Claiming Our True Selves

Feathers on a walk, beauty.

Feathers on a walk, beauty.

I am witnessing the love of ourselves for ourselves. Our higher aspects or broader aspects, are flowing so much love to us. We are being prepared to step into our divinity. Much like stepping into the limelight on stage, we are being bathed in liquidlovelight. All that is not love, is being energized within us. Just as being in the limelight can cause physical distress as the heat of the light brings sweat to the brow, this love light is bringing to the surface all kinds of pains and discomforts. It is exacting in its ability to find any point within that still has any energy but love attached to it. This is a blessing from us to us.

I am witnessing it in myself and those about me. Folks from the past can suddenly appear through an email, a dream can bring an old sorrow rushing to the surface causing one to awake with the pain pulsing as if it just happened, a conversation can spark a memory that unleashes disquiet. All of this is purposeful. All of this is love in action. We are entering realms of higher consciousness where we know that all is love. We cannot access this portal weighed down with baggage of shame, guilt, regret, sorrow, anger or anything but love. We must drop these bags. The only way we can be free of them is to allow them to move through us with love. To fully feel what we once stuffed away into some part of our body, and allow it to return to the love that it truly is. We are able for this now. It is time.

Washing away the heat of the day on a camping trip this summer. Water is such a cleanser.

Washing away the heat of the day on a camping trip this summer. Let the love light bathe us like the water, offering its sweet relief. 

We are checking and double checking with ourselves. Does this still hold some emotion? Have you truly felt this within your being and allowed it to move? Every cell is offering its contents for examination under the microscope of love. Our light bodies are destined to merge with these physical vessels. We are becoming gods incarnate. We are preparing room for this love light. Empty the dross, open to the love. As uncomfortable as it may feel at times, I am so aware of the blessing. I am aware of how I am cherished and loved. We are love! It is our nature and we are returning to our truth.

I am witnessing the movement from caretaker to sovereignty. We are being asked to set our boundaries as we learn to honor ourselves first and foremost. We are being asked to define our joy and move towards that. To live in our truth rather than follow some prescribed role that we were conditioned to embody. We are being asked to be authentic, to be honest with ourselves and to no longer abandon our own needs in meeting another’s.

A portal of branches inviting me to step through.

A portal of branches inviting me to step through.

It is a time of freedom. This freedom holds the seeds of peace, of harmony, of joy. When all beings are caring for themselves and living their truth, peace can reign upon the land. When we are at peace with ourselves, the world begins to reflect that peace. My heart rejoices for all the gifts of this now. Grace is so present. Let us open ourselves to this love. Bless everything that shows up and bless all who deliver it to our doorsteps. Bless all who are teaching us how to honor ourselves by holding up the mirror of who we are not.

I am so grateful that I chose to be on this beautiful earth at this time. That I have the privilege to add my love light to the planet and all of her beings. That I can fall more fully in love with myself each day and in doing so, see more of myself in others. We are all one. One heart in service to the All.

4 thoughts on “Claiming Our True Selves

  1. Good morning Dear Spirit Sister Linda Marie,

    How nice to hear from you, more wise words of Knowingness. I so agree with you that all is surfacing for Liquid/Love/Light to heal and regenerate and surround all parts of us as we move into a Higher Knowing.

    Personally I am experiencing this on a very deep level. I so trust that I am always being lead to what is needed next. The pain on so many levels has been coming up for a new perspective and to be loved.

    Thanks for sharing and caring and daring to be You in your fullest expression yet.

    I love me, and I love thee, and I love we,

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear Bonnie Lou,

      Thank you for your words and confirmation of all that is happening.

      I love your last sentence as it is truth.
      There is only the love,

    • Dear Nancy,
      Thank you for the congrats, being a grandma is delightful even with him 3000 miles away. Joy, yes moving towards greater expressions of joy.
      May yours enfold you,

      Blessings of love,

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