Adjusting to the New

The new is new! Imagine that! There is no pattern, no routines, no predictability, no a+b=c. It is all new. Our humanness has been entrained to patterns, to habits, to practices as ways of orienting ourselves in this world. We have sought to tether ourselves through these anchor points in order to feel safe, to feel held. Now the game has changed and we must change with it. Our Mother Earth has decided to be more of herself, radiate more of her true starry being. As we are a part of her, we are given the opportunity to follow her lead. As a mother, she does not demand, rather nudges and suggests that this might be the path of ease and grace. Yet, if we decide to head towards the thorny path, she allows that too.

Mermaid self knows how to flow.

Mermaid self knows how to flow.

What does the new look like? Yesterday is a good example. After a number of days of regular exercise, it was a rest day, no exercise. Yesterday I wrote that it had been years since I had exercised in such a way, but I recalled in the middle of the night, that I had exercised each morning last spring with my roommate in Mount Shasta. I asked my body, ” Wait, is this simply a spring energy that I am feeling?” No, she told me it was the new energies surging through and spring added its impetus. During my awake period last night, my mind parroted the phrase, “It takes 21 days to form a habit. Now you have to start counting all over.” Really? Oh my, so interesting to watch the thoughts that attempted to catch my attention. I laughed at that, and said,  ” I am not trying to form a habit. I am flowing with the now.” We have been trained to view ourselves as good or bad, worthy or not worthy by external criteria: if I exercise every day, I am good. If I eat this, I am bad. The new requires a letting go of self judgment. Can we be good with what is? Can we allow our bodies to lead? Can we trust ourselves?

That truly is the bigger question, do I trust me? Do I honor my own guidance? Do I take responsibility for my life? Do I trust my voice above all others? Can I take all of it in and sing a song of gratitude for who I am and how I flow in this world?

IMG_3032When we sense that change is upon us, a friend and I do a card reading with an old deck from the seventies, The Stargate deck. I asked what the prime energy was for me in this next three months period. Once again, the cards spoke such wisdom and truth. Of course, I chose the cards and their placement, eyes closed, hand allowed its knowing as it picked each one. It showed that the seeker is behind me as is the death process. I was in a tunnel for years, focused on the inner initiations, taking me deeper and deeper into my core. I felt the sense of celebration and joy as I have reached that center space deep in the earth and myself. The new focus is of a cherry! All of life holds sweetness to be savored. The sun is shining, the sea glistening and I am experiencing that radiant light. Frantic paddling like a duck is no longer needed. Rather, the mirror radiates my beauty and light into the world as I see myself as that light. I am the star of laughter, the player in this realm. I now have the perspective to see further, wider, deeper  so as to know the patterns of perfection swirling beneath it all. The top card, the issue is the dancer. I saw myself dancing on this earth, with each step, I was flowing liquidlovelight and rose light. I saw the earth moving and flowing, volcanos and earthquakes. I saw my dancing steps assisting, along with others, to mitigate the force, allowing the most ease possible. I saw September rise up and part like a wave and a new firmament appear. I saw myself greeting family from inner earth and the multiverse as we rejoiced in earth freed from her traumatic past, and ourselves with her.

Have loved this piece in the art museum in San Francisco.

Have loved this piece in the art museum in San Francisco.

My role, in this now, to dance in that frequency of the new with all of my heart and passion. I love this role! I am to be more present, more visible in my dancing form. For weeks, I have been claiming my dancing self, a vision and dream from childhood come full circle. Get ready folks, new roles are opening up and it takes strength to experience the joy fully. We can live this, it is our birthright. Hallelujah!

New Life Flowing In

 Just as the light is highlighting the beauty of these tulips this morning, it is highlighting our beauty, our wholeness. Allowing us to claim all parts of ourselves as we stand in this glowing, flowing liquidlovelight. I am so loving the sensation of aliveness that is moving through my cells. I have been exercising for the past week, something I have not done in years, after a lifetime of daily exercise being the norm. My body is gaining strength and vitality. It is as if I have awoken from a years long coma. To land in this space has taken all of me. There was very little left over to animate the physical body.

Now that we have established the new grid of love around our planet, we can be present to enjoy all that it has to offer. There is an aliveness sparking all my cells, I am enjoying the sensory delights anew. To smell roses, oh my! To feel the bare earth beneath my feet, pulsing her love note to me. To listen to beautiful music, the birds chirping and trilling. To feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, to float in the warmth of a hot tub, jump into the coolness of a salt water pool, to feel the  slyphs of the air, embracing my cheeks. To taste fresh basil exploding on my tongue, creamy, melting ice cream, crunchy salad greens, walnuts with their nutty goodness. Everything a celebration of being alive. I am here! We made it through the tough times. We did not give up, we did not depart. We are standing and reaping the harvest of light.

This gave me the feeling of old, our hearts protected by barbed wire, not wanting any pain to enter.

This gave me the feeling of old, our hearts protected by barbed wire, not wanting any pain to enter.

My gratitude flows in waves along with the incoming streams of love light. This is just the beginning! Can we stand in the joy? That may seem a strange question yet we have been so programmed by the fear and hardship vibration, that it takes some unwinding to allow in the joy. Many are finding tears flowing, not of sorrow, rather the release of its grip. Many old emotions are moving through never be seen or felt again. Hallelujah! All are lightening our beings and our Mother Earth, allowing the flow into the new. We no longer need any protection as this love that we are, is a force that can move mountains. Only we, can release ourselves from the prison we created.

IMG_2995Self love is the key to it all. Immersing ourselves in the golden love light that flows like a waterfall unending. I find myself singing love songs throughout the day, to myself. I feel like a child and am treating myself in every way. Roses by my bedside, yummy foods, a new pair of shoes that set my feet skipping and jumping. Hearts on my bed, crystals around me that vibrate with me, taking naps in the pool of light streaming through the skylight. Time with dear hearts that share in this quickening energy, whether in person or

IMG_2997by phone or computer. So many ways to connect our hearts! A daily chat with my grandson, babbling to one another in ancient languages of light. There is such wonder on this beautiful planet of ours. I have always had eyes to see yet now I am experiencing it deep within. My body is waking up with my divinity. All merging in the now. All wanting a taste of this physical existence, all intent on bringing and anchoring the vibration of heaven on earth.


Calla lilies symbolize the chalice to me as they offer themselves to hold the incoming love light.

There is such freedom in resisting nothing, being open to all that presents within each moment. Knowing all is love, every challenge holding a gift, each event in our world, self created. As we have surrendered our personality selves’ control and aligned with our divinity, we trust implicitly in all the ways we are  bringing ourselves to wholeness. Events can feel so random and strange yet trigger all that has to move out in order for make room for more love light to flow in. We are chalices for this divine light of love and there is nothing worth holding onto once we allow ourselves to feel the love that is offered. In every moment, it is there. It is ours to accept and allow. May you awaken to the wonder of a new day to play on our beautiful home. I am so grateful that we are all here!