Our Flame

fullsizeoutput_2c87Watching a candle burn, the wax melting in the center, creating a void, a hole that reflects the flame’s light outward. At times, the position of the wick or the variance in the wax, causes it to burn lopsided, spilling wax over its lip like a lava flow. Tablecloths and dresser scarves or the wood surface itself, catches it and slows its progress as it cools on the new surface. It hardens into a solid state that takes some work to clean up. I have spent time scrapping and ironing and washing and rewashing trying to remove the waxy residue from some of my favorite textiles.

We operate differently. We have that inner flame that our societal conditioning teaches us to activate in productivity. “Burning the candle at both ends” is an expression that alludes to a fast paced life with little time given to rest. Remember when to “be busy” was almost a bragging right? This is a common way to live if one is to find “success” in our society. I lived this life for years until the tears would not stop flowing, whether I was in a meeting or in the privacy of a bathroom. My body literally cried out for change.

I love lights reflected. May we see more and more heart lights reflecting outward!

I love lights reflected. May we see more and more heart lights reflecting outward!

Slowly, month by month, year by year, I learned that the way our flames work is different. We thrive by allowing our flames to burn off the outside of our being, not the inside. A candle leaves its outer shell intact, as the inner core disappears. We are encouraged to this, to become the empty shell, working until all flames out. It came to me slowly, as my life was brought to a standstill on every front. My inner flame died out, a pilot light was all that remained lit.

The years have burnt off the shell of society’s expectations and mores. The familial conditioning melted away along with the weight of rightness, wrongness and the notion of productivity as the means to love and acceptance. Duty slowly melted in the flame of love that flared bright. The outer shell has gone and there remains the inner flame. We see this reflected in one another’s eyes, the truth of our spirits that shines ever bright. We are beginning to see that radiance shining from more and more faces. People are waking up and tending their inner flame as they let go of the outer world that has turned out to be false on so many fronts.

Nature can light up in so many ways.....now we are catching on.

Nature can light up in so many ways…..now we are catching on.

The hundred monkey theory is in effect and spreading at a rapid pace. The new children coming in have a radiance that is mesmerizing. My grandson’s eyes send out sparkles of light that infuse all with joy. It is happening, a quiet revolution from the inside out. We are burning off the dross from our beings and standing in our radiance, allowing our lights to shine bright. My heart is so uplifted, I can feel its pulsing action as I witness this. Pillars of light shining through the darkness, it is happening and this world is lighting up. Hallelujah!

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  1. Yes, we see and scenes the reflection of thoughts spring forth from the new creation. Bringing delight of vibrations we have longed for. It is happening. And all we are to do is be grateful and show Love and Compassion in a true way. It is delightful to let our dreams go forth and create. We are together in this. It’s a joy ride into the wonderful unknown. Be satisfied and feel the joy.πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ’–

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