De Change Be A Happening!

Great Salt Flats of Utah, wild place.

Great Salt Flats of Utah, wild place.

Oh yeah, we are in the swirling energies! Whew! Emotions are running amok as folks release the old pains, sorrows, hurts. Nothing of the old energies can move through the portal that stands before us. Thank you, Creator! Why would we want to hold on to any of that old energy?

I am back in California. I was hit with a wave of old family issues the second that I walked in the door. I journeyed down that rabbit hole for a ways before catching myself in wonder. Drama? Does not feel good. I used to live in that world of trying to control events, people, life. I gave it up long ago when I invited my higher aspects to run the show from their broader perspective. Much was released for all parties involved in a relatively short time…..nice to acknowledge the growth we have all made. The biggest lesson was to follow your own joy. To speak and act your truth and let go of trying to protect another’s feelings or influence them in any way. We were taught to act in ways to make someone else comfortable or manipulate them so as to make ourselves comfortable. As if we can truly know what does or does not make another, comfortable. As if we can control what comes into another’s life in any way. As if we know what is good for them or not. It was never our job. Our job is to be the best version of ourselves that we can be in any moment. As we are true to ourselves, we allow others freedom to be in their truth. We are all creating our world. If I create discord…..which I did indeed bring roaring into my world, it is a gift I brought to myself. It is my job to see the blessing it offers, no one else’s. If someone chooses to see me in a certain way, that is none of my business. It is how I choose to see myself and love myself that matters.

So much beauty abounds!

So much beauty abounds!

Everything is here to assist us to the next level of our beingness. All of it a gift arranged by our higher selves and this infinitely loving universe. And everything is going to turn out alright! It is all good. All truly is well. I know this despite seeing some of the changes that are in store for our earth. I look at these visions, which might have induced fear in former times, but which now bring a deep excitement. I know that it is all part of a purposeful plan that allows us to shift into this golden age of peace we have yearned for since forever. I know that I am always in my perfect place in the perfect time. I know this for all others, there is no need to worry. There is only the love light surrounding us all.

imageI tune in, act on guidance received, show up where I am called and love it all. It is so simple. No need to understand with our minds, only to allow our hearts to soar free. We have come full circle, all of the intellectual striving, spiritual seeking, emotional cleansing leading us to this now. No more to fix, to research, to understand. We are free to breathe deep into our own knowingness. To trust in the benevolence of one another’s hearts. To imagine a life unfettered as we have come to know that joy comes from the most simple pleasures.

Salta bath for my feet!

Salt bath for my feet!

I am so grateful for the past couple of days of sinking in to the quiet and peace of a space by myself. Gratitude to the friends who offered me this respite. I have watched movies, eaten ice cream and pizza, not showered nor dressed, took long naps, sat and watched the sunset…rested. Indulged my body in every way, letting go. No exercise, not much communication except with a few who lift me or I had information for. Time out, so needed, so appreciated.

How my poached egg arrived at a greasy spoon diner...the love is everywhere shouting out, " you are loved! "

How my poached egg arrived at a greasy spoon diner…the love is everywhere shouting out, ” you are loved! ”

Today I am off to co-create with other dear hearts. Repacking for another stint of camping before assuming mama duties that I am choosing with such joy. I will have the last opportunity to mother my daughter, before she herself becomes a mother. She was an independent child, pushed away from the cuddling and nurturing, wanting to do everything herself. Now, I will give her all the caring that she will allow before she steps into that role for her child. I feel the wonder of this cycle and intend to savor every step.

My heart sings out the refrain, I am blessed, I am blessed. A cool breeze blowing…and I am flowing in its arms.


3 thoughts on “De Change Be A Happening!

    • Dear Jean,

      Thank you. We are truly walking one another home through all of this. My heart with yours this weekend. Off to camping adventures today!

      I love you,

  1. Good morning Dear Linda Marie,

    Yes, we are always so where we need to be, when we need to be there. Life is such a gift and wonderful growth tool. Thank-you Dear One for your beautiful word weaving and your welcoming of life as it unfolds. You are such a blessing to so many. I am gratitude for your BEING-NESS.

    How wonderful that you will be nurturing your daughter and your Grand daughter in tummy…almost ready to meet this world in a new body. Blessings to you and your family as you welcome in your first Grandchild…I am so happy for you all.

    I love you Spirit Sister,

    Bonnie Lou

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