The New Landscape

imageSecond night after the eclipse and I am still awake at 2:30 a.m. The moon is continuing to light up the night sky and I seem to be traveling with her. Finally, getting out of bed to make myself some raisin toast and a cup of hot water to douse the body’s emptiness.

Post eclipse sensations: We have entered a new world. Every cell in my body acknowledged this truth. This is a new landscape. All that has been, from this lifetime and all others…..suddenly void. Gone. Over. I felt waves moving all day. I would be inspired to take an action, only to feel the energy dissipate within moments. After a few times of this, I felt that I was to simply rest and allow the waves, taking no action. The world was still churning from the energies and by my stillness, I assisted in stabilizing this new frequency, this new landscape we are treading upon.

My mind was running around, wanting to create, to manifest, seeking the hows, the wheres, the whens. I know myself as a creator being…let’s get the show on the road! My heart gave a message of gentleness. Be gentle with me this day. Rest and allow. We have just landed here. We do not know the terrain. We do not know how to operate the machinery of our bodies in this new energy. We do not know anything as yet. Rest, open, allow.

Marveling at the bounty of olives still produced from these old withered trees. Think of the light being produced from these older bodies!

Marveling at the bounty of olives still produced from these old withered trees. Think of the light being produced from these older bodies!

Today I slept for the afternoon, pulled in so deep within the dream. As I surfaced, I felt like the babe in the house, who stretches and opens an eye, half lidded, takes a look around only to retreat back into his dreamland. You see the struggle that it takes to come fully into this realm. He spends his days sleeping and eating with a bit of observing and interacting time thrown in. I feel he is my role model for this now. Care for the body, rest as much as possible, stay close to what offers comfort ( the breast is his favorite place to hang out), interact with others as it gives joy, retreat into dreamland when you have had enough.

There are moments of bliss. I went to the library and came back with two bags full of books. I never know what will engage me so I load up on any title that calls to me. Sometimes half of the books I return unread but I love having the choice at hand. Library trips have always made me feel rich as I walk out with books galore.  I stopped at the store and bought the fixings for lovely snacks as well as bouquets of flowers. I sat out in the yard with a book and snacks, flowers on the table, and felt such peace.  The baby was nursing with his mama, diapers were blowing on the line in the soft breeze, the temperature was in the 80’s after days closer to the hundreds, other family members were spread about, one reading on the couch, one writing at the dining table, one in the kitchen, chopping ingredients for a pot of soup for dinner. Everyone was at peace, involved in what felt like joy in the moment. I proclaimed,  “We are living in heaven, right now. This is heaven.”

I am savoring this newness. I am being gentle with myself in my not knowing. We have just landed. It will take time to acclimate to this new place. Simplicity and slowness feel good. There is so much beauty up ahead and we have time to travel. There is wisdom in allowing the pause, the in breath, the deep sigh. We have done something miraculous. We have anchored the love light on our earth. Wonder. I feel wonder. Gratitude. I feel grateful for each heart on this planet and all those off planet who have assisted in creating this now moment. We are blessed. We are loved. We are love. We are love light streaming. Alleluia.






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