Paris and Peace

Gratitude to the unknown artist and photographer

Gratitude to the unknown artist and photographer

We are in the midst of the times that we came for. This is truly the battle for the hearts and minds of humanity. We are each being asked to come up higher. Peace begins within my heart and yours. The events that have unfolded across the world, not just in Paris but in Syria, Lebanon, Baghdad and so many more places, are increasing in response to the liquidlovelight that is flooding our dear home planet. All that is not of love, is being flushed out. We are love, we came from love, love is the truth of all that is.

Events such as these are part of the old matrix, the divide and conquer tactics that we fell for over eons of time. The programming would have us react in fear, demanding retaliation by our governments, our leaders. This brings on the war machine which has always been about profit for a few and destruction for the masses.  It relies on our knee jerk reactions to continue to fill its coffers.

We can choose a new path. We can observe these recent events with a compassionate heart for all of those involved. We can send our love to everyone affected, whether on the sending or receiving end of that which took their lives. We can choose to not feed the lower vibrations of fear and anger. Each of us came into this life knowing when and how we would exit. Those who recently left, chose that form of service, to raise the collective awareness. We honor their passing by making the choice for peace and love. We can choose to feed the flames of love and thereby take our planet into the golden age of peace. We are so close.

Gratitude to unknown author, this begins with our own heart.

Gratitude to unknown author, this begins with our own heart.

Peace will not come by a leader proclaiming it. Peace comes one heart at a time. Events such as these, ask each of us to go within our hearts. Search out all the old resentments, anyone we are still holding judgment about, including ourselves. Am I still harboring a black mark against a man who hurt my daughter years before? Am I carrying resentment for the special treatment a sibling received from a parent? Am I judging my body for carrying extra weight? Am I trying to manipulate my grown children into come to the family holiday celebration with guilt? Am I engaging in gossip about a friend? Am I speaking in words of separation in describing people…oh, he is a Christian or he is a Liberal as a way of judging their rightness or wrongness? Am I holding someone in a role and not allowing them to change and be who they are in this moment? These are all acts of violence that feed the lower energies.

There are a thousand ways that we have been programmed to be in discord, none to be in a state of peace. A peaceful heart is a wonder. It is our truth that has been hidden. It is where our power lies. It holds the seed for a world beyond our imagining. Peace is within our grasp as the frequency of our planet has risen like never before. Yet it will not come from a savior from the sky, nor from a leader declaring it, nor from a police officer with a gun on every corner. It comes from my heart, and yours.

It is time to face our fears. The greatest fear is of death, and that comes to each of us. Why fear that doorway? It is an opening to a reunion with all that we are. Once that fear is gone, we are free to live more deeply, more truly. We can decide to no longer be a puppet of the matrix, reacting as the programming outlined. Instead, we can drop into our hearts with a searchlight of love. We can ask all of the shadows and deep recesses to bring forth their pain into the light of love. We can see all betrayals as betrayals of ourselves. We can see all hurts as opportunities given for our growth. We can offer hugs to all the aspects of ourselves that lashed out at others due to the pain we felt. We can be the loving parent, showering ourselves with the love that we did not receive. All of this is within our grasp. We can accept everything in our lives for its gift. We can find the freedom offered when we realize that life conspires for our highest good. That every package received is a gift, no matter what is inside. Our greatest gifts often come in a dark wrapping.

We claim to want peace on earth. Let us stop pointing fingers at “terrorists” and point it at ourselves. We have been taught to place it all “out there”. Someone else is the villain, I am the good person living here. We have given our power away, letting all this be someone else’s problem to handle. It is time to be adults, to accept responsibility for what is happening in our world.  We can then begin the action needed to bring our hearts to peace. There is no fighting involved. No name calling, no judgment.  It is time to stop the war within our own hearts. When our hearts are at peace, the outer world will reflect that peace.

The light brings out the beauty.

The light brings out the beauty.

Will we accept the challenge? The world we desire for our children and grandchildren and all future generations, depends on us. I sit with my flame of love light this day and enter into the caverns of my heart. It is a daily task, to seek out all that has not felt the warmth of love and embrace it in this flame. When one chamber is brightly lit, there is another awaiting the light. When I feel my heart burn with that flame of love, all the dross disappears. I can walk free in my own love. The miracle is that this love overflows, it is a continuous stream offered by the Creator of us all. I am then able to be a conduit, to allow it to flow across the land to all people and our Mother Earth.

Each new day, this is offered. Each day, we choose anew. For today, can I be at peace with myself and all of life? Can I offer a heart of peace to this world? Can I be a warrior of love rather than one of separation? Can I accept everything as a gift tailored to my needs? My need to grow, to expand, to be more of my truth.

Peace on Earth is possible this Christmas season. Let us join hearts in a flame of love that burns up the old patterns and alights the bonfire of unity, harmony and joy. Let our hearts ring out the tones of peace. And it will be.


2 thoughts on “Paris and Peace

  1. Hi Linda,
    Believing that we do choose our participation in all events and our time, way of passing, I thank those brave ones who wake us up with events like in Paris, which open so many hearts. I can feel the time when opposing sides will just say enough, what was I thinking and all will embrace and sit down together. The lion shall lie down with the lamb.
    Peace & Love,

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