Shifting Perspectives

IMG_2367I was getting ready to send this card off to a friend, when it occurred to me how amazing it is that light can filter into our world, even when all seems to be in shadow. I have lived through many times, as you all have, where it seemed that the light was extinguished. Dark tunnels of time, where there was only the gritting of teeth, the wailing of my soul and an endless tunnel of fatigue that swirled about me.

Yet, a shift happened, a change of perspective occurred, that allowed the light to stream forth and illuminate that darkness. This came back to me today as one dear to me, was feeling boxed in by responsibilities and a job that no longer excited nor motivated him. A cloud of depression hovered over him. An opening was created when he allowed himself to consider a move halfway around the world to take up a job that he had once enjoyed.  The attraction came as his friends informed him that the previously harsh work environment had changed dramatically to a much more supportive and sustainable situation. He allowed himself to consider making this move in nine months time. His mood lifted, suddenly his daily life was infused with more joy and peace. He began to relish all the components that made up his day and found new energy to participate in it.

IMG_2357 (1)

A dead tree provided the nourishment for this amazing crop of mushrooms. How nature shows us the way to make use of all of our dead and shadowed spaces to create anew.

There was no change in his day to day environment. Yet his world experienced a huge shift. I find that so amazing! It truly is all about the lens we choose to view our world through. If we look through a lens of love, expecting and projecting love, that is what we will encounter. We are the creators of our world. At times, we create the shadowland to abide in, as it offers us some treasure that we hid for ourselves about ourselves. I am so grateful for all of my times walking through those lands as they are what helped me to discover jewels about who I am.

I can relax in the knowing that a more awake and aware aspect of myself, is directing this show. I am growing to love everything that flows into my world with a grateful heart. Trusting the dark and the light to reveal their gifts. Trusting to the timing of that knowing. Trusting myself completely!


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