A One Way Ticket To the New

IMG_569711:11p.m. and I have not been able to fall asleep as yet despite a feeling of exhaustion that has been with me most of the day.  Just grabbed my computer, turned the wifi back on and took note of the time as I began to type. We are in a surreal time. There is a dreamy quality to the days of late. It takes more and more energy to do things in this environment. I feel that I am moving in slow motion. My legs and feet weighted with the effort of taking on much in the way of outer activity. My mind processing information slowly or not at all. The grasp of memory loosens and fades. The dream world calls me ever deeper.

There is a peace that has infused my being. I feel so complete with everything. I sense I am leaving. On one level this is true, I have a one way ticket to travel yet on a deeper level, I feel I am leaving this dimensional space. In less than two weeks, I am to fly to the East coast where my three children and my grandson live. Time is disappearing so any idea of projecting plans into the future becomes more and more difficult. There is this now moment which informs me. I take the action as inspired. The ability to make things happen through thought is fading. More and more there is only feeling our way with our hearts.

I have this desire to clear my wake…..getting rid of things and packing what remains in some orderly fashion. I have done this dozens of times and can barely muster the energy to engage with it all again. I am at the house where I raised our kids. My former husband has graciously allowed me to return over the years whenever one of the kids has come back for a visit or I was in need of a temporary resting space. I have a strange sense that I will not return to this house. I am feeling such a sense of completion with this part of my life, even this area of the country.

Have we come to the edge of the known world? Are we about to take that step into the new?

Have we come to the edge of the known world? Are we about to take that step into the new?

The one way ticket feels true on many levels. We are preparing to travel and we will not be returning to life as we have known it. We do not know how any of this works. How will we get from here to the new earth? Will our vision change and we will perceive a dimensional space that was previously closed to us? Will we walk through a portal that suddenly appears? Will we take our bodies? Will we flash into our light bodies? I first heard of physical ascension in 1990 and immediately I knew that was an experience that I planned for this lifetime. My sense is that I will retain my body but it will be refined and rejuvenated. I sense we will get to choose its appearance. I like the idea of my thirty-three year old self.

It is all unknown. I have a few folks around me who are feeling this also. I have heard the words, “I am ready” for the past year or more. The difference now is that I feel so at peace. So satisfied with what I have done in this lifetime. I received the message some time ago, that I had completed what I came for. I anchored the frequency that I brought from home. I had thought that I wanted to have the experience of a beloved as well as living in a love pod with those of like resonance. Those have been my dreams and visions for so long.

I love how the vine supports the increasing weight of this squash. It is now twice as big and still hanging on. It has ripened to a golden tan. Will it drop off soon? I see myself in this squash.

I love how the vine supports the increasing weight of this squash. It is now twice as big and still hanging on. It has ripened to a golden tan. Will it drop off soon? I see myself in this squash, ripe and ready for harvest.

Now the yearning is gone. I sense all of that awaits me but in a new space. I am ready to enter that space. There is nothing more to do. There is no juice left in the old. Most of it feels heavy and dense. Nature offers her beauty and that allows me to float through my days. For now, there is only the loving and savoring of all that is here.

Is my one way ticket to the stars? To my love pod? To a ship in the sky? To a new life in Montreal or Vermont near my children or somewhere brand new?

I know that there is a level of fatigue from all the lifetimes spent on this beautiful planet. There is a desire to rest deeply amidst beauty, in harmony with all. To return to the Oneness and merge. There is also a sense of excitement, of wonder that is running through me at what is around the corner. I am grateful to be here witnessing it transpire. The land of our dreams is calling us. A new journey, a new frontier awaits. May all beings be free to hear the call and cross into the land of their dreams.


4 thoughts on “A One Way Ticket To the New

  1. Kathleen Boyle Hi Beautiful friend<3 <3 <3 I just read the Liquid LoveLight you wrote to us at 11:11 I am awake too at 1:11 : 0 Portals really could not be more obvious lol. Escorted by windstorms, firestorms, flooding waters and infinite Love, we are leaving the land of make believe and where we go is beyond even imagining. Blessings to you beauty as you travel to your loved ones.

    • Dear Kathleen,

      Thank you for the blessings. You expressed it so well, “we are leaving the land of make believe”. We are done with this game and ready for one more to our liking! Portals everywhere, gateways opening and closing. Almost at a dizzying speed,

      Our hearts travel on the same stream of lovelight,
      Much love,

  2. I wish there were time for a visit. Time is flying and yet I feel the hibernation time coming to sleep and restore. I feel you having festive times with your children. You are in your perfect place at all times.
    Thank you beautiful for your sight and feelings of Love. I love you💖

    • Dear Beverly,

      I wish there was time too. I feel you with me in my heart. I sense joyful times with my kids ahead, some magic we are weaving.
      I keep feeling that all whom I love, will soon be together, loving and living in harmony and peace. So that means you! And all of our peeps who resonate with us. Everyone feeling cherished and loved by their love pod.

      I love you,

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