Shards, to Pierce or to Shine

IMG_0693Shards of glass, I was reading something about turning them into reflective light. Feeling into times when I felt pierced to the quick, a shard finding its way into my heart’s core. We are programmed to feel the pain, to hide it deep under layers, to take it out whenever a tone of similar resonance plays in our world, and to injure ourselves afresh.

In this now, we are called to a new way. No longer viewing it as glass that cuts and causes bleeding. Rather, we can see it as a crystal gift, asking us to hold it aloft, to view its beauty and purpose from a higher vantage point. We are reminded that we called it forth into our world and that the other who presented it, is a soul friend, gifting us with exactly what we need. We can allow it to fully flow its energy through our being, whether that be sorrow or anger or pain. Once felt, we can release its reflective light to the All that is, adding to the shimmering rainbow frequencies of love light. Our hearts, clear and strong, free to beat out the tune of love that is our nature. No longer a repository of hurts and slights. Nothing hidden in its depths, all open in transparency.

How joyous, this new way. There is an ease and lightness that enters in as we accustom ourselves to this flow. I have been experiencing this in dreamtime. Awakening with an old injury alive within my heart, breathing in the feelings and calling in the violet flame of transmutation to lift them back to the love light. No more questioning why the feelings are there, no need to understand any of it, no longer impatient with the seemingly repetitive nature of some of the feelings, rather witnessing it all. Allowing the hollowness, the cloud that descends, knowing of the clearing that is inevitable. Riding through it with an open heart, feeling the wildness that allows.



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