Solstice Energies Seeping In

I am up on the California coast, a few miles from the Oregon border. I am in a lovely old farmhouse of dear friends who are traveling cross country. We are all in our perfect places to anchor and receive these intense lovelight energies. A week ago, I was in Mount Shasta for the full moon. It was interesting to feel how the energy in the town is shifting.There are many closed businesses, people moving in and out. I sensed a more grounded community forming. It felt clearer than I have experienced it previously. This shifting is happening on a planetary scale as we are all moving into alignment with our souls and our mother earth.

Once I made the drive up to Oregon and then back down the windy path through the redwoods to this part of California, I was wiped out. I could have stopped at Trader Joe’s in Medford or a big supermarket in Grant’s Pass but it felt impossible. Of late, all the multitasking IMG_5294abilities have gone. I can only do one thing even when it means I will have to make another trip at a later date. The energy moves with clarity for the one purpose, all else must take a back seat until their time comes up. Simplicity is paramount at this time. I was so grateful to arrive and as my hunger set in, to find a container of homemade soup with my name on it in the freezer. Thank you, dear friend! I felt awash in love and care.

IMG_5317I had that crown tingling energy transmit the week before that I was in need of deep rest and was to have no visitors or schedule the first week. My body has sunk into this. I have not stirred too far afield. I ventured into Brookings, Oregon, the nearest town, to stock up on groceries. Once that was done, I settled into lying on a chaise in the yard, watching the clouds and birds fly by. My daily routines are very light, I spread feed for the chickens, gather the eggs, if there are any. Most days there are two warm eggs that feel so alive in my palms. It has been a treat to eat their sunny yellow- orange yolks and white whites. I check on the sheep, that they have water. I have weeded a bit in the yard and garden and the sheep delight in eating the greenery I toss them. Lovely system where they just gobble up what I do not desire. I love when things work that cleanly and well.

fullsizeoutput_1190The first day or two I used the heater as it was damp and chill and I did not have the energy to make a fire in the hearth. Now I have been making one regularly in the evenings and it warms my heart as well as my body. Thank you to my friends for all the wood stacked on the front porch! Dishes piled up for a couple of days as a spurt of energy would find me cooking a chicken for soup, making chocolate chip cookies so as to eat the dough. I found myself laughing that I was eating raw. Raw cookie dough, that is!  I love it, has been a comfort food since I was a child. I baked a tray and ate all the cookies in one night. Baked potatoes, grilled cheese onnaan bread, toast….I seemed to need to eat every couple of hours. My body was seeking comfort and warmth so I allowed her it. Sometimes veggies look so inviting, other times, the freshness is too much for my system.

The old barn reminds me of my grandparents and my time there.

The old barn reminds me of my grandparents and my time there.

Various aches and pains showed up and then pretty quickly disappeared. Hip ache, pain in a tooth, shoulder ache….different parts of my body releasing old memories. I blessed it all and allowed it movement. My legs felt heavy, my belly bloated, body dense. I was in slow motion in my thoughts and being. Naps took me so deep I struggled to surface and figure out where I was, who I was. I binge watched a netflix series which saw me awake till 2 am one night. Finally, I skipped ahead and watched the last of the series just to get it over with. To free myself from that addictive hook. Of course, over the next days I went back and filled in with the shows that I skipped! How would we have ever gotten through this ascension cycle without books and netflix’s? I am grateful for all of it.

Yesterday it changed. I felt light, vibrant, excited. I craved salads, especially inviting with borage and calendula blossoms. I went to the thrift stores in town and bought a few items that make me feel attractive as they are so comfortable. I felt comfort in my skin once again. I found a few picture books to read over FaceTime to my grandson. It has become a lovely routine for us most days.


IMG_5334I have walked the beaches, collecting rocks. My how I love rocks! There is a treasure trove of beautiful ones here. I have a dozen heart rocks, some thin stacking rocks, ones of various shapes and hues. I am taking them back to the family home so our grandson will have them to play with when he comes later in the summer. So much more fun to categorize into shapes and colors and form than plastic toys.

I sense an opening, a lightening for all of us as this Solstice gateway opens on the twentieth of June. I know I am already assisting in holding this gate wide so that all will benefit from the streaming energies from a multitude of galaxies. Twenty-two, in fact! I love that master number. It is the day of my birth and of both my parents. It holds the key to much of this embodiment for me.


One of my new vases showering violet delight about.

The redwoods await me….there is an ancient grove just down the road with crystal clear rivers running through. They surround me here on the property as my friend planted 300 trees when she first moved here as a young mother. They stand guardian and offer connection to all their brethren in the forests nearby. I am preparing for my time with them. Everything has a timing. I feel the privilege of my life that I have created the space to allow myself to flow with that divine timing. When we move with it, things take so much less energy. One moment, the kitchen gets cleaned that felt impossible moments before. It is trusting that all will get done in perfect order when we allow our hearts to lead, rather than our minds.

2 thoughts on “Solstice Energies Seeping In

  1. My dear friend Linda….we can not speak for weeks and then I read one of your writings…..I remember why I love you so…………..your words are like the sweetest nectar ….so pure ….so full of heart and truth………you aren’t afraid to show vulnerability, your wisdom shines through…………….LOVE YOU! Claudia

    • Dear Claudia,

      It is true about our connection. It holds through the time. Thank you for inspiring me to keep writing.
      Let’s chat soon.
      I love you,
      Linda xxx

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