11-11 Gateway

What does your gateway look like?

What does your gateway look like?

The energy is building this week for another gateway, offering us all the opportunity to greet more of ourselves. I am taking it slow; resting, napping, taking walks, eating warm food, reading light books, watching the light shift and change outside the windows, grateful for rain falling. I allow the electrical energies to pour through my body, heating it, cooling it, at times it feels like I am about to lift off. Liquidlovelight pouring through in ever greater streams. There is nothing to do. I intend to be an empty chalice, offering myself to the love that freely flows forth.

There is a peace that has descended quietly. It came one night after my daughter called for help as her two month old baby was not sleeping much and she was at her wit’s end. I had just finished assisting my two sons to pack up their old lives and begin new adventures. There had been three months of active mothering with the new baby’s arrival a joyful part. I felt called inward to prepare for this upcoming portal. It felt essential to my being. I had felt a huge aspect of myself, tapping its foot, awaiting my full attention. I was ready to give it. Yet, my mothering self felt torn. I did not relish the idea of flying across the country into Eastern Canada,  though being with the baby again would be pure joy. I booked a ticket that could be canceled, prayed for guidance to be delivered in the night as to where I could be of greatest service. I surrendered and slept. I awoke with a mantle of peace wrapped around me. Either choice felt wonderful, I knew that all would be well. My daughter called right then, looking like herself for the first time in two weeks. Her joy was back. Her husband had taken over one feeding so that she could get some survival sleep. They had a plan for more support and she told me to wait and come in the new year. Peace…..the surrendering had allowed magic to descend.

My small inspirations

An aspect of me that I honor.

Another day, I needed to buy a car cover to keep my car from being littered and stained by falling debris from the wondrous oak trees where I am staying. I love the trees but not the need to wash the car frequently. I was advised to try Walmart by someone when I asked where you buy a car cover. I have hardly ever been in a Walmart except a couple of times during my car traveling days when it was the only option to meet a need. I avoided it in protest to its treatment of its employees. I went to Walmart, bought the cover. It was not the right size so I had to return it. On my second trip in, I had a lovely conversation with the woman who processed the return and exchange of the correct size cover for me. I was overwhelmed with fatigue, went and bought a piece of hot pizza whose smell was filing the store as well as a bag of cookies. I laughed with the woman checking me out, saying I was going for the dinner of champions. She told me how she was tracking calories on her phone and attempting to not give in to the enticing pizza smell. I could feel the effort it took. I felt every cell in my body fill up with the despair, the suffering, the weight of folks in that store. A different slice of humanity than I normally interact with. I was so grateful to have been guided there. It was all purposeful, my having to go back the second time, to ingest the food, the atmosphere, to take it all in. The folks in line, weary from a day of work, buying their kids a treat, getting food at a price they could afford. It struck me to the quick. I also felt a softening of ideas of protesting Walmart or any place or thing. All forms of separation without acknowledging that each thing serves a purpose. I felt a softening of the lines of division that so fill our lives.

After I ate my pizza and cookies, a space opened and I found myself in front of the Creator. My heart poured out my distress, I asked for all that I felt to be witnessed by Her/Him. I demanded an end to the enslavement of humanity. This modern society with its calendar days to be crossed off like a prison sentence, the low wages and systems that are every bit as heinous as indentured servitude from days gone by. It has gone on too long. We are ready to let it all go. We have experienced separation to its edge. It is now time for restoration of our truth, our light, our creator abilities. We are ready for peace on earth.

I was heard. I felt my field being read and acknowledged. I knew that my demand had an impact. I knew that I was one of many, taking the readings, reporting in our results and offering our love light to end the suffering. I laid all that I AM on the table as offering.

image from a recent collage

image from a recent collage

There is only this. To be the light that we are. To know that the return home is assured. To offer what we can to speed things along for the highest good of all. I felt such compassion and awe at folks’ abilities to keep on keeping on. We are an amazing race of beings. Each one, doing what they can. The check out woman, moving towards greater health despite the daily weight of her life. A hero in my book.

I created a life, at this time, that offers open spaces for me to drift and dream. I know the privilege and responsibility of having a body to house this master’s form. I am aware of who I am. I know why I came. I know more fully after this last experience, the power that we hold. Everything serves. We are mighty beings housed in these amazing resilient forms.

This vessel inspired me.

This vessel inspired me.

The 11-11 gateway offers greater awareness and expansion for us all.  We are offered the opportunity once again, to empty ourselves of all that is not love. To be the empty chalice held high in gratitude. Open to receive the mighty blessings that seek to flow in and through us. We can gift one another and our dear mother Earth as the flow moves in and out and in again. Love is the essence of everything and it flows freely for us all.

We can rest in the knowing that our highest good is known and being orchestrated for us, by us. We have so many beings assisting us with the deepest of love. In a blink of an eye, the channel can change and our dreams can come true. Know this in every cell. I will be standing sentinel at the gate, awaiting your arrival, even as I await more aspects of myself. Oh, the wonder of it all.

4 thoughts on “11-11 Gateway

  1. Hello Dear Spirit Sister Linda Marie,

    Yes…”EverythingServes”…that’s a Big One…and “the Wonder of it ALL”…

    Your words say it so well…Thanks for sharing…thanks for Being the Radiant Light that you ALL are…

    Blessings and love Dear Goddess Sister…

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear SiStar Bonnie Lou,

      Everything serves….seeing that again has an impact. So grateful to know you are here, flowing your love light. Blessings abound.

      Drinking in your love and radiating it back,

  2. Hi Linda,
    Seems like I just heard from you,can’t believe that was in October. Time is strange now, as I have been thinking it was 2016 for the past few months and that I am a year older than I am.
    Yes, I too have reported in and am being the Light, thankful that life will be so changed for those suffering, struggling. We have learned and grown that way. too long. We are soooo ready for the new, remembered way of being.
    Much Love and Joy in this glorious season,

    • Dear Nancy,

      I chuckled reading about your experience with time, it is so interesting how it flows. So grateful you are being the light you came to be!

      Blessings of love light.

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