I am a woman being birthed into my divinity in this year, 2012. I am 55 years of age, five years ago I left behind the 24 year marriage, the administrator job, the role of wife and mother as my three children moved into adulthood. All roles disappeared in one fell swoop as I went through the dark night of the soul. The role of good daughter had departed 20 years before. How perfect the timing and how grateful I am to have walked through the darkness. I have breathed it in, I have fed on it, I have lain in it and befriended it. There were days when I could do no more than lie on a couch and tap my heart as I repeated the  words, “You are safe, you are safe, dear one.” The art of alchemy has returned to me as I drank in the darkness and turned it into liquid light. Liquid lovelight is who I am, it runs in my veins and infills my senses.

I have learned that being is enough, more than enough as I have lived on money from the house that was the home and no longer work in the 3D paradigm. I am grateful for the way I set my life up so that I am supported to do the work I came here for. I have seen through the illusion that taught that only by being productive was I of any value. The opposite is true! I am of immense value as I walk in my joy and peace. I have carved a path of beingness in this landscape to show others the way to their own worth. We are not our jobs, our roles, our bank account, our number of friends or possessions nor our busyness……we are light. How brightly can we shine? How empty can I be so as to be filled anew each day with God’s light? Our work truly is to sing the note that we were born with. To express our gift to life that we are. To weave our thread of beauty into the world.

We are here to hold frequencies of light from home. To experience joy and emanate love. To see the oneness of everything and to fall in love with it all. That all includes ourselves. This is the biggest challenge of all, to fall in love with yourself. Falling in love with me has been quite a journey. Amazing how we are taught that to love self is wrong. We are taught to look outside ourselves for love, not within.  It is a many layered program designed to keep us from recognizing and reclaiming our own beauty. It was known that once we remembered our beauty and light, our powers would be restored. The illusion would dissolve and the game of duality would be at an end. Freedom would be restored to each one. That time is now. The power of love is a force that melts all in its path. Look with a heart of love into someone’s eyes, and they can do naught but flow into it as it is a river wide and deep. I have had folks turn their backs on my love and harden their hearts towards me. That was before I remembered the love that I am. Each was gifting me by assisting me to come back to my own heart and see the beauty and light reflected there. I have been so blessed with soul family members who loved me enough to play the darker roles so that I might remember how to shine my light once again.

I surrender to my Mother/Father’s divine will each day and follow the guidance that they give. My personality self and ego have retired and Sophia, my mighty I  AM Presence, runs the show. I move where I am asked, assist where I am able and feel the harmony and communion with the earth and her many kingdoms. I am a heart whisperer as I can see the beauty in another’s heart and call it back to their remembrance. I weave ribbons of light from my heart. I sing the songs of my mother as she asks for expression. At times they are the cries of despair as I transmute areas of density and at times songs of joy as I anchor the music of the spheres into her heart.  I am so blessed in my path. I have learned to carry my hearth in my heart and to keep its flame of liquid lovelight blazing bright. I have surrendered much and much has been given. It is all a dance with the Divine. And I do love to dance!