Ice breaking with its rawness.

Ice breaking with its rawness.

Rawness, that feeling after a sunburn when every move feels painful. Your skin stretched and achy. The filters are off, life is more fully present. The heart has no filter, it all enters  and resounds, whether perceived as joy or despair, it flashes through with intensity. The mastery is in letting it flow through. Suffering comes when we try to stop the emotions by making a story about them or owning them as the truth of ourselves.

We will feel it. All of it. Things long buried within our cells, hidden in family lineages, covered up by our governments, distorted in our history books. All is coming to be seen and felt. We can choose to open to it, to allow the information to flow in and out. We can see the gift in all of this wonderful energy. It allows us to experience life in a front row seat rather than from the back of the auditorium. The love lights us up like never before as we feel it more fully. The despair can take you to your knees as it moves through. Let it. Let it all be. We are strong enough for this. We came for this time.

Trust is the byword. Trusting to self. Trusting to all aspects of ourselves. Trusting to the Creator and a benevolent universe. Trusting to the wondrous future we are creating for ourselves and our children and grandchildren and generations to come.

Mother Mary raising her arms over the port, blessing the sailors as they entered and departed. She stands on the oldest cathedral here in Montreal. I love the circle of stars above her head.

Mother Mary raising her arms over the port, blessing the sailors as they entered and departed. She stands on the oldest cathedral here in Montreal. I love the circle of stars above her head.

All part of being in the now. I realized how far I have moved into the now. Time is disappearing. We are being shown that we can expand or collapse it with our intentions. I am not a big planner as I am no longer able to look at life that way. I feel my way forward. I may feel an energy event, someplace or time where I am to “hit my mark”. I will be given the visual or sense of something…a meeting with someone or an action I am to take or a timeline that I am to align with or a place I am to be. I may have to get on a plane, drive somewhere, call someone. This extends to my family as I feel their future and can see the choice points in technicolor. I speak my truth about these points, which they have come to know me for. At times, they have reacted in anger to my knowing. Many times, they have then thanked me as they discovered more of themselves through aligning with their truth. As a mother, I have carried that immaculate concept for each of them and it carries a knowing of their truth.

As this reality we have come to know, collapses, we will be called to align more fully with our truth. To feel our way forward without the usual signposts. We will have to rely on our internal gps. Our hearts are losing their filters so as to be clear beacons, calling our highest future to us. It is so much more than we dreamed!

IMG_4638In this now, the seeds are present. We nurture them with love and attention. We love all that we no longer resonate with, all that has kept us playing small, by feeling all of our feelings fully. Letting sadness, despair, depression, loneliness have their say. Dancing out our anger, singing out our joy. Right now the birds are singing to the dawn of a new day. I feel my heart singing with them in gratitude. May your day be full of wonder.

2 thoughts on “Rawness

  1. Hi Linda,
    Happy to read more from you today. Is that the Notre Dame de Bon Secours church? I recognized all the metal with the statue of the Blessed Mother. I climbed to the spire back in 1984 very scary with it being outside with a metal railing that would move! Glad all is well with you. Happy Spring as you are probably back West now.

    • Hello Nancy,

      Yes that is the chapel with the Virgin Star of the Sea statue atop it.


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