Feeling the Ease

IMG_0898As I drove the short distance to my former house to be with my love pod, I was flooded with a sense that all is well. I knew that there was nothing to worry about, no goals to strive for, nothing to push against. I knew that all is in perfect order. The only response to this knowing is to savor all that makes up my world at present.

I have not wanted to travel or venture far afield. I am so content in my little nest here. Due to a generous friend, I have a sweet spot to be. I am a few minutes drive from my daughter, my former hubby and our grandson. We all lived together for a few months in peace yet now there is more space for all of us. We spend most days together yet I have a  retreat space to return to, in order to rest and dream. There are lovely gardens to play in at both homes. I am enjoying seeing the fruits of my earlier labor grow as each day we harvest veggies. My daughter is making relishes, pickles, teas. My two year old grandson grazes on cucumbers, string beans, plums, peppers, tomatoes while playing outside. His bamboo tepee is now providing a nice shady spot to play with his trucks as the runner beans have grown so wildly.  That wildness grows inside of me as well. We turn on music and dance together around the living room, the little one delighting in mimicking our movements. We sing silly songs, we eat delicious meals, holding hands and singing our song of thanks after lightning our gratitude candles.

There is a sweetness that brings tears to our eyes frequently. This love! This love!

IMG_0919A walk to the nature area by the river is only ten minutes drive away. Yesterday we watched an osprey eating its lunch, high up in a tree. Turkeys and deer appeared on our path, egrets and ducks roamed the banks of the river. Hawks called out and flew above with the vultures. On a recent kayak outing we were graced with a bald eagle winging his way by. A tiny oak titmouse frequents the bird bath outside my window. The sunlight dapples the pathways as I write. Acorns land on the roof from the huge oak tree that shelters this cottage. I laugh as I hear them rattling their way down to the ground.

I am awake and alert, ready for whatever comes. There is an excitement, a feeling that in one moment, my world will expand and all will be new. The larger love pod surrounding me, the air sweeter, the elementals even more alive to my knowing. A sense that I will land in this new landscape in a “blink of an eye” with a huge grin on my face.

Cloud play

Cloud play

Savoring all, the feeling of a sudden shift imminent, the grounded sense of place in this now. We are moving, yet we are so fully here. One not canceling out the other. Both making up this love! This expansive joyous love.

Now to move to engaging with the old energies around health care and insurance. We continue to do what we must in this society to stay afloat as we allow our hearts to know more freedom. May all beings be free, may all beings know that they are loved and that they are love. May all beings come to know their own beauty, just as the trees and flowers do. I so love us all.


2 thoughts on “Feeling the Ease

  1. Hi Linda,
    Was thinking of you when I saw the fires in Ca on the weather channel, hope you are all ok. I was looking out the windiow at the amazing towering clouds as we await possible severe storms during the Lunar eclipse! I said aloud May all know they are loved and that they are love. To come here and read you saying the same was beautiful.
    Love and Joy,

    • Dear Nancy,

      Thank you for your thoughts. Yes, safe and sound here. Smoky skies from all the fires but none where I am. That statement is powerful about all knowing that they are loved and are love. What wondrous synchronicity! Powerful eclipse passage and now into August’s fiery heart openers. What a time! Glad to know all who are here to bring their light to this earth.
      Peace and love to you,

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