Virus…Positive or Negative? Or Beyond Either

I heard, run outside there is a rainbow. Indeed there was!

I heard, run outside there is a rainbow. Indeed there was!

Here in California the order came to shelter in place due to the corona virus. I love that expression, shelter in placeIt brings a visual of each of us, sitting under our own sun, our corona, crown of connection, to all that is. Our I AM presence is our shelter, our source of all that we are throughout time and dimensions.

Yesterday, I packed up and made ready to move to my former hubby’s house to be with him and my daughter and grandson for the three weeks of this recent order. My body felt weak and I started coughing. In these times, those are red alert symptoms that bring up the whole virus fear. I have not felt fear about this virus but did find myself looking up the symptoms. I had been eating frantically for the past few days. Lots of sugar and carbs, way past when I felt full. I could not stop myself, just kept eating. It felt like a security for my body as on my last trip out to the store, I had loaded up on my favorite bread, then added cookies and even a box of pastry as well as chocolate. I watched myself with curiosity, wondering what this was all about.

Speaking with a friend, we got that it was like a booster rocket for my light body. Extra fuel for it to ignite. Which led to yesterday’s fasting that was not an intention, it simply happened that I had no appetite. During the day, I rested, read, took a nap. It was beautiful and sunny out but I could not step outside, only left to enjoy it from indoors.

IMG_5378While in my repose, the virus came to me. I asked it what it wanted from me. I told it I was willing to host it, if that was for the greater good and my own. I feel no fear of leaving this body as everything in me knows that it is not my time. Yet, I am open to being of service for the highest good of all. It told me that it wanted to be held in my love field. I invited her (yes, it felt feminine to me) in and we drifted and danced through the day. I felt peaceful and calm, as we navigated new realms together. She has gifts to offer mankind, some of which we are seeing played out in our world. Families are spending time together, people are being invited to share and slow down. It is a joy to go for a walk along the nature parks lining the river here and see all the families out with their children. Meditations are being offered on prime time news as we seek to calm our systems. My daughter-in-love works at  an organic seed company in Vermont. They have experienced a 200% increase in sales as folks turn to growing their own food. These are some of the blessings that are happening.

On a deeper level, I awoke a number of times to feel my light body flashing. I could feel its strengthening as a thousand lights turned on inside of me. I heard that this is an upgrade in frequency. We are changing from the inside out and this virus plays a big part in assisting with this.

IMG_5391I awoke this morning, feeling well. I had a appetite for coffee and toast. I went and sat in the golden sunshine in the garden and soaked up the scent of freesias and drank in the sunlight. It was integrating all that came through yesterday. I told a friend about taking in the virus and loving it. The speaking of it brought tears and a well of emotion. I feel so blessed. So grateful for the magic at work in this time. I have waited lifetimes for this frequency to land in. Now we are here. May we all open to the gifts present, stay out of fear and allow the love to flow freely. Let us honor our bodies with whatever they need, not judging any of it as good or bad. This virus is beyond that polarity, it offers unity. Seeing it as a whole rather than black or white.

fullsizeoutput_324aSending waves of gratitude to all of those on the front lines who are physically out there providing food, medical care, financial assistance, comfort and all that is needed as we traverse this new landscape. Humans carry such a hero gene of generosity and love. I am awed by us! What a species we are, full of resourcefulness and passion to assist one another. Be the love that you are. Trust yourself and follow your intuitive nudges and know we are creating the world that we want our children and grandchildren to live in. A kinder, gentler place that offers freedom and peace. We are blessed, let us live that blessing.