We Are Changing the World

Heart rock shining

Heart rock shining

The 22nd of August had been highlighted for awhile, it is the date of my birth and so dear to me. There are three other women that I work with her in Sacramento. We have had many lifetimes and shared experiences together. Our souls knew that this date was a divine appointment. When that is the case, there can be oppositional energy, trying to derail it, whether from inner or outer sources. Yet, our souls knowing is strong, that the date holds an energy and we will meet as we committed to, in eons past.

We gathered at the song master’s home. Her property is a temple which she maintains with many four footed friends, flowers and plants galore, small water feature with a lovely cascading stream, crystals and crystal skulls scattered everywhere, Buddhas and Kuan Yins, labyrinth, wind chimes, hummingbirds and so much more. We sat outside where she had already placed some andara crystals, the skulls who wanted to participate, and other crystals. We each added those who we knew were to come. The table quickly transformed into a beautiful altar as one of the woman, is a master altar builder. There were a few late arrivals as various skulls/crystals/rocks called out from inside the house or from around the yard, declaring their intention to be a part of the altar. We shared new crystals and greeted old friends. The altar was set.

Oh those flowing robes we wore. I saw us as priestesses in Avalon, old bearded men in council, stars forming and exploding. All part of the whole.

Oh those flowing robes we wore. I saw us as priestesses in Avalon, old bearded men in council, stars forming and exploding. All part of the whole.

We settled in. Some of us held a crystal in our hands or lap as we let the energy begin to build. It is fast these days and we are so familiar with one another that we are able to drop in to that sacred space with ease. If any of you have heard Tom Kenyon, a master with his voice, you would recognize the gift that is my friend’s voice. She takes it to a new level and opens up worlds. All of us in this group are sound healers on some level, but this dear heart, is a song master. It is her gift. We spiraled upward and journeyed on the wings of her voice. There was the unifying force that spiraled us into one flame. There came a sound so piercing and high, it created chaos as it shuddered and shattered matter. Our beings were opened wide, dissolution. The journey continued to the place where we had originated the intent to meet in this time/space reality. Wormholes presented, galaxies appeared, our origins made known, we journeyed onward. Afterwards we shared and found similar experiences and ones that were are own. The song took us from chaos to oneness. The threads weaving and traveling, creating and growing. The bliss of floating in a space beyond what we think of as love. Words did not work, there was only sound and light and knowing. All is well. Love is all. There is only Oneness.

Some of the gang.

Some of the gang.

We knew as we came back in to our bodies, that we had created change in this world. We felt such gratitude to have heeded our knowing to come together in this way, on this day. We helped to set the stage for September’s energy to come. Our bodies each have more space in them now, as the chaos did its work to dissolve all the old. The spaciousness inside then filled with the golden liquid love light that has been a part of my dreaming these many years. We are solid in our knowing, that come what may, we are ready. We can anchor and transmit the “All is well” signal as the chaos brings up fear. Our love can hold space for it all, knowing the outcome is assured.

It was a day of magic. We shared stories of change we are seeing around us. A son-in-law calling for advice, folks who rejected us, returning, a schizophrenic youth reaching out, family members changing in response to health crises, sudden job changes and house changes for so many, heart softening, old triggers rendered harmless.  There are signs everywhere that life is changing.

Chaos is a natural part of creation. Nature shows us this over and over…..new growth, maturity and decay. Birth and death. As a culture, we have closed off the beauty of this stage of chaos and destruction. We have wanted to keep things held in place. We feared change. Yet, it is inevitable. It is cleansing, it is freeing. It is time!!

IMG_9880We held our emotions, our pains and sorrows so close to us, our possessions, our loved ones…..all with the thought that we could cheat death, forgo the process of letting go. We come naked, we leave the same.  We create and we let it go, like a sand castle at the beach. We allow the waves to have their way, knowing that there is always more sand and new creations to be made. Knowing the joy and freedom in that.

September holds those waves washing in with the eclipses and equinox. I know I am to be on the East Coast by August 31st. I need to be in place as the first eclipse transpires. We are called to be empty vessels, allowing the love light to flow freely through our beings. I can feel the unity on the other side of the chaos and it makes my heart sing. We are moving into a time, where all upon the planet, are free to sing their note. Oh, the harmony! What beautiful players we are in this game on our beloved earth. See through the smoke screen, let the fear flow through and come to the knowing that peace is at hand. Drop your beliefs and let your heart’s knowing fill you. Love is here to stay…and play… and sway, and may…..just change your world!

9 thoughts on “We Are Changing the World

    • Dear Shanna,
      I love how we are reflecting one another’s beauty back to one another. I am beautiful, you are beautiful, the knowing begins to create a world of beauty! I look forward to it also.
      With love,

    • Hello Trinity,

      There should be a follow box that you can check on the right hand side at the top.
      Thank you, honored that you wish to receive these.
      Blessings and much love,

  1. Dear Linda – Thank you! It’s late for birthday wishes but how lucky for us that everyday has become another ‘birth’ day :) Wishing you lots of fun, harmony and beauty on every and each day that you share your light with all of us here on Earth…Much love from my gleaming heart to yours!

    • Dear Nici,

      I was just thinking about you a couple of days ago. Wondering how you are faring. Your gleaming heart sounds like you are doing well.
      Streaming ribbons of love light your way,

  2. Peeking through the smoke screen and I do see what there is for us. Thank you for the Joy and Love you bring through in your words. This is a very exciting times. Dancing and Dreaming in September with us all.
    Much love to you Linda,

    • Dear Bev,
      How fun that you can see it dancing there for us too! I am thrilled that we will have the equinox together to dance it all in.
      I love you,

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