Out From the Shadows

Sweet nose as I sit with the trinity of crystals, birthing a new energy.

Sweet nose as I sit with the trinity of crystals, birthing a new energy.

I saw a photo from a few weeks back when I was working with some crystals. My nose, my sweet nose, did I truly appreciate her? Now I have the bandage off and am to massage the graft twice daily. I look at this piece of skin that came from behind my ear. A place where it was not noticed and now it is front and center, on my nose. Somehow, this is related to us at this time in our evolution. We are being moved into a more outward position in our lives. Our light is pushing us forward. I do not know the form as yet but feel it. I sense it for many, that we are being prepared to step into new, more visible roles. Just as ┬ámy hidden ear skin is now the first thing that you see when you look at me. Hmmm…not exactly comfortable but here I am.

As I held the two outer crystals there was such a magnetic pull between them, one masculine and one feminine, it jolted my body and took all of me to hold them in my hands. A friend then placed the third crystal in my hands and the energy exploded. A new creation….I spoke that now is the time when all would be given the opportunity to birth a new frequency. It could take any form, a baby, a book, a rainbow light, a sound. All would carry this new frequency of love. Love as not experienced heretofore on earth. Cosmic love, sovereign love, free love, agape love. Love that expands, enriches, creates. Love that needs no protection, no barriers. We have all heard echoes of it within the chamber of our hearts. Now its tone can be heard as it is anchored through me, through you, into our beloved Mother Gaia.

unnamed-1The heat continues today. I have sheets hanging on the line so as to sleep wrapped in sunshine tonight. All around me, I am hearing of things becoming physical as our bodies cleanse all that is not love within. So many dealing with their bodies in a new way, bringing us closer to inhabiting our bodies fully. We are bringing heaven to earth….our bodies are the vehicles. Emotionally, I am seeing dramas unfurl. We can assist one another with gentle listening and acknowledging the range of emotions that can erupt. Forgiveness of self and others is so essential in this time. Kindness, the knowing that everyone is doing the very best that they can. All have their plates full and a kind word can do wonders. Envisioning ourselves and others as the tender children that we are, can lift the energies.

My surgery on my ear and jaw allowed so much old anger and resentment to depart, I was not aware that I still carried it until a friend and a crystal helped it release. I stand in gratitude for all that is happening in this now. It may look chaotic yet there is a plan it is following. Trust continues to be the name of the game.


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  1. Dearest Linda Marie. You have been so in my thoughts and prayers. I have my own “restructuring” going on. Since leaving Circle of Light about 3 years ago, I have sustained a nervous breakdown and numerous traumas to add to the ones I already had. I am dealing with this through God and Jeshua and a lot of natural ingredients discovered through many sources, and with the amazing help of my partner, Joseph, who appeared in the thick of this, miraculously. He is over-lighted by Pra, my Twin, and it is the first and only love relationship I have had in 3 D, even after 3 marriages and many other what-nots. And it was worth the wait!!!
    I hold you in my heart very deeply and would still like to put together your writings into a book. Your gift of words and spiritual expression is tops, in my book. Please put me on your mailing list for your articles and know that you have a sister who is actively in your camp and assisting with the purpose of all of these things which have come upon us for clearing and for assisting all humanity to know who they truly are. With all Love, Shanna

    PS how about cannabis cream? It has done miracles for many

    • Wow, dear Shanna,
      You popped into my heart a few days ago and have been gently there with me. And now here you are!! Oh, I am so grateful that Joseph is in your life. I do know that the wait will be worth it as I feel my beloved so close at hand. I sense that the time of meeting is not far off.
      I sensed that you were going through so much. I am grateful that you are thriving.

      Oh, my writings and you! I am just emerging from a time of no writing to once again, allowing the flow. For a time, there was nothing to say. Words felt so heavy and cumbersome, sound was all that made sense to me. Let’s talk! I feel something powerful stirring with this connection. Email me at lovelylinda2012@gmail.com and we will go from there. Thank you for reaching out to me. I have tears as this feels so divinely orchestrated.
      Thank you Pra, I can feel your hand in this. Shanna, sister of my heart, sending you so much love.
      I love you,

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