Aligning With These New Energies

Flowers in the house, so fill my heart. Especially these lacy pink cosmos!

Flowers in the house, so fill my heart. Especially these lacy pink cosmos!

Awake since 4 a.m. after being pulled under early last night. The wave of energy felt like an ocean wave washing over me, then sucking me down deep. I felt held under with no ability to come up for air. I surrendered and allowed. I beheld magic lands so deep under the oceans, inviting me in. So much is beyond my own will, we are truly being held by our divinity as it moves us to align in every moment with our highest aspects. Can you feel the shaking from the inside out? The buzzing moving up and down the spine, the light body floating closer and closer.

It takes me to a place of not knowing. A space of no mind. The trust is immense. I know that all is alignment, that all is on track. This now is asking me to float in the dream. I listen and respond as I am called, no matter how strange it seems. Yesterday I had the image of myself at Costco with a friend. I do not go to Costco or many stores as I tend to feel overwhelmed in such environments. Later in the day, this friend called and said, “I know this seems weird, but I have to go to Costco and I see you with me. Do you want to come?” I laughed and responded that yes, I would join her. There was nothing big that happened there, we both got the same message that we were to simply move our energy throughout the store. So we did.

Pasta and fresh veggies feed me with their color.

Pasta and fresh veggies feed me with their color.

Mostly I am finding myself in stillness. At times, listening to conversations, it is as if I am tuned to white noise. I feel befuddled and not able to respond to what is being said or asked. So much of me is engaged on other planes, that there is only a maintenance level system taking care of this body, at times. Yesterday, I ate almost continuously as the energy waves would leave me shaking and emptied. Food was used up in an instant and more required. Salad and fruit dissolved almost instantly, fortunately that Costco trip found me buying a package of organic chicken that was perfect for helping to settle my body. My mind had hesitated to purchase it as I have not felt a desire for meat of late, but my hand overruled and said, buy it. Trusting my body to know what it needs in each moment.

Short term memory is dissolving at a rapid pace as the electrical and magnetic currents on the planet are changing. It effects our body systems. We are being moved into the NOW moment. In each moment, I trust that I am broadcasting the love and peace that I wish to live in. I may not feel that in every moment yet I know that my essence is humming that tune of the Mother’s love.

Time to be the shining light that we are!

Time to be the shining light that we are!

I am feeling the joy, feeling the roots of all of us entwined as we sing our notes of love. It is getting stronger each day. The collective call for peace and harmony is beaming out from this planet. We are calling it to us through our hearts’ desiring. All is quickening. All is moving. All is love. I am breathing it in with a grateful heart.


6 thoughts on “Aligning With These New Energies

  1. Hello Dearest Linda Marie,

    I so appreciate your loving and caring and sharing heart. Thanks for Being.

    I love you Dear One,

    Bonnie Lou

  2. Dearest Sister

    Thank you as always for the gifts through your words, your heart, your Being….helping me remember, and expand in Love

    I love you
    Helen x

    • Dear Helen,

      You are so welcome. We are truly helping one another to remember. I am grateful for you, for me, for us all!

      Love light streaming purple fuchsia tendrils to you,

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