Dozing and Dreaming and Enjoying

The light dancing on our swimming hole.

The light dancing on our swimming hole.

Time continues its fluid dance. Days arrive that pass in a fog as the dreamtime pulls me under. The Solstice and the days since have been marked with time in nature with goddess sisters. Creeks flowing their frigid waters over bare bodies, warming ourselves on the hot rocks of the shore, gifting ourselves with an expanded version of hot rock massage. Champagne toasts to mark the longest day, delicious food, morning walks in the woods. Time on Mount Shasta, toning and communing with a group of soul sisters at Ascension rock as gateways called and portals opened. Coming down to earth with hamburgers in town as we completed our day. Fiery sauna, mineral bath and cold creek plunge day to integrate the new codes in the body. Relaxing in portable lounge chairs brought by a friend, elevating camping to a new level of ease. Gathering sticks to build the morning fire, heating water for coffee and a warm face wash.

Drive to the coast, a weekend alone except for a dear dog companion. Deep rest as I pull inward, allowing the birdsong and inner harmonies to nurture me. Bowers of flowers to intoxicate me: lavender, jasmine, honeysuckle, sweet pea, roses…the queens of fragrance. Cutting an armful to arrange in vases about the house, my joy soars! Bushes laden with blueberries and blackberries, fresh eggs collected from the henhouse, kale and chard, cilantro and mint all offering their goodness to me. A box of books, Irish fairy tales and fantasies arrive from a dear friend. A kitchen stocked with baking supplies, my heart danced as I made blueberry muffins. I ate one steaming and slathered with butter, fresh mint tea at hand, drinking a toast to my friend and Mother Nature for their creations.


I love how the universe loves me. I love how much I love me, creating these wonderous experiences. I am so grateful for the friends and beauty about me. After three and a half months renting a room in Mount Shasta, I am once again traveling in my new, to me, car. We are getting used to one another and I am grateful for her low mileage, her solidness and beauty. My tent and I are now reacquainted and the weeks ahead invite me to enjoy more of nature’s beauty spots under her shelter.

My first day alone, I could hardly move. It was an effort to simply feed the dog. I spoke to my higher self with some consternation: “How am I going to camp for weeks and drive long distances if I feel this way?” Then I began to laugh as I realized how perfectly I care for myself! I was in a lovely spot with a soft bed made up with linen sheets, no less, I had nowhere to go and nothing to do. I sank in and allowed the dream to move me. I am a dreamer, weaving the threads of creation. Time alone is such a gift, I drink of it with pleasure. Boundaries expand, as I grant myself access to other realms. Knowing the space is mine, allows me to travel farther afield in the inner realms. It can be jarring to be brought back abruptly by another’s presence. A house, a room, a tent, a tree, a car…all of these have offered me that space at various times. There is the hermit part of me that delights in my own companionship. Yet, that is not the plan for this lifetime.

Wild lilies lighting up the green.

Wild lilies lighting up the green.

Tonight my friends return, there will be movement and thoughts traveling ahead. The ocean awaits, offering long walks. Yellowstone and the Tetons beckon as the energies seek an arcing route. My body is still moving slowly yet I trust she will pick up speed when required. I allow myself to flow in this dreamtime. The joy flame a heat under my breast. I view all as evidence of me loving me or as something seeking the love light which flows in a steady stream through me. We are so loved and cherished. I care for myself with tenderness. I am trusting you to care for you with this infinite sweetness. This is the path to freedom for us all. I love you.

6 thoughts on “Dozing and Dreaming and Enjoying

  1. Dear Linda,
    As always so beautifully expressed. I will be thinking of you on your journey and looking forward to reading all about it. You are an inspiration and a wise teacher.

    • Dear Jean,

      Thank you. It looks like you and .mike are enjoying nature and her gifts! I am so grateful that we had that time together.

      Blessings of birdsong and dawn’s light,

  2. Hello Dear Linda Marie,

    What a gift to share Solstice time with you and a couple other Beautiful Goddess Sisters. What sparkling gems we become when we take care of ourselves and commune with Be-You-Tiful Mother Nature.

    Blessings always on your travels as amazing journey unfolds.

    I love you my Dear Friend and SiSTAR,

    Bonnie Lou

    • Dear Bonnie Lou,

      Sparkling gems…yes! We are allowing ourselves to shine and it feels wonderful.
      Thank you for the Solstice celebrations and your blessings.

      Linda Marie

  3. Ahhh….the magnificent beauty and power of western Montana, and the Yellowstone and peaks of the Tetons in Wyoming! Enjoy and savor the moments of being there once again. Perhaps you will recall the structured spiritual path that once called us both there for so long… For me, it will remain a memory I prefer to look at from a distance….like contemplating a painting on the wall, that reminds one of an old memory, yet elicits no emotion or attachment any longer. Yes, we share many memories, it would seem. Wishing you the very best behavior of your body, that you may enjoy the trip most fully! Blessings along your way, Linda!

    • Dear Robert,

      Oh, did I know you at that time? It was only a year for us, yet one that encompassed ten lifetimes..shelter building and all that went with it. The connection lasted for a time…the connection with the landscape continues on. I love those mountains and Paradise Valley. I feel such tenderness when I view my earnest chela self and am so grateful for the ways that it assisted my growth.
      Part of me has already journeyed ahead and is sleeping deep within those mountain folds. A part rests here, allowing a friend her timing, knowing she is part of the weaving I am called to. Co-creation a gift. The ocean mists rolling about my window wish to travel with me…all vying to play their part.
      Robert. Hmmm, I wonder where and who you are.
      Thank you for your blessings. I shall carry them with me as I go.
      With love,

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