I Own My Own Beauty

Heart rock shining

Heart rock shining

I was feeling that my last post was disjointed as the ideas had flowed on a day that I could not write. I then recreated the post when the energy came but it felt a bit awkward. The words were not conveying all that I felt. Yet, I posted it and received wonderful responses. I was surprised and delighted. A dear heart offered to lend me a dress from the other side of the world and another sent me some online clothing that might suit. How fun!

What surprised me most about the whole shopping experience was that I have owned my own beauty for the past number of years. Once I began to fall in love with myself, I knew the beauty of the light that I carry on this earth. It was interesting to observe how I felt unattractive as I shopped. That was not an energy that has ever been much in my life. I have not been focused on my outer appearance, never having spent time to learn about makeup or hair. I liked to look nice but was not interested in putting much energy into it. There were always things that were more important to me.

IMG_9961So, the whole experience of the shopping, my face being cut, has brought my outer appearance to the fore for me to look at. I do love when things happen that allow me to see any patterns or beliefs that are ready to go. This allowed some cultural conditioning as well as my internal sense of myself to be examined. I am grateful to come out of it with a renewed love for this body elemental of mine. How she has endured pregnancies and years of hard work, stress, unhappiness and yet still stands. She is an amazing being! For the most part, I have had so little pain or discomfort. My body has run well. It is much to be grateful for.

I pray for the day that we all know our own beauty…..inside and out. More and more, there is evidence of this in our world. People are looking past appearances and seeing with their hearts. We are heart lights, encased in these various looking bodies. Our energy is our signature. Outside of this realm, we know one another by our lovelight. This is what matters, this is our truth. May you know your own beauty and shine it out to the world. As this happens, we create a world of love filled with the most beautiful beings.


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