Singing Your Note

The glory of the sky!

The glory of the sky!

My elder son just called from Brooklyn, where he is at present in his travels. He had just come from a performance of Handel’s Messiah and was feeling the fullness of the music and the power of the lyrics. My aunt was one of the singers, a tradition that she has been a part of for over thirty years. I am listening to a recording now as I type. The Prince of Peace! Emmanuel! We have waited for this Prince and this remembrance that God is with us (the meaning of Emmanuel).  We are the prince, we are the peace. This holy season offers us a further opening to receive our Christ self into our hearts. “Unto us a son is given”…it is up to each of us to make room in our hearts for this babe, this Christ child.

I was speaking with a friend the other day about the notes heard about the world. There had been another shooting and she was speaking of that note. We saw the whole world as part of the Creator’s orchestra, She/He as the conductor. We knew our notes and when to play them as we had honed our instruments over lifetimes. Others are just picking up their instrument, getting to know it. Still others are tuning their instruments and some are feeling a stirring to play an instrument. It is inevitable that all will play their instrument, all will contribute their note to the whole. Some come in early, and others later in the piece.

Big, little, dark, light....all part of the autumn delight.

Big, little, dark, light….all part of the autumn delight.

I observed how differently I now respond to outer events. My soul has played the full spectrum of notes….played villain and victim, deceiver and saint. I can witness the discordant notes as well as the harmonious ones and know them all within my being. I can  embrace them in love and know them all as love. There is no need to judge them as wrong or right…..I can feel them as part of the whole. Perhaps that is what we do, in experiencing lifetime after lifetime, we are playing each note until we come to know all notes as One.

We can let go of blame, shame, separation, divisiveness with all others and most importantly, with ourselves. We can trust the symphony to carry us on its currents of love. We can play our note with our whole soul and not shrink from the crescendos. Do you feel the part we are in? The stirring, the fever pitch, the wave about to break upon your breast?  I do! Somewhere within my being, I have heard this music before and know that it ends with a blast of such joy and Hallejuah!

My bit of fun on a walk today, creating beauty and sending it out with joy.

My bit of fun on a walk today, creating beauty and sending it out with joy.

We are here to enact this pageantry. All that is asked of each one of us, is that we play our note with all of our heart and soul. That we are true to our note, that we drop all comparisons, all beliefs about what constitutes a “proper” note. That we allow our note to swim in our blood, surge through our hearts, expand in our lungs and dance in our cells. The conductor has raised His/Her baton towards me and I know it is my time to shine. There is no holding back. In order for all the clashing and clanging and trumpets to be brought to a triumphant finish, I must hold my note, I must play for all that I am worth. I am a note of peace and love light. As are so many of you. We knew, that this lifetime, we would be called to play this final note in the great symphony of earth’s ascension. We would bask in the beauty that will be created as peace descends upon the earth. Oh, the glory of this now. My heart is overflowing with the pure note that my son transmitted to me this night. May your note be heard and stir others to sing our theirs. I love us so.

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