Deep Naps and Strange Noises in the Night

The light shining through the darkness, a gift.

The light shining through the darkness, a gift.

Today I went to see my son for a bit, intending heading to the library afterwards. Instead, I drove straight back home. I had considered just dropping the books and dvds but even that was too much. They are not due until tomorrow so I could wait. I cooked myself some food for my suddenly ravenous appetite. Body settled, I noticed the time…..2:22. 11:11 had appeared at the a.m. and p,m. hours. It feels that I am syncing up with some part of myself as these numbers come in once again. I awoke close to 7p.m. in a daze. It took some time to come back from wherever I had been journeying. It was hard to believe that it was already evening, day and night becoming intertwined.

Last night I awoke to hear a Tibetan choir… felt as if I were in a cave listening to that magical overtone chanting that the llamas do. My mind was trying to figure it out..wait, I am in bed, where is that coming from? Then there sounded like footsteps outside that stopped at my window. I had a momentary shiver go through me. I decided it must be an animal yet had the sensation of someone. I called in Archangel Michael and asked all not of the Christ light to depart. I took a breathe and reminded myself that there is nothing to fear when I turn on my heart light. I breathed that knowing into my body. There were a few other strange noises, then pressure on my feet and calves as if someone was working on me. Strangely, that has become familiar to me and does not cause my body any fear at all. It was the strange noises that lit up the fear button. All ceased and sleep overtook me.

I have had a few of these experiences of late. It feels like a bleed through from another dimensional space. I am setting my intention tonight to participate in that which is for my highest good and allows my body peace.

So many colors and forms! I know that one day, I will create new ones.

So many colors and forms! The flower faeries have told me that one day, I will create new ones.

We are co-creating this shift.  We can intend for it to be with as much ease and grace as possible for us all. The twinkling of an eye is an expression that has reverberated deep within my knowing for most of my life. I know that it is possible. Our hearts are so ready for the magic. Trusting it all to flow outward as our knowing of how life can be quickens those dreams hidden so deep within our hearts. Oh, there is so much beauty to come. We are all so beautiful in our myriad colors and forms. May we see this beauty in one another and know it in ourselves.



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  1. I’ve always known that it is possible to heal others with just a touch. It used to frustrate me that I couldn’t do this…but I know I can and will in this lifetime

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