Fully Present


The earth splitting and releasing the old energies to welcome in and nourish the new blossoming.

My life is reflecting through a new lens these days. After years of Being, rather than doing, I am now actively doing. My daughter has returned from her Canadian home to await the birth of her first child. She intends a home water birth. I told her she was like a salmon, returning to this place where she was born at home to birth her baby.
My former husband, dear friend, has invited me here to assist in preparing the home for her and be her companion during this time. The house is always glad to have me back. I bring her back to beauty. The house rejoices in the gathering of the five members of this family in a circle of love and harmony. My daughter’s partner, soon to be husband will be the new addition as we all come to create a chalice of love light for this sweet soul to flow into. My daughter has chosen to not know the sex of the baby, but rather to focus on this being who is coming to bring diamond frequencies.

Days later, and a baby boy has come to us. We are all living in loveland with this wee being of the immense light. As my youngest son says, “Holding him is a meditation”. He connects you to Source as he emanates love light. When he opens his eyes and gazes at you, every fiber of your being desires to be all that you are. He calls you up higher. My daughter and her husband, waited days to decide on a name. He seemed so beyond a name to us all…we call him, Little Prince. He truly came trailing starlight.

It is such a gift to offer ourselves in service to this being. There are four or five of us in attendance, cleaning, freshening, cooking, grocery shopping, washing diapers, arranging fresh flowers, and the joy of joys, offering arms to hold him. My daughter was in tears one night, thanking us for assisting her so and we all agreed it was our joy. It feels holy and sacred as we each offer our talents to the little prince and his queen of a mother. As I live this, I send out the intent for every new mother and babe to be thus cradled in love and attention. It is the way of the new. All children deserve to have their mom’s and dad’s full attention during their first moon period on this earth. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends in attendance to shower them with love as that is what they have come from and know.

Flowers are the frequency of love for me, color and form offered in songs of praise.

Flowers are the frequency of love for me, color and form offered in songs of praise.

I have dreamed of the love pods forever it seems and now I am living a micro version of it. There is such a sweetness saturating our interactions, we flow in a sea of love. Today is my first day out and about as I have been called to hold a physical balance for this babe in the home. The baby’s other grandparents are in attendance today, having made the long drive from Quebec to California to welcome this one. There is a language barrier as they speak French and have limited English, and I have zero French. Yet our hearts connect and our eyes swell with tears as we share in our love of this little baby.

Love is all that there is. We are so blessed in this babe come to remind us all. My heart is rejoicing as the earth is now of a frequency that can support this high light. Wonder of wonders! My heart is singing a continuous song of Hosanna. I am so grateful for these beautiful souls landing in, for all who support and anchor them, for all who have done the clearing work to make this possible. We have entered a new age. September holds magic for us all as we open to the truth of our beings. I am living the wonder.

(No photos of the little prince to be published as his mama weaves her wise, protective energy about him).

8 thoughts on “Fully Present

    • Dear Maggie,

      So good to hear from you! How is your world in these interesting days?

      Sending you love light streaming in golden hues.

      • Dear Linda,
        I forgot to say congratulations, your first delightful grandchild.
        I have 7, the eldest will be 16 on Monday.

        How is my world in these interesting days? I am feeling a lot calmer at the moment after weeks of incredible turmoil again. I said to a friend I felt I had been to hell and back?
        It is interesting, I have been catching up with friends I haven’t been able to because of where I was and what I was going through.
        The light does seem much brighter now.

        Thank you for the love light, Maggie XO

        • Dear Maggie,

          Oh, yes the first grandchild. It feels so much more impersonal than that and yet more personal on some level. He and I share a soul aspect, I do not know it all but there is a deep connection.
          Our worlds unraveling, it surely is an interesting time! I am glad that it feels brighter to you.

          Lovelight streaming in radiant spirals to you,

  1. I so picture the love and stardust surrounding you all. So much beauty and joy. The way it was always meant to be. We are remembering and welcoming the new ones that bring so much. Feeling so much joy for you all.
    Much Love Dear One, Penelope

    • Dear Penelope,

      Yes, the way it was always meant to be! Thank you for sharing the joy.

      feeling your love and streaming it back to you,

  2. What a gift! What a wonder! Soul Magic, Reverence and Love for this little being, for you and your family. Thank you for sharing Linda. You bless us all with Stardust and Love. Xxoo

    • Dear Liz,

      He is a gift! We know ourselves blessed to have him in our midst.
      For me, it is a reunion with a peer, a dear love, present once again in these realms. Joy!

      I love you,

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