The Frequency of Divine Love Anchors This Day

On tribal land 10-10-2010

On tribal land 10-10-2010

In the dawn light, I awoke from a powerful dream. I was with Joseph, a Native American man that I had a profound relationship with eight years ago. We had been called together and spent a few weeks in the woods of Iowa, sharing lifetimes of memories and love. We were called to anchor divine love on 10-10-2010 on a Lakota reservation in South Dakota. It was the wedding day of a chief and his bride. It was a celebration of such love and joy. The next day, all that was not love rose up in Joseph as his dark shadow self. We returned to Iowa and he told me that I must leave or he might harm me. My higher self concurred and I departed in a storm of tears. It was an intense shattering of my heart. I had never experienced anything like our union and could not make sense of it ending. It took so long to recover from as I could not find any understanding.

Two years later, on the Venus transit of 2012, I was to meet Joseph once again with the instruction to anchor divine love on Mount Shasta. I had had no contact with him except one phone call in 2011 to release myself from our blood covenant that we had made in the hollow of a huge redwood tree in 2010. I had heard through the Chief that Joseph was now living with another woman. I felt such betrayal as I was at that time, still holding an open door for him to return to our union and commitment. I wanted to formally release myself from that bond in an honorable way. He responded with a death energy directed my way that made me very ill and filled with a desire to go into the desert and die. Fortunately a sister who knew me well, was able to trace the energy to him and to counter it within my being, freeing me from its intent.

IMG_1191We did indeed, meet on the Venus transit and there was a flood of tears and apologies for the energy he had sent to me. He said that he was not as strong as I, and could not live without human companionship. He was afraid of what we were asked to do, but finally, with help from others, he was able to offer me his heart in trust, knowing I would not harm him. A simple look, a gesture at the time and it was anchored and done. We parted with a child like kiss on the lips. The love anchored was like a nuclear explosion. I had been shown I might not survive it. Yet we both did and once again, parted.

Now, all these years later, he shows up in my dream. We are at his place in the woods. There are two other women with him. One is intent on having a baby with him, the other has some need of him which I did not discern. He and I were telepathic. The women were upset that I was there, though one assisted in the healing of a toe that is inflamed in this present time. I thanked her and she asked me what I was there for. I smiled and said, “to bring in the frequency of divine love.”

IMG_0158Joseph came to me, I was on a swing on his porch. We walked up a hill together and sat and watched the sun. (A memory came after the dream of us sitting like this, facing the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. He had asked, “What are we to one another?” The sun had shot two rays into his palm. Chief had told us we were twin rays….that had been Joseph’s confirmation.)

In the dream we now sat immersed in a field of divine love. It was so freeing, so expansive, It made me laugh to think of the other two women and their need of him. I saw that love held no need, no conditions. It was a field of freedom and joy. We laughed as we saw how we had needed something from one another all those years ago. We had been blinded, able to only see through a conditioned lens as to how a relationship would play out. We thought through labels to identity this love. This is beyond twin flames or rays or any labels. This is a love that we can tap into with anything on this earth. Imagine walking and exchanging love with the trees, the water, the ground! All in love and harmony, singing our notes of joy.

I was shown that I was now anchoring this love, this frequency on the planet for all to access. I saw today, October 1st, as a gateway into the new land. All will be made new. I understood the irritation, the fatigue, the weight of the last week, all that had arisen to be cleared. We were dumping the last of our baggage, finally claiming ourselves as sovereign beings. I had been toiling at my former house, assisting my former hubby and daughter with yard and house repair and clean up. In the late afternoon, I had taken a moment by the pool to sit with my feet in the water and the sun on my face. I felt a wave of peace flow through. I heard that we would not work this way again. The hardship, the toil and sweat required to exist here on earth, would no longer be necessary. I saw how we would create with our intention and heart flame, form following and remaining while our loving attention was on it. Form dissolving once that attention was removed. Manifesting and disintegrating, a cycle with no end. We would no longer need to spend our energy to keep form from its demise. Oh, how we have labored on this earth!

This dragon breathing sunlight showed up on my drive back from the grinding rocks.

This dragon breathing sunlight showed up on my drive back from the grinding rocks.

Freedom is here. Love that dances and moves and holds us in its heart. Love free from demands or constraints of any kind. I am so grateful for all that brought me to this moment. Yesterday it was the call of two guardians who had come through the week before to a dear heart and me while doing a stargate card reading. These two guardians called us to a place on the river, where the Native Americans of this region had ground their acorns into flour. It was a large grinding rock, slanted and partially submerged in the river. We felt all the women who had gathered in this spot over decades. The guardians came in and revealed themselves as aspects of ourselves. I felt myself attune my antenna to their new and slightly uncomfortable frequency. We were guided to put our feet in the water and to anoint one another in certain ways. We were telepathic during this time, all flowing from their guidance into our being as they stepped fully into our physical vehicles. Again, I heard that we were being prepared to hold higher frequencies. We were rewired. I awoke from my dream with soreness in my neck and upper back where they worked on us. I saw the seamless way the past weeks had played out to enable me to have this dream and allow the divine love to fill my body.

I saw myself anchoring it and sending it out on the grid lines. All the elementals were assisting to put it into the physical atmosphere. Ah…..I had previously told friends and family that today I needed a day to myself. Now I see why. It is a day to honor myself and all beings. To rest and allow the further integration. To fully feel the joy of this frequency being available to the collective. Not all will choose it, but it is freely given to all from the Creator. We are so gifted and blessed.

Hearts of love show up for me most days, this one a coffee stain on the counter.

Hearts of love show up for me most days, this one a coffee stain on the counter.

I know that a partner is coming to me in the physical, to further anchor this divine love. My body is preparing as is my heart. I send such love to Joseph for his continuing part in my story of love. I honor all that he was able to do with me and appreciate that in our higher aspects, we saw our love come to such fruition as to play out the balance of the male and female in the dreamtime. That familiar landscape from which he channeled his poetry, in this incarnation as a bard. A role he reprised lifetime after lifetime. What joy we shared together in the dream!

Oh, the tapestry of our lives, the weaving of our light, the orchestration that we set in place to bring us all home. I am full. So full of divine love this day. May it shower all of us with its gentleness and truth.


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