Equinox Energies

fullsizeoutput_12cdAwake since 2 a.m….the way of it this week. Fatigue following my every footstep yet sleep is elusive. There is a level of anxiety, electricity running in me that does not turn off. I feel stretched, my skin seems porous, hardly able to contain the energy vibrating within. I am packing for the East coast with no knowing of what I am about, other than the first couple of weeks being with my kids and grandchild. Then?
I am desiring to “clear my wake” here at the family home. To box up and get rid of the stuff that accumulates. What to keep? Will any thing be needed? It all feels surreal to me. For so long I have known that we are creator beings, able to manifest all of our needs. I sense this becoming our reality and yet there is this now.
Deep breath. I am here. Inhale the scent of coffee, enjoy the comfort of a warm bowl of oatmeal. Relax into this known space of comfort. My heart thrums, all is well. And my being feels tremulous with the holding open of this equinox gateway. May all beings walk forth into this light and freedom. This one closes with a clang that is already echoing. There are always more opening as one closes, yet this one is significant in ways that are beyond my conscious knowing. My body feels the import and is fairly vibrating with the opportunity it offers for freedom. May all beings walk forth in truth and love. The beauty way is here.

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