings are free. Where peace reigns and love flows amongst all hearts. Where we are free to be our truth in every moment, no longer needing any definition or label of who we are in order to flow with the currents of our deepest desires. It is happening now. We are in the end times, which also means the beginning times of a new age. It begins within my heart as I claim it. It begins within your heart as you live it. All hearts beating as One.




A Leaf’s Lesson

fullsizeoutput_1374I lie on the sofa with some lovely English craft magazines to feed this burgeoning creativity that is flowing through me. The soft, cool autumn air wafted over me as the brightly colored quilt warmed me. I watched a leaf twirl its way to the ground. The peace flowed over and into my heart and I thought…..this. Yes, this is everything.

My note, my song is for this peace to permeate every heart. For all to feel this ease and freedom. There are some so dear to my heart who are struggling mightily, as are so many in these times. My heart offers a space around them, a field of love light to be used as  needed. We cannot create this peace for another, we cannot change their path. We are called to trust them to their own I AM presence, to their own truth, to their own lessons, as difficult as they may appear. All are creating their own reality for their soul’s growth. We are called to honor the holiness and sanctity of each one’s path, as uncomfortable and difficult as that may seem when our hearts desire to dissolve their perceived pain.

fullsizeoutput_1377We can become the peace ourselves, as we face everything that comes into our worlds with an open heart. If I feel a contraction, a moving away from something, I can breathe into it and allow it space. If I find myself fearing anything coming towards me, I can sit with the fear and allow it room. The energies are so quick in these times, that feelings flow through, morph and dissolve in a blink.

We are becoming comfortable with others’ uncomfortableness. No need to fix, to prop up, to make right. We can sit with someone suffering and allow that suffering. We can share that space without suffering ourselves. We offer our heart light as a field of love that can hold all that is not love. We can sit shoulder to shoulder, and breathe with them. We can see their truth and let them know that we know that they will find their way through this trouble or situation. We do not know the hows, nor need to. We do not need to offer answers or solutions. We know only that all will be well. Opportunities will present themselves and change will come about if the person truly desires it.

fullsizeoutput_137eThe recognition that I have called forth everything in my life, for my benefit, my expansion as a being of light, sets me free. Changing the perceptual lens, changes how I engage with  life. I am amazed frequently with the intensity of the love that I have for myself. The way that the greater aspect of myself, gives me opportunity after opportunity to master a lesson, discover a knowing. I am in awe at all the beings and events that align to make this possible, time after time.

Once the need or desire for drama dies down, there is left this freedom, this simplicity. Life flows with ease and greater grace. Moments of intensity may still come yet we now face them with a calm heart. Fear is no longer a factor. This allows new levels of freedom. More and more, events are conspiring to assist humanity to let go of a belief in external things as a source of security. More and more, folks are realizing that security comes from Source, that inner light within the chambers of our hearts. The old scare tactics of old age, ill health, poverty, and dying are losing their power. We are coming to the knowing that we are never alone, that we are always supported as we act out our lives on this stage.

fullsizeoutput_1375A simple life full of daily pleasures is my desire. I allow myself to become the leaf that lets go of the branch to delight in the descent to the ground. Will I fear the fall or will I create a beautiful dance with the breeze, enjoying the movement in each moment? The choice is ours. I choose to surrender and let go and see where this wind will take me. Perhaps I will descend and land, only to be crushed under the tire of a truck driving down the road, perhaps I will be raked into a pile and find myself thrown back in the air by a child’s body landing nearby in play or perhaps I will softly drift into a pool of water and float on the surface.  There are so many endings and within each, new beginnings.  I trust all of it. I know that I am cared for, as are you. All beings, known and loved by the One, by Source, the Creator. I am in love with having a part in this play. I am grateful to all you courageous hearts that came here to act out your parts too. May we all know ourselves blessed.